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Tuesday 19 December 2017

American Flat Track

American Flat Track ‘Superprestigio’, Barcelona

Superprestigio racing hit the short track at Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona on December 16 with American J.D. Beach (No. 95 Ausio/Grau Racing Yamaha YZ450F) taking the win from fellow American Flat Track racer Briar Bauman, second (No. 14 Zanotti Kawasaki KX450F), with Spanish American Flat Track Series Champion Ferran Cardus (No. 77 Team Grau Suzuki RM-Z450) third.

On the outside looking in was former Moto 2 World Champion/reigning MotoAmerica Superbike Toni Elias. The No. 24 Yoshimura Suzuki rider took top honors in the Superprestigio Class and got off to a great start, but fell victim to some good ol’ fashioned American-style short track racing, ultimately getting shuffled back to fourth. Completing the top five was Italian Fabio Di Giannantonio, a solid effort for the Moto3 rider on the No. 21 Zaeta.
Next up for the stars of American Flat Track is the Bigger, Faster and Better DAYTONA TT on March 15, 2018, at Daytona International Speedway.

Drag Specialties

2018/19 Drag Specialties “OldBook” embraces the ‘EVO’

Drag Specialties is releasing an updated 2018/2019 edition of its “OldBook” parts and accessories catalog.

The company says that “with the complete new lineup of 2018 Harley-Davidson motorcycles hitting the showroom floor, it is time for us to shift the Evolution Big Twin product to the OldBook and adjust our layout. Gone are the different sections unique to the previous OldBooks.
“Instead, you will find our entire product line for all early model Big Twins - Evolution, Shovelhead, Knucklehead, Panhead and Ironhead XL - organized in the same sections and product formats as the FatBook, so both Drag Specialties catalogs now have the same great look and feel.”
The company continues to add product on a daily basis, so dealers should be “sure to check out DragNetWeb and our monthly “Skinnys” for what’s new and cool for old school rides. Together with our Helmet & Apparel catalog, Tire & Tools catalog and the FatBook, everyone can keep rolling for decades to come.”

News Briefs

For the 10 months to October 2017, Harley’s 9.13% market share in Germany placed them in sixth spot at 8,801 units sold YTD and ahead of notables such as Ducati, Triumph and Suzuki. Their top-seller has been the XL 1200X (959 units), the 26th most popular motorcycle in Germany YTD. Harley has three other models in the top 50 bestsellers YTD in Germany: the Breakout (883 units), the Dyna Street Bob (819 units) and the XL 883 Iron (661 units sold).

Harley has announced a cash dividend of $0.365 per share for the fourth quarter of 2017. The dividend is payable Dec. 29, 2017 to the shareholders of record of the Company's common stock as of Dec. 15, 2017.

Harley’s ‘Millennial’ outreach initiatives will include being the motorcycle brand ‘de jour’ for gamers when Ubisoft’s “Crew 2” and “Open Road Racing Adventure” is launched in spring 2018. The first iteration of the game is said to have amassed 12 million players; subsequent upgrades to the game are expected to see additional Harley models added.

Californian Harley dealer Old Road of Santa Clarita is believed to have become the first to accept Bitcoin (a digital cryptocurrency) to sell a new Harley.

Polaris Industries Inc. declared a regular quarterly $0.58 per share cash dividend payable on December 15, 2017 to shareholders of record at the close of business on December 1, 2017.

Harley has said it has started hiring temporary full-time production staff starting at $15.50 per hour.

Motorcycle Storehouse

Motorcycle Storehouse catalog V.13

Netherlands based distributor Motorcycle Storehouse has announced its new Volume 13 catalog. Said to be “effectively the largest and most comprehensive single edition H-D aftermarket parts catalog in the world,” this latest issue is some 1,700 pages of motorcycle parts and accessories with 50,000 replacement and custom parts featured and almost 20,000 color images with 110 technical drawings and numerous ‘tech tips’.

The 13th edition MCS hard parts and accessory catalog is nearly 1,700 pages
with some 50,000 part numbers

MCS details its apparel and (now) tools ranges in separate, additional catalogs with their brand-new tools catalog launched for 2018 in response to the growth seen in its workshop program in recent years.

