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Thursday 29 January 2015


Polaris continues to write itself an impressive 21st century play-book with Brammo acquisition

THE news about Polaris' latest acquisition - outright purchase of the electric motorcycle business from Brammo - is the latest stage not just in the evolution of their relationship with the Ashland, Oregon based e-bike manufacturer, but also in sharp contrast to Harley-Davidson's conservatism in such matters, in an M&I spending spree in which CEO Scott Wine appears well set to deliver on his 2010 promise to spend some $300m of the company’s resources on buying their way to happiness in the following 3 to 5 years!

Following the abortive attempt to marry KTM in 2005/06, and their rather less ambitious "strategic alliance" with Bobcat in 2009, Polaris' 2010 purchase of Swissauto Powersports, the company that produced the 4-stroke Weber engine used in several of their snowmobiles (and developed race engines, including for MotoGP teams), the check book has been getting regular fresh air -  ever since Wine committed Polaris to a program that he described as seeing the company "diversify intelligently" with deals that could "cross-pollinate".


That Swissauto deal came in a year in which their net expenditure on M&I came to some $4.75m. That jumped to some $51.9m in 2011, the year they bought Indian Motorcycle from Stellican (the Chris-Craft boats owner) and Chrysler's GEM (Global Electric Motorcars) operation.
At the time Indian and GEM had annual sales revenue of around $11m and $30m respectively, but given the progress that Polaris has made with both since then, especially with Indian, it is clear that in "splashing the cash" Wine's management team have been judicious and effective.
Indeed that is also reflected in the Minnesota based manufacturer's stock price performance in the past five years. Like Harley, their price bottomed-out just below $8.00 in 2009, but unlike Harley theirs has not stalled in the low $60.00s, rather it has been very much the star performer in powersports manufacturer terms, powering to more than double of Harley's at over $130.00 a share in January 2015.
The same year as the Indian deal, Polaris bought Goupil Industrie, a French $25m sales modular on-road commercial electric vehicle manufacturer, and, the same month, announced its first investment into Brammo.
At the time Wine described it as a "small but important investment for Polaris in an electric vehicle market that we feel is poised for significant growth." It bought Polaris an 8 percent stake in Brammo, and a second finance deal followed some time later.
Some two and half years later Polaris made another acquisition of another French company that is involved in small electric vehicles, Aixam Mega, marking its fourth foray into the electric powered vehicle sector in as many years, and that kind of puts former golf cart and delivery vehicle manufacturer Harley-Davidson's Project Livewire into an interesting context!
In 2012 Polaris is said to have spent a further $41.13m on mergers and acquisitions, including the acquisition of Idaho based technical riding gear brand Klim, and continued with a capital expenditure plan to increase production capacity that had started with a controversial 2010 announcement to build in Mexico.

Some of that capital went into joint venturing - Polaris committed $50m to a 50/50 joint venture plan to build a production facility in India with Eicher Motors  - manufacturer of the Royal Enfield line of motorcycles among other activities (including a 50/50 commercial vehicle partnership with Volvo).
Indeed, just this month Polaris has announced that the facility will meet its planned 2015 readiness, and will soon start producing a highly fuel-efficient and inexpensive 600cc Greaves Cotton diesel powered four-wheeled delivery vehicle for the Indian market.
In the last four years Polaris' capital investments in its facilities have also included expanding its Wyoming Product Development Center, further developing its Spirit Lake, Iowa, footprint, growing its Vermillion, South Dakota, PG&A distribution center, building and then expanding its Monterrey, Mexico, facility, not, after all, closing its Osceola, Wisconsin, plant, opening a 345,000 sq ft factory in Poland last year, and just in January this year confirming an expected announcement to build a new 600,000 sq ft facility that will employ up to 1,700 people on a 453 acre site near Huntsville, Alabama.
In 2013 Polaris is said to have spent some $137.1m on expansion oriented investments, and a further $19.49m up to September 2013.
Some of the deals have included additions to its growing military equipment and vehicles operations (such as the purchase of a $2m turnover specialist software company called Primordial); more strategic partnerships, such as that with Ariens, the Wisconsin based manufacturer of outdoor power equipment; the Aixam Mega deal mentioned earlier, and further boosting its burgeoning PG&A line-up with acquisitions such as Kolpin and Pro Armor.
In 2013 Polaris’ sales revenue reached $3.8 bn, up from the $1.6 bn they'd dropped to in 2009. Little wonder then that when the opportunity arose in 2013 for Polaris to buy back nearly 4m shares of its common stock held by engine partner Fuji Heavy Industries, it was able to fund the $497.5m from a combination of cash on hand and $250m of borrowings under an existing revolving credit facility.
FHI had been an investor ever since Polaris went public in 1987, and been an engine supplier since 1968, indeed Polaris' sole engine supplier right up to 1995 when the company first started to produce its own engines, and still provided as many as 25 percent of their engines in 2013 – however, it is anticipated that this figure will diminish as Polaris continues to significantly expand its own engine portfolio.
Scott Wine is quoted as saying that he doesn't believe Polaris suffers from "not invented here" syndrome, and maybe there are no better recent examples of their willingness to enter market sectors that others had got to first, than the launch of the Slingshot three-wheeler, or of their preparedness to "buy in" strategic positioning and technology, rather than the decision to convert their minority position in Brammo into full effective ownership.
Since becoming CEO in 2008, Scott Wine and his management team at Polaris have defied the stock market and shown a way forward for the powersports industry in the 21st century

