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Monday 22 February 2021

Drag Specialties Bagger Racing League

Drag Specialties Bagger Racing League - Bragging Rights Up for Grabs at SLC in June

The end of January saw one of the "biggest news announce-ments to hit the Harley-Davidson and V-twin motorcycle community with the formation of the Bagger Racing League."
The announcement came at a V-Twin Only Track Day at Chuckwalla Raceway in Southern California.  "The idea was to bring the V-twin performance community to a road-race track and let the world know what the upgrades are all about.
"With the help of Tony from Shred Moto Co and Eric from Jiffy Tune, the V-Twin Only Track Day hosted over 100 American big twin bikes as the series welcomed Drag Specialties as its title sponsor." 

Eric Stahl on the Alloy Art #99 bike making it around the track at Chuckwalla Raceway on Monday, January 25 for the Bagger Racing League announcement exhibition. Photo by Justin George.

Bagger Racing League founder Rob Buydos and Chief Operations Officer John Oakes welcomed representatives "from some of the best aftermarket parts and accessory companies and race teams in the world as they all took part in signing a commitment to race with the Bagger Racing League (BRL) for the 2021 season.
The race teams confirming their commitment to BRL included Alloy Art, Barnett, Bassani, Feuling Parts, Performance Machine, Saddlemen, Slyfox, The Speed Merchant and Trask Performance - with more teams expected to be added.
Additionally, Zach and Cory Ness (Arlen Ness Motorcycles) have signed a commitment to host a massive custom motorcycle show at the 2021 event. 

"With the rise of performance baggers that we have seen over the last five years, we wanted an event that could help promote those parts that make these bikes so sought after. This is just the beginning, and I can't wait to see where it leads," said Rob Buydos, BRL founder.
"The BRL races will be 3-day events featuring the world's largest V-twin vendor village at a road racetrack, stunt shows, camping, the Arlen Ness Custom Bike Show and much more. Each event will telecast live and feature a live audience. The V-Twin Only Track Day saw over 100 riders and nine separate Harley-Davidson dealerships with staff or principals participating, with riders coming all the way from Maine.

"BRL will allow Harley-Davidson and V-twin parts manufacturers to showcase their performance parts in a competitive atmosphere. I am excited to be a part of the team and to take my passions - for events, motorcycles, sponsorship, marketing and racing - and combine them all into one loud, fast and fun weekend," said John Oakes of BRL.
Commenting on the start that Drag Specialties and their vendors gave to the concept of Bagger Racing with the King of the Baggers last year, BRL founder Rob Buydos said: "As far as King of Baggers goes, MotoAmerica is the gold standard for Superbike racing across the U.S. Bagger Racing League wants to give Harley-Davidson and V-twin riders, racers and manufacturers that same opportunity at a V-twin focused event."
The races will feature four classes of racing - Hooligan GP, which will include V-twin inspired platforms, Big Twin GP - any large displacement big twins, Stunt GP - an invitational with entrants competing in a judged stunt competition on the Friday night, then taking the same bike to the track for qualifying on Saturday and the main event on Sunday.
Finally, the Premier Class is the Bagger GP for Harley-Davidson and Indian touring bikes to duke it out in the fight for Bagger Bragging Rights!
It is hoped to be able to stage three races this first year.
The first round will take place June 25–27, 2021, at the Utah Motorsports Complex, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Feuling Contingency


Among those planning to compete at Salt Lake City in June, Feuling Parts is putting up to $5,500 in contingency cash prizes down to fourth place for riders using Feuling parts on their race bikes in all four classes. Nearly half of this goes to the Bagger GP class with the winner scooping $1,000. The Big Twin class winner will get $400, the same too for the Hooligan class winner, with $750 going to the winner of the Stunt GP.

Two 'King of the Baggers' Races Canceled

Originally announced as a five-race series for 2021, the King of The Baggers (KOB) races at MotoAmerica rounds have now been cut down to three.
Citing clashes with established V-twin industry mainstays such as Sturgis and track time issues, planned races at the Barber Motorsports Park and at Pittsburgh have been dropped from the schedule.
The three-race KOB schedule will now start at the Raceway Road Atlanta (April 30 to May 1), then be at Road America at Elkhart Lake in Wisconsin, June 11 to 13, before repeating its successful concept debut of 2020 at the WeatherTech Raceway, Laguna Seca, California, on July 9 to 11.


H-D Replaces CCO Larry Hund

H-D has appointed Edel O'Sullivan as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) to replace existing CCO Larry Hund, who retires from the company following 18 years of service.

O'Sullivan will join Harley-Davidson "with extensive experience in omnichannel retail and durable goods, focusing on commercial excellence and organizational change. She served as a partner at Bain & Company for the past five years of her 14-year tenure, where she led the development of major corporate transformations including the strategic delivery of profitable growth initiatives across multiple industries, with an emphasis on retail, advanced manufacturing and OEMs."
Previously, O'Sullivan worked in financial planning and analysis for a division of Procter & Gamble. She holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela, and an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School.
"Edel has an excellent track record of effectively building commercial and organizational strategies, based on clear market and consumer insights, that deliver strong financial and operational results," said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson. "She will bring new perspectives and capabilities to our leadership team as we execute the priorities of our 5-year strategy, The Hardwire."
Hund, 64, will work closely with O'Sullivan through the transition ensuring a consistent handover. Prior to taking on the CCO role, Hund was President of HDFS for 11 years. The company will continue to leverage Hund's knowledge and experience as he will remain chairman of the H-D Financial Services Board of Directors.


"Double the power, double the features" - OptiMate Lithium 4s 10A

Lithium batteries have made the jump from being a novel aftermarket accessory to becoming a commonplace essential for performance and adventure motorcycles.
Their use has created the need for fast and safe charging and for providing support during PDI and service diagnostics.
A relatively unknown advantage of lithium starter batteries is that they can be charged up to three times faster than AGM lead-acid batteries, the current popular 'stock' battery choice. As a direct comparison, the fastest charge an 8Ah AGM battery (e.g. YTX10) can accept is around a third of its true rating, therefore 2.66 amps, but a lithium ferrous phosphate (LiFePO4, the technology used for lithium starter batteries) rated at a true 8Ah can accept 8 amps!