The new MCS tools catalog is “functional and fast to work with for workshop and service personnel

It features “a full selection of both general and specialized tools for the professional to cover virtually all applications for the U.S. V-twin market - and even quite a few generic metric tools. A quick search index makes it functional and fast to work with for workshop and service personnel.”

Confederate Motorcycles

Goodbye Confederate, hello Curtiss?

Described by Birmingham, Alabama based Confederate Motorcycles as the “most powerful example of the art of rebellion to date”, this is the (extremely!) limited edition FA-13 Combat Bomber, of which only thirteen examples will be handcrafted by the company.
Characterized by its 100% carved from military-spec billet construction, with its aggressive stance and its distinct stealth-matt anodized finish, it is likely to be the last ‘Confederate’ motorcycle we see.

In announcing his intention to “retire” the Confederate name after some 1,300 motorcycles, Matt Chambers said: “We can’t go any further than this, and with a name that lost us a lot of business, it’s time to move on.”
“Suddenly it’s 1970 again. The era of the great American muscle bike is coming to an end.” His plan is to reincarnate as Curtiss Motorcycles – a homage to the early twentieth century bike builder and record setter turned aviation pioneer whose business eventually merged with Wright Aviation.
Chambers plans to move from hydro-carbon guzzlers altogether and, in partnership with Zero Motorcycles, create a new 175 hp cruiser that will be powered by two Zero electric motors in a patented modular system.
A first new model, to be called the ‘Hercules’, is slated for a May 2018 unveil.

TAB Performance

TAB buys Resurrection

Performance exhaust manufacturer TAB Performance is to broaden its product offer into the accessories market with the acquisition of accessories business Resurrection Chopper Gear.

Justin Pflanz: “As we continue to develop great new products, the natural transition was into accessories outside of performance based products”

Justin Pflanz (TAB Performance co-owner along with Casey Pflanz) said: “As we continue to develop great new products, the natural transition was into accessories outside of performance based products. This led our company to team up with Resurrection Chopper Gear in order to expedite our ability to bring new and excitingly unique products to our potential customers.
“These two companies were a natural fit for one another due to similar core values and customer centric business models.” 
Resurrection Chopper Gear offers a line of easy to install, artfully crafted sissy bars made for solo or two-up riding on most models. Their innovative design is said to “eliminate retrofitting, downtime in the shop and the costs associated with it.

Custom Chrome Europe

CCE have RSD to Go

Custom Chrome Europe stocks a wide range of Roland Sands Design (RSD) parts and accessories, including the Sportster mid-controls, passenger footpeg kits and rocker box covers seen here.

Sportster mid-controls

RSD mid-controls for Sportsters move the foot position approximately 1” up and 1.5” narrower on each side compared to the stock item, for increased ground clearance when cornering.

Passenger footpeg kit

They use the OEM rear master cylinder and shift lever, and eliminate the bulky, heavy OEM cast steel front footpeg brackets, bell crank brake rod and master cylinder bracket. Available in Contrast Cut and Black Ops finish for ’14-’17 XLs.

These new passenger footpeg kits match RSD’s mid-controls as a direct bolt-on replacement at the OEM location. They also eliminate the heavy, and some would say ugly, cast steel OEM brackets. Available in Contrast Cut or Black Ops for ’14-’17 XLs.
‘Clarity’ for ’97 - ’17 Twin Cams

‘Nostalgia’ for Twin Cams and Sportsters

Finally, RSD rocker box covers are available in Contrast Cut, chrome and Black Ops finishes and ship with gaskets. Choose from ‘Clarity’ with the see-through top cover for ’99-‘17 Twin Cams, and ‘Nostalgia’ for ’99-‘17 Twin Cams and ’04-‘17 Sportsters.


ASA Electronics

ASA Electronics celebrates “40 Years of Excellence”

November 2017 marked 40 years since founder and CEO Tom Irions first opened the doors of ASA Electronics – noted for the JENSEN motorcycle audio brand.
Based in the heart of the RV world in Elkhart, Indiana, fast forward forty years and ASA is an audio leader in many specialty markets, from the RV business to marine, including powersports vehicles, with a JENSEN branded program that includes award-winning applications for Harley tourers.

