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Wednesday 29 May 2019

Comment by Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley

Harley - Momentum or False Dawn?

You may not think so, to go by its Q1 fiscals, but Harley-Davidson got lucky in the first quarter.
While its sales were down, again, they were ahead of the market (resulting in a modest market share bounce), and for once Harley got its timing right.
The better weather towards the end of the first quarter coincided with promotions that were run a few weeks earlier than would normally be the case - promotions such as upgrade offers and low finance rates. At around 28,000 bikes, a -4.2% decline from its first quarter 2018 in a market that was actually down -4.7 percent, Harley's endeavors at hanging optimism on market share is displaced, but regardless, reading between the lines, there may, just may be some hope that at some point this year Harley may be rocking along the bottom of a very broad U-curve rather than continuing to plunge down vertiginous slopes.
The -4.2 percent compared to around -12 percent 12 months ago, and while 28,000 bikes is an even worse Q1 performance than was seen at the height of the financial crisis a decade ago, the quarter itself suggested there may have been some reasons for cheer.
Within that paltry 28,000, sales were down horribly in January - by double digits in percentage terms compared to January 2017. February was a little better, or rather a little less bad, with sales down by upper single digits, but the good news that can be scraped from the bottom of Harley's barrel is that confluence of promotions and better weather in some important parts of Harley's midwestern heartland saw March sales actually up on March of 2018.
Not by much, but mid-single digits growth year on year as the market heads to the peak of the selling cycle does represent some big magic 'Mo' - momentum. Maybe the work Harley has been doing with its dealers, to improve its customer inquiry responsiveness (even if much of that is due to changing ownerships), as evidenced by the recent Pied Piper Internet Lead Effectiveness study (ILE - see report elsewhere in this edition of AMD Magazine), is starting to pay off, adding to an evolving burst (if not exactly perfect storm) of positives.

"tariffs are wrong-headed"

It is the true impacts and implications of the worsening tariff spats that concern me. Trade wars are not, in fact, easy, and can take generations spent in reverse gear to unwind.
With international sales also now in decline, in the face of healthy market growth and giving dealers tariff protection in Europe, it may well be that Harley's dependency on the basics of its 'More Roads' strategies may start to be a millstone as much as an opportunity.
Dependency on a new generation of dealership owners and equity capital will result in the dog being on a way shorter leash where long-term commitment to the long-term unfolding of long-term plans is concerned.
The fast-changing nature of the domestic Indian motorcycle market, one of the primary international markets Harley's strategic aims are dependent on, may also be about to make its Indian sub-continent ambitions a lot more difficult than they appeared to be.
I have spoken long and often about the changing lightweight and middleweight landscape, and with the new generation of Royal Enfield Twins finally arriving in dealerships, U.S. riders of a certain age group are about to find that their expectations of what $6k can get you will be radically altered - and that genie won't fit back in the bottle any time soon when they do see that $6k could be the new $12k or more.
Similarly, with Harley still between 18 and 36 months away from having lightweights on sale in India, another Indian power player, Mahindra & Mahindra (which also owns the rights to the BSA brand name, as well as owning around 50 percent of Peugeot Scooters) has now just finally brought its new Jawas to market, but seen sales of the new 300/250 cc singles far outstrip supply in a market in which Jawa once sold in the hundreds of thousands.
Given that the Royal Enfield parent already owns over 80 percent of the world's largest motorcycle market, it leaves a veritable smorgasbord of brand choice to fight over the crumbs. While is hard to say what kind of brand damage the recent Street recall will have cost Harley in India, it can't have helped a brand that has big fat zero pedigree in a sector and market it hopes to be boosting its balance sheet with three years from now.
The less-worse results at Harley-Davidson are not a cause for celebration, however, as clouds remain on the horizon. The whole Tariffs thing has got way out of control. Worse, they are being used and implemented in ways that are 100 percent illogical and counterproductive. The things that are being said about and claimed for the effects of tariffs are just plain wrong. Economics 101 - tariffs are imposed on the importer, and ultimately the end consumer, not the exporter; they supress demand, not supply. Ask Walmart CFO Brett Biggs.
The punitive tariffs that the EU is proposing to implement on U.S. made motorcycle components are insane. They are designed to penalize U.S. companies as a retaliatory response to U.S. subsidies for Boeing. Dragging innocent sectors into a fight that is irrelevant to them will do nothing to help the international aerospace industry. Even players like Boeing itself, American Airlines and Delta are on record as saying the strategy is wrong-headed.
All that will happen is that positions will harden and make it ever more difficult to unwind the mess and get back to a level playing field on which free, fair and transparent market forces, the primary defining characteristic of capitalism, are allowed to continue to flourish to the benefit of all makers of wealth.
I am 100 percent with Polaris CEO Scott Wine on this one.

