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Tuesday 28 February 2023

Comment by Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley

Is 'Flat' the 'New Black'?

This is the first edition of AMD that we have been able to produce since finishing February the week before going to Louisville, Kentucky, for the (excellent) Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited NVP Product Expo. I mention this just in case you think that only just now seeing our review of that show is a tad 'off'. 

It isn't because we are lazy or disorganized (well, maybe I personally am prone to being a little bit disorganized) but, with an additional subsequent trip to Las Vegas for (the fast improving) AIMExpo, and catch-ups still in play with International Dealer News (following most inconvenient final quarter 2022 scheduling and event clashes), it only needs a couple of weeks of bumps in the road and we can still be unwinding the impact some months later. 

However, if a couple of weeks is a long time in Publishing (and Politics!), then it is equally true that a couple of months can be a long time in Economics.

vendors will take that

Since I last tried to share what I see of the market's fortunes through my idiosyncratic lens, the air has cleared, the clouds have parted, and to channel the great Jimmy Cliff, "I can see clearly now."

I had the great good fortune to see Jimmy Cliff live once in a nightclub on Long Island. Awesome! Great music and lots of exotically scented aromas - just like in a Las Vegas taxicab!

First of all, retail price inflation in the United States finally peaked and has now started to ease. Not by much, but enough to encourage the Fed (for now at least) to slow down the rate at which it has been raising interest rates.

Though mixed and unpredictable on a month-by-month basis, job market statistics in USA still point to low rates of unemployment, high rates of employment (despite widespread retirements and voluntary workforce exits) and high levels of unfilled vacancies - coupled to ongoing challenges to hire the right talent. Indeed, if anything, and as is the case in the UK and some other markets (looking at you Japan), tightening the spigot of immigration is actually holding economic growth back from where it might otherwise be headed.

As the number of jobs filled and vacancies both climb, the inescapable conclusion appears to be that Fed policy is working, and while it may not be boom-time yet, the United States may well duck any kind of 'technical recession' in the next 24 months.

That isn't to say that everything in the garden is peachy, it isn't. There remain 'bigger issues' that could rain on our parade at any time, and at short notice, and the powersports market has its own specific concerns too.

Not least, as was aired at AIMExpo recently, the concern is that the thousands of 'new entrants' who embraced on-highway motorcycles or off-road vehicles (two and four-wheelers) during the pandemic may now tire of their purchases, no longer feel the need to clutter the garage or driveway with their Covid-induced panic-buy, flood the used market and take their disposable income out of the market - out of dealership service departments, and out of the P&A and G&A markets in particular.

Fortunately, the evidence for that is mixed so far. There is some of that happening, but with sales doing okay last year (in Europe) and continuing to do well overall in North America, the other issue that the pandemic wind-down throws into focus is "what now?"

Where do we find the tens of thousands of buyers we need annually to keep the prior growth moving in at least a somewhat net overall gain direction? Who will those buyers be, what will they want to buy, how will they want to buy, what will be their (much changed) attitude towards the ownership and riding experience - how do we generate the door swings we need and how do we smooth and schmooze their way to the card swipe and credit app?

More "questions than answers" at this stage (oh hello, who let Johnny Nash into the room?).

What was encouraging about AIMExpo was seeing the questions being asked and attempts being made to develop answers. What with the pandemic and everything else, it feels like it has been a long time since the market was addressing the right issues en masse. Indeed, it feels like it has been a long time since we have had a viable and sustainable platform through which we could address the issues. 

While AIMExpo still has a long way to go, and it is unlikely to ever manage to speak 'Custom' convincingly - indeed there was precious little there that addressed the mainstream of the street bike/on-highway sector at all - it was a much-needed reproof of concept in terms of the value and importance of an independent, all-players trade nexus. Congrats to the MIC's show team!

However, maybe the MIC could look at establishing an AIMExpo East to complement Las Vegas. They've been there before of course, at Columbus, Ohio, but how about resurrecting the market's spiritual show home at Cincinnati?