OptiMate has recognized this in the architecture of its OptiMate Lithium 4s 10A (part no: TM-274 in Europe, TM-275 in North America, TM-276 in the UK). It can deliver up to 10 amps of fast charge but can also automatically adjust its charge rate down to what a smaller battery can accept; its AmpMatic (lithium tuned) charging method takes care of that - bigger batteries get more, smaller batteries get less, all automatically.
"But that's not all," says TecMate CEO/CTO Martin Human, "like every OptiMate battery charger, there is always more built into the advanced circuitry.
"Firstly, and obvious for any OptiMate battery saving charger, it will safely and effectively save lithium starter batteries from as low as 0.5 volt. Its smart algorithm actively tests and confirms battery health until it has recovered sufficiently to receive a fast charge - very important for such dense energy technology. 

"Secondly, it offers battery management system reset at the press of a button. Increasingly, lithium battery manufacturers are adopting vital protective measures for their performance batteries. The most important being deep discharge protection, or, in simple terms, low voltage cut-off, i.e. the battery turns off if discharged too low. When that happens it then needs a special reset signal to turn it back on - delivered at the push of a button by the OptiMate 4s 10A.
"Finally, the new 4s 10A includes a TUNE mode - a stable 13.6V that supports the lithium battery during diagnostics and troubleshooting when the engine is not running."
A 10 amp battery charger for motorcycle starter batteries might have sounded over the top even as recently as two years ago, but in 2021 it suddenly makes a lot of sense, especially when it comes to the lithium (LiFePO4) technology that is increasingly being embraced by motorcycle manufacturers.
TecMate is not new to this technology, its first OptiMate Lithium 4s 5A was introduced in 2010, in response to the "at the time" exotic new lithium starter battery technology that was beginning to be embraced by a handful of leading-edge custom bike builders and racers.
"Lithium starter batteries have come a long way since then, and quickly," says Martin. "They have become 'mainstream' and OptiMate Lithium already has over ten years of experience in how to charge them fast and right."


News Briefs


Pierer Mobility, the KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas parent company, has reported a record year for the motorcycle manufacturer in 2020 with sales of 270,407 motorcycles (previous year: 280,099) and 56,064 e-bicycles - a 10th consecutive record year for the Group. Sales generated turnover of € 1,530m (approx. $1.86bn). In Europe, sales to dealers were around 100,000 motorcycles and 56,064 e-bicycles. Around two-thirds of the motorcycles were sold to the dealer network in markets outside Europe, especially in North America, India and Australia.

Triumph has launched a certified pre-owned motorcycle program in the U.S. At no cost to dealers, it is designed to provide improved profitability, controlled residual values and enhanced brand reputation. Customer benefits on qualifying vehicles include minimum 1-year unlimited mileage warranty, 1-year roadside assistance, certified vehicle quality check and full service history, with financing available.

AMA Pro Racing has named Kevin Crowther to the strategic Chief Competition Officer post. Crowther brings "nearly two decades of experience in sanctioning professional motorcycle racing in the U.S., with his most recent role being the AMA Director of Racing where he oversaw the management and sanctioning of all AMA racing activity." Among other experience, Crowther previously served as AMA Supercross Director and is a decade-long member of the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) CMS Commission.

The 48th Tokyo Motorcycle Show, originally planned for Spring 2021, has been canceled already, with the organizers hoping to be able to host the show in 2022.

Honda's all-new 2021 water-cooled Honda Rebel 1100 parallel twin midsize cruiser features Honda Selectable Torque Control (which incorporates Wheelie Control), engine braking, a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). "Carefully developed geometry, sport-worthy components at a best-in-class power-to-weight ratio and a very competitive $9,299 MSRP." The engine is a retuned version of the power plant from Honda's popular Africa Twin Adventure platform.

In June 2020 the U.K.'s Pensions Ombudsman made an official finding of "exceptional maladministration causing injustice" against former Norton Motorcycles CEO Stuart Garner and ordered him to repay around £14m ($17.4m) to some of those who lost their investments when Norton filed for Administration in January 2020. Norton has stated its belief that the missing money would be recouped from asset sales, but it doesn't look like Garner himself will be putting his hand in his pocket anytime soon. Having failed in an appeal against the finding, Leicester city council filed a bankruptcy petition on Garner's behalf in December.

Chris Hunter, owner of Bike EXIF (BE), the respected online custom bike news service, recently sold the property to the American Iron & Air team of Adam Fitzgerald and Gregory George Moore. Founded in 2008, BE specializes in café racers, bobbers and scramblers and is an especially influential brand in the wider 'Alt Moto' scene that it has done much to popularize. The site is said to attract over a million page views every month.

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Buell Motorcycles

Buell Motorcycles - "Back in Production"

Well, where to start! The motorcycle industry is littered with motorcycle manufacturer dramas that could be described as "storied", but then there is Buell.
Not Erik Buell himself you understand, but the ignominious fate that befell the various iterations and ownerships of his name and the stop, start, on, off and now, it would appear, back on again fate that befell Buell Motorcycles after triage when Harley CEO Keith Wandell unceremoniously dumped the brand in 2009 as he searched for a corporate lifeboat.
After umpteen failed acquisitions and investments (including by India's Hero MotorCorp - Harley's new business partner on the sub-continent), the ball fell at the feet of a certain Bill Melvin, whose Grand Rapids, Michigan based Liquid Asset Partners was left owning the Buell IP and unable to find a buyer.

Having sold off such assets from the Troy, Wisconsin Buell factory as he could, Melvin talked a good game in 2016 about bringing the brand back to life, but since then? Aside from Erik Buell's apparent association with a hopeful New York based electric bicycle ('PedElec') start-up called Fuell a couple of years ago, it has been radio silence - both in terms of the man himself or the eponymous brand.
Until February 19, 2021 that is, when a press release appeared stating confidently that "Buell Motorcycles is back in production in America."
The release went on to say that "the new Buell Motorcycles will launch ten performance models by the 2024 model year. The exciting models will be representative of the superbike performance and handling expected of the legendary Buell brand. Exciting times ahead for fans of American motorcycles."


"Buell is back!" said Bill Melvin, CEO. "We are excited to bring Buell back with this awesome assortment of superbikes and performance motorcycles. We start with the fastest American production motorcycles, hand-built in the USA, so that's a nice start! We're building out those platforms for more touring and adventure models, then we're expanding our displacements to be competitive with other global brands. The passionate Buell Nation can grow and thrive again."