Metalsport Wheels

Foose Design, Metalsport Wheels Renew Multi-Year Agreement

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of a multi-year agreement with Foose Design, Metalsport Wheels has announced that it has renewed the longstanding exclusive agreement with Foose Design.

Foose Design has worked closely with Metalsport Wheels over the past years to develop the 'Signature Series' line. Chip Foose has created more than a dozen wheel designs for this line, including his latest designs, 'Bel Air' and 'Vortex'.
Chip Foose is the creative head and driving force behind the respected automotive and product development company Foose Design. Headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, it specializes in illustration, graphics, model making, surfacing and complete construction of automobiles and automobile-related products.

From left to right, Chip Foose, Ron Loynds and Lynne Foose

Founded in 1998, Foose Design products and creative services are available to individuals, TV and film companies and automotive manufacturers.

 'Bel Air' (left) and 'Vortex' are the latest additions to Metalsport's popular Chip Foose 'Signature Series' wheel program

Ron Loynds, owner of Metalsport Wheels, stated: "I would personally like to thank Chip and Lynne for the confidence and trust given to Metalsport and allowing us into the Foose Design family along with the friendship that has evolved from our business relationahip."
Metalsport offers a full line of 3D, 2D and now Hybrid finished wheels featuring over 25 designs. It lays claim to having the largest selection of wheel sizes in the USA, with sizes starting from the 16" wheel to the monster 34" wheel. All Metalsport wheels come with options to add matching rotors, pulleys, sprockets.

Ultima Motor Works

Ultima EVO Style 'Competition Series' and EPA Complete Engines

Ultima Motor Works' EVO style engines - El Bruto Competition Series - are available in displacements of 100 to 140 c.i. with a choice of finishes such as Diamond Cut, polished, wrinkle black and 'Blackout Editions' for a "truly beauty meets the beast" solution "to give those Evo models many more miles."


"The Ultima engine family shows up in world class custom bike competitions (including the AMD World Championship series) and has been rigorously campaigned in 6,000 lb sled pulls by Iron Horse Racing and in Drag Racing by Chariots of Fire.

"Emphasizing longevity, Ultima El Bruto engines combine high quality components with affordable prices, giving you the best value available.  Our proven combinations deliver more horsepower, and due to our exclusive balancing methods, we feel they are the smoothest engines on the market today."

All castings are made from C356 aluminum and the engine components are machined on state-of- the-art CNC equipment for guaranteed dimensional accuracy and repeatability. 
Measured at the crankshaft, the El Bruto 107 cubic incher has a rated output of 115 hp with 120 ft lb torque with 120 hp/120 ft lb torque for the 113". The 120" is said to deliver 130 hp with 135 ft lb torque, with the 127" developing 140 hp and 140 ft lb torque. At the top of the line, the 140" scores 165 hp with 170 ft lb torque.

Diamond cut

Ultima also has a series of EVO style 'specials' available, with its "Competition Series 100" engines tuned for stock replacement with a milder cam and lower compression. "They start very easily, making for less wear on the starter and battery. The milder cam makes for an extremely quiet engine. And the biggest feature? They will come with a 2-year warranty."
Ultima's 49-state EPA certified engines and C.A.R.B. compliant engines are offered in three popular displacements: 113, 120 and 127 c.i. and are also available for EFI. These motors are the same specs as their normal 'Competition Series' engines, "but now with the capability to use Delphi style EFI set-ups." 


Baker Drivetrain

Baker OD6 - Still the Best?

