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Wednesday 18 March 2020


Ultima 113 ci Competition Series '99-'06 Twin Cam Replacement

As Twin Cam engines start to age out (especially the first decade from its 1999 launch) and replacement parts are harder to get, Midwest Motorcycle Supply continues to evolve its Ultima Motorcycle Products offer with this by offering this all-new engine with late model large diameter cam bearings and hydraulic chain tensioning. 

The new 113" ci Competition Series Twin Cam replacement by Ultima is a direct bolt-in engine for '99-'06 "A" motor Twin Cam models. 

Their new 113" Twin Cam is a direct bolt-in engine for '99-'06 "A" motor bikes. 
"Just like Ultima's EVO style engines, this engine features high quality components at an affordable price," says Program Manager and Engineer Brian Brace.
Ultima Production Manager Donnie Bryant told AMD: "The cases are cast in a permanent mold for superior surface quality and utilize Timken sprocket bearings.
"The crankshaft assembly is the same that Ultima has been building for years.  Dynamically balanced and featuring forged H-beam rods makes for a rock solid foundation for these engines."  

Brian Brace, Ultima's Engine Program Manager, with one of the prototype billet cases created from his 3-D modeling - used to finalize the casting design.

Donnie (left) and Brian running the dyno developing the Ultima 113 Competition engine for Twin Cam upgrade.

The cam chest cavity cut on the TC engine case.

The pistons are forged aluminum from Brian's alma mater Mahle Motorsports and the heads feature conical valve springs, chromoly retainers, manganese bronze guides, compression releases and stainless steel valves. 
Valve train components include an Andrews 67H set of cams, Ultima's 4140 steel adjustable pushrods and 4140 forged steel roller rockers.  

Brian loads a new blank for initial CNC cutting - it will start with a 4-axis program and then finish with a 5-axis.

Engine case half undergoing 5-axis cutting program featuring diagonal cuts.

The finished case half will be deburred and inspected.

The cam chest components include a billet oil pump, billet cam support plate with late model hydraulic chain tensioners "for peace of mind," says Brian.  Choices of finish include black, polished or silver.
"With plenty of power, these engines make a great replacement for a tired stock motor or a custom build."

Finished heads and cylinders.