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Tuesday 20 June 2023


Mees Win Puts Him Third on All-Time Order

Round 9, DuQuoin, Illinois, June 17 

In its long-anticipated June 17, 2023 return to the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds, Illinois, for the "Magic Mile" Jared Mees scored a third consecutive Mile victory and the 26th Mile win of Mees' career, breaking a tie with icons Bubba Shobert and Bryan Smith to claim sole possession of third place on the all-time order.

Mission SuperTwins presented by S&S Cycle

Reigning AFT king Mees (No. 1 Indian Motorcycle/Rogers Racing/SDI Racing FTR750) was forced to pull another rabbit out of his helmet after going back and forth for 12 minutes plus two laps with the superstar trio of Dallas Daniels (No. 32 Estenson Racing Yamaha MT-07 DT), Briar Bauman (No. 3 Parts Plus/Jacob Companies, Rick Ware Racing KTM 790 Duke), and Brandon Robinson (No. 44 Mission Roof Systems Indian FTR750).

The four swapped positions throughout, with none showing an obvious edge - all four were within touching distance as they exited Turn 2 for the final time, operating almost as if a single entity. It was Mees who once again put his name at the top of the results sheet after the pack stormed past the checkered flag.

Robinson took second, pushing points leader Daniels outside the top two for the first time all season long despite taking the checkered flag just 0.097 seconds behind Mees.

Bauman took fourth, JD Beach (No. 95 Estenson Racing Yamaha MT-07 DT) took fifth from Davis Fisher (No. 67 Rackley Racing/Bob Lanphere's BMC Racing Indian FTR750) sixth, Jarod Vanderkooi (No. 20 JMC Motorsports/Fairway Ford Indian FTR750) seventh, with Bronson Bauman (No. 37 Fastrack Racing/2 Wheelz KTM 790 Duke) eighth, Dan Bromley (No. 62 Memphis Shades/Corbin/Vinson Construction Yamaha MT-07) ninth and Kolby Carlile (No. 36 G&G Racing/Yamaha Racing Yamaha MT-07) 10th.

Daniels' perfect podium record still has him leading in the points, but the streaking Mees is now within single digits in second, moving to within nine points of the first (198-189) as the season reaches its halfway point.

Parts Unlimited AFT Singles presented by KICKER

The prodigious Tom Drane (No. 59 Estenson Racing Yamaha YZ450F) came out on top of a race-long six-rider dogfight for top honors between Drane, Chase Saathoff (No. 88 American Honda/Mission Foods CRF450R), Trent Lowe (No. 48 American Honda/Mission Foods CRF450R), Max Whale (No. 18 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 450 SX-F), Kody Kopp (No. 1 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 450 SX-F), and Trevor Brunner (No. 21 Estenson Racing Yamaha YZ450F).

Saathoff controlled the pace from the bottom-line for much of the race. But as the minutes ticked away, that control became more and more tenuous as Lowe, Drane, and Whale all took their turns at the front of the group.

Drane ran in sixth with less than a minute to go but blasted past fellow Aussie Whale to reclaim the lead as the decisive final two laps kicked off.

The Estenson pilot managed to hold that position to open the final lap but saw Saathoff dive underneath entering Turn 3, while Lowe powered by both exiting 4. But Drane nudged back ahead as the pack swarmed to the checkered flag, beating Saathoff to the line by a mere 0.011 seconds, followed fractionally by Lowe in third.

Whale was just 0.081 seconds off the win but relegated to fourth, with Kopp and Brunner completing the top six in that order and meters away from victory themselves. 

Reigning champ Kopp continues to lead the way in his title defense. However, Saathoff has drawn that much closer thanks to a fifth consecutive podium finish and is now just nine points behind in second (166-157).

Next Up: The first of a four-race run of Half Miles kicks off with the popular Lima, Ohio Half Mile on June 24, followed by the West Virginia Half-Mile at Mineral Wells, WV on July 1st, the Orange County Half-Mile at Middletown, NY. a week later (July 8) and an inaugural AFT visit to the Bridgeport Speedway at Swedesboro, NJ two weeks later, July 22 (Round 13).