Still widely regarded as the best overdrive 6-speed built to this day, it is fair to say that the original Baker Drivetrain 6-speed design revolutionized the American V-twin industry.
Built to comfortably handle the power from today's big-inch engines, this transmission is rated for engines putting out up to 165ft/lbs of continuous use. It is available as a complete transmission with a wide variety of case options and configurations, or as a builder's kit for stock case applications, which requires little to no modification. 

The Baker OD6 is available with many optional gear ratios to match engine torque and riding style, has a billet 6061-T6 bearing door, 1/8" thick bearing retainer plate, Redundant Neutral smooth shift system, hard chrome plated shift forks, and diamond cut gearset made out of 8620 steel.
Stronger than stock, lower rpms mean smoother highway speeds and improved fuel efficiency. It comes with all necessary transmission seals, gaskets and hardware and is backed by a 5-year limited warranty. Selected Big Twin applications 1987 through 2006.
Also seen here, the Baker high-torque bearing kit is a performance upgrade for 1985 - 2007 Big Twins. The stock inner bearing race becomes useless when you have over 100+ hp because the strength of the engine will cause the race to walk. 

Used on Big Twins since 1985, the inner primary bearing rides on this race. By design, this race press-fits onto the transmission mainshaft. This system works fine for stock engines, but in 100 hp+ applications, if it walks inboard, it will damage the maindrive gear seal and cause a transmission oil leak; if it walks outboard, it will cause a primary oil leak.
The Baker high-torque bearing kit eliminates lateral walking of the mainshaft race and oil leaks and eases serviceability. The kit includes a precision-honed bearing and seal.



Dock66 Chopper Gas Tank

Duisburg, Germany based Dock66 Motorcycle Parts has these new 'OneShot' clean-style Chopper gas tanks available. 

Described as "authentic 60s design," unlike other Chopper style tanks this has just the one 3/8" NPT petcock mounting, on the right side, for an extra clean look.
The tanks have a capacity of 2.2 gallons (8.4 liters). 'OneSlot' is ready for a gas cap with bayonet lock, as commonly used on many Harley-Davidson models. The maximum length is 42 cm.



Most Popular Drive Ever?

With over 50,000 of the BDL EVO 9S belt drives installed around the world "it is by far the most popular open drive ever," the company says.
"Exceptionally clean and sleek, the 3" 9S is designed specifically for 1990-2006 Softail style motorcycles.  It is the most cost effective system of its type and provides all the significant benefits including adjustable lever pull, smoother hook up, strength, durability and quiet operation. 

"The dual dome, scalloped side guard kit comes with a 47 tooth front pulley, 72 tooth rear basket and a 141 by 3 inch wide belt.  The super clean 'DOME' covered pressure plate is capable of using 6, 8, 9 or 12 coil springs to meet your power needs. You adjust the pull and pressure of your clutch by the number of springs you install."
BDL's own clutch pack, featuring "performance aramid fiber" materials, provides precise, smooth lock up with optimum strength and longevity. The sleek motor plate begins life as a solid block of 6061 T6 billet aluminium, which is then CNC machined to size and style at the BDL factory in Southern California.
BDL says "for an aggressive no frills look simply pop the domes off; if you are already running one of the EVO 9S 3" drives and want to slim down to a 2", the new BDL EVO-9S-2-RFK kit includes everything needed to convert your EVO-9S drive to a 2"."


Arnott Air Suspension

Arnott Certifies Ultimate Ride Kits for 2019 Indian Touring Models

Merritt Island, Florida based Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension has certified its adjustable air suspension Ultimate Ride Series kits for 2019 Indian Touring, Bagger and Cruising models.  