“Although we did start out as a distributor, we became frustrated by the major electronics companies’ lax attitudes about developing products specifically for our target markets. So, by the mid-80s we started to develop our own designs and engineered solutions,” Irions said. “Now we sell into several recreational and commercial markets under our own seven brand names. Our goal has always been to have the best engineered solutions for our customers. That quest continues to this day and will remain in the future.”
Through the years, that quest has included partnerships with trusted names like SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Harley-Davidson and Klipsch, as well as up-and-comers in the mobile technology field like XKGLOW.

“I’m very proud of how ASA has evolved into a world class technology company. We have always been fully committed to meeting the very specific needs of our customers, and that’s what keeps us on top of our game,” said ASA Electronics President, Brent Barrow.
“We specialize in creating products that integrate modern technology into a mobile environment. Our HD1B650 Harley-Davidson replacement stereo package is a great example of that. The plug n’ play design allows us to fit 6.5” speakers into fairings originally designed for 5.25” speakers, making for louder overall sound. In addition to elevating the sound quality, the package includes out HD1BT stereo with Bluetooth and Sirius XM capabilities to give the rider more listening options.”


Stock replacement performance upgrade 49 mm forks

Internationally well known for their sportbike and streetbike suspensions, Dutch specialist Hyperpro has had Harley-Davidson (and more recently Indian Motorcycle) model-specific suspension applications in its line-up ever since the company began in business in 1993.
Their range includes stock replacement and performance upgrade rear shock absorbers and rising rate/progressively wound shock absorber springs, front suspension springs, full front end suspension kits and one of the best known and most widely used steering damper programs in the market.

Specifically developed for Harleys and custom bike applications, their H49 right-side up front fork features “the latest suspension technology” and sets a “new level in suspension adjustment on conventional front fork damping,” says Jan Belder, International Sales & Marketing VP.
The fork has been developed as a direct replacement for Harley-Davidson 49 mm applications and fits original H-D wheels and axles.
Features include rebound adjustment, high and low speed compression adjustment, a rising rate spring with adjustable pre-load, adjustable rebound and high and low speed compression adjustment. 

They are available in full black and have DLC coated (Diamond-like carbon) inner stanchions. DLC is a class of amorphous carbon material that displays some of the typical properties of diamond. DLC is usually applied as coating to other materials that could benefit from some of those properties – friction resistance in high performance suspensions is an ideal environment for the benefits it brings.
Hyperpro has 25 employees, a 10,000 sq ft (1,000 sq m) facility at Werkendam in southern Holland, and is exporting to more than 40 countries around the world.



Fuel tank wall mount and fork cap installer

More real-world time and money savers as the endlessly creative ‘Workshop Meisters’ at JIMS and their fellow travellers strive for workshop perfection.

Installing the fork tube caps requires compressing the spring while rotating the cap. With the forks mounted on the bike, this task can become almost impossible due to the limited work area and with the required effort needed to compress the spring and start the fine thread on the cap.
This new JIMS fork cap installation tool for 49 mm fork tubes allows the technician to install the fork tube caps on the motorcycle without removing other parts, and can be done in minutes.

When the fuel tank is removed from the bike, it can create storage issues. A tank left on a work bench or otherwise exposed can typically create a disaster by being knocked to the floor or damaged on the bench.
“The concept of our fuel tank storage was brought to us by Kevin Baxter at Pro Twin Performance. Our fuel tank wall mount’s base is to be mounted to a stud on a wall or other suitable mounting surface, where the fuel tank can be easily and safely mounted out of harm’s way. The hanger justifies its value by knowing the cost of a damaged tank can be significantly more. Additionally, fuel tanks can be displayed for show and ‘wall art’ purposes.”


Wednesday 13 December 2017

Arch Motorcycle

Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger’s ‘Excellent Adventure’ continues

EICMA 2017 saw the latest chapter in Keanu Reeves’ and Gard Hollinger’s Hawthorne, California based
Arch Motorcycle odyssey with the debut of an updated original and two new models in front of an evidently glamor starved Press Corps at this year’s ‘Milan’ Show.

