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Wednesday 29 May 2019


BMC Enters Harley Replacement Filter Market

Italian filter manufacturer BMC is universally known in motorsport circles in Europe and elsewhere simply as 'The Red Filter' - its widespread use in Formula 1, Le Mans, MotoGP and World Superbike among other leading series has made it almost ubiquitous.

Almost 20 years of experience gained from successful cooperation with many of the most prestigious teams in motorsports has made BMC a "global leader in the design and production of high-performance air filters."
To mark its entry into the Harley-Davidson filters aftermarket, the company released a limited edition run of 99 individually numbered titanium mesh filters with a hand-laminated autoclave cured carbon fiber custom cover and CNC-machined one-piece machined alloy backing plate. 

Now, the high-volume production-level product for Harley applications is available at distributors. Designed as a no-hassle-fit upgrade for the OEM paper air filter element, it is manufactured with a metallic mesh which contains multiple cotton layers of oiled filtration material.
The proven construction allows improved air flow - sufficient for stock to all-out performance applications. To further help prevent small impurities enter the engine, filtration oil is used to create a 'sticky' barrier, which allows air flow but helps retain small particles of up to 7 microns. All filters are precision made and continuously checked during production for the highest obtainable quality. BMC filters are washable and reusable and also available for selected S&S Super B&D and E/G applications.