Arnott's on-board adjustable Ultimate Ride air suspension kit offers TruAIR technology with a rugged Goodyear multi-ply air spring bladder, which is coupled with a custom FOX nitrogen-charged, IFP mono-tube shock absorber.     
Arnott's air shock "provides the rider with superior control and height adjustability for parking, and both the rider and passenger with a much more comfortable ride, along with reduced bottoming."
Arnott pairs the shock with a small but powerful compressor with an application-specific mounting bracket that has been redesigned, so it will now not interfere with center stand installations.
An air distribution valve block includes a muffler to control how fast air is released. Each kit includes everything needed for a fast and flawless installation including an installation manual, fused wiring harness and relay assembly, handlebar-mounted inflation switch, all necessary tubing, wiring, cable ties, fittings and mounting accessories.
"Each shock is custom-crafted and rigorously tested in Arnott's Florida manufacturing facility and backed by Arnott's Limited Lifetime Warranty."
Founded in 1989, Arnott holds multiple manufacturing credentials, including ISO 9001:2008 Management System Certification and the TÜV Rheinland Product Safety and Quality Certification. Arnott's products also meet GOST ISO 9001-2011 Certification and the EurAsian Conformity (EAC) Mark for Arnott's Quality Management System.



BMC Enters Harley Replacement Filter Market

Italian filter manufacturer BMC is universally known in motorsport circles in Europe and elsewhere simply as 'The Red Filter' - its widespread use in Formula 1, Le Mans, MotoGP and World Superbike among other leading series has made it almost ubiquitous.

Almost 20 years of experience gained from successful cooperation with many of the most prestigious teams in motorsports has made BMC a "global leader in the design and production of high-performance air filters."
To mark its entry into the Harley-Davidson filters aftermarket, the company released a limited edition run of 99 individually numbered titanium mesh filters with a hand-laminated autoclave cured carbon fiber custom cover and CNC-machined one-piece machined alloy backing plate. 

Now, the high-volume production-level product for Harley applications is available at distributors. Designed as a no-hassle-fit upgrade for the OEM paper air filter element, it is manufactured with a metallic mesh which contains multiple cotton layers of oiled filtration material.
The proven construction allows improved air flow - sufficient for stock to all-out performance applications. To further help prevent small impurities enter the engine, filtration oil is used to create a 'sticky' barrier, which allows air flow but helps retain small particles of up to 7 microns. All filters are precision made and continuously checked during production for the highest obtainable quality. BMC filters are washable and reusable and also available for selected S&S Super B&D and E/G applications.


Wednesday 22 May 2019

Motorsport Aftermarket Group (MAG)

Six MAG Business Units, including Tucker Powersports and J&P Cycles, to Become Stand-Alone Businesses

Motorsport Aftermarket Group (MAG) today announced a new and significant change to managing the multi-brand organization.
"We've asked each of our senior leaders to focus 100% of their efforts on creating value, delivering growth and expanding the entrepreneurial mindset within their business unit and their brands," said Hugh Charvat, CEO of Motorsport Aftermarket Group.
"When we do this, we will become nimbler, more aggressive and have a greater focus on the market and on our customers. We'd rather have a portfolio of successful companies with complete independence than force them to integrate, which turned out to be detrimental to several of our brands." 

Hugh Charvat, CEO of Motorsport Aftermarket Group, says: "While our business units will continue to collaborate where helpful, there will be no corporate mandate to do so.  We'll ensure complete independence between Tucker Powersports, J&P Cycles and our four other business units by making

"While our business units will continue to collaborate where helpful, there will be no corporate mandate to do so.  And we'll ensure complete independence between Tucker Powersports, J&P Cycles and our four other business units by making them stand-alone businesses. This demonstrates our commitment to supporting our dealer customers.
"We now have great talent leading each of our business units, so the board and I feel that this is the time to unleash those individuals and all of our great employees to return our brands to the status they've enjoyed in the past, without the operating restraints that have been in place as MAG."

'unwinding the vertical'

Known internally as "Unwinding the Vertical," Charvat indicates that the change will be good for all the company's stakeholders.  "Aggressive companies led by great leaders will certainly have a positive impact on the powersports industry. Our goal is to lead in every product category where we compete."
In the past several months, MAG has pursued and hired top industry talent to fill significant roles including powersports industry veterans Mike Kennedy, Greg Heichelbech, John Potts and Greg Blackwell.
MAG will remain based in Coppell, Texas, and include six independent business units, managing 18 consumer brands. Those brands include Answer, BikeMaster, Burly, First Gear, Dragonfire Racing, J&P Cycles, Kuryakyn, Mustang Seats, Performance Machine, Progressive Suspension, ProTaper, QuadBoss, Roland Sands Design, Speed and Strength, Tucker, Tucker V-Twin, Twin Power and Vance & Hines. MAG business units employ 1,500 people throughout the United States.

Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC)

U.S. Households With A Motorcycle Climb To Record 8% in 2018

A Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) owner survey has revealed that despite the present soft new motorcycle registration figures in the United States, there are more bikes in use with a record 8% of U.S. households reported to own at least one motorcycle.

Households with a motorcycle rose from 6.94 percent in 2014 (the last full survey) to a record 8.02 percent in 2018, an increase of more than 1.5 million homes. The United States Census Bureau's most recent estimate put the number of U.S. households at 126,224,000. The MIC owner survey found that 10,124,400 of those homes had a motorcycle.
"The household penetration numbers have always been among the most important figures to us," said MIC President and CEO Tim Buche. "We're certainly happy to see more homes that have a motorcycle. Riders who talk about motorcycling to friends and neighbors help to inspire people who don't yet ride."

"number of motorcycles owned reached record levels"

The number of motorcycles owned also reached record levels, according to the survey, jumping to 13,158,100 last year, an increase of more than 2.5 million motorcycles compared to 2014. It is even higher than the previous record from 2009 (11,704,500), which followed a long period of high-volume new bike sales.
The estimated number of motorcycles in use rose to an increase of more than 2 million since 2014. And that number was more than 1 million better than the record figure from 2009, when 11,015,105 motorcycles were in use.

Tim Buche, MIC President and CEO: "The household penetration numbers have always been among the most important statistics for us"

"Modern motorcycles are high-quality machines, enabling the pre-owned market to be a key part of the overall growth in the motorcycle and rider population," said Jim Woodruff, secretary/treasurer of the MIC Board of Directors and COO of National Powersport Auctions. "The annual pre-owned market is actually three times larger than the new market. Used bikes appeal to many riders because there are so many options in terms of price and style."
The 2018 survey also revealed that the number of motorcycles per household with a bike stood at 1.30, up slightly compared with 2014 when it was 1.23, but down compared to 1.53 recorded in 2009.

"13,158,100 motorcycles in use in 2018"

The percentage of motorcycles in running order was down 3 percentage points, from 96.1 percent in 2014 to 93 percent in 2018. But compared to a decade ago (94.1 percent) it was only down one percentage point last year.
"As used units become a larger part of the overall motorcycle population, it's not surprising to see a slight decrease in the percentage of operating units," Woodruff said. "Our research shows that the average age of a pre-owned motorcycle sold in the U.S. is approximately eight years old. Plus, vintage bikes are on trend now and many riders are keeping non-runners as part of their collection."
The MIC is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., with a government relations office in metropolitan Washington, D.C. First called the MIC in 1970, the organization has been in operation since 1914.

Biker Fest

Biker Fest XXXIII
Udine, Italy, May 9-12

The 33rd Biker Fest at Lignano Sabbiadoro, Udine, Italy, (May 9-12) hosted the Italian round of the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building Show Affiliate Series - the 8th annual Italian Motorcycle Championship.
The culmination of a fifteen-event network of custom bike shows held throughout Italy and promoted by Italian custom magazine Bikers Life, the Italian Motorcycle Championship regularly produces star performers for the 'AMD'.

In 2018, at INTERMOT Customized, the largest national contingent of competitors were the 18 builders from Italy who entered 21 bikes in total – over a fifth of all the bikes entered - with eight of the Italian builders taking a trophy home for scooping a podium place in one or other of the classes.

Gallery Motorcycles' "Deeva", Best in Show was based around a 1920 Harley-Davidson JD engine, custom frame and glass oil tank

This Italian Motorcycle Championship was again held at the Aquasplash Water Park, adjacent to the demo rides area and main Luna Park vendor space. Forty-seven bikes from across Italy, together with Mayerl Motorcycles visiting from Austria, competed in Freestyle, Modified Harley-Davidson, Metric, Streetfighter, Old Style, Bagger, Cafe Racer and Scrambler classes.