EU Boost for eFuel By Ben Purvis

The rhetoric from the European Union over the future of internal combustion engines has started to change - opening the door to a future of eFuel-powered vehicles where previously there's been a single-minded focus on battery-electric vehicles.

Although the EU has yet to legislate on a date for the end of ICE-powered motorcycle sales, there are rules in place that will see all carbon-emitting new cars removed from sale by 2035. Previously, these rules have been interpreted to include a ban on eFuel vehicles, which use so-called 'drop-in' liquid hydrocarbon fuels to replace petrol or diesel. 

These fuels can be created from carbon dioxide harvested from the atmosphere and combined with 'green' hydrogen, so they remove as much greenhouse gas from the atmosphere during their manufacture as they later emit when burnt. The result is that while an eFuel-powered ICE vehicle still emits carbon dioxide, its net impact on global warming is zero.

It's already a route that's interesting the motorcycle industry, with MotoGP due to adopt a 40% eFuel mix next year and shift to 100% eFuel by 2027, with F1 moving to eFuel in 2026. The aviation industry is also a driving force behind the technology: it's not viable to create intercontinental airliners using zero-emissions electric or hydrogen fuel in the immediate future, and the power-to-weight and power-to-volume issues of those technologies are still seemingly insurmountable problems. Meanwhile, eFuel arguably allows a switch to carbon-neutrality without changing the underlying technologies of combustion engines and jets, whether they're for road transport, shipping or aviation.

'the combustion engine could get a stay of execution'

There are still stumbling blocks, of course. Technologies to make large volumes of eFuel are still in the prototype stage, although there's a pilot plant in Chile, created by Porsche and Siemens Energy, that's pumping out 130,000 liters per year and intends to ramp up to 550 million liters per year by the end of the decade. The electrolysis to derive hydrogen from water to create eFuel is relatively energy-intensive, but provided the plants use abundant solar, wave or wind power to achieve it, there's no environmental impact.

Germany's government, a coalition of Greens, Social Democrats and the business-oriented Free Democratic Party, has been pushing for the EU to allow eFuel-powered combustion engines even after the planned 2035 cut-off for carbon-emitting vehicles. The country's automotive industry is a clear reason for such interest, but it's a technology that could prove essential for motorcycling. 

'drop-in liquid hydrocarbon fuels'

Unlike cars, where there's abundant room for batteries and a few hundred kilos of extra weight goes almost unnoticed, motorcycles have no such luxury, and the challenge of building an electric bike that can match current expectations from combustion engine models in terms of performance, range, weight, handling and cost has so far proved impossible to meet.

Finally, eFuels offer the tempting prospect that they could allow not only future vehicles to be environmentally friendly, but also allow existing combustion-engine machines to become carbon-neutral. If the fuels are brewed as exact drop-in replacements for petrol, they could allow the existing fleet to go green without the huge investment - both financial and environmental in terms of raw materials - needed for a wholesale shift to electric vehicles.

Plus, the economic, social and environmental advantages of not having to completely overhaul established infrastructure is an often overlooked but huge additional benefit. 

Yamaha Motor

Yamaha Motor First to Use 'Green Aluminum' in Japanese Motorcycles

Yamaha Motor announced that it has reached an agreement with an aluminum ingot supplier for the procurement of 'green aluminum' and began using it as a raw material for parts in Yamaha motorcycles from February 2023. 

This is the first time that the material has been used in Japanese motorcycles and Yamaha Motor plans to gradually expand its usage in models going forward as part of its plan to adopt low-carbon aluminum in the drive toward carbon-neutral materials.

'Green aluminum' is aluminum that is refined using renewable energy sources to emit around 60% less CO2 in its manufacture compared to traditionally refined aluminum. "Aluminum parts account for 12% to 31% of the total vehicle weight of a motorcycle, so adopting 'green aluminum' is one effective approach for reducing CO₂ emissions from the raw material manufacturing part of a product’s life cycle (it falls under Scope 3 Category 1 emissions for supply chains).