In the context of their much admired, if pricey ($78,000), 2015 S&S T124 engined EPA/Carb approved KRGT-1 launch, the “highly anticipated” Arch 1s and Arch ’Method’ 143 don’t disappoint.
As “boutique manufacturers” go, Arch Motorcycle Company is the real deal, unleashing bespoke, custom-production motorcycles from their state-of-the-art, Hawthorne, California factory. Arch CNC- machined in-house over 200 unique parts out of billet aluminum for their first production bike, the KRGT-1.

Arch recently partnered with SwissMoto-2 race bike and chassis specialist Suter Industries to create a European distribution channel - Arch Europe - to handle distribution and sales for all Arch Motorcycle models across Europe.
“We’re very excited to have presented two new motorcycles that represent our vision for the future of Arch Motorcycle,” said Reeves and Hollinger.  “This also marks our commitment to having our motorcycle being Euro 4 compliant, and by creating the European distribution channel with Suter, we look forward to continuing to grow the brand in Europe after EICMA 2017.”
At its launch in 2015, Arch described the KRGT-1 as a “custom tailored performance cruiser that could be ridden aggressively and be comfortable for long distances.” The newest, refined version, will launch in 2018 with a focus on “ergonomic enhancements to the bodywork and other improvements such as updated front suspension, upgraded brakes with optional ABS and EURO 4 compliance.

The updated KRGT-1 is a “custom tailored performance cruiser that could be ridden aggressively and be comfortable for long distances”

It features the same 124ci/2032cc S&S 45-degree V-twin, a steel frame with CNC-machined aluminum sub-frame, new Öhlins FGRT series fork and Arch proprietary rear shock, BST carbon fiber 5-spoke wheels with forward control/mid-control options and a custom fit and finish service for each client.

Arch 1s is the company’s first production single-sided swingarm motorcycle

The new ABS optional Arch 1s is the company’s first production single-sided swingarm motorcycle - as an evolution of the KRGT-1. “This model is sport influenced with a more aggressive riding position while still keeping hold of its performance cruiser formulation. CNC-machined aluminum and extensive use of carbon fiber flow within the lines of this elegant yet race inspired motorcycle.” It too has the Euro 4 compliant S&S 124ci engine and BST carbon fiber 7-spoke wheels with CNC-machined aluminum backbone and sub-frame, and newly designed, CNC-machined aluminum and carbon fiber fuel tank with integrated fuel filler enclosure.

Arch described the Method 143 as its first “concept production motorcycle”
The Method 143 is what Arch describes as its first “concept production motorcycle” - their “Dark Side of the Moon” - with 23 limited edition “progressively designed” machines with “layering design concept” and “elegant craftsmanship” of bodywork that includes leather, carbon fiber and “artfully programmed CNC-machined aluminum.”
The engine is the S&S “biggest, baddest” 165hp/155Nm T143ci/2343cc V-twin in an Arch designed, Suter Industries manufactured CNC-machined aluminum single-sided swingarm with carbon fiber cover and CNC-machined aluminum bodywork with integrated layered leather seat, with proprietary Öhlins FGRT series front fork with carbon fiber air-foil, Italian made SC Project full titanium/carbon fiber exhaust system and Arch designed BST carbon fiber ‘Turbine’ wheels.

AIMExpo 2017 review part 5

Motion Pro: Founded in 1984 by 6-day ISDT gold medal winner Chris Carter, his Loomis, California based specialty tools and accessory enterprise marked the reboot of the AFT Twins Presented by Vance & Hines series this year by being the official cable, tool and controls vendor and brand for the series. Under the guidance of V-Twin Product Planner Joe Fratis, the company continues to grow its specialty V-twin program of tools, cables, throttles and accessories;

Cardo Systems: The “global market leader in communication systems for motorcyclists” recently launched the Q-solo – a Bluetooth headset for single riders who are primarily in the market for an easy-to-use and highly reliable communicator equipped with a high quality, noise-cancelling microphone for optimal phone communications;

Cometic: The Concord, Ohio based manufacturer recently released new stock replacement and big bore gasket and cam change gasket kits for Harley’s M-8 touring engines. Because there are currently two very different cylinder head designs offered on the M-8, Cometic is releasing a number of different gasket designs. One version of the M-8, the one used in Touring models with no lower fairings, features oil cooled heads. A second M-8 cylinder head version, found in Touring bikes with lower fairings and with radiators behind them, has provision for that coolant to flow through the heads, and Cometic says they have gaskets for both, in sizes ranging from the stock 107 and 114 cubic inch displacements to a big 4.500 inch big bore size. All told, there are nine different cylinder head gaskets in the company’s M-8 line-up, along with new base gaskets and a full cam change kit;