Whilst I am not for one moment suggesting that anyone should compete against the two Midwest LeMans shows - that is not the point here at all, we need strong distributors and their shows - I do firmly believe that there is a place for both. Company and independent shows both have their value.

If the MIC wants to get serious about including all the nation's dealers (and vendors) in the dialog, then it cannot expect to do so by being in the Southwest alone.

The contagion from the United States ducking any kind of formal recession is significant. We are already seeing ripples from that starting to raise expectations here in Europe, even in the UK. Continental Europe is now daring to believe that while the next 24 months may not be much better than 'flat' - in and of itself that is a lot brighter prognosis than the one that was feared as recently as six months ago - and better than the one that the IMF has been selling.

Equally, the big take-away from Louisville was that for 2023, as elsewhere, 'Flat' will be the 'New Black' in aftermarket terms in the United States. By-and-large, vendors were in agreement with that and, under the circumstances, would be mostly glad to take that for now.

News Briefs

Co-owners Al Rieman and Jim Burgess have sold Rapid City, South Dakota based Black Hills Harley-Davidson to Charlotte, North Carolina's Sonic Automotive - the fifth largest automotive retailer in the United States (as measured by total revenues). Sonic now has 13 properties in its new powersports division, having acquired Mancuso Powersports in Houston and Horny Toad H-D of Temple, Texas, last year. Select Sonic properties sell a wide mix of brands such as Can-Am, Sea-Doo, Polaris, Kawasaki and Suzuki, through to Ducati, BMW, Honda, Indian Motorcycle and Yamaha.

Andreas Reibchen, Stephan Kaminski and Peter Eul, the managing directors of H-D Bielefeld, Düsseldorf and Osnabrück, will be adding a fourth H-D store to their network with the opening of the 3,000 sq m (approx. 30,000 sq ft) Harley-Davidson Köln-Bonn showroom, workshops and events facility at Wesseling, Germany, in April;

With partners such as National Cycle and Mike Corbin, Eugene, Oregon based Arcimoto has announced that it has started production of its 2023 FUV and Deliverator electric vehicles, with first deliveries slated for March 2023.

Polaris has approved a 2% increase in the regular quarterly cash dividend, its 28th consecutive year of dividend increases. This raises the payout to $0.65 per share.  It is effective with the 2023 first quarter dividend, payable on March 15, 2023 to shareholders of record at the close of business on March 1, 2023.

Harley has launched H-D Collections, a grouping of "unique and distinct lifestyle apparel lines" aimed at groovy young folk who like their gear "defined by heritage and craftsmanship." Harley 'head boy' Jochen Zeitz said: "H-D Collections brings together the many facets of moto-culture lifestyle, paying tribute to our heritage with both Harley-Davidson Originals and Authorized Vintage, while pushing the limits of design, form and function with Bar & Shield." In addition to planned collaborations, three product lines are planned - Bar & Shield by Harley-Davidson, Harley- Davidson Originals and Harley-Davidson Authorized Vintage.

In preparation for the 97th ISDE, which will take place Nov. 6-11 in San Juan, Argentina, the AMA is changing how the U.S. ISDE qualifier process is staged for 2023. In an effort to improve rider turnout, reduce costs and event conflicts, instead of an ISDE qualifier series, two three-day qualifiers will be held - one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. They will be held in SC in February and Utah in March. 

Through its venture capital fund BMW i Ventures, the BMW Group has taken a stake in U.S. (Colorado) based company Jetti Resources. "The goal is to foster responsible and resource-conserving copper extraction to address rising demand in a more sustainable way. Founded in 2014, Jetti Resources has developed a pioneering process for copper extraction that utilizes previously unused ore from existing copper mines."

BRP has reported Q3 revenues of CAN $2,709m, up +71% compared to the same period last year, a record performance for a single quarter in the company's history. Normalized EBITDA of $488m was up +94%. Retail sales up for powersports products were +43%, with market share gains for SSV unit sales in North America. Normalized diluted EPS of $3.64 is an increase of $2.16 per share or +146% and a record performance for a single quarter; diluted EPS of $1.76 was an increase of $0.23 per share, or +15%. As BRP's expansion activities continue, the quarter saw the Canadian manufacturer acquire 80% of the outstanding shares of Pinion GmbH, and the purchase of substantially all the assets related to the powersports business of Kongsberg Automotive ASA in Quebec.

