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Tuesday 28 February 2023

Burly Brand

Burly Brawler Kits

Cerritos, California based Burly Brand has announced a new line of Brawler Kits - "bringing style and protection to the new generation of riders" - for Sportster, Dyna, M-8 Softail and Touring models.

Brand Specialist Josh Rowlands says: "From drifting and rolling burnouts to poppin' wheelies and hitting 12 o'clock, there's a new generation of riders on the scene, and they're here to stay! Whether it's the timeless appeal of classic designs or the latest cutting-edge trends, the world of motorcycling has no shortage of riders pushing the limits. 

"It's a way of life and only the toughest survive. From the streets to the highways, riders know that it's not just about looking good, it's about having gear that can keep up with the rider's wild and untamed spirit. 

"That's where Burly Brawler Kits come into play. Designed to take serious abuse and keep the rider's Harley looking and performing at its finest, these kits are the ultimate choice for riders who demand the very best. The ones who live for the rush and won't settle for anything less.

"Whether new to the game or a seasoned pro stunter, we've designed our Brawler Kits with the highest quality steel - featuring replaceable Delrin sliders, a knurled area on the front bar and finished off with a sleek black powder-coat finish for a look that kills and a quality that defends the bike in the event of a wipeout."

The Burly Brawler Kits are TIG-welded for maximum durability and come with 1/2"-13 socket head cap screw hardware included. With its 7-gauge mild steel mount/gussets, riders can trust that their motorcycle is protected with the best quality materials.

To provide riders with additional security and peace of mind, shock-mount sliders come included in the kits for Sportster, Dyna and M-8 Softail. For Touring models, the kit features protective bars both for the front and the rear bags, ensuring comprehensive protection.

"With our Burly Brawler Kits, we aim to bring the ultimate combination of style and protection to the new wave of riders in the motorcycle industry. The sleek design and durable construction of these Brawler Kits make them a must-have for any stunter looking to enhance the look of their motorcycle while keeping it protected."