Maxima Racing Oils: The recent launch of an updated Oil-Change-In-A-Box edition specifically for 2017 M-8 Tourers now appears to have been prescient. The M-8 has a larger oil capacity than prior engine configurations and capacities, so an engine-specific kit makes complete sense. Now though, with the M-8s propagated to the 2018 Softails, Maxima’s move looks to have been a very smart bit of product marketing that puts the Californian specialist well ahead of the competition. The company’s kits include V-twin formula 20W-50 engine, transmission and primary oils, plus a K&N ‘Wrench-Off’ oil filter in choice of black or chrome;


JRI Shocks: Jeff Ryan’s race credentials as one of the world’s leading “go-to” suspension gurus needs little elaboration here. His company entered the V-twin suspension market earlier this year, most recently with fork cartridges that round out a Harley-Davidson suspension product line that includes standard and single adjustable rear shocks - the new fork cartridges are tuned to work in unison with JRI rear shocks;
ASA Jensen: Recent new products from the Elkhart, Indiana based manufacturer include a follow-up to the award-winning HD1BT525 H-D replacement stereo package by adding “over an inch more of booming sound” with all-new 6.5-inch speakers;

Nitron Racing Systems: The British suspension manufacturer added to its fast-growing list of Harley and custom applications recently with a twin shock upgrade for the Street 750. Designed as a direct replacement for the factory fitted units, Nitron shocks are top-end, feature-rich designs offering a very wide range of damping settings and pre-load adjustment. They have a 35 mm large piston monotube design, 24-click combined compression and rebound damping adjustment, are Nitrogen gas pressurized, have adjustable length and pre-load settings, hard anodized titanium finish aluminum body, 14 mm induction hardened, super polished piston rod, progressive cellular bumpstop, Teflon lined ultimate low friction spherical bearings and ‘FLEXaLIGHT’ coated silicone steel springs;

Rekluse Motor Sports: Founded in 2002 by serial entrepreneur, investor and tech specialist Al Youngwerth, the Boise, Idaho based clutch manufacturer offers options for Harley-Davidson Big Twins, Sporsters and Indian Scout models, including its TorqDrive manual and RadiusX auto-clutch. The TorqDrive is engineered “to meet the demands of high performance motors, while also offering a lighter clutch action.” In order to achieve this, Rekluse says it has developed a clutch pack, which it calls ‘rEvolutionary’, taking a traditional eight steel plate and nine friction plate clutch pack configuration up to a 14 steel plate, 15 friction plate, with one being a specialized thick friction plate configuration. This increase is said to provide “more torque at the rear wheel – which is especially effective for highly tuned motors.” The company’s RadiusX auto-clutch is said to allow riders to come to a complete stop in gear and accelerate without touching the clutch lever. The manual action of the clutch lever is still fully functional at any time, if desired, for shifting and taking off. Though its roots are in the off-road market, Rekluse makes manual and automatic clutches, kits and components for most sectors of the industry;

Indian Motorcycle

Thunder Stroke Stage 3 116” Big Bore kit   

Indian Motorcycle has announced what it describes as the “next evolution of its performance accessory offerings with the Thunder Stroke 116-Cubic-Inch Stage 3 Big Bore kit - compatible with all Indian Motorcycle heavyweight models powered by the Thunder Stroke 111 engine.”

The kit is said to deliver a 15 percent increase in torque and a 20 percent increase in horsepower when compared to the stock Thunder Stroke 111.    
“The bagger landscape is seeing more and more emphasis on performance, with more riders looking to get on the throttle and carve corners as they would on smaller bikes, and that’s exactly what the Stage 3 kit is about,” said Derek Meyer, Sr. Category Manager, Indian Motorcycle Accessories.
“Indian’s roots are in performance, innovation and pushing boundaries, and this 116” kit is but one of a variety of new products riders will see from us moving forward, grounded in and driven by Indian’s performance DNA.”
This kit joins a line-up of performance upgrade kits that includes Indian’s Stage 1 performance air cleaner and Thunder Stroke high flow air cleaner, Stage 1 slip-on exhaust kit and Stage 2 performance cams that “enhance throttle response and increase greater power across the powerband.”