"Through the development of its engineering and production technologies and expertise, Yamaha Motor has actively pushed the use of recycled aluminum, which now comprises some 80% of Yamaha Motor's aluminum usage. 

In line with the Yamaha Motor Group Environmental Plan 2050, the company is aiming to achieve carbon neutrality throughout all of its business activities - including its entire supply chain - by 2050.


The Good Can Get Better!

Made in a highly abrasion-resistant 600 denier polyester nylon outer shell, Biltwell's updated and improved EXFIL-0 2.0 tool roll now features translucent rip-stop pockets - better for holding sockets than the old elastic band method of construction - and two wider slots that work great for pliers or wire cutters, plus another rip-stop pocket in the top flap. 

EXFIL-0 2.0 tool roll

The largest zippered pocket inside is perfect for holding bailing wire, spark plugs, screwdrivers, jet kits and other service essentials; MOLLE system on the exterior provides options for storage and expansion. The tools shown are for illustrative purposes only.

The EXFIL-2 mini tank bag "might just be the most convenient piece of kit we've made yet. The compact size makes it easy to live with and it holds a surprising amount of stuff. A charging cord easily slips through the hidden seam in the front of the bag and the lid is crystal clear and touch-screen sensitive, so you can use your smartphone." 

EXFIL-2 mini tank bag

The EXFIL-2 is made with a UV-treated 1680D denier ballistic nylon exterior. The lid features a fleece-lined phone slot with touch-friendly clear panel for smartphone operation, and it mounts with three super-powerful magnets.

Also seen here, the improved EXFIL-65 dry bag is made with 100% waterproof, UV-treated 500 sides and 1000-denier bottom PVC-coated tarpaulin.  

EXFIL-65 dry bag

"Perhaps the most versatile bag in our line of EXFIL gear, it works mounted vertically on a sissy bar, or laid down on or across a luggage rack. Multiple tie-down points on each side and now 11 rows of laser-cut MOLLE give plenty of options for add-ons and mounting." 

A roll-top closure with reinforced nylon, quick-release buckles keep contents sealed tight and double-thick bottom construction with external PVC coating gives greater durability. The 2-inch-wide, ballistic-grade polyester nylon loops and box-stitched handles on the sides feature woven reflective thread for better night-time visibility.


NAMZ Custom Cycle Products

'Color Collection' Full Halo LED Headlamps for Indian Models 

These 7" 'Color Collection' wide array, cool white LED headlamps by Oreland, Pennsylvania based NAMZ Custom Cycle Products have a full halo and adapter ring and ship with a wiring adapter for a 100% plug-and-play easy install on all 2014-up Indian Motorcycle models (except Scout and FTR).

'Color Collection' LED headlamps with full halo

Always "Making it easy to do it right," Jeff Zielinski and his engineers have thought of everything with these kits - the 7" headlamp has a black aluminum, IP67 (waterproof) housing with a durable, optically precise polycarbonate lens.

The bright light operates at 6000K to 6500K color temperature, is DOT, SAE and E-Mark compliant and backed by a lifetime warranty.

LED black premium headlight

LED chrome premium headlight

They are available in a choice of colorways such as blue, gold, red and black. There is also a choice of standard and premium wide array black and chrome finishes and a selection of lens styles such as 'Aggressive' and 'Shot' style multi-mini headlights - with or without matching 4.5" full halo passing lights in black or chrome. 

LED black aggressive style multi-mini headlight

Black buckshot style multi-mini headlight

Celebrating 21 years in business, NAMZ and Badlands products are available through Drag Specialties, Parts Unlimited, Tucker, Mid-USA, J&P Cycles, V-Twin, Parts Canada, Parts Europe, Custom Chrome Europe, Motorcycle Storehouse, W&W, Zodiac, Rollies Speed Shop in Australia and Performance Cycle Wholesale Limited in New Zealand.