In the deal Polaris is also acting as a lead investor in a recapitalization of Brammo that will enable them to focus exclusively on the design, development and integration of electric vehicle powertrains, while Polaris will utilize the assets acquired to begin manufacturing electric motorcycles in the second half of 2015 at its Spirit Lake, Iowa facility.
“We have enjoyed our involvement with Brammo Motorcycles over the past three years, and our excitement about their industry-leading lithium-ion electric drivetrain technology has increased commensurate with their improvements in cost and performance", said Scott Wine.
This deal "strengthens not only Polaris’ commitment to bringing our consumers lithium-ion electric solutions, but also this partnership’s ability to continue innovating and developing leading electric drivetrain technology. We anticipate a return on these investments and believe the new alignment brings us that much closer to delivering world-class electric solutions across our products.”
Wine's focus on ROI is instructive - especially for anyone considering making Polaris stock part of their portfolio. When he became CEO, Polaris were already a decade into losses with their Victory Motorcycles program, and locked into a heavyweight cruiser market that was about to fall off a cliff.
In the past he has emphasized profitability. "Growth without margin expansion is worthless", he has said, and as the Head of a company which has understood the importance of allowing dealers to run lean inventory, and shown his disdain for inefficiencies, waste, bureaucracy and tardiness, he runs a tight ship - a solid foundation for ensuring that his management can continue being creative where acquisitions and investments are concerned without compromising their ability to continue building balance sheet strength.
If "intelligent diversification" and "cross-pollination" mean anything, it must mean laying down the basis for organic growth, and this Brammo acquisition is the latest in a long line of moves that show why the likes of Arctic Cat and BRP, as well as Harley-Davidson and other motorcycle manufacturers, are right to be keeping a close watch on Polaris.
It has to be said that when it comes to 'bang-for-the-buck' Polaris have shown that $300m can still go a long way!

Biker's Choice

Biker's Choice expands Florida and Pennsylvania warehouses

AS part of their "ongoing initiatives to increase our service commitment to our
v-twin market dealers, Biker's Choice has expanded the size of its Florida distribution center by 80,000 square feet, and invested more than $3 million to equip it with a state-of-the-art high-density pick module for faster order fulfilment", said Biker's Choice Brand Manager and product specialist Aaron Whitney.

"We are also nearly doubling the size of our Pennsylvania operation by relocating some two miles from our existing favility near Scranton, PA, to a new 280,000 plus distribution center with state of the art technology.

“We're extremely excited about these developments. The new facilities provide dealers in the Southeast and Northeast with double the number of brands previously available in their one-day shipping zone,” said Dan Courtney, President of Tucker Rocky/Biker's Choice.
Biker's Choice is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and also operates distribution centers in Fort Worth; Visalia, California; Portland, Oregon; Denver, Colorado and Bolingbrook, Illinois. 
The company also exports products to international distributors and dealers, offering dealers access to a program that is said to number over 100,000 products for street, custom, touring and off-road motorcycles, and vehicles of all kinds.
It has exclusive distribution rights to many well-known powersports brands that sell in the v-twin market, such as BikeMaster, ProTaper, Firstgear, Speed and Strength, River Road and Twin Power, the popular and fast growing specialty Biker's Choice brand of service products, hard parts and accessories for the custom v-twin industry.