The release says that "Buell Motorcycles' upcoming models will include variants for dirt, dual-sport, touring and cruisers while expanding the line-up to include medium and small displacement motors. Buell is also in the initial exploration phases for a high-performance electric model and is open to collaboration ideas with other companies.
"The models currently in production are built by hand in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and based on the high-performance 1190 platform, known for the innovation of fuel in frame, perimeter brake rotor, exceptional handling and high horsepower."
"Buell is known as the American brand for high performance, innovation and adventure. Fast is fun again on a Buell. We will continue and expand on that," said Melvin. "We have already launched a dirt bike with Cipala Racing that won an AMA Championship, and Buell will be dominating at NHRA this year."
Apparently "EBR Motorcycles [which once stood for Erik Buell Racing] acquired the Buell brand in early 2020 and began developments to bring Buell back." The release states that Buell will be present at Daytona Bike Week 2021 at the J&P Cycles Destination Daytona Mega Store.
Kudos to Bill Melvin for his persistence and determination. A comeback of the kind being described, and at this time in the long-term motorcycle industry cycle (to say nothing of the pandemic impacts on "business as normal"), seems unlikely - but if he can pull it off? They'll be building statues to Bill Melvin decades from now!

Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles - "Form Follows Function"

Santa Cruz, California based Zero Motorcycles has announced its 2021 Model Year line-up - headlined
by the "reintroduction of the transformational SR/S, released in 2020" with updated colorways and graphics for each model.
The SR/S is Zero's first fully-faired motorcycle and is "engineered to reward riders with 13% improvement in highway efficiency and range versus its unfaired sibling, the SR/F. The SR/S sets the benchmark in both technology and experience standards for premium [electric] motorcycles, and its most visible feature is the functionally advanced full fairing."

SR/S - " The SR/S sets the benchmark in both technology and experience standards for premium [electric] motorcycles, and its most visible feature is the functionally advanced full fairing."

All Zero electric motorcycles for the 2021 line are powered by cutting-edge Cypher II and Cypher III operating systems - "industry-leading engineering and technology combine to create a ride with effortless power, control and connection.
"Despite the challenges of 2020, Zero Motorcycles has continued to see impressive growth. The unprecedented interest in the new SR/S has been matched by the building of momentum in our enduro and dual sport model sales," said Sam Paschel, Zero Motorcycles' CEO.
"In spite of the challenges and closures due to pandemic-related lockdowns and recent wildfires this calendar year, we've continued to meet the fast growing demand for our products and maintain our position as the brand that leads and defines the future of the electric motorcycle category."
Zero's full 2021 Street line-up features the FXS, S, SR, SR/F and "category redefining" SR/S. "Inspired by aerospace design and crafted with cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the look of the SR/S is defined by its aerodynamic fairing and elevated comfort is achieved through the thoughtfully designed riding posture and custom-tuned suspension - like all things Zero Motorcycles, form follows function."
New for 2021, the SR/F standard and premium versions will each come with a low-profile fly screen. The aluminum bar ends, heated grips and a 6 kWh on-board charger remain part of the premium version.
The SR, the original Zero hot rod street bike capable of up to 223 miles of riding with 116 ft-lbs of torque, will be equipped with a 14.4 kWh power pack. The S, Zero's original naked electric bike, is said to deliver "the ultimate balance of power to weight for entry-level riding, while the agile 2021 Zero FXS is the only companion you need when battling traffic on the city streets - light, nimble and obscenely fun to ride, available with a modular 3.6 kWh power pack or an integrated 7.2 kWh power pack and on-board charger."
"Leading the pack, the DSR Black Forest is the unequaled option for effortless adventure - outfitted for any possible trail and offering up to 223 miles per charge."

Zero says it is the only electric motorcycle manufacturer to devote half of its product line to "creating transformational experiences on any terrain. The cultural importance of dual sport riding is paramount to the company - born on the trails of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Now, with the steadily and rapidly increasing interest in electric vehicles from riders across the globe, the off-road enthusiast has never before had as many options for effortless adventure than that offered by Zero right now."
The Dual Sport line-up features the FX, DS, DSR, and, "leading the pack, the DSR Black Forest is the unequaled option for effortless adventure - outfitted for any possible trail and offering up to 223 miles per charge. The DS is the entry-level dual sport electric motorcycle and is more capable and more customizable than virtually any internal combustion engine competitor with class-leading integrated storage.
"Finally, light, fast and capable, Zero's 2021 FX is the perfect electric bike for finding an escape from the daily challenges presented by this past year. The FX can navigate virtually any obstacle for up to 91 miles and will be available with a modular 3.6 kWh or with an integrated 7.2 kWh power pack and internal charger."


Free Road Hazard Warranty from Vee Rubber

Exclusive domestic U.S. Vee Rubber tire distributor Metalsport is extending its road hazard warranty on its 302 series black and whitewall tires.
Dealers buying a new Vee Rubber 302 tire for a customer from Metalsport will be able to cover their customer with the road hazard warranty for free.

"During the first year they own a 302 tire from Vee Rubber, they are covered for road hazards - whether the tire needs to be returned due to road hazard damage or just poor maintenance related issues, Vee Rubber will replace the tire without discounts on tread wear.
"Vee Rubber stands behind the quality of its tires, and no other tire company offers this 100% replacement warranty.
"As the exclusive importer for the 302 range, Metalsport Wheels is fully stocked and ready to supply you with the best quality motorcycle tires on the road today."

Engineered and constructed for heavyweight touring and cruiser motorcycles, the Vee Rubber white wall tire "brings a classic look to a modern design." It is designed to fit O.E. and custom wheels, handles well in wet and dry conditions and is available for most American and metric motorcycles.
"It has a heavy load rating for superior two-up riding and exceptional handling and a distinctive tread pattern that permits remarkable wet and dry operation."
Metalsport offers a full line of 3D, 2D and now hybrid finished wheels featuring over 25 designs including the Chip Foose Signature Series. "We have one of the largest selections of wheel sizes in the USA."
Its wheel sizes start from the 16 inchers, right up to its monster 34" wheel. All Metalsport wheels come with options to add matching rotors, pulleys or sprockets.


Cometic Acquires Klotz Lubricants

Concord, Ohio based Cometic Gasket, one of the world's leading suppliers of gaskets and engine sealing solutions for the automotive, powersports, original equipment and remanufactured engine industries, has announced the acquisition of Klotz Synthetic Lubricants.
Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and founded by John C. Klotz Jr. in 1959, Klotz specializes in providing "superior lubricants to racers, performance enthusiasts and traditional end users who won't settle for anything less than the best available lubrication products on the market today.