Sources: AMD, IDN, FT, Reuters, PSB, MPN, BDN, MCN, AP, Bloomberg, MSNW, Electrek,,,, Cycle World,

Twin Power

Twin Power Among the Sponsors of Sons of Speed Vintage Racing at Daytona

Twin Power is among the sponsors backing the first ever live broadcast of Daytona Bike Week's Sons of Speed vintage motorcycle racing on Next Level Sports and Entertainment and live streaming on YouTube.

The sponsorship is headed up by Burnsville, Minnesota, Northern Tool and Equipment whose "Tools for the Trades" program brings local high school students to pits for hands on experience working in the trades.

The Next Level Sports and Entertainment telecast will be available on multiple cable and streaming platforms around the globe as well as being live streamed on YouTube, with color commentary from NASCAR’s Kyle Petty thanks to the additional sponsorship provided by Twin Power, Mercer Transportation and haulier Holland Transfer Co. The races will start at Daytona on Saturday, March 4.

During Daytona Bike Week, Sons of Speed centers around racers competing on vintage motorcycles racing on a steeply banked track, hitting speeds up to 80 mph. The race takes inspiration from the early 20th century board track racing that showcases pre-1950 V-twin motorcycles. The Sons of Speed race was created to showcase vintage motorcycles and expose the next generation to the history and excitement of motorcycle racing.

Parts Unlimited & Drag Specialties

Parts Unlimited & Drag Specialties 

2023 Spring NVP Product Expo

Louisville, Kentucky, in January 2023 was the final brick that rebuilt the wall. The 2020 show was the last to be staged in the powersports market before we all ran into the brick wall of a pandemic that is only now starting to fully unwind…

The pandemic experience will leave a permanent shadow on our market, some aspects of which will be good - the 24 months of being able to sell pretty much everything and anything is unlikely to come around again in our lifetimes. 

Some aspects of it are potentially bad though. Quite apart from the loss of loved ones and friends, the worry in the powersports industry now is whether the customers that fueled those 24 months of sales can be retained? 

With all the other potential issues bubbling under - inflation, supply chain, war, interest rates (it’s a well-rehearsed list), the generally agreed prognosis for the year ahead was that "flat" would be the most likely best result the parts and accessories market can hope for. 

However, there was still positivity in the aisles, still business being done, and there were still crowds. Record crowds in fact. 

It proved to be the best attended Expo to date with 2,121 dealer attendees and an overall attendance of over 2,800. With a 40% increase in exhibit space, there was more room for the record number of attendees as well as many new vendors to the Expo. 

The Expo weekend kicked off on Thursday with training for the Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties sales team and extended into Friday, where they had additional opportunities to visit vendor displays to get a sneak peak of what’s new for 2023. 

"On Saturday and Sunday, exciting new brands and products were unveiled along with opportunities to connect with the industry’s leading brand representatives. Dealers attending the Expo received Expo discounts and additional incentives from participating vendors. 

"Saturday evening brought the industry together for the iconic Meet & Greet, which took place at The Sports & Social Club in the heart of downtown Louisville’s 4th Street Live Entertainment District - food, drinks, games and live entertainment for all." 

As ever, it was a superbly organized weekend, and I for one 'Doff my Hat' yet again to Kathy Sommervold, Lisa Reif and their crew for doing such a great job - "the oil in the engine!" 