CCE - 'HenlyBegins' Motorcycle and Touring Luggage

The 'HenlyBegins' line of motorcycle and touring luggage includes expandable seat bags, water-resistant seat bags, saddle bags of various designs, finishes and capacities, a two-way combination seat bag and water-resistant backpacks.

Expandable seat bags 

A modular system of riding and touring luggage options, with adjustable capacity reinforced frames and plates to prevents cargo from collapsing when traveling or adding or removing contents. Other features include variable zippers to increase capacity quickly, rain covers with anti-loss straps and four-cord adjustments, wide openings for ergonomic use and carabiners that can be attached to sewn tapes.

Two-way seat bag/backpack

10 liter saddlebag, dimensions 300 × 360 - 390 × 125 mm

Reinforced metal wire frames at the side edge keep bags firmly in shape and mounting straps keep luggage safe. The luggage is available in a selection of colorways and sizes, made from materials including tarpaulin fabric and polyester.



Dynojet PC 6

New to Mid-USA, Dynojet's "tried, true and tested" Power Commander 6 has been developed for a "streamlined user interface to make choosing and tuning a map easier for the end user." Tune settings can be easily changed and upgraded as parts are upgraded. Features include compact design for discrete placement and ease of installation, with each cylinder able to be mapped individually and for each gear, giving riders a more granular level of control. 

Dynojet PC6 seen here for 2021 and later Touring models

It can be paired with other Power Commander accessories such as the Autotune, Quickshifter or POD-300, and ships with a one-year warranty. 


Bagger Nation

Bag Bolt Taillight Kits and Thunder Pods

Shipping complete with two sets of Lightening or Thunder Bolts, these new Bagger Nation kits are for customizing the rear end of Sport Glides, Low Rider ST, or any M-8 Softail with hard bags. 

The Paul Yaffe Originals Bag Bolt taillight kit is an all-inclusive taillight and wiring package that helps you add either a set of Thunder Bolts or Lightning Bolts without the need to use an additional load equalizer - it is built-in. All the wiring, heat shrink and connectors are included for quick and easy bag removal. 

Bag Bolt

"With the Bag Bolt taillight kit, you can add two sets of our Lightning Bolts or Thunder Bolts to your M-8 Softail with hard bags," says Paul Yaffe. "The kit provides you with two sets of Lightning Bolts (red/red) or two sets of Thunder Bolts (red/amber), both utilizing C.O.B. technology.  These compact, laser-bright taillights are the smallest and highest quality lights available and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

"To complete a genuine, clean custom look, check out our 'The Fix Fender,' which can also be universally mounted on any flat surface.

"Laser-bright yet super small, C.O.B technology increases visibility, providing running light, brake light and signal functions. Lightning Bolts are available in black, chrome, brass and satin finishes; Thunder Bolts are available in black, chrome and brass finishes.

Thunder Bolt

"Lightning Bolts are smaller than a dime - and Thunder Bolts are smaller than a nickel. Both are an easy install - just bolt them in and wire them up. Each kit includes two sets (four) taillights, a wiring kit, pins and plugs and is backed by a lifetime warranty." 

Also seen here, Bagger Nation Thunder Pod taillight kits include three pairs of red to amber Thunder Bolts. "Our laser-bright Thunder Bolts provide both red running and brake light functions and feature our new amber switchback signal function. 

"When coupled with our CNC-machined billet aluminum 'Pods,' they provide a crazy bright, super custom look with a multitude of radical applications. The only limit is your imagination!" Thunder Bolts are Euro and Canada compliant. 

"The latest addition to our 'Pod' line of designer COB taillights, each set is CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and available in a black or chrome finish, with three sets of matching Thunder Bolts featuring our laser-bright, flush-mounted red running/brake light functions with an all-new amber switchback signal function. 