"For over 60 years, Klotz has proudly serviced the high-performance needs of the automotive, kart, marine, motorcycle, RC scale model, personal watercraft and snowmobile markets."
Cometic founder and CEO Bob Gorman said that "Cometic Gasket is exceptionally proud to announce the acquisition of Klotz Synthetic Lubricants and to add one of the most recognizable and trusted lubricant brands in the industry to our portfolio. I've known John Klotz since I was a teenager and we've become far more than friends.
"John is one of the most genuine, passionate and caring individuals I've ever met, and he's built this company from the ground up with his own hands. Becoming the caretaker of a brand as rich in history and proud as Klotz is a humbling moment for the entire Cometic family. We're grateful to the Klotz family for allowing us to lead this iconic company."  

Left to right: John Klotz, Helen Klotz, Bob Gorman, Bindy Gorman,
Kristen Damberger, Jeff Gorman

Brad Kruckenberg, a powersports industry veteran who comes to Klotz from the LeMans Corporation with over 30 years of experience, will serve as president while Mr. Klotz has been named Chairman Emeritus and will continue serving in a leadership role.
Klotz will remain at its Fort Wayne headquarters, where all products are proudly engineered, formulated and packaged in its purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility.  
"After sixty-plus years, it's time to turn over the reigns," stated Klotz. "The Gorman and Klotz families have been very close for many, many years. Bob and I have watched each other's families grow and blossom. I think that's a very important component of what makes this a good fit.
"Secondly, I've always been very impressed with how Cometic Gasket has grown over the years into perhaps the most reputable and nimble gasket company in the industry. They have the skills, the product knowledge and the resources to carry the Klotz name well into the future. I'm not going anywhere, but it's time to leave the heavy lifting to a team with a fresh set of eyes and great expectations. I know that Klotz is in the very best of hands."

Custom Chrome Europe

 Kodlin's 'Upswept' - Reloaded!

In inventory at Custom Chrome Europe (CCE) are these 'Upswept' performance exhaust systems for Milwaukee-Eight models by Fred Kodlin (with German ABE/general operation permit).

"A true classic," according to CCE, "and back in an updated, modernized version, modern technology and new styling resulting in a combination of an aggressive classic Kodlin look and a cool sound.

 "If you remember the Nineties, the customizing gold rush years, you will likely have seen the classic, stylish Kodlin 'Upswept' exhaust systems - top-sellers all over Europe and used on almost every Daytona-winning custom by Fred Kodlin.
"This homologated 2.0 version has the more aggressive look that riders are looking for these days - a high-performance racing look with spring-mounted muffler upgrade.
"Designed with removable dB-killer, it fits M-8 powered models such as Fat Boy, Breakout, FXDR and others. Made from stainless steel and manufactured with the latest technologies, the system is coated in black."



Barnett Extra Plate Clutch Kits

Available for Evo Sportsters, Evo/Twin Cam Big Twins and V-Rods, Barnett's 'extra plate' clutch kits feature "our proven carbon or Kevlar 'segmented' friction plates, tempered steel drive plates and an increase in clutch surface area by between 10% and 20% - depending on the kit and application. The V-Rod extra plate kits also include heavy duty clutch springs."

The company says that its 'segmented' friction material design "increases oil flow through the clutch and provides a smoother, more consistent performance and extended clutch life."
Described as ideal for modified motors and high-performance riding applications, Barnett says that all its clutch kits are measured for proper stack height prior to packaging "to ensure optimal performance."


Wednesday 17 February 2021

Vance & Hines

Vance & Hines - Over $70,000 of AFT Sponsorship

Santa Fe Springs, California based Vance & Hines has announced a full slate of contingency sponsorship payouts for the 2021 AFT racing season. The program includes payouts for the top five riders in each class for every event and a $5,000 bonus for each class champion. In total, the company is offering riders $73,650 in 2021. 

"Our company was born on a racetrack, so we know how hard it can be to fund a racing program," said Vance & Hines President Mike Kennedy. "We're happy to continue to partner with AFT to support all levels of riders in this great American racing series."

Vance & Hines is also Harley-Davidson’s partner for the design, manufacturing and selling of the XR750R motorcycle which competes in the AFT Production Twins class. Race teams purchase the bikes directly through the Vance & Hines Racing Development Center in Brownsville, IN.  
The company's 2021 AFT contingency sponsorship provides cash awards to the first through fifth finishers in AFT SuperTwins, AFT Production Twins and AFT Singles at each of the 17 races on the schedule. The payouts range from $500 for first place to $50 for fifth place, with $1,150 available per class at each event. At the end of the season, Vance & Hines will offer a $5,000 bonus to the number one finisher in each class.
To qualify for the contingency payments, riders must run an eligible Vance & Hines exhaust system, a Vance & Hines decal on their race bike and have a Vance & Hines patch on their racing leathers.

Biker Fest International

35th Biker Fest International Postponed to September
Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine,) Italy, 16th - 19th September 2021

For the second consecutive year, Biker Fest International (the 35th) has had to postpone from its traditional mid-May date to September (16-19). In these times when shows and events of any kind, anywhere, especially Custom Bike Shows, have become an endangered species, congratulations to Micke Persello and the Bikers Life team for pulling off what appeared to be the impossible - a delayed but ultimately hugely successful 34th Biker Fest International in September 2020, and they will be hoping for similar luck when they descend again on Italy's Adriatic Coast (north of Venice) later this year.


Having the passionate support of a loyal and enthusiastic attendance does help, of course, and last year regional authorities put the total crowd drawn by Biker Fest at around 90,000 people - a remarkable number under the circumstances. Italians love their motorcycle shows!
No doubt the organizers will be looking to repeat the four days of COVID-secure activities under rigid pandemic protocols that ensured their success last year, even if, by then, a significant percentage of Europeans will have been vaccinated.
Despite the impact that the pandemic could have quite reasonably have been expected to have on custom bike building activity, the standard of bikes in September last year was exemplary - and although, as I write, the arrangements for the next AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building remain a case study in uncertainty, whenever the 'AMD' tribe is able to assemble next, the quality of custom design and engineering that will be coming out of Italy will be as high, maybe even higher, than ever.
The Custom Bike Show - the Italian Motorcycle Championship - had a new location in the center of the Luna Park Strabilia with about 100 custom bikes registered and coming from all over Italy and neighboring nations. 