Drag Specialties

New lines from Drag Specialties

DRAG Specialties’ product range includes small parts for detailing engines, and among these are finned spark plug/headbolt covers. The die-cast aluminum covers remove the need to buy individual headbolt and spark plug covers by fitting over the entire headbolt and spark plug base, accenting the head area. The covers are sold as a kit to complete two heads fitting ‘99-‘15 Twin Cam and ‘04-‘15 XL models, in finned, wrinkle black finish.  

The options offered by Drag Specialties to dress to a bike include the company’s satin black transmission side covers. The covers, which are made from die-cast zinc and mount with the existing hardware, are available to fit ‘07-‘15 FLHT, FLHR, FLTR and H-D FL trike models with mechanical clutch, and also for ‘06-‘15 FXD, FXDWG and ‘07-‘15 FXST and FLST models.

Drag Specialties has designed its Big Buffalo saddlebag bars to match its Big Buffalo engine bars. They are made from 1-1/4in steel tubing and offered in the choice of chrome or black powder coat and fit ‘14-‘15 FLHT, FLHX and FLHR models.

The Precision Tourbox lid from Drag Specialties can be used as a bolt-on replacement for the OEM part, and be used in repairs or simply to freshen an older bike up. Manufactured from OEM-grade materials, the lid accepts OEM and aftermarket mounting hardware, reinforcing plate, liner and accessories, and is supplied with pre-drilled mounting holes and in a smooth finish that requires minimal prep before painting. The Precision lid is available to fit ‘06-‘13 FLHT and FLTR models.

To protect a bike’s fenders, Drag Specialties has fender skins available that feature a felt lining under automotive-grade vinyl or embossed gator leather centers with leather perimeter and a finished edge. The fender skins are designed to match Drag Specialties solo seats, but will work with most OEM and accessory solo seats. The fender skins, to fit ‘97-‘15 FLHR, FLHT, FLTR and FLHX models, include black zinc washer and screw to complete installation. 

Janesville, Wisconsin, USA
Tel: 608 758 1111

Moscow Custom & Tuning Show

Moscow Custom & Tuning Show
February 20th - 22nd

THIS year's Moscow Custom & Tuning Show is being staged at the 12th annual Moto Park Expo, the leading annual motorcycle show in Russia, at Moscow's IEC "Crocus Expo" facility.


It will again be co-joined with the Moscow Custom & Tuning Show 2015, which features an AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building affiliate custom bike show, the winners of which will be seen in competition at the next AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building.
Moto Park regularly sees some 100 exhibitors and close to 80,000 visitors. Many of the leading manufacturers are represented at Moto Park, and these have included Harley-Davidson, Polaris (Victory and Indian), Honda, Yamaha, BMW, Triumph and Peugeot.
While political and economic considerations have caused the international motorcycle parts and accessory industry to eye the opportunities in the Russian market with caution, at this time, motorcycle sales are still growing in Russia, even though that growth is slowing and is expected to flatten out in the next three years.
Having been selling in the region of 100 to 300 units a year until the past couple of years, it is thought that Harley is hoping to ship around 1,000 units to Russia this year as the company is now reported to have grown its network to some 8 dealerships, with more planned. 

Yuri Shif's World Championship 2014 entry "Terminator". Yuri has won the Moscow Custom & Tuning Show many times, most famously going on to win the Metric World Championship in 2010

In 2013 the Russian motorcycle market is said to have had total revenues of $1.4bn and to have grown by over 40 percent since 2009; however, that rate of growth is thought to have slowed, with growth set to average something in the region of 4 percent a year between now and 2018.
Estimates of annual motorcycle unit sales and of the total market size in Russia are hard to come by, and vary wildly.
However, data from the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat - suggests that annual unit sales in Russia were around 203,000 in 2010, up from around 77,000 in 2005, or thereabouts. Other sources suggest that around 70 percent of new model sales in Russia are of low-cost Chinese vehicle imports.
Russian market research specialist AutoStat ( reports that at the end of 2012 there were some 2.5 million motorcycles in total ownership/use in Russia (the 'bike park') – which is five percent of the 47.9 million total vehicles in use there; the total population of Russia is around 144 million, of which 110 million are thought to be of riding age. By way of comparison, this means that an estimated 2 percent of Russia’s riding age population have a motorcycle of some kind, whereas in 27 member states of the European Union the figure runs at something closer to 10 percent (35 million PTWs among a riding age population of approximately 380 million).