"These bolt-on billet mounting plates can be installed on any flat surface and add a killer custom look to your project. Bolt them on your Bagger, Dyna, Softail, Sportster, car, boat, or even your spaceship -for a truly out-of-this-world taillight array."

See pages 22-23 for further information



Performance Machine

Thermally Efficient Race Line Series Engine Covers 

These stylish new Race Line Series engine covers from California based Performance Machine "are carefully crafted with the utmost precision to dissipate heat more effectively and provide a race-inspired look."

Derby cover

"We went beyond simply designing a series of engine covers which only enhance the appearance of the M-8 platform," says PM Director of Sales and Marketing Ana Lizarraga.

6-speed clutch cover

"CNC-machined from billet aluminum, painstaking hours were spent chasing forms and shapes which transfer heat away from the engine and transmission more efficiently, to better accommodate the increased temperatures synonymous with racing. 

Rocker box cover

"To complete the look, these covers come in the innovative Black Ops finish with laser-engraved logos to provide a durable, yet elegant appearance."

M-8 cam cover

The product line consists of M-8 cam cover, 6-speed hydraulic and clutch covers, 2019 and up M-8 Softail and 2016 and up Touring derby covers and M-8 transmission and rocker box covers.

M-8 transmission cover




The 'Do-it-All' Go-To Jumper, Inflator and Charger

California based lithium battery and restart technology specialist Antigravity has updated its award-winning MICRO-START lineup. The latest addition is its all-new XP-15 - its 'do-it-all' device - a compact jump-starter, tire inflator/air pump and electronics charger all in one unit. It even has a voltmeter function. 

"We consider it the perfect roadside assistant to carry in your vehicle, especially on motorcycles and powersports vehicles where space is at a premium. It is also an ideal garage accessory to jumpstart, inflate tires, or to fast-charge or power USB devices with its PD 60W charging ability," says CEO and owner Scott Schafer.

"The new XP-15 is an all-in-one go-to jump-starter that can easily start cars, trucks, motorcycles, powersports vehicles, boats and more. Jumpstart trucks up to 6.7 l diesel engines and gas engines up to 10 l. It's simpler than ever with a digital display screen that shows status for starting and makes it easy to see capacity, set tire pressure, read battery voltage and more."

Scott explained that the XP-15 delivers "super-fast charging and powerful USB Type-C PD 60W charging. With PD 60 watt you can quickly charge your Apple or Windows laptops, tablets, phones, cameras and much more, or recharge the XP-15 in just one hour. It also has a USB-A QC3.0 port to quickly charge a second device.

"The XP-15 has a built-in tire inflator and detachable air hose, so you can maintain tire pressure anywhere you go. Use the included adapters to pump up small rafts, sports balls and more. The inflator will automatically shut off when the pre-set pressure is reached, or it can be operated manually. The charging status is visible on the digital display, along with real-time pressure monitoring while inflating. There are safety protections and a bright LED flashlight built-in."

Scott says that Antigravity additionally has new designs for its XP-1 and the XP-10 MICRO-START models - also offering super-fast Type-C charging, a digital display and other updated features, plus two new, larger portable power stations will be available soon to complement its popular PS-45 and PS-80. "They will have numerous inputs and outputs and massive capacity, while still being compact and lightweight for portability."


Tuesday 13 June 2023

Biz Briefs

BMW Motorrad posted a new all-time high in Q1 of its centenary year, delivering a total of 47,935 motorcycles and scooters - more vehicles in a first quarter than ever before (2022: 47,403 units; +1.1%). Revenues climbed to € 933m (2022: € 799m/+16.8%). Segment EBIT was up 42.6% to € 154m (2022: €108m) and the EBIT margin increased to 16.5% (2022: 13.5%/+3%-points). In other news, the board of BMW AG has approved a further share buy-back programme in a volume of up to € 2bn, which is scheduled to start upon conclusion of the first buy-back programme. The latter was started in July 2022 and is expected to be completed in mid-2023. An authorisation to repurchase up to 10% of the share capital within five years was granted by the Annual General Meeting of BMW AG in May 2022.