There were eight classes in total, and those that won a place at the next AMD World Championship included:
Moto Guzzi 850-T5 by Bepy Moto Service (Turin), Buell “Visione” by Debenedetti & Fiordi (Livorno-Brescia), BMW R65E (electric) by Freesound Customs (Pisa), and the H-D “Ghisarama” by Hazard (Bergamo), which took the Italian Motorcycle Championship and 'Best in Show' win. 

2020 BEST IN SHOW I.M.C., H-D "Ghisarama" by Hazard (BG)

Internationally respected former AMD stalwart Penz Custombikes (Austria) gave a debut to a new, refined Bagger called "Razzle Dazzle", and seven kilometers of track were dedicated to all off-road lovers with an Enduro, mini-Enduro and Scrambler Challenge - even garden tractor racing and mopeds had their moment! The track also saw classes and 250 and 450 cc bike rental opportunities from a flat track school.
More than 150 exhibitors of all kinds catered to all tastes and there were presentations from more than a dozen motorcycle travel, tour and adventure riding specialists - plus, of course, bands, American cars (over 400 for a 25th anniversary event), including V8s, and a Saturday evening parade through the streets of Lignano.

News Briefs


Triggered by Volkswagen Audi Group CEO Herbert Diess' own remarks late last year about electrification and long-term brand fit, it would appear that, for now at least, the rumors that Ducati (and Lamborghini) were on the block, have been nixed again! The VAG Board stated in December that "there is agreement on the Board that Lamborghini and Ducati will remain part of the Volkswagen Group."

Motorcycle and car racing is to have a new home in Missouri with the all-new Ozarks International Raceway currently under construction in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. Scheduled to open in late summer 2021, it will include a 3.87 mile, five configuration asphalt-paved track with up to 19 different turns, a dirt tri-oval, a truck off-road track, trail and rally courses, with a 58-bay car garage complex in converted old turkey barns.

H-D Tier 1 brake components vendor Brembo (Italy) has completed its acquisition of aftermarket brake pads and discs manufacturer SBS Friction (Denmark). The transaction has entailed a consideration of 224 million Danish Kroner, equal to approximately € 30.1m, which will be paid using available cash; enterprise value is 300 million Danish Kroner, equal to about
€ 40.3m. Brembo says that the acquisition is in line with its "new mission" to become "a respected solution provider."

MIC has announced the election of Nicole Allen (Akrapovic), Jeff Brown (EagleRider) and Tim Calhoun (Quin Design Helmets) to two-year terms on the MIC Board of Directors. Brown and Calhoun were re-elected for a second term on the 12-member board, and newly-elected Allen will take the seat vacated by Andy Leisner (formerly with publisher Bonnier Corp., now with EV start-up Volcon, Tx).

The AMA announced the members of its Safe-to-Race Task Force as their 2020 'Motorcyclists of the Year' in recognition of "their contribution to uniting the motorcycle competition industry and providing the expertise and guidelines that got America competing again during the coronavirus pandemic." The group developed the guidelines and practices that paved the way for the return of motorcycle racing in 2020.

The AMA has followed the lead set in other global race markets, taking a virtual leap with the award of a sanction for the AMA eSports National Championship. Under a multi-year agreement as an AMA-chartered promoter, INIT ESPORTS will organize and promote the AMA-sanctioned two-wheel eSports competition. To be released soon, the AMA-sanctioned esports calendar will include two-wheel video game competitions of varying sizes and scope, culminating in an annual national championship that will award AMA National No. 1 plates to class champions as early as 2021.

K&K Promotions, Inc., operated by famed motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel's son Kelly, owner of the intellectual property rights of his father's name, heritage and estate, has filed a lawsuit in federal court against The Walt Disney Company, Pixar, and other Disney-related entities, alleging trademark infringement and violations of K&K's rights of publicity. The dispute centers on a "Toy Story 4" character that is said to infringe on the daredevil motorcyclist's trademark and its own Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle toy.

BMW Motorrad has posted the second-best annual sales figures in its history despite the challenges of a year in which COVID-19 turned the world inside out. They delivered 169,272 motorcycles and scooters to customers worldwide (+3.4%); 39,673 units in Q4 (+3.8%). The company launched thirteen new models for 2020 and consolidated its position as one of the fastest growing motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

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Tucker Powersports

Tucker Postpones Road Shows; Extends Training Deadline

Fort Worth, Texas based Tucker Powersports has announced that the series of four Tucker Road Shows it had planned for the spring has had to be postponed until the fall of 2021.
The series was originally slated for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in February, Texas Motor Speedway in March, Charlotte Motor Speedway in April and the Kentucky Motor Speedway at Sparta, KY., in May. "The locations of the four events will remain the same. The exact dates are expected to be announced in the next few weeks."  

However, the online training portion of the Tucker Road Show, the Virtual Road Show, has been extended through the end of February - the company says that "many of the participating dealers have already exceeded our expectations for completion of the product-focused online courses."  
In addition, Tucker is adding several additional rewards for dealers who have aggressively engaged in online training and is also allowing dealers to earn credits toward lodging and on-track racing experiences at the Road Show events.  


Brad Turner, Tucker's VP of Sales: "Our hope is that by moving the events to fall of this year, we'll avoid local limitations on gatherings and encourage even more dealers to attend."

"This change to the Road Show schedule is disappointing, as we are planning the events to be a huge 'thank you' to Tucker dealers," said Brad Turner, Tucker's VP of Sales. "Our hope is that by moving the events to fall of this year, we'll avoid local limitations on gatherings and encourage even more dealers to attend.  
"Our dealers and our suppliers have had a tremendous response to Tucker University and our online training programs," he continued. "We're confident that hundreds of dealer employees completing thousands of hours of training will improve the experience of every customer who shops at a Tucker dealer this year. In that way, the Tucker Road Show has already had an impact." 

S&S Cycle

S&S to Support Royal Enfield 'Build, Train, Race' Programs

S&S Cycle is to continue its technical partnership with Milwaukee based Royal Enfield North America, collaborating on projects including the Build Train Race (BTR) road racing and flat track programs.

In recent years, Royal Enfield and S&S Cycle established a relationship in developing Royal Enfield's popular 650 cc parallel twins, the FT411 and Royal Enfield's AFT program. S&S Cycle also manufactures multiple aftermarket parts and accessories for Royal Enfield motorcycles.
This year, S&S Cycle will create parts to assist with the BTR road racing program, including exhausts, footpegs and triple clamps. S&S Cycle will also help to develop a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 road racing package and consult on future racing opportunities in the Americas.