"La Veloce" by Hazard Motorcycle features a 1947 WL 45 engine with 1964 XL Sportster cylinders and heads

The Best in Show and three additional winners will be receiving 1,000 euro expenses towards competing at the 14th annual AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building at INTERMOT, Cologne, Germany, from October 7-11, 2020.
Best in Show was Gallery Motorcycles' "Deeva", based around a Harley-Davidson 1920 JD engine, one-off custom frame and exhaust, glass oil tank and with Jonich wheels and disc brakes. 

2016 Retro Modified World Champion PDF Motociclette's "Brough Superior" homage
"Biker's Life Project" by Metal Dreams included extensive hand fabricated aluminum bodywork

Also winning travel expenses and an invitation to Cologne were "La Veloce" by Hazard Motorcycle, featuring a WL 45 Flathead engine with Ironhead top end, handmade frame, bars and exhaust, PDF Motociclette's “Gatsby” a 1930s Brough Superior homage using a modified 1980 Ironhead engine, hand made gas and oil tanks, exhaust, handlebars, fenders and air filter, and Metal Dreams' "Biker's Life Project" Kawasaki Z900RS, featuring extensive aluminum bodywork, Rizoma brake levers and footpegs, Free Spirits handlebars and stainless steel BS exhaust.

Petersen Automotive Museum

The World's First Electric Motorcycle Museum Exhibit

Being staged at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, the Motorcycle Arts Foundation (MAF) and Harley-Davidson have announced the opening of Electric Revolution, said to be "the world's first museum exhibition exclusively featuring electric motorcycles."

This exhibit, which is supported by Harley-Davidson, will open at the Richard Varner Family Gallery at the Petersen on April 6, 2019. Curated by MAF co-founder Paul d'Orléans, the exhibit will explore the history and current state of the electric motorcycle and e-bike industry with 21 examples of two-wheeled electric vehicles from both custom builders and established manufacturers.
Paul d'Orléans says that "zero-emission vehicles have become a prominent part of the transportation landscape, and electric motorcycles and e-bikes are one of the fastest growing sectors in this quickly evolving market. The exhibit assembles a dynamic mix of production, racing, prototype and custom electric motorcycles from world renowned manufacturers and builders in the EV space including Harley-Davidson, CAKE, Specialized Bicycle Components, Roland Sands Design, Curtiss Motorcycles, Alta Motors, Joey Ruiter, and [AMD World Championship regular] Noel Connolly."
Harley-Davidson is the lead sponsor for this exhibit and has provided three recent prototypes from their electric portfolio, including the 2020 LiveWire, which will be available to the public in Fall 2019.

"We are creating history with the world's first exhibition of any type to feature two-wheeled electric vehicles exclusively," said d'Orléans. "The electric motorcycle industry is exploding with new players investing in an electric future, and this exhibit will showcase contemporary manufacturers as the trail blazers of the industry and pay homage to electric pioneers."
"We are thrilled to support the Motorcycle Arts Foundation and participate in the Electric Revolution exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum," stated Harley-Davidson Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Heather Malenshek. "Harley-Davidson is at the forefront of the changing consumer landscape within motorcycles and we are excited to showcase our halo product, LiveWire, within the powerful narrative this exhibit presents to the public."

Bandit Machine Works

Sportsman for 1990 and Up Big Twins - Including M-8 Softail and Touring

Legendary Lancaster, Pennsylvania based street and race clutch specialist John Magee has added to his Bandit Machine Works severe duty performance clutch product lines with applications for M-8 models.

Best known for the Drag Race bred Superclutch, the 'Sportsman' street application is now available in three Big Twin application models - for '90 -'97, '98 -'06 and for 2007-up, which now includes M-8 Softail and Touring applications.
Seen here on a 2017 Road King without a lockup unit, it is available with or without lockup, and "the Sportsman clutch will handle a great deal of power without a centrifugal lockup," says Bandit Machine Works Founder, Designer and CEO John Magee.
"The new Sportsman Superclutch is an economical, easy to install high performance clutch upgrade with all of the quality, design, performance and service racers, performance engineers and dealers have come to expect from Bandit Machine Works."
Features include increased friction surface area of +217% of stock for 1990 to 1997 Evo models; +229% of stock for 1998 - 2006 Big Twins and 11 friction plates to produce a thumping +280% increase over stock for 2007 and up models.

