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Monday 21 December 2020


Kellermann Daycan - "uber bright" DLR with ECE and Integral Indicator Option

Aachen, Germany based LED lights specialist Kellermann has added a major diversification to its internationally popular product offer with these new Daycan combination daylight running lights (DLR) with combination indicator option.
The company describes these lights, which are available for all makes and models of motorcycle, as "sensationally bright" - and they are not joking. By any standards they are "uber bright" and are the first LED aftermarket DLRs to receive ECE approval.

"The sensational illumination power makes every motorcycle more visible in traffic during the day," says Guido Kellermann. "I have always wanted our brand to represent quality and safety. Quality in design, manufacturing, reliability and performance, with rider safety our top priority."
"Engineering these new lights to meet our standards and to meet ECE requirements has not been easy - there is a reason that our Daycan lights are a world first, they have required a massive R&D investment as they break genuinely new ground. Only an established manufacturer with deep experience could have designed these lights."

Daycan I is not only the first daytime running light with an indicator, but the complete illumination surface of the Daycan I switches from white to yellow light during flashing - this illumination power and signal effect creates a major step forward in daytime visibility and is legally only available from Kellermann.
"We designed Daycan and Daycan I with great attention to detail," says Guido. "It has a look and feel of power and strength. Visually, the Daycan fits into the design of all motorcycles perfectly. We have tested them on everything and in all circumstances and conditions - from adventure bikes and cruisers to café racers, naked style street bikes, touring models and sport bikes."

Kellermann has given this ultra-modern daytime running light a rich yet distinctive look, functional and smart - often a very difficult combination to achieve in any product range, but especially lights. Most riders take their lights for granted, but nobody will be able to overlook a motorcycle equipped with these Daycan lights.
A specifically developed smart control system guarantees seamless communication between all components and a constant and, importantly, consistent illumination power on both lights, in all weather and temperature conditions. Both Daycan versions (with and without integral indicator function) can be installed on almost all motorcycles, with and without existing original daytime running light.



Harley Looks Set To Go Ahead with the Chinese Made, Benelli Derived 338R
By Ben Purvis

Having forged a deal with Chinese firm Zhejiang Qianjiang, parent of Benelli, Keeway, Generic and the newly-launched QJMotor brand, Harley-Davidson has been quietly working on a Chinese-made, small-capacity model for more than a year.
Despite the upheaval following the departure of H-D CEO Matt Levatich in early 2020 and a wholesale change of plans introduced by his replacement, Jochen Zeitz, the project appears to remain on track for a 2021 launch.

Design patent filing for the new QJ-built 338 R

When Harley first announced the project in 2019, the firm showed two sketches of the new machine. However, more recently, design patent drawings have emerged showing precisely what it will look like. The designs confirm that the frame, swingarm, forks and engine design are the same as the Qianjiang-made Benelli 302S, but it loses the Sino-Italian machine's rather nondescript styling in favor of a flat track-inspired shape.
The 338R's planned 338 cc capacity appears to come from using the short 45.2 mm stroke from the Benelli 302S's 300 cc parallel twin combined with the 69 mm bore from the same firm's larger 500 cc model. Since Harley announced its project, Qianjiang has announced another model based on the same mechanical components - the QJMotor SRK 350, which features a 353 cc version of the same engine thanks to the 45.2 mm stroke and an even larger 70.5 mm bore.
Early prototypes of the SRK 350 even featured the words 'Harley-Davidson Motor Company' cast into the engine covers.

Though heavily borrowing from QJ's Benelli designs, this appears to be an early closeup picture of a 338R prototype

The similarities between the three machines - Benelli's 302S, QJMotor's SRK 350 and Harley's 338R - mean we can take an educated guess at its weight and performance. Both the 300 cc and 353 cc engines made around the same power - 38 hp - although the larger motor peaks at 9,000 rpm and the smaller one at 11,000 rpm. The 338 cc Harley is likely to split the difference. Weight will be around 180 kg.
The small parallel twin is intended not for the West, but as a means to bring the Harley name to customers in developing markets around Asia. By putting a low-cost Harley onto those markets, the idea was that as riders there become more affluent, the firm's more luxurious offerings will pick up sales.

Although Zeitz has overturned much of Levatich's ambitious 'More Roads to Harley-Davidson' plan for the future, canceled the water-cooled Bronx streetfighter that was shown in late 2019, and pulled the brand out of 39 markets to refocus on Harley's core products, elements of Levatich's scheme have survived.
The 1,250 cc water-cooled Pan America adventure bike, for instance, and the similarly engined but as yet unnamed custom bike that was previewed in 2018, have survived the cull. At the moment, it seems that the 338R has also remained on track, perhaps because its development was already well advanced when Zeitz took the reins.
Asked about the small displacement bike during Harley's Q2 earnings presentation, he deflected the question, saying: "As I said, we would like to reveal our products much closer to actual launch. And whether and when we are going to launch specific products is not something that I would like to elaborate on right now. We will provide further detail in the fourth quarter. At this point, there's really nothing new to say about that."
However, investor-relations documents from the latest presentation still list "the Company's ability to … develop and maintain a productive relationship with Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle Co., Ltd. and launch related products in a timely manner" as an important factor in the firm's future results.