"Royal Enfield is a great partner for S&S Cycle and allows us to reach a new audience of riders," said Paul Langley, president of S&S Cycle. "The programs that Royal Enfield has developed have not only provided female motorcyclists the opportunity to get involved in racing, but afforded us the chance to develop parts and accessories for the Royal Enfield Twins platform. Royal Enfield is one of the global leaders in motorcycle production, and getting access to the brand helps S&S Cycle as we look to expand our business."
After the successful debut of the flat track Build Train Race program, Royal Enfield is looking to road racing as the program continues to evolve. Seven female motorcyclists were recently announced to build, train and race with road racing prepared Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 motorcycles.

J.D. Power Specialty Valuation Services

Domestic U.S. Cruiser Dealer Pricing Rises by +2.2% in 2020; Used Values Also Increased

Formerly known as NADAguides, in Troy, Michigan based J.D. Power Specialty Valuation Services' 2020 Year-End Review - Powersports Market Insights, analysts note that used powersports prices began increasing in the second quarter of 2020 "as the pandemic shifted consumer focus to more outdoor recreational activities.

"Similarly, dealers said they had record sales and very little inventory. In the motorcycle segment, cruiser and sportbike values increased steeply once the warmer months arrived," said Lenny Sims, Vice President Business Development and Strategy at J.D. Power SVS. "Pricing on cruisers finished the year +2.2% ahead of 2019, but that difference was much greater if we compare it to the 2nd half of each year.
"Side-by-sides really took off in the second quarter - Utility SXS brought +8.7% more revenue year over year. Sport SXS units brought +6.5% more revenue year over year."
In other findings, the quarterly report also found that there was a significant used price increase in Q2 through Q4 among powersports categories; a surge in traffic views for the motorcycle segment in May 2020; and a surge in traffic views for the SXS segment in April through May 2020.


The company says that powersport values across-the-board had a strong year as new enthusiasts entered the market and existing riders shopped for new bikes and SXS. "Starting in the 2nd quarter, the pandemic shifted discretionary funds from restaurants and vacations to recreational equipment and vehicles."
The beleaguered sportbike segment is said to have seen an even greater uptick, finishing the year +4.8% ahead of 2019, with similar acceleration in the second half of 2020.
"Demand could start to look more typical once the pandemic recedes and consumers start spending more on travel, but the events of 2020 attracted a new crop of enthusiasts to our industry, which should support the market going forward."


Mid-USA 2021

Hazelwood, Missouri based Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts' 2021 'En-Cycle-Pedia' parts and accessory catalog features 1,152 pages of "chrome, custom and cool."

The 37th catalog edition from the distributor, Mid-USA's impressive stable of brands includes the company's exclusive V-Factor, Power House and Hardbody ranges, alongside famous name brands including market leaders such as S&S Cycle, Cometic Gasket, Baker Drivetrain, JIMS, Motion Pro, Progressive Suspension, Andrews, BDL, Daytona Twin Tec, Pingel, K&N, Paughco and Kibblewhite.
Mid-USA sells stock replacement and performance parts and accessories all the way from current M-8 and late models right back to Knucklehead, Panhead and Shovelhead, offering dealers access to many hard to find OE style and upgrade components.

National Cycle

National Cycle Mohawk Windshield

Maywood, Illinois based manufacturer National Cycle's dark tinted Mohawk windshield features a special 'V' profile for added wind management.

This tough windshield is made from sturdy polycarbonate for outstanding impact strength - 23 times better than acrylic, says Zodiac. "The quality linking arm fork mount system with countersunk screws offers a custom fit for almost any motorcycle with open front forks."
Mohawk windshields are 9.25" (23.5 cm) high and 11.75" (29.8 cm) wide and available for upside down front forks and conventional 39 mm, 41 mm or 49 mm forks with choice of chrome or black brackets.


Trask Performance

Trask 'Big Sexy' M-8 Touring 2:1

Phoenix, Arizona based Trask Performance's new 'Big Sexy' 2-into-1 exhaust systems are recommended for use with 117" M-8 engines and others that make 140+ horsepower.

The three-step header design with a high-flow merge muffler design features double-slip joints for heat expansion and exhaust seal quality. The high-quality mandrel-bent stainless steel construction is said to deliver a "big, bold sound" with custom Assault-style heat shields adding to the angled styling and megaphone-style muffler, conical-style end cap and polished finish for "a unique look."
Available for selected (most) 2017 and up H-D Touring models.



Rekluse Radius X Auto Clutch with TorqDrive and EXP Technology

Though historically best known for its innovative MX clutch technology, Boise, Idaho based Rekluse has a range of options for V-twin applications. Seen here for H-D Big Twins, the company's Radius X is a high-performance centrifugal auto clutch combining TorqDrive and EXP technologies. 

TorqDrive provides more clutch discs in less space, allowing for maximum performance within the bike’s existing clutch footprint. "You retain full control of shifting and use of your clutch lever with no compromise in power delivery - more friction discs mean more torque capacity.
"Developed over years of testing in professional racing, the thinner friction discs allow more discs to fit into the clutch, dramatically increasing performance and durability. Tuning options are expanded to maximize power transfer and reduce clutch lever pull effort. Riders feel improved acceleration, drive and control."

To protect and extend the life of the basket, TorqDrive includes steel lining sleeves to eliminate basket wear and notching. Rekluse says that its friction pad design aids oil flow and reduces drag - "the result is clean disengagement at the lever, improved modulation and improved clutch control. TorqDrive discs utilize a steel core, while OEM discs use aluminum. When heated, steel expands less than half the amount of aluminum. This means clutch fade is virtually eliminated.
"Through years of research and testing, we have identified the best friction material for motorcycle applications considering functionality, grip and durability. This means our friction material can take more abuse than others before losing performance. We’ve seen up to four times the life compared to other clutches."

Using principles of centrifugal force, EXP technology automatically engages and disengages the clutch based on engine rpm. With EXP, riders can start and stop without touching the clutch lever - no more stalling and reduced arm fatigue. "EXP automatic clutch technology provides riders precision throttle control, maximum traction and confidence to maneuver any obstacle.
"Each Rekluse auto clutch is optimized for each bike model as it comes from the factory. However, everybody rides differently, so we made sure EXP technology can be fine-tuned. We offer different spring and wedge options so riders can further adjust their clutch’s performance. Some riders like the clutch to engage just above idle, while others like later engagement.