Following a record year in 2022, Ducati started 2023 with a new record for Q1 deliveries of 14,725 total units delivered. Of its major markets, Italy was +7.0% (2,717 units), USA (1,677) and Germany + 21.0 % (1,666). Multistrada V4 popularity keeps growing (2,668 units sold in Q1); the company sold 2,005 'Monsters', with DesertX becoming the third most popular model in the range (1,442 units sold). Ducati says it is now selling in 90 countries with more than 800 dealers worldwide, with 55 more slated to open in 2023, including the first Audi Ducati Retail integration dealership for Switzerland that opened in Volketswil (Zurich) in March.

Ducati and its employees have come out in support of its home region, Emilia-Romagna, the region hardest hit by the recent floods in Italy. The company will make a donation of € 200,000 to the Protezione Civile of Emilia-Romagna to support the people and communities affected. The Trade Union representatives at Ducati, together with employees, are also taking action for a fundraising, whose proceeds will be doubled by the company.

Honda's Q4 and full year 22/23 financial results (the 12 months to March 31, 2023) put motorcycle segment revenue at +33.00% (approx. € 20bn). Worldwide PTW unit shipments of Honda badged machines from its wholly owned and JV/subsidiary factory network were up over +10% at over 18m. Sales in Asian markets were up by 10.4% (16.1m units), Indonesia was +15.7% (approx. 4.5m units); India was +16% (some 2.4m units). European sales were +9.5% (347,000 units) and North America was +5% (459,000 units). Sales in Japan were essentially flat year-on-year at some 246,000 units. Operating profit from Honda's motorcycle business segment was up by +56.9% at around € 3.35bn, with operating margin of some 16.8% (14.3% in 21/22). For 23/24 Honda is forecasting growth of around 25% for European unit sales to over 430,000.

South Korean steel maker Posco Holdings and Honda have announced that they are "exploring a comprehensive partnership toward the realisation of carbon neutrality". They will collaborate on areas such as batteries (procurement of key battery materials such as cathodes/anodes); recycling (expanded use of recycled materials to establish a closed-loop recycling system); automotive steel sheet (ultra-high tensile steel sheet for lighter vehicles and lower manufacturing emissions) and electric steel sheet (for the mass production of drive motors for the e-Axle, electric axle drive).

Kawasaki's Q4 and full year 22/23 financial results (the 12 months to March 31, 2023) put motorcycle segment revenue at +32% (approx. € 4bn) with worldwide unit shipments +13% (555,000 unts) within which 'developed market' shipments were +13.9% (237,000 units). The United States saw a 38.4% increase in unit shipments at around 119,000 units, but Europe was down by -5.5% at 67,000 units. Sales in Japan and Australia were also down. Units in 'emerging markets' were up by 12.4% (318,000). The Philippines were up (+29.8%/209,000 units), Indonesia was down (-4.4%/43,000 units); China was down (-18.9%/30,000). Powersports segment operating profit was +90.7% (€ 490m). ATV/UTV and PWC unit shipments were +7.4% (87,000 units). For its 23/24 year Kawasaki forecasts 7% less inventory for its 'developed markets'. 

For its Q4 and full year 22/23 financial results (the 12 months to March 31, 2023), Suzuki is reporting global sales of 1.859m units, which is +13.4% (+220,000 YoY). Sales in Europe were 31,000 units (+9.1%/+3,000 units YoY); North America was +11.5% (+3,000 units YoY at 32,000); Japan down by -14.6% (-8,000 units YoY at 46,000), with Asia +15.4% (+204,000 units YoY at 1.528m). India is its largest Asian market by far, at 740,000 units (+21.4%), followed by China at 430,000 units (+6.8%) and Philippines at 197,000 units (22.5%). Latin America was worth 198,000 units for Suzuki in 22/23 (+17.5%). Total Suzuki production (domestic and all international facilities, including JVs and 3PP) was 1.914m units (+7.3%/130,000 units). Total sales revenue from consolidated net sales (all factories) was 333.3bn yen, which was +31.4% YoY, with Europe +33.1% at 39.2bn yen.