Zodiac release Issue 40 of Bikers Book

ZODIAC has published the 40th issue of its Bikers Book, the company’s extensive catalog for 2015. Available in English, German, French and Italian language versions, the latest 1,512-page, full color edition contains thousands of new parts and accessories for old and new Harleys. 

Highlights in the latest Bikers Book include Cycle Sounds’ speakers and amps; Texas Leather and Eco-Line Sportster swingarm bags; an extensive line of glass fiber stretched saddlebags, saddlebag extensions, stretched nacelles, fairings, fenders and tank covers from Double G Baggers; new seats from Biltwell, Roland Sands Design, Mustang, Le Pera and the Zodiac Eco-Line; new mufflers and complete exhaust systems from Freedom Performance, SuperTrapp, Kerker and S&S; Superchips’ Vigilante EZ EFI tuner; and wheels, brake rotors and pulleys from Performance Machine and Roland Sands Design, plus Fat 50-spoke wheels from RideWright Wheels, and thousands of other new and exciting products from companies around the world.
All parts can be found in Zodiac’s online catalog as well at

Tel: +31 (0) 297 288 62

MAG Europe

New General Manager for MAG Europe

MARTIN Szlagowski has been named as the new General Manager of MAG Europe, a subsidiary of Motorsport Aftermarket Group (MAG).

Szlagowski will oversee MAG Europe’s continued growth as the largest distributor of V-twin aftermarket products in the UK. He Joins MAG Europe from Warr’s Harley-Davidson, where he spent 25 years and during which time he was involved with running Warr’s race team alongside former MotoGP rider Jeremy McWilliams. Such was his success in that role that the team was invited to race the Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson XR1200 Series at the Indianapolis MotoGP round in 2013 and 2014.
“I am very happy to be joining such an established and well known company with a portfolio of fantastic brands and look forward to the road ahead,” said Szlagowski of his change of employers. 

Denton, Manchester, UK
Tel: +44 (0)161 337 4390

Barnett Clutches & Cables

Indian Chief and Chieftain options from Barnett

BARNETT’S latest addition to its range of clutch applications is for the 2014 Indian Chief and Chieftain. The new complete clutch kit features Barnett’s exclusive carbon fiber segmented friction plates, which are said to provide better oil flow for cooler clutch temperatures and smoother, more consistent performance. Completing the kit is a set of tempered steel plates and a set of heat-treated, heavy duty coil springs. 


A second new option from Barnett specifically for the Indian Chief and Chieftain is a clutch cable. The cable features Barnett’s high efficiency (HE) inner wire, which the company was the first to introduce to the motorcycle industry. The HE wire is nylon coated and pre-lubed with a silicone lubricant and said to provide longer life, super smooth cable action and reduced lever effort. On the outside of the cable, all fittings are chrome plated and three casing types are available: traditional black vinyl, classic stainless braid with clear coat and Platinum Series bright silver plated braid with clear coat. As with all Barnett cables, the clear coat is guaranteed not to discolor from sun 


Ventura, California, USA
Tel: 805 642 9435


LePera Daytona seat

LEPERA has had its Daytona seat in production for over 20 years, but has now introduced a new version which features Speed Stripes on the tail. The newest LePera Daytona is available in a variety of colors and the options of smooth, pleated, diamond or other styles.

North Hollywood, California, USA
Tel: 818 767 5110

Thursday 22 January 2015


Harley share price still not responding to performance?

WITH rumors continuing to circulate concerning Harley-Davidson's vulnerability to possible hostile bid activity, the company continues to try to "work" its investor community by maintaining its highest quarterly dividends since 2008.

Following their third quarter/nine month results, the company again announced a cash dividend of $0.275 per share (for the fourth quarter of 2014). This is the fourth such dividend for 2014, and is up on the $0.210 per share paid throughout 2013.
The company currently continues to sustain the third highest level of stockholder return in its history, dividends having been as low as $0.10 per share during the recession (March '09 through April '11).