"That's more than any other high performance H-D clutch," says John "and delivers greatly increased torque and horsepower capacity - right through to the rear wheel.
"Our Sportsman Superclutch design means lighter lever pull for greatly improved 'feel' and ease of operation with coil springs allow infinite pressure adjustment to tailor the clutch to your bike - there's no more choosing between 'too much' or 'not enough' - with the Sportsman Superclutch you can get it just right."
The bolt-in installation design is said to give 'Set & Forget' reduced maintenance with "no special tools required (no spring compressor) and with the extended inner hub length supporting the clutch on the main shaft means premature spline wear under heavy loads is prevented."


Twin Power

M-8 Big Bore Cylinders; Heavy Duty Axle and Adjuster Kits

Hitting the 'sweet spot' for M-8 upgrades, Twin Power has added 4.25" Big Bore cylinders for M-8 models to its product line - factory fitted for the popular Wiseco Black Edition pistons.
When combined with Twin Power gaskets, a 107 cubic inch engine can be converted to 124 cubic inches, and a 114 cubic inch to 128 cubic inches. This is strictly a bolt-on kit, as the special gaskets eliminate the need to weld or otherwise modify oil and water passages. 

Machining of the crankcase is not required either. Gasket kits are available with either .030" or .040" thick head gaskets, based on the builder's preference.
The cylinders are offered in a factory style black textured powder-coat finish with highlighted fins. Cast-in iron liners ensure strength, durability and quiet operation. Cylinders are sold in pairs and include cylinder head dowels.
"The M-8 has shown incredible performance potential, and this kit really wakes up the stock engine," says James Simonelli, Twin Power Brand Manager. "On a 107" Dresser with no headwork, TTS 250 cam and valve springs, 62 mm throttle body, a performance intake and 2:1 exhaust, we achieved 139.63 hp and a whopping 142.65 ft. lbs. of torque with a tabletop flat torque curve."
Twin Power has also added these new heavy-duty axle and adjuster kits for 2002 and later Dresser models, including 2019 M-8.
Featuring a solid stainless steel axle machined from 316 material that will not rust or seize to the wheel bearings, the adjusters are hard chromed steel with 4140 steel adjuster screws. All additional hardware is Grade 8 and installation tools and instructions are included.

"The high-performance Bagger scene is exploding," says James. "Large displacement engines, turbos and superchargers are becoming the norm. These mods will easily overwhelm the stock belt drive and snail cam style adjusters, and typically also require a chain drive conversion kit.
"In addition to the extra strength, these kits also allow a greater range of axle adjustment and are a perfect addition to our popular cush drive chain conversion kits. They are also priced more reasonably than many of the other kits on the market, but give you the quality that you've come to expect from Twin Power".
Kits are 100% USA made and simple to install with only a minor spotting and drilling modification required.

Also seen here, these new Twin Power replacement fuel pump kits feature all the components necessary to rebuild the O.E.M. fuel pump module, including pump, filter, hoses, clamps and wiring harness as needed.
James Simonelli explains: "Ethanol fuel blends can really wreak havoc on American V-twin fuel systems. Extended periods of storage further compound this problem. These kits give you everything you need to correct these problems and offer a competitively priced solution to factory components (which in some cases are obsolete)."
The kits are available for all 1995-2017 factory fuel injected H-D models, come ready for plug-and-play installation and feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty.



Bitubo 'DigiShox' Electronic Suspension System for Harley-Davidson Models

Italian suspension manufacturer Bitubo has added to the applications available for its popular DS ('DigiShox') Electronic suspension system with fitments for Harley models.
Operated from a smartphone app, the DS system consists of Bitubo's proven and multi-patented ECH cartridges, its XXF rear mono shock and a Bluetooth control unit. The control display indicates the status of the settings in use - from a choice of 12 available suspension tuning options.