Davida KOURA full-face – modern standards, retro styling, multiple approvals

British helmet specialist Davida has followed up on last year’s well received and extensively updated V3 ‘Speedster’ half shell helmet with another step in the direction of worldwide approvals for its designs and a first entry into the full-face market.

New for 2018, the Davida ‘KOURA’ is a retro inspired, high performance helmet, clearly identifiable as having the characteristic and popular Davida DNA, with an exceptionally low profile and a “strikingly bold styling that will be impossible to ignore on the streets and the track,” says Managing Director David Fiddaman.
Certified to ECER22-05 and shortly to be followed by DOT FMVS 281 and ACU Gold, the new Davida KOURA will be available in early 2018 in both road and race versions.
Davida's first full-face helmet is a result of the enhancement of their technical team with the very best expertise of Italian MotoGP and F1 racing helmet designers who delivered the smallest-profile road-legal Davida Speedster V3 in 2016.
“The intensification of this collaboration, utilizing access to the latest helmet design technology and expertise, has created another stunning, high quality, modern Davida safety product. 
“Integrating the clean contours and compact proportions of the 70s and 80s full-face designs, together with key race-bred features, we have achieved an uncompromising fusion of innovative design, exceptional ergonomics and superior comfort that is as authentic in its aesthetics as it is in its advanced technology. 

“Achieving road safety standards is the start of our design process, it's not the finishing line. We always work to extend the design boundaries above and beyond conventions, and consumer and industry reaction at EICMA, in the heartland of style, was exceptional. 
“Introducing a full-face helmet marks a new era for us. The Davida KOURA delivers everything you'd demand from a high-performance motorcycle helmet together with the level of quality and integrity Davida helmets are known for: compact and close fitting, exceptional ergonomics, high quality paintwork, supremely luxurious interiors and unrivalled fit and product durability - it's beautiful, yet aggressive.”
Featuring an advanced 'orbital laminated' GPR composite shell construction for exceptional strength, or even lighter, stronger T700 grade racing carbon fiber, the shell shape is designed to give optimal weight-balanced ergonomic performance.
Gradually sculptured upwards from front to rear to eliminate clothing interference, six chin air vents provide airflow to a superior optic grade 3 mm ECER22-05 approved F1 performance level anti-scratch, anti-fog visor, with clear and smoke tint replacements available, and optional 3 mm superior optic grade tear-off enabled visors offered for race track or road.
Additional features include secure visor lockdown and easy-release mechanism, multi-density EPS shock absorption liners, additional cheek pad inserts for closer optimal customized fitting. It is supplied with a removable, washable, fast drying, anti-bacterial fabric liner that is interchangeable with aftermarket leather liner kits in five colors.
Secured using traditional webbing strap and a double-D ring, KOURA is available in the Davida 20 core color range as standard, in two shell sizes, two EPS liner sizes and six different comfort liners in six helmet sizes from XS (54) to XXL (61).



Kibblewhite compression release valves

These new KPMI branded compression release valves manufactured by Pacifica, California based specialist Kibblewhite Precision Machining reduce cylinder compression at initial start-up, and with 5-7 newtons of resistance force, they won’t close early, and when they do close full compression is restored, which is ideal for high-demand applications. 

This reduces “hot start” issues and load on the starter motor and battery. They are suitable for all displacements, but are especially effective in high-compression engines where they can add greatly to durability, reliability and reduced start-up component stress.
Featuring custom molded knobs to ensure a cool touch and easy operation, they ship in pairs, have 0.350” M10 x 1 thread lengths for EVOs and Shovelheads (1.050” upper body) and Twin Cams (1.380” upper body), so they are easier to install than the OEM items they replace; also available with 0.500” (1.250” upper body) for OE replacement.


TTS Motorcycles

Weld-free drive side brake kit for Softails

German wheel manufacturer TTS has added to the range of matching parts and accessories they offer with this drive side brake kit for Softail models 1989-2017.