"The clutch lever remains fully functional at all times - it is possible to fully override the auto functionality at any time. You can pull the lever in, build rpms and pop the clutch out just like normal. No modifications are required to stock components and shifting transmission remains unchanged."
RadiusX is also available for Indian Thunder Stroke models including the Chief, Chieftain, Springfield and Roadmaster, and for Scout models. TorqDrive clutch packs are also available for manual clutches.


Tuesday 9 February 2021


BMW to abandon INTERMOT and EICMA permanently

Described as a realignment of its strategy for product launches, BMW Motorrad has announced that it will no longer exhibit at the two major international European trade fairs that it has historically supported from its head office corporate communications budgets - INTERMOT and EICMA.

"New live and digital formats will increasingly take the place of traditional trade fair appearances at BMW Motorrad in the future. In particular, this means that the traditional commitments at the two leading motor shows EICMA in Milan and INTERMOT in Cologne, which were previously organized centrally by BMW Motorrad, will no longer apply.
"This realignment of the communication strategy for new BMW Motorrad products and offers includes in-house BMW Motorrad and BMW Group formats as well as external formats - both live and digital - taking into account the respective defined requirements of the different target groups and media genres."
Dr. Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad, is quoted as stating: “Our strategic communication realignment in which we make use of increased live and digital formats will enable us to inspire even more people worldwide for BMW Motorrad products and offers in the future and to approach them in an optimally targeted manner.
"By using our own trade fair-independent live and digital formats, we cannot only time world premieres and product launches more flexibly, but it also enables more intensive interaction with all target groups as well as an increased information reach."

The company says that it will "continue to present its product range to visitors at selected regional motorcycle shows and will be open to new formats," but not ones where it would actually mean meeting, you know, people!
Ever since the tightening of the coronavirus lockdown in Germany was announced in January, there has been increasing industry speculation that many of the planned motorcycle events in the first half of 2021 could yet end up going the same way as most did in 2020, and that even an event slated for November, such as EICMA, was already looking vulnerable - and that was before this news threw a Molotov cocktail into the hen house.
Indeed, in announcing that it was severing its long-standing relationship with Garmisch-Partenkirchen for its annual BMW Motorrad Days celebration of all things "blue and white" - in favor of Berlin - the lack of a confirmed date (aside from a vague statement about the summer of 2021) appeared to presage uncertainty about that investment too.
As this INTERMOT/EICMA news started to circulate towards the end of January, there were two mutually opposing and competing perspectives doing the rounds - namely that this move either suggested that BMW would also abandon the planned Berlin event, or that it will step-up its Berlin plans for a mono-brand-fest at Berlin that gave it the opportunity to tightly regulate its messaging and brand presentation without competitive pressures to distract its disciples.


USA 2020 Motorcycle and Scooter Sales +11.4%

New-model powersports sales increased +18.4% in the United States in 2020, with motorcycle and scooter sales rising +11.4%, according to the Irvine, California based Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) retail sales report.

"Overall, the industry had a good year under difficult circumstances," said Erik Pritchard, MIC president and CEO. "The COVID-19 pandemic forced all of us to be nimble and to make the changes we needed to survive. In the end, many in the industry saw strong growth, and now our opportunity is to keep all of these new riders riding and to inspire even more people to join us on two, three and four wheels."
The MIC retail sales reporting system gathers new motorcycle, scooter and ATV retail sales data from 14 leading manufacturers and distributors in the U.S., providing a strong indicator of sales trends.
Sales of on-highway motorcycles, which include scooters and dual-purpose bikes, were steady compared with 2019, while interest in off-highway motorcycles spiked, with sales up +46.5% year-over-year. Off-highway motorcycles include dirt bikes, trail bikes, competition motorcycles and other motorized two-wheelers that cannot be used on public roads. Sales of ATVs also jumped, rising +33.8% over 2019.
"We are happy to see that more people are getting the chance to enjoy the outdoors and find new adventures with motorcycles," Pritchard said. "As many riders know, motorcycles and scooters are not only fun, efficient ways to commute, but they open up many recreational opportunities."

News Briefs



Indian Motorcycle remains in 12th spot in market share terms in Germany in 2020, with a new high of 1,966 units sold (up from 1,234 in 2019), for a 1.49% market share.

We here at AMD were greatly saddened to hear the news of the passing of Don Graves. The motorcycle and motorcycle sports industry veteran and general all-round 'good guy' was everyone's friend and mentor. If the world had more like Don, it would be such a happier place!

Triumph Motorcycles and Indian conglomerate Bajaj have announced a delay to their deal to co-develop small displacement Triumph badged, Bajaj made units from 2021 to 2023. The range is expected to include a 200 cc Bonneville single, a Daytona 250 and a "tiny Tiger" with manufacturing centered on Bajaj's Pune-based factory.

As Asian and especially Indian manufacturers continue to add to their burgeoning portfolio of European and North American motorcycle brands, it looks like Excelsior-Henderson may be the next to be resurrected.  RideApart reports, having secured the trademark for the Excelsior-Henderson name in the motorcycle design class (which includes vehicles, service and parts) in 2018, December 2020 saw KTM shareholder and Triumph collaborator Bajaj register a second Excelsior-Henderson trademark (with the EUIPO) for motorcycle apparel and gear.

ProBEAM by Custom Dynamics is to sponsor James Rispoli in the 2021 AFT SuperTwins series as he and his Latus Motors team look to back up its 2020 Production Twins Championship in switching to the senior class. This will be the third consecutive year that ProBEAM has supported Rispoli.

H-D remains in 6th place in motorcycle market share terms in Germany in 2020, with an 8.36% share (11,040 units sold). The XL 1200 X remains the company's top seller (1,220 units sold), followed by the Street Bob (1,089) and Sport Glide (737). BMW remains top dog in its home market with a 20.22% share and 26,712 units sold - with five models in the Top 20, its best seller is the R 1250 GS (9,228 units sold).