A button allows the rider to choose the set-up that suits his or her riding style and load, while an E-lean drop sensor and a GPS sensor determine speed, with the value used to adapt the suspension's setting automatically whenever required by the rider. The Bitubo ECH cartridge kit is equipped with hydraulic adjustment of the manual spring preload and electronic adjustment of compression and rebound. Bitubo XXF mono shocks are equipped with electronic adjustment of rebound, compression and preload.
Bitubo says that using "the smallest and most efficient micromotors ever used by any suspension producer allow increasing the speed more than 30% compared to any other similar system. The unit is equipped with 9 adjustments that are preset by Bitubo, and not modifiable, together with 3 more that can be personalized by the user.
"The included color choice map is visible on the display through the choice of position 1, 2 or 3 and further personalized set-ups are available via an Apple Store or Android Market downloadable app.

After downloading the app and selecting it, the user will be faced with the 9 adjustments preset by Bitubo and the 3 more that are customizable to suit the user. The user can then send his personalized set-ups through the application to the control unit via Bluetooth wireless technology. The set-ups are selectable through the handlebar selector - parked or on the go - with a system reaction time of the system of just 100 milliseconds.


S&S Cycle

S&S 550 M-8 Cam Chest Kits

Adding to its collection of complete cam chest kits, S&S Cycle recently launched a version featuring the "monster" 550 cam. 

Designed for 114 and larger M-8 powered Harleys, "the 550 cam is good for 120 hp and 128 lbs of torque on a 114" motor with only a high flow air cleaner and header," according to VP Marketing David Zemla.
"The kits include cam, outer drive gears for gear drive kits, cam plate, tappets, high flow oil pump, Quickee pushrod kit, tappet cuffs (mandatory for high lift cams), heavy duty valve springs and all bearings and gaskets needed for installation. Each package is designed to work with everything around it and create optimum power and reliability for 2017-2019 114 and larger M-8 powered Big Twins."

The S&S cam chest kits includes the company's new oil pump with a "best in the market" +44% increase in flow, a 58% increase in scavenge paired with a chain or gear drive cam and pushrod tubes - for "serious and reliable power."


Parts Europe

Italian Made Drag Specialties Performance Rotors from Parts Europe

Exclusively available through Parts Europe / Drag Specialties, these new Drag Specialties brake rotors are said to be a "real upgrade in terms of performance and durability under the hardest riding conditions".


Manufactured for Parts Europe by a premium brake disc manufacturer in Italy, the "results are convincing" - all these brake discs come with an ABE certificate, for the current Touring models the rear discs are available as 7 mm. Matching brake pads are also available.



There are three different types of stainless steel brake rotors for all circumstances - FTK Discs are a long lasting, lightweight, exclusive design with ABE approval for maximum performance and faster cooling in front and rear thicknesses, like OEM brake rotors.
FT Discs are a fully floating performance, lightweight upgrade of original brake discs, available in front and rear thicknesses like OEM-brake rotors and ABE approved. Fixed Discs are manufactured from high grade materials and precision manufactured for a good quality price ratio, in OE style front and rear thicknesses like OEM-brake rotors with ABE approval.



V-Factor Stock Replacement and Big Bore Cylinder Options 1941 - 2003
These stock replacement and Big Bore cast iron cylinders by V-Factor offer dealers, performance engineers and custom bike builders v-twin engine options for most Harley platforms, from Knucklehead, Panhead and Shovelhead, to Big Twin Evo and XL.
1941-1947 Knucklehead 3 7/16" 1200 cc/74 ci stock replacements (Knucklehead front seen here)
For all Panhead years, they are designed for inside or outside top end oiling (rear seen here)
3 1/2" 1340 cc/80 ci OE style replacement for all Shovelhead years (front seen here)

For 1941 through 1947 Knuckleheads front and rear OE style replacements are available in 3 7/16" 1200 cc/74 ci stock size, painted black.
For all Panhead years they are designed for inside or outside top end oiling.
They are available as stock replacement, standard bore size for all Shovelhead years (3 7/16" 1200 cc/74 ci and 3 1/2" 1340cc/80 ci), and as 3.625"/3 5/8" Big Bore in standard length or .200" taller for stroked engines for Shovelheads 1966-1984. 

Big Twin Evo applications 1984-1999 in Natural (Cast) or Wrinkle Black

For Evo Big Twins and Sportsters V-Factor cylinders include stud inserts for head alignment in cast (Natural) or Wrinkle Black for Big Twin from 1984-1999 and Cast (Natural) for 1200 cc Exo Sportsters from 1988-2003.