For Q1 of its 2023 financial year (January to December) - Yamaha is the only one of the Japanese manufacturers to run an annual calendar financial year - Yamaha states that "demand for motorcycles is strong" with unit sales in all major markets increasing - despite continuing shortage of inventory in the Premium Scooters segment - one where Yamaha is particularly strong. Total global unit sales for Q1 were +112% at 1.274m units for 347.9bn yen. Sales in Europe were +107% for Q1 YoY at 55,000 units and 52.7bn yen (+130%). Sales in North America were +191% (26,000) units; Japan was +90% (21,000 units); Asia was +114% (1.028bn units). Total 'developed market' unit sales (Europe, USA and Japan) were +113% for Q1, with overall inventory as at March 31st described as being lower than optimum levels to meet demand.

In Japan, Yamaha Motor and its wholly owned subsidiary Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co., Ltd. (YMPC) has announced plans for a "partial transfer" of its power products business (multi-purpose engines, generators and snow blowers) to Earth Power Products Co., Ltd. (EPP) - wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese auto parts maker Meiko Seiki Co., Ltd. 

Sources: AMD, IDN, FT, Reuters, PSB, MPN, BDN, MCN, AP, Bloomberg, MSNW, Electrek,,,, Cycle World,


HardDrive Partners with Hofmann Designs and Custom Engraving LTD

In its 10th anniversary year, HardDrive (WPS' V-twin specialty distribution division) is partnering with Hofmann Designs and Custom Engraving LTD.

Hofmann Designs' owner Curtis Hofmann is quoted as saying: "We are excited about this new venture, allowing us to bring our products to a broader market. HardDrive is the perfect match. We look forward to pushing the envelope with new and exciting products alongside a company that understands our vision and process as a parts manufacturer."

The craftsmanship of Hofmann's production has made his work a firm favorite with many leading custom bike builders, not least Paul Yaffe. The exclusive partnership with HardDrive will feature Hofmann's famous carbon fiber body pieces and new Billet Signature Series accessory line - including floorboards, footpegs, brake pedals, pullback plates and more.

Krys Brown, V-Twin Product Director at HardDrive, said: "The team at Hofmann Designs has a strong history of setting industry trends and standards with its innovative and high-quality carbon designs and with its Billet Signature Series accessory line. We are excited to provide our global dealer network access to this exclusive distribution partner."

Tim Tracy's Slinger, Wisconsin based Custom Engraving LTD is known for its derby, timing, air cleaner and consul (fuel door) covers, and Tim prides himself on being able to engrave and customize "almost anything!" 

"The optimum level of quality that is coming off the machines from this US-based manufacturer is bar none. Custom Engraving LTD has created a strong following for its unique and trendy Derby and Points Cover design line. We're thrilled to offer these products to our global dealer network," says Krys.

Zodiac International

Zodiac International - Precision Power Audio Additions

Soundstream Replacement Radios with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for H-D

Plug-n-play Soundstream Reserve Motorcycle Audio by Precision Power are upgrade head units for OEM Harley radios. Apart from the regular AM/FM radio and Bluetooth connection for phone calls and music, these units allow use of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. By plugging the phone into the USB outlet, riders can get directions, send and receive messages and listen/browse music and even use Siri (Apple) or Google Assistant (Android) with the radio's touchscreen display - the apps have been reimagined for easier viewing. 

Head units feature 7" (17.8 cm) capacitive high-definition, customizable touchscreen and USB smartphone charging while connected (5V/1.5A). They have low-pressure IPx5 water protection rating, built-in equalizer, MP3/WMA/AAC/FLAC audio playback via USB (64 GB max.), 50W per channel, 2 Ohm stable four-channel amplifier and 4V RCA pre-outs, UV protection and conformal coated circuits. 