After 36 years of ownership, Brian Bentley has sold his Brian's H-D of Langhorne, PA., to Paul Veracka. It's the fourth dealership acquisition for Veracka over the last 14 months, his sixth in the last three years, and takes his east coast and Midwest, south east store count up to eight - six of them being top 15 new bike volume dealerships in the USA. Collectively, his company will have sold over 8,000 new H-D units in 2020. His group also includes High Octane H-D (Mass.); Palm Beach H-D (FL); Rockstar (Fort Myers, FL); Alligator Alley (Sunride, FL); Manchester H-D (NW) and Old Glory (MD). Paul's brother Michael owns a further six mostly west coast and south west H-D stores.

The 81st Sturgis Rally has been confirmed for August 6-15. Buffalo Chip President and CEO Rod Woodruff is quoted as saying: "We know from last year that outdoor events can be held safely when proper precautions are taken. The majority of people act respectfully and practice social distancing when they are expected to do so. Plus, we feel good about the highly effective vaccines that are becoming available."

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Mama Tried and Flat Out Friday are Expanding with Brazil Event

Mama Tried and Flat Out Friday - its associated race event - are teaming up with their friends Garage Metallica, Lucky Friends Rodeo, BMS Motorcycle, Flat Track Brasil, Cine Joia, SP Race Park and Joe King Speed Shop to host an all-weekend motorcycle show and race in Brazil.

"Brazilian custom motorcycle builders, racers, collectors and friends are coming together for a full weekend of partying, sharing and racing in beautiful São Paulo, Brazil. Smaller crowds are expected and all safety measures (limited occupancy, social distancing, masks etc.) will be enforced."

Slated for February 13th 2021, the organizers say that this is intended to be the first of an international series/tour of Mama Tried events.
The next Milwaukee staged Mama Tried and Flat Out Friday races are planned for December 3rd 2021.

Indian Motorcycle

Indian Challenger - Stage 2 Performance Cams

Indian Motorcycle has taken the S&S driven success of the Challenger at the Laguna Seca 'King of the Baggers' to heart and intends to make sure everybody knows about it!
The company says that it is "taking its 'King of the Baggers' to the next level" with a powerful new Stage 2 performance cams accessory upgrade kit that adds a best-in-class performance gain of +10%.

Tyler O'Hara

"Now the ultimate American Bagger gets an extra dose of muscle with the introduction of Indian Motorcycle's all-new Stage 2 PowerPlus performance cams - the same cams that helped power S&S' Indian Challenger to victory at Laguna Seca.
"Featuring best-in-class stock performance, the Indian Challenger gains +10% more horsepower with the Stage 2 upgrade kit - providing a new level of unmatched passing power and American Bagger performance. Representing Indian Motorcycle's most powerful engine ever, the stock 108 cubic-inch, liquid-cooled, V-twin PowerPlus engine delivers a class-leading 122 horsepower and 128 ft-lbs. of torque. 

The 2020 King of the Baggers

"By pairing the Stage 2 performance cams with Indian Motorcycle's PowerPlus Stage 1 air intake and Stage 1 slip-on exhaust, riders will experience the unquestionable sensation of increased power the moment they twist the throttle."
Reid Wilson, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle, said: "The Challenger has already established itself as the outright leader in performance for American Baggers, but these PowerPlus performance cams raise that bar even higher. The world got its first taste of what these cams can do when our S&S Challenger dominated at King of the Baggers. But now everyone can experience it - whether you're coming off the line at Laguna Seca or just giving it a little bit more to pass a semi out on the highway."
Race-proven, the S&S Challenger, piloted by renowned motorcycle racer Tyler O'Hara, was race- tuned to take on the legendry Laguna Seca Raceway and a field dominated by heavily modified Harley-Davidsons. While the winning Challenger received structural modifications to ergonomics, suspension, overall weight and more, only minimal tweaks were made to the Challenger's stock PowerPlus engine. Among those were the use of the then unreleased Stage 2 performance cams that are now available at Indian Motorcycle dealers.

The People's Champ Motorcycle Show

The 2021 Biltwell People's Champ

Conceived by the editors of Showclass magazine, The People's Champ Motorcycle Show was devised in order to "shine a light on the unsung heroes of custom motorcycle culture."
Biltwell were supporters of Showclass magazine's efforts since the beginning, and event guru Mike "Otto" Deutsch told AMD: "Showclass was a chopper 'zine that hailed from the East Coast and got its start about ten years ago.
Part of the little magazine's allure was its ability to promote underground builders, and from that sprang their People's Champ Show. 

Steve "Part Timer" Glennon from Denver, Colorado - the 2020 Biltwell People's Champ scooped the $10,000 cash grand prize plus bragging rights by the bucket full!

"Hosted for the first time in 2013, The People's Champ bike show gave garage tinkerers 15 minutes of fame by tempting everyone who participated with a chance to win a spot at the esteemed Born-Free Show. Voting took place online, and the finalists made their way to California for one last vote by attendees at a pre-party the night before the big show."
After the magazine folded in 2017, Biltwell took the reins completely. For the 2020 edition of The People's Champ Bike Show, Biltwell whittled down early contestants via online voting as per tradition, but when the coronavirus forced the cancelation of Born-Free last summer, organizers switched gears. With in-person voting at Cook's Corner, the famous Orange County, California Biker's Bar, rendered impossible, show organizers switched to an all online affair and opened voting for the big winner to the entire world.
When the virtual dust settled, the people crowned Steve "Part Timer" Glennon from Denver, Colorado, the 2020 Biltwell People's Champ and awarded him the $10,000 cash grand prize that comes with the honor.

Bill told AMD that Biltwell are doing it again this year. "We have already selected 13 semi-finalists from nearly 200 early entries. While all makes and models are welcome, the bikes typically feature Harley-Davidson lineage. Regardless of make or model, every bike from this year shares one common trait: a ton of style."
You can follow social media channels as People's Champ and Biltwell document all of the builders and their bikes. The men (and one woman) semi-finalists must complete their bikes in time for this year's summer deadline.
The criteria for eligible bikes are simple: every bike has to run, and every builder has to take his custom machine on a 50-mile ride before voting occurs at Cook's Corner on the Friday evening before Born-Free 2021 which, at the time of writing, is slated for June 2021 at its usual Oak Canyon Ranch, Silverado, California venue.
In addition to the grand prize, every builder who makes the cut will receive $1,000 and bragging rights. Metzeler Tires and Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys along with a hand-picked selection of grass roots-oriented brands are already lined up to sponsor this year's event.
To meet this year's builders and see their machines bloom online in real time, follow...
@biltwell_peoples_champ and @biltwell on Instagram.