From its historic high of over $74.65 per share in November 2006, Harley's share price went to the bargain basement and back again during the recession, bottoming out at $8.20 per share in March 2009.
Although the recovery saw the stock price peak at around $73.94 at the end of April this year, its highest price since pre-recession levels, trading has seen the share price wobble this year.
At around $68.50 at the time of the fourth quarter dividend announcement was made, at best it has remained in the mid-range of its current 52 week cycle - the low coming at around $60.60 in early August 2014. 

In the approximately nine months since the low of $61.23 seen in early February this year, the stock price has seen a massive $12.71/20.72 percent volatility.
Indeed, even in the two weeks since the fourth quarter dividend was announced on December 2nd, 2014 and this edition of AMD Magazine closing for press, the share price lost a couple of Dollars ($66.42 on December 15th) as investor sentiment not only clearly continues to be concerned about long-term value, but now also appears to be looking to Milwaukee for something "stronger" than the current level of dividend.
This is the harsh world in which corporations live and reflects the air that the new breed of more hawkish post-recession 21st century "activist" investors breathe.
These charts are a continuation of the new ten-year new quarterly analysis of Harley dividend pay-outs and stock price trends that we are updating on a quarterly basis.

Midwest Motorcycle Supply

Midwest adds to Ultima program for 2015

MIDWEST Motorcycle Supply say that their 2015 catalog gives dealers access to "all the essentials that matter most, at a frugal price."

In addition to parts and accessories from third party vendors it details the firm's own proprietary Ultima product range, including the Ultima engine family that "shows up in world class custom bike competitions" and gets "rigorously campaigned in 6,000 pound sled pulls by Iron Horse Racing."
Available in a multitude of displacements from 100 to 140 c.i. and finishes like Diamond Cut, Black Gem and polished and black powdercoated, Midwest say they are "truly Beauty meets the Beast."

"All our drivetrain products like our Ultima 3.35” and 2” belt drives and transmissions are rugged, long lasting units available for Evo Softail and Twin Cam and Evo Dynas. The range includes complete drive train packages with options such as Ultima 6 RSD or LSD transmissions, powerful ThunderFire starter motors and ThunderVolt AGM batteries."
New for this year are the Black Series Ultima belt drives. As well as the “Street” and “Drag” versions of their 3.35” open belt drives, the Black Series also includes the 2” open belt drive for Evos and Twin Cams as well as Baggers, FLT, FLH and FXR.
The T-VO single cam replacement engine for Twin Cam “A” Series rubber mount engines will be introduced at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, with a planned Spring release.
This year’s Midwest 2015 catalog cover features a Jeff Nicklus Signature Series bike from Desperado Motorcycles.

Pevely, Missouri, USA
Tel: 636 931 3200

Scandinavian Brake Systems

SBS already have 2015 pads

DANISH brake manufacturer SBS (Scandinavian Brake Systems) is regarded as one of the leading pad makers in the world and sells fitments for most popular makes and models of street, sport and MX bikes.

Having been the factory behind a well known distributor of v-twin market and own-brand programs for many years, SBS has been selling under its own brand in the Harley aftermarket in the past 18 months or so, with considerable success and market acceptance.
AMD met up with their North American Sales Manager and v-twin market specialist Johan Rauff Kristensen at INTERMOT, who told us that the company already has fitments available for all 2015 Harley-Davidson, Victory and Indian models.
"The good news for our dealers is that their existing stock of SBS pad shapes will cover all the 2015s, so they can start upgrading their customers' bikes with superior SBS stopping power straight away.
"The fact that SBS already covers another year from all three American V-twin manufacturers with existing shapes gives dealers and workshops a tremendous advantage due to the fact that their stock of brake pads will sell faster and can be run leaner than with, for example, OE brake pads, all in all leading to better financial results and more satisfied customers when they experience a better ride from improved brake performance and feel", Johan said.


WUNDERKIND Sportster parts

WUNDERKIND-Custom is enlarging its high-end parts and accessories range to include a new line of products for Sportster models, all of which are featured on its show bike – the WK2.

Across the range the parts share a common look, but with differing styles to create a modern design combined with a sporty character and technical know-how.
A key new part in the range is the new air filter, with which WUNDERKIND-Custom says it reacted to annoying oil leaks. It does this through the use of the integrated ODS suction technique that enables effective oil suction. The air filter is also said to offer more power, along with pleasing aesthetics. 