With no welding to the swingarm required, the fully reversible install can re-use the original belt guard, greatly increasing the durability of the belt and the belt pulleys.
This kit is currently available in versions for 1989-1999 and 2000-2017 five-speed Softails, 2008-2017 six-speeds, and 2008-2017 six-speed Rockers and Breakouts.



Windzone puts you in the tool zone

Austin, Texas based tool specialist Windzone, a motorcycle garage and roadside emergency tool manufacturer, has improved its tools and expanded its line.

“We’re the oldest motorcycle tool manufacturer in the world, and our brand has been recognized by riders for a long, long time - over 25 years,” says Chip Thomson, the President of Windzone.
“The line has continued to be popular, but it’s now time to give Windzone a fresher look with improved products and an opportunity for many thousands more riders to enjoy the unmatched quality that can save them when they’re in need on the road,” Chip says.
Chip went on to explain that Windzone has always been known for having a solid line of toolkits, at various price points, but, regardless of cost, every one of their tool sets comes with a “Forever” guarantee, something that’s almost unheard of these days. “We don’t care if you break one of our tools with a breaker bar, or run over it with a forklift. It’s a tool, it’s not supposed to break. Kind of worthless if it does, so ‘Forever’ is the kind of warranty we think tools should have.”
The line runs from a choice of ‘Economy’ essential kits through to a ‘Road Doctor’ set that anticipates the vast majority of roadside needs that any rider might encounter. “Though all high strength,” Chip went on to say, “we have also focussed on making sure that our kits are lightweight enough to be truly portable and unobtrusive, as well as comprehensive enough to be truly practical and worth their small footprint.”
Available through Biker’s Choice, other selected distributors, and direct from Windzone which ships worldwide.


Chopper Kulture

Authentic premium quality lights

Designed by award-winning custom bike builder Mario Kyprianides, Chopper Kulture E-approved H4 headlights and LED taillights and turn signals are available in a selection of polished or black body with brass or polished bezel combinations.

The headlights have an outer diameter of 5” (125mm with 4.8”/122mm depth) and headlight unit visible diameter of 3 5/8” (92mm). Made from 7075 billet aluminum in a polished, gloss black or flat black finish, with a matching aluminum or polished brass bezel, the bottom-mount bracket enables them to be installed on virtually all lower triple tree plates.

The taillights are in billet aluminum in a polished, gloss black or flat black finish, with a matching aluminum or polished brass bezel. They are mounted with a single 1/4” bolt and bundled wiring by drilling two holes in the fender and are 2” (50mm) in overall diameter and 2” (50mm) deep.

The turn signals are also available in a variety of anodized finishes and blend a combination of aluminum and brass bodies with the kind of bezel detail normally found on much larger headlight trims; they measure 2 1/4” (57mm) long, 1 1/8” (28,5mm) deep and have a diameter of 27,6mm. Sold in sets of two, they are a simple bolt-on install for almost any motorcycle.



Stock replacement rising rate springs

Internationally well known for their sportbike and streetbike suspensions, Dutch specialist Hyperpro has had Harley-Davidson (and more recently Indian Motorcycle) model-specific suspension applications in its line-up ever since the company began in business in 1993.

Their range includes stock replacement and performance upgrade rear shock absorbers and rising rate/progressively wound shock absorber springs, front suspension springs, full front end suspension kits and one of the best known and most widely used steering damper programs in the market.

Seen here, springs are where the company started, and they still regard their front fork and rear shock absorber spring sets as a core competency.
Hyperpro rising rate progressive front fork springs “provide your bike a lot of comfort while riding, a shorter braking distance and prevent the bike from bottoming out,” says International Sales and Marketing VP Jan Belder.
“Together with the specially formulated oil that comes with the springs – an oil that is blended to our own precise requirements – we create better controlled damping, which results in a much more comfortable feeling while riding on the straight and while cornering. It is all about confidence and consistent, reliable and predictable response.
Our rising rate progressive rear spring sets can be mounted on the original shocks for a hugely noticeable and immediate improvement. Due to the rising rate design of the springs, they also give a comfortable feeling in all conditions and riding circumstances, from the wet to the dry, solo, two-up, with or without luggage, the spring rate will automatically adjust for every need of the suspension. Together with a set of progressive front fork springs, it gives the bike its needed balance and much more stability.
Hyperpro front fork and rear shock absorber springs are available for Sportster, Dyna, Touring, VRSC, XR and Street models. The company has 25 employees, a 10,000 sq ft (1,000 sq m) facility at Werkendam in southern Holland, and is exporting to more than 40 countries around the world.