S&S Cycle: Eric Bondy, VP of Sales and Business Development, told AMD: "Winter Power Package offers have proven very popular again this season. Dealers can order our 100" and 110" Big Bore kits for 1999-2007 Twin Cam upgrades, or 124" and 128" upgrades for the 107" and 114" M-8 models from 2017 to 2020. But they are not the largest displacement we offer. That accolade falls to our Black Granite 132" kits for 114" stock engines - including CVO models;

BS Battery: Following many years of success in Europe with Parts Europe, the Paris, France based battery and charger specialist recently signed a Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited exclusivity deal with LeMans for the United States. As the company's sales in North America grow, owner Benjamin Sebban has hired former Yamaha USA man Frank Pittman to head up the brand and provide local support for the distributors' sales executives and their dealers. In other news, after five successful years, BS Battery has renewed its sponsorship of 2022 MotoGP Vice Champion Fabio Quartararo (23), who rides for the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP team;

DP Brakes:
Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, originally developed by Dunlop, DP Brakes are the originators of sintered brake pads and these days some 95% of all new motorcycles and ATVs roll off its production lines with sintered brakes fitted as stock. Exclusively distributed in USA by Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties, DP is the only manufacturer that concentrates 100 percent of its production on sintered metal pads;

Memphis Shades:
A dedicated, long-term supporter of AFT racing, Rossville, Tennessee based Memphis Shades recently announced that it has returned to an exclusive distribution arrangement with LeMans Corporation - Drag Specialties, Parts Unlimited, Parts Canada and Parts Europe - selling its full line of windshields, fairings and hardware. Memphis Shades designs and builds all its windshields, fairings and hardware in-house - "raw materials in, finished goods out," says Mike Curry;

Biltwell: Former Icon man Davin Wirtanen brought years of motorcycle helmet experience with him when he joined Biltwell as the new VP of Sales in 2022. "I had seen what Bill Bryant and 'McGoo' were doing with the Biltwell brand from within the industry and knew them well. When the chance to join them came up, it was an easy decision. They develop great designs and, from the rider's point of view, offer stylish, high quality helmets that are very much 'on-point' and offer them at a reasonable price. They understand that this is a business that is all about having fun. Biltwell is a brand that is all about having fun. It’s a brand that riders can relate to";


Another Winner

Biltwell's 2023 Parts & Labor Motorcycle Expo (Del Mar, California, January 14th) attracted a record crowd for the event, according to co-founder Bill Bryant.

"Our thanks to everyone who came to the show this year in Del Mar. Despite the pouring rain, we had a record attendance and more show bikes and cool vendors than ever before. 

"What started as our scratch-and-dent parking lot sale about ten years ago has evolved into a fun day packed with smokin' deals, lots of motorcycles and fun for the whole family. 

The Best Chopper award, chosen by Lowbrow Customs, went to Lorenzo Cisi.

"We were stoked to see the Speed-Kings Softail go to a very deserving local rider, and the show bike class winners are listed below. Thanks too to our friends at J&P Cycles who helped put on our Parts & Labor Motorcycle Expo this year. Continuing with their support of the DIY/backyard builder, they’re offering consumers a 15% discount when they use the code PARTSANDLABOR on their website (exclusions apply)."

Custom Chrome Europe

CCE - Indian "Special" Catalog

Custom Chrome Europe is launching an additional new catalog for 2023 - 108 pages of parts for Indian Motorcycle models!

Featuring over 1,500 parts in total, the steady, inexorable rise of modern-day Indian Motorcycle model customizing is now starting to have a definite impact on the aftermarket custom parts and accessory industry - especially with the introduction of the Chief 'Bobber'.

Featuring a "customizable" tube frame, the number of Indian customs has increased abruptly, and Indian events are now becoming increasingly popular. As the number of Indian dealers in Europe is constantly growing, so too is the popularity of a traditional US brand that has always been stronger than the numbers ever suggested would be the case.

From rider equipment to service parts, and even special custom parts from established and popular manufacturers such as Arlen Ness, Kuryakyn, Cult-Werk, TXT, Highsider, Motogadget, Kellermann and many others, "all the most important parts for the 'modern Indian' models are summarized in this one compact catalog."

The selection also includes exhaust systems by Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde, SuperTrapp and V-Performance of Italy "to create a compact compendium for all Indian owners, customizers and official dealers in printed version or available immediately online as a PDF version."

Indian Motorcycle

Indian Sport Chief

Described as combining "timeless American style with quality performance-oriented componentry," Indian Motorcycle says that its new Sport Chief is "its most aggressive iteration of the iconic Indian Chief, building upon one of the most historic and influential motorcycle namesakes of all time."