Further parts in the new range are a side-mountable tachometer holder and a two-part pulley wheel that maintains the original drive ratio, but with a reduced weight, and a different rear light housing, which has been fully machined and made to fit oval and round indicators.

Breisach, GERMANY
Tel: +49 (0)7667 9446 92

Roadsmith Trikes

Roadsmith unveils first Indian Roadmaster trike

Roadsmith Trikes has launched what it claims to be the first trike based on the current Indian Roadmaster. 

The launch of the Roadmaster trike follows the company’s release of a Chieftain trike. This new model has a large trunk, passenger backrest, adjustable floorboards and heated seat, making it suited for two-up touring.

In addition to changes such as independent rear suspension and a longer wheelbase, Roadsmith has added raked triple trees for ease of steering and an electric reverse to ensure smooth, quiet operation when backing.

White Bear Lake, Minnesota, USA
Tel: 651 777 7774

Motorcycle Storehouse

New additions to Motorcycle Storehouse product range

MOTORCYCLE Storehouse continues to expand the range of products it distributes throughout Europe with the introduction of Arlen Ness ‘KO’ raked triple trees. The new triple trees have been designed to be used on Bagger models where the owner wants to run a larger diameter front wheel. Versions of the trees are available with seven degrees of rake for use with 23in (7in trail) or 21in (6-1/8in trail) wheels, or 11 degrees for use with 21in (4-1/2in trail), 23in (5-1/4in trail) or 26in (6in trail) wheels. Both rakes of triple tree are available to work with ‘97-‘13 Touring models, with 41mm forks, while for 2014 Touring models equipped with 49mm forks only the seven-degree option is available.

Arlen Ness raked triple trees are available in seven-degree and 11-degree options

Motogadget’s original M-Blaze LED turn signals, available through Motorcycle Storehouse, are German made units, which are designed to fit in the ends of handlebars, giving a truly custom look thanks to the combination of LEDs and clear transparent, reflecting glass-like material.
The flat M-Blaze Disc, with 7W power LED, is a variation on that design, which is also being made available through Motorcycle Storehouse. Once again, they are designed to be used inside handlebars with an internal diameter of 14mm to 21mm, which includes all regular 7/8in and 1in ‘bars. 

The Motogadget M-Blaze Disc is an update of the original M-Blaze LED turn signal

The M-Blaze Ice is a regular replacement turn signal with an 8mm threaded stud

The latest addition to the Motogadget range is M-Blaze Ice, with 3W power LEDs, designed as a regular replacement turn signal, it comes with an 8mm threaded stud. The LEDS are used with Motogadget’s 'Special 180-degree Lighting Effect' to give a clear, safe and functional EC approved turn signal system. The M-Blaze Ice is available in polished or black anodized aluminum and supplied complete with 1m of wiring pre-installed. 

The tire pressure monitor alerts riders to changes in tire pressure in real time

New electronic options available from Motorcycle Storehouse continue with the tire pressure monitoring system that is now available, which monitors tire pressure in real time. The kit includes an LCD monitor and two valve cap sensors, comes with PSI/BAR indication and allows user pre-set values. It gives an audible/vibration alert when tire pressure rises or drops below the user set level.

Tel: +31 (0)50 303 9775

Metalsport Wheels

2015 wheel designs from Metalsport

METALSPORT Wheels has released details of the first of its 2015 designs, the Bridge and the Impression. 



The Bridge is offered in sizes 16in to 32in and finished in black before being given a second cut for a contrast look. Offered in chrome or black, the Impression is available in sizes 16in to 30in.

South Gate, California, USA
Tel: 562 776 9594

Pro-One Performance Manufacturing

Pro-One add over 20 new product designs

PRO-ONE Performance Manufacturing has recently launched over 20 new part numbers. All of the new parts are machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and available in Smooth or Ball Milled designs and the choice of chrome or black anodized finishes.

The range of new parts includes Pro-One’s billet fork slider covers for Bagger models, billet blade clutch and brake levers for ‘08 and later FL Touring bikes, billet switch covers to match its FL Touring fuel tank panels and billet fuel doors, black anodized billet license frames and black anodized billet choke knob covers, as well as the company’s new black anodized ‘Super Bullet’ LED turn signals.

La Verne, California, USA
Tel: 909 445 0900