Units are bolt-in using the stock mounting hardware on 1998-2013 Touring to replace the stock single DIN radio, and on 2014 to present Touring and Trike models to replace standard Harley 4.3 and GT audio.

Atom Mini Amp

Zodiac says that Precision Power's Atom Mini amplifier gives Class-D performance, reliability and a compact footprint that fits inside your motorcycle's fairing, measuring 9.25" (23.5 cm) long, 5.375" (13.7 cm) wide and 1.875" (4.8 cm) high. "All pre-amp and crossover options are conveniently located on one side of this amplifier, while quick-disconnect connection plugs for power and speaker outputs are on the other." 

Additions to the circuit board include improved internal power supply and output stage components. The Atom Mini has 4Ω 100W x four and 2Ω 150W x four RMS power and a fairing installation kit with brackets and wiring for 2014 to present Touring and Trike and 1998-2013 Touring and 2009-2013 Trike models.

Fairing Speaker Kits

Precision Power coaxial fairing speaker kits come with a mid-range notch filter, engineered and designed for the best sound when installed with OE speaker pods for 2014 and newer Touring and Trike models (except twin-cooled). If not using the speaker pods, it is not required to use the included crossover networks; Precision Power provides unique woofer grills for stylish, easy and efficient custom-mounting install.

These speakers deliver 2 Ohm, 75 watt RMS when used with the OEM audio system; 4 Ohm, 75 watt RMS with aftermarket audio systems. They are also available as 2 Ohm/75 watt kits for OEM audio use on 1998-2013 Touring and 2009-2013 Trike models.

Powered Saddlebag Subwoofers

Precision Power has created its SBW-powered saddlebag drop-in subwoofer as a "perfect marriage of the custom enclosure, subwoofer and built-in digital amplifier that adds bass without the complicated mathematics of matching up an amplifier or taking away the saddlebag structure's integrity." 

This SBW kit comes equipped with a custom subwoofer paired with a passive radiator to increase bass response with a built-in 300 watt digital amplifier. A Neodymium magnet motor enhances the subwoofer's motor's strength; it is also extremely light, which means more output and less weight. "The sealed enclosure provides optimum sound quality, protected by rugged rotational molded ABS plastic. High- and low-level adjustment switches allow you to connect it to any configuration; the system plug-n-plays behind either OEM radios or even our aftermarket Apple CarPlay and Android Auto replacement radio.

"With all this new bass comes a new solution to port bass coming from the saddles without destroying the structure of the bags. Each subwoofer kit comes with ported grommets, equipped with a unique membrane allowing sound to pass through while keeping the elements out - the kind of technology commonly found in sports earbuds. Left and right side drop-in hard luggage subwoofer kits available for 2014 to present or 1998-2013 Touring models." Replacement parts are available.

Precision Power Speakers

Manufactured with industrial grade materials and optimized for harsh environments, these speakers feature titanium dome tweeters that resist corrosion, low mass Neodymium magnets for maximum output and integrated 6 dB high-pass crossover to protect tweeters from harmful frequencies. 

The speakers are a direct replacement for the OEM speakers; for saddlebag speakers, Precision Power has installation kits with cutting guides, grills and hardware for the factory lids on hard-shell bags. Available in size, shape and power options for 2014 to present and 1998-2013 Touring and Trike models.

Vented Fairing Lowers with Speakers

Precision Power's direct fitment solution for lower fairing speakers is an excellent solution for 2014 to present Touring and Trike, 1998-2013 Touring and 2009-2013 Trike models (except those with twin-cooled engines) - added speaker pods give additional audio punch. The housing construction uses high-grade industrial ABS plastic and is painted in vivid black. 

"They come with 6 1/2", 4 Ohm, 75 watt RMS waterproof speakers installed and include waterproof quick-disconnect plugs. They also come with a midrange notch filter designed and engineered for the best sound for vented lower fairings. They are pre-wired for the Atom digital amplifier, but are easy to rewire for use with other amplifiers."