Featuring FOX piggyback shocks (that increase travel to four inches and lean angle to 29.5 degrees compared to other Indian Chief models), KYB inverted front forks (as featured on Indian Challenger models) and dual-disc, four-piston, semi-floating caliper, radial-mounted Brembo brakes, "the 2023 Sport Chief raises the bar for American V-twin performance cruisers. Since launching in 2021, the reimagined Indian Chief has garnered incredible feedback from riders all around the world," said Mike Dougherty, President of Indian Motorcycle. 

"With the introduction of the Sport Chief, the 2023 Indian Chief line-up is more diverse than ever, offering a wide range of performance and styling options to meet each rider's unique personality and riding preferences."

"The Sport Chiefs offer superior handling and ride performance and confidence-inspiring stopping power while begging for more aggressive riding. In 2021, we celebrated the 100-year anniversary of Indian Chief with a line-up that pays homage to the glory days of American motorcycling," said Ola Stenegärd, Director, Industrial Design for Indian Motorcycle."

"With Sport Chief, we wanted to maintain the same carefree attitude and American muscle but elevate it even further with componentry that not only delivers a style and attitude that exudes performance, but raises the bar entirely for performance cruisers."

Ola Stenegärd, Director of Industrial Design for Indian Motorcycle, said: "The Sport Chiefs offer superior handling and ride performance and confidence-inspiring stopping power while begging for more aggressive riding."

Featuring a simplistic steel-tube frame, Sport Chief "preserves the Indian Chief's mechanical styling. At the heart of it all, a blacked-out Thunderstroke 116 motor delivers 120 ft-lbs of torque, while a stylish new quarter fairing, along with new moto-style bars with machined triple clamps and six-inch risers, set the Sport Chief apart from the rest of the Indian Chief line-up." 

With mid-mount foot controls and a solo gunfighter seat, riders are in a commanding, yet comfortable riding position. Sport Chief features sport cast wheels wrapped in Pirelli Night Dragon tires, a four-gallon fuel tank, bobbed rear fender, dual exhaust, LED lighting, keyless ignition and three selectable ride modes, including Sport, Standard and Tour.


2023 AFT Schedule 

AMA Pro Racing has now confirmed the final iteration of its finalized 18-round schedule for the upcoming 2023 Progressive AFT season.

The previously announced provisional schedule laid out an ideally balanced slate in terms of discipline, geography and pacing. Other key features were visits to venues both historic and new, the alignment of the calendar with multiple high-profile rallies and holiday weekends, and a more compact timeframe that fits all 18 rounds in during motorcycle riding season. 

This final, final schedule features five Miles, five Half-Miles, four Short Tracks and four TTs and "further solidifies that intent with the confirmation of the return of the Arizona Super TT and the West Virginia Half-Mile."

The Arizona Super TT returns following its 2019 debut, joining the entertainment options planned during the weekend of the 29th annual Arizona Bike Week on April 1. The ‘19 event marked the first Mission SuperTwins presented by S&S Cycle Main Event win of JD Beach’s career - one that kicked off a run that has seen him score six of seven TT wins in the years since.

On July 1, Progressive AFT will compete in the state of West Virginia for the first time since 2006 with the West Virginia Half-Mile. The event will take place at the scenic West Virginia Motor Speedway in Mineral Wells, W.V. This mountainside 5/8-mile track is both renowned for its high speed and beautiful settings, promising to serve as an incredible stage for the world’s greatest motorcycle dirt track racers next summer. 

Tickets for select rounds are on sale now, and the remainder of the rounds will be made available for purchase in the weeks ahead at

Burly Brand

Burly Brawler Kits

Cerritos, California based Burly Brand has announced a new line of Brawler Kits - "bringing style and protection to the new generation of riders" - for Sportster, Dyna, M-8 Softail and Touring models.

Brand Specialist Josh Rowlands says: "From drifting and rolling burnouts to poppin' wheelies and hitting 12 o'clock, there's a new generation of riders on the scene, and they're here to stay! Whether it's the timeless appeal of classic designs or the latest cutting-edge trends, the world of motorcycling has no shortage of riders pushing the limits. 