W&W Cycles

W&W Cycles – always attending
to the details

Samwel Flathead frames
The European made reproduction 45” Flathead style frames seen here are from Samwel Supplies of the Netherlands – a well-known and leading old style parts manufacturer. They can be used as a stock replacement or as a basis for a scratch build bobber or chopper and fit 45”/750cc solo models from 1941 to 1952. Made in steel and drop-forged steel and available in black powder-coated finish.

‘Slant’ RSD exhaust systems
These ‘Slant’ 2:1 exhaust systems are designed by Roland Sands Design (RSD) in satin finish stainless steel with race style spring secured muffler connections. Manufactured for RSD by Vance & Hines, they have drilled heat shields and slash-cut carbon end caps; suitable for 2004 and up Sportsters (not homologated in Europe yet), they have a 1 ¾” header.


LED inserts and spotlights
As LED based lamps are get more popular, these E1 approved 12v 5 ¾” LED inserts allow traditional optics to be maintained with all the durability and benefits of bright LED technology. Features include clear polycarbonate lenses, chrome-coloured edging and shade borders.
Also seen here, these steel, ECE approved 12v custom LED spotlights are similar to the classic 1962 and up spotlights, but with updated technology. They feature E13-approved LED inserts for a state-of-the-art lighting performance. Available chromed or black, with tinted LED lamp insert and mounting block.


Daytona indicator lights
Daytona Beta 12v indicator light units are precision made micro LED indicator light units which feature a durable, strong billet aluminum housing with five LED indicators for turn signals, oil, high beam and neutral; they come with a stainless steel bracket for universal installation; available chromed or black.


‘Zeus’ USB charger socket
From Pangea Speed, this 5v/1.5A 60mm ‘Zeus’ USB charger socket and switch has a strong, durable billet aluminum housing with built-in bracket and stand-off spacer to make them easy to mount nearly anywhere. A rubber lid keeps out dirt and water when the charger is not in use; comes with 120 cm wires, mounting bolt and wire terminals.


Brillman accessories
W&W have added a number of USA made Brillman accessories, including these 7mm vintage ignition wires with old school style braided cotton 16-gauge spark plug wire for custom cable fabrication. It contains modern PVC insulation and stranded copper for top performance – note though that copper core wires should not be used with electronic ignitions other than Dyna “S”; 12 color versions available. Brillman’s vintage ignition wire terminals for vintage style braided cotton spark plug wires are available in a wide selection of fittings and terminals – including fork, ring, snap and hook types. 

Also seen here, Brillman’s 24mm old style 180-degree coil boots protect plug cables’ connectors from the elements and the hands from electric strikes; made in black rubber. Brillman 6mm brass spark plug thumb nuts connect the ignition wires to the threaded studs of the stock spark plugs when using vintage style terminals, while their 13mm magneto thumb nuts are in classic bakelite to connect the ground wire that comes from the kill switch to the magneto’s interrupter housing. 


Bates handlebars
New W&W handlebar options include these German made Bates 77cm wide by 35.5 cm high ‘Long Beach’ and 91 cm by 16.5 cm high ‘Big Sur’ designs in chromed or black powder-coated or bare finish 3mm wall thickness steel. Available with W1 plain or W2 cable routing, with or without dimples, for 1981 and 1982 and up applications.


DBBP Wave Bars
These 67 cm DBBP Wave Bars by Dutch based customizer Mark van der Kwaak feature “distinctive design and meticulous craftsmanship” with a cast center piece low mounting on the upper triple tree - directly bolting to the upper crown without risers for a sleek look. 

Biltwell ‘Utility’ mirrors
These 98mm stem length ‘Utility’ mirrors by Biltwell are made in die-cast aluminum with a stainless steel ball joint. The threaded base accepts a 5/16-18 stainless steel button cap Allen bolt for easy mounting on a wide range of stock and aftermarket hand controls; available chromed or matt black.