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Tuesday 13 June 2023

Zodiac International

Zodiac International - Precision Power Audio Additions

Soundstream Replacement Radios with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for H-D

Plug-n-play Soundstream Reserve Motorcycle Audio by Precision Power are upgrade head units for OEM Harley radios. Apart from the regular AM/FM radio and Bluetooth connection for phone calls and music, these units allow use of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. By plugging the phone into the USB outlet, riders can get directions, send and receive messages and listen/browse music and even use Siri (Apple) or Google Assistant (Android) with the radio's touchscreen display - the apps have been reimagined for easier viewing. 

Head units feature 7" (17.8 cm) capacitive high-definition, customizable touchscreen and USB smartphone charging while connected (5V/1.5A). They have low-pressure IPx5 water protection rating, built-in equalizer, MP3/WMA/AAC/FLAC audio playback via USB (64 GB max.), 50W per channel, 2 Ohm stable four-channel amplifier and 4V RCA pre-outs, UV protection and conformal coated circuits. 

Units are bolt-in using the stock mounting hardware on 1998-2013 Touring to replace the stock single DIN radio, and on 2014 to present Touring and Trike models to replace standard Harley 4.3 and GT audio.

Atom Mini Amp

Zodiac says that Precision Power's Atom Mini amplifier gives Class-D performance, reliability and a compact footprint that fits inside your motorcycle's fairing, measuring 9.25" (23.5 cm) long, 5.375" (13.7 cm) wide and 1.875" (4.8 cm) high. "All pre-amp and crossover options are conveniently located on one side of this amplifier, while quick-disconnect connection plugs for power and speaker outputs are on the other." 

Additions to the circuit board include improved internal power supply and output stage components. The Atom Mini has 4Ω 100W x four and 2Ω 150W x four RMS power and a fairing installation kit with brackets and wiring for 2014 to present Touring and Trike and 1998-2013 Touring and 2009-2013 Trike models.

Fairing Speaker Kits

Precision Power coaxial fairing speaker kits come with a mid-range notch filter, engineered and designed for the best sound when installed with OE speaker pods for 2014 and newer Touring and Trike models (except twin-cooled). If not using the speaker pods, it is not required to use the included crossover networks; Precision Power provides unique woofer grills for stylish, easy and efficient custom-mounting install.

These speakers deliver 2 Ohm, 75 watt RMS when used with the OEM audio system; 4 Ohm, 75 watt RMS with aftermarket audio systems. They are also available as 2 Ohm/75 watt kits for OEM audio use on 1998-2013 Touring and 2009-2013 Trike models.

Powered Saddlebag Subwoofers

Precision Power has created its SBW-powered saddlebag drop-in subwoofer as a "perfect marriage of the custom enclosure, subwoofer and built-in digital amplifier that adds bass without the complicated mathematics of matching up an amplifier or taking away the saddlebag structure's integrity." 

This SBW kit comes equipped with a custom subwoofer paired with a passive radiator to increase bass response with a built-in 300 watt digital amplifier. A Neodymium magnet motor enhances the subwoofer's motor's strength; it is also extremely light, which means more output and less weight. "The sealed enclosure provides optimum sound quality, protected by rugged rotational molded ABS plastic. High- and low-level adjustment switches allow you to connect it to any configuration; the system plug-n-plays behind either OEM radios or even our aftermarket Apple CarPlay and Android Auto replacement radio.

"With all this new bass comes a new solution to port bass coming from the saddles without destroying the structure of the bags. Each subwoofer kit comes with ported grommets, equipped with a unique membrane allowing sound to pass through while keeping the elements out - the kind of technology commonly found in sports earbuds. Left and right side drop-in hard luggage subwoofer kits available for 2014 to present or 1998-2013 Touring models." Replacement parts are available.

Precision Power Speakers

Manufactured with industrial grade materials and optimized for harsh environments, these speakers feature titanium dome tweeters that resist corrosion, low mass Neodymium magnets for maximum output and integrated 6 dB high-pass crossover to protect tweeters from harmful frequencies. 

The speakers are a direct replacement for the OEM speakers; for saddlebag speakers, Precision Power has installation kits with cutting guides, grills and hardware for the factory lids on hard-shell bags. Available in size, shape and power options for 2014 to present and 1998-2013 Touring and Trike models.

Vented Fairing Lowers with Speakers

Precision Power's direct fitment solution for lower fairing speakers is an excellent solution for 2014 to present Touring and Trike, 1998-2013 Touring and 2009-2013 Trike models (except those with twin-cooled engines) - added speaker pods give additional audio punch. The housing construction uses high-grade industrial ABS plastic and is painted in vivid black. 

"They come with 6 1/2", 4 Ohm, 75 watt RMS waterproof speakers installed and include waterproof quick-disconnect plugs. They also come with a midrange notch filter designed and engineered for the best sound for vented lower fairings. They are pre-wired for the Atom digital amplifier, but are easy to rewire for use with other amplifiers."