"It's a way of life and only the toughest survive. From the streets to the highways, riders know that it's not just about looking good, it's about having gear that can keep up with the rider's wild and untamed spirit. 

"That's where Burly Brawler Kits come into play. Designed to take serious abuse and keep the rider's Harley looking and performing at its finest, these kits are the ultimate choice for riders who demand the very best. The ones who live for the rush and won't settle for anything less.

"Whether new to the game or a seasoned pro stunter, we've designed our Brawler Kits with the highest quality steel - featuring replaceable Delrin sliders, a knurled area on the front bar and finished off with a sleek black powder-coat finish for a look that kills and a quality that defends the bike in the event of a wipeout."

The Burly Brawler Kits are TIG-welded for maximum durability and come with 1/2"-13 socket head cap screw hardware included. With its 7-gauge mild steel mount/gussets, riders can trust that their motorcycle is protected with the best quality materials.

To provide riders with additional security and peace of mind, shock-mount sliders come included in the kits for Sportster, Dyna and M-8 Softail. For Touring models, the kit features protective bars both for the front and the rear bags, ensuring comprehensive protection.

"With our Burly Brawler Kits, we aim to bring the ultimate combination of style and protection to the new wave of riders in the motorcycle industry. The sleek design and durable construction of these Brawler Kits make them a must-have for any stunter looking to enhance the look of their motorcycle while keeping it protected."


Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts

Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts Additions

V-Factor Drag Pipes

Now available with a ceramic coating as well as chrome plated and heat wrap suitable black powder- coat, these new V-Factor drag pipes are in 1 3/4" or 2" diameter in 40" lengths with slash-cut tips for a performance look and hidden channel mounts for a clean look. The black powder-coat is a protectant for rust, not a ceramic coating. 

Chrome heat shield sets are available for selected models of both diameters. Fitments include FX 4 Speed 1971/1984; FXWG 1981/1982; 1986/2006 Softails; 2004/2013 Sportsters (2004/2006 carbureted models require a separately available O2 sensor plug); Evo Sportsters 1986/2003; and 1957/1985 Sportsters (excepting 1979).

V-Factor Early Style Big Twin Oil Filter Kits

Replicas of the early external oil filter, this oil filter kit fits 1940/1984 four-speed Big Twins and filter applications, replacing H-D #63800-48. Features include an internal by-pass valve that is automatically activated just in case the filter becomes too clogged to flow. 

It is made with a die-cast aluminum housing with a 2 1/2" O.D. stamped steel filter canister. The kit includes threaded fittings for use with the OE-style steel oil lines and barbed fittings for slip-on style oil lines. It measures 6" tall and ships with a pre-installed free-flow paper type oil filter element. The filters and lower canister sealing gasket are available as replacement parts.

V-Factor Handlebar Bushing Kits

These new handlebar bushing kits have a 0.885" outside diameter and are available in rubber or polyurethane for 1984 and up touring models and 2018 and up Softails.

Big Twin Performance Clutch Kit 

Designed for 2017 and later Big Twins, this new performance clutch kit includes ten friction plates, nine stees and three zero-collapse, coil type clutch springs. They deliver an increased surface, are over stock and a pre-measured stack height to ensure easy installation.

V-Factor Wide Deck Scissor Jack

New for 2023, this high-quality solid steel construction scissor jack is available in red and black, powder-coated with a textured rubber pad for protection against scratching the frame. It boasts a 1,100 lbs capacity (approx. 500 kg). The maximum height is 14.96", lowered height is 3.54" and the platform dimensions are 15 1/2" x 9".

V-Factor Pushrod Covers

Designed for quick-change pushrods, these V-Factor pushrod covers for Twin Cam models 1999/2017 and M-8s from 2017 and up are designed to allow easy access to adjuster nuts when converting to adjustables.

The replacement pushrod cover seal kit contains four x OE #11132, #11157 and #11190 for Twin Cam and Evo models.

V-Factor Rims

Available in 23", 21", 19" and 16" sizes, these high-quality steel rims for 40 and 80 spoke-style wheels come with straight edge drop center or rolled edge type rims. Available for most models.

V-Factor Axle Spacers for Custom Use

Never able to find the spacer you need, when you need it? These 13-piece V-Factor kits are made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum in silver or black anodized. "Perfect for fitting our V-Factor wheels to various applications or custom uses," each kit contains the most commonly needed widths from 1/4" to 2".


Tuesday 21 February 2023

Motorcycle Industry Association

Registrations 2022 - USA Powersports Retail Unit Sales -6.2%

The MIC (Motorcycle Industry Association, Irvine, California) is reporting that among leading brands, 2022 sales of new motorcycles and scooters decreased by -3.5% over the previous year, while ATVs decreased -12.7%.

Motorcycles and scooters accounted for 73.2% of the 2022 sales and ATVs represented 26.8%, among those brands.

"While 2022 is pretty much flat compared to 2021 and 2020, it still is a significant increase from 2019," said Buckner Nesheim, MIC Director of Research and Statistics. 

"When we compare 2022 to 2019 sales, off-highway is up +36%, on-highway is up +4%, and scooters are up +12%. Dual sport (ADV) is a tremendous growth story. Sales in this category have increased every year since 2016 and more dual sport motorcycles were sold in 2022 than in any other year since we started collecting data in this category back in 1990."

The MIC data for the full year 2022 show total powersports industry new model retail sales at -6.2% (733,537 units compared to 781,806 units in 2021).

Domestic US on-highway retail motorcycle sales were 297,174 units for the year (-5.4%); scooters at 22,181 units (-4.3%); dual sport models (ADV) were 72,643 units (+0.0%); off-highway motorcycles were -5.0% (145,216 units), with ATV retail sales -12.7% at 196,860 units.


Polaris Posts Record Results for 2022, Indian Motorcycle Retail Unit Sales Up Low-Single Digits Percent

Polaris has reported a record full year worldwide sales of $8,589m in 2022, up 15% compared to 2021. Record fourth quarter sales were $2,404m, up 21% compared to last year.

Diluted earnings per share from continuing operations was also a record, at $10.04, up 27% versus 2021; adjusted diluted earnings per share from continuing operations was $10.40, up 15%.

Primary sales drivers for the fourth quarter are cited as being higher volumes, strong pricing and favorable mix, offsetting foreign exchange-related headwinds. Retail sales for the quarter were down 6% versus last year despite improving performance in utility Off Road and Indian Motorcycle, offset by softness in recreational Off Road demand.

The On Road Segment results from its January 31st Q4/FY2023 financial year announcements are also said to have been primarily driven by sales being bolstered by a modestly improving supply chain environment, as well as favorable mix and price.

North America unit retail sales for Indian Motorcycle were up low-single digits percent. North America unit retail sales for the comparable motorcycle industry were down mid-single digits percent.

Mike Speetzen, Polaris Inc. CEO, is quoted as saying that the company ended 2022 strongly. "We delivered record full year sales and earnings, a testament to our team’s focus, dedication and execution. 

"Throughout the year, we continued to assert our position as the global leader in powersports by renewing our commitment to our core businesses, delivering rider-driven innovation and successfully navigating a challenging environment. 

"Looking ahead, we see significant opportunity for success supported by a strong pipeline of new products and continued supply chain improvement. Although macroeconomic headwinds may persist in 2023, our team remains agile and poised to deliver industry-leading innovation that is consistent with the Polaris brand."

Of its Q4 worldwide sales of $2,40m (up 21% versus the fourth quarter of 2021), North America sales of $2,108m represented 88% of total company sales and increased 23% from $1,715m in 2021. International sales of $296m represented 12% of total company sales and increased 7% versus the fourth quarter of 2021. 

Snow season-to-date unit retail sales were down due to sale and ship holds associated with recalls. Polaris North America ORV unit retail sales were down mid-single digits percent. Estimated North America industry ORV unit retail sales were down low-single digits percent.

The company expects 2023 sales to be flat to up 5% versus 2022.

Zodiac International

Zodiac International Additions

Star Racing Compensator Ramp

The compensator on Milwaukee-Eight crankshafts is a very important "shock absorber" for the flywheel assembly, primary chain, primary chain adjuster, clutch basket and the transmission. The low speed, idle and part throttle abuse is brutal without a good, effective compensator. This compensator ramp is made from a superior quality billet steel to replace the cast steel OEM ramp that is prone to failure. 

It will save expensive driveline parts and therefore save money in the long run. Designed by one of the market's best known performance shops and race teams, it fits 2017 to present Touring, 2017 to present Trike and 2018 to present Softail models.

V-Stream Windscreens for Pan America

Legendary Maywood, Illinois based windshield manufacturer National Cycle is widely recognized to have significantly advanced the science of windscreen performance with its V-Stream designs. The

patented "V" shape and advanced dimensional contours push the wind vortex away from the rider's head, resulting in a quieter riding environment. These windscreens for the Pan America come in 2.0 mm Quantum hard coated polycarbonate and with 1.5 mm replacement deflectors that are taller and wider than the OEM components. Windscreens are offered with either a plain edge or an E43R EU-compliant beaded edge. 

"Quantum hard coated polycarbonate is the material of choice for serious motorcycle riders," says National Cycle's Barry Willey. "It is ten times more abrasion resistant than FMR hard coated polycarbonate, and thirty times more than windscreens made from commonly used acrylic or 'aircraft plastic'. This high-quality material, along with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, provides outstanding clarity, impact strength and scratch resistance that is unmatched by any windscreen maker worldwide." 

It fits 2021 to present H-D RA1250 and RA1250S Pan America models.


Barnett Clutches & Cables

Extra-Plate Clutch Kit for Indian Big Twins

Ventura, California based Barnett Clutches & Cables continues to expand its range of clutch kits for Indian Motorcycle models with this new extra-plate clutch kit for the 2014-20 Chief/Chieftain/Roadmaster. 

The kit includes eight Kevlar friction plates, seven tempered steel plates and a set of five heavy-duty springs for increased clutch capacity and performance. 

Barnett's segmented Kevlar friction plates are designed for more oil flow, resulting in cooler operating temperatures and a smoother, more positive clutch engagement. "All our kits are measured for proper stack to ensure correct fit and reliable performance right out of the box."


BS Battery

BS Battery Lithium - Inventory-Friendly 12-Model Market Coverage

As announced during the Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited North American NVP Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, in August, following five years of collaboration with Parts Europe, French battery manufacturer BS Battery is now selling to dealers in USA through the LeMans distribution center network.

Well known in Europe as an OEM and aftermarket vendor, BS Battery offers a very wide range of battery solutions and options for all powersports industry applications: motorcycle, V-twin, SSV, ATV, UTV, snowmobile and watercraft.

"Focusing on innovation, we are investing a lot into lithium batteries," says General Manager Benjamin Sebban. "Since 2017 we have been collaborating with technical teams in all motorcycle racing activities - road race, Enduro and Rally - to test our products under extreme racing conditions before they are offered for sale to our distributors and their dealers.

"This means that we are able to improve performance and quality consistently. After many years of collaboration with the OEM and race team communities, we’ve decided to focus our continuing investment into lithium batteries with a specific approach.

"We have designed a unique, ultra-resistant casing that can resist up to 230°C, including ultra-robust terminals, to make sure our batteries can be used in extreme conditions. Because our DNA is in racing, we know how to design for the toughest environments and most demanding applications, and that experience has informed these new developments." 

The inventory-friendly BS Battery Lithium range covers most of the existing powersports model fitments in the market - with just 12 models of battery. From 12.8 voltage up to 560 CCA (A), small, lighter weight (up to 70% lighter than lead acid batteries) and maintenance-free, long lifetime solutions to high discharge rate and waterproof designs and features like integral voltage indicators to check the state of charge. 

"Approved and used by many top race teams, the BSLi02 battery is the right answer to the most demanding riders looking for higher performance, high resistance and high longevity," says Benjamin.