News Briefs

Comoto Holdings, the owner of J&P Cycles, Revzilla and Cycle Gear, has acquired Colorado based REVER, the world's largest motorcycle, off-road and adventure GPS app and community, to further expand its digital platform consumer reach footprint. The REVER app is said to have been downloaded more than one million times.

The MIC has said that domestic U.S. motorcycle sales were up by double digits percent through the third quarter. Year-to-date sales of new motorcycles and scooters through September increased 10.2% compared to the same period of 2019.

The pre-production protype of the upcoming Harley Pan America has been on the road in Europe - visiting dealers in France and Italy in particular to spread ADV love in advance of the expected Q1 launch confirmation. Indeed, several Italian Harley dealers are reported to have already placed pre-orders as Milwaukee works hard to prop up any domestic U.S. negativity with enough international sales to make it worth continuing with, or maybe because it is because the BMW and Honda Africa Twin dominated European ADV market will be the toughest to crack.

AMA Hall of Famer and original member of the Indian Motorcycle Racing 'Wrecking Crew', Bill Tuman has died in Bettendorf, Iowa, aged 99. In a professional racing career that spanned from 1947 to 1955 he won five AMA Grand National championships and earned nicknames such as the 'Rockford Rocket' and 'Bullet Bill'. Between 1950 and 1953 he raced for the Indian factory team with Ernie Beckman and Bobby Hill - they garnered 14 AMA National wins between them.

Polaris says sales of its roadster style Slingshot reverse three-wheel trike doubled in the USA between May and September this year, with Q3 up by mid-50 percent. Slingshot features Polaris' first ever four-cylinder engine and AutoDrive transmission.

Indian conglomerate Mahindra's 'Classic Legends' retro brand division says it sold over 50,000 Jawa branded motorcycles in India in the 12 months to October 2020. Add to that, Brexit permitting, the company is developing BSA badged internal combustion engine and electric bike models at its Banbury, Oxfordshire UK Technical Center for 2021 assembly from mostly UK made components at a factory in Coventry - the spiritual home of the motorcycle industry in the UK, if not the world.

BRP forecast EPS as likely up in the range of +31 to +37% for the twelve months to January 2021 when reporting better than expected results for the three and nine-month period to the end of October 2020. Q3 revenues were +$31.1m/+1.9% at $1.674bn. North American (NA) powersports vehicle unit retail sales were +16%, with gross profit +$45.0m/+10.2% at $486.9m. Revenues were -$299.0m/-6.7% at $4,137.8m for the nine-month period, with NA vehicle sales +23%.

In Europe overall, the 'Big Five' markets (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, UK) account for approx. 80% of all new motorcycle sales. Brussels based motorcycle industry trade association ACEM puts 'Big Five' new motorcycle registrations for the period January to September at 694,606 units (-4.18% - down from 724,917 for 2019), indicating healthy market recovery across Europe prior to the second wave of COVID-19 fully affecting sales and general economic activity throughout Europe. Extrapolating, that would make the whole of Europe worth some 868,000 units for the period (compared to 906,000 in 2019). In electric motorcycle terms, the same 'Big Five' markets were worth some 13,897 new electric motorcycle registrations for the first nine months of 2020. However, other markets such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and elsewhere are also among the biggest players in the E-space.

Sources: AMD, IDN, FT, Reuters, PSB, MPN, B&B, BDN, MCN, AP, Bloomberg, MSNW, Electrek,,,


BSA is Heading Home

Indian conglomerate Mahindra and Mahindra is to "Bring it Home" by manufacturing its new 21st century iterations of the legendary BSA motorcycle brand in the UK - in fact in Coventry, ground zero of the UK motorcycle industry 'back in the day'.
Billionaire chairman Anand Mahindra has said that BSA is to build new internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric motorcycles at a new factory in Coventry - 20 miles west from Royal Enfield's Bruntingthorpe UK headquarters, 15 miles from Triumph Motorcycles' Hinckley UK HQ, and 15 miles east of the planned new Norton Motorcycles manufacturing plant at Solihull, near Birmingham, that former Harley Europe president John Russel has lined-up for Norton Motorcycles in his capacity as interim CEO at Norton on behalf of new owners TVS.

Along with the Gold Star 500 (B50) and 650 Thunderbolt and Lightning, the BSA Rocket 3 was one of the last BSA badged bikes made in 1973. The bankrupt BSA Triumph business was amalgamated into the ill-fated UK government owned Norton Villiers Triumph concern at Meriden, Coventry, in 1972.

Mahindra bought the BSA brand in 2016 and in 2017 was subsequently able to consolidate the IP by buying three other BSA companies from the BSA Regal Group in the UK, which previously owned the brand rights. Ever since then there had been speculation about what Mahindra would do with the brand, but no definitive plan. Well, now we know.
The company is to establish a $12m R&D tech/design center at Banbury, near Oxford (about 40 miles south of Coventry), and open up an assembly facility in Coventry. When BSA (originally Birmingham Small Arms) went bankrupt in the early 1970s, it got folded into the then equally doomed UK government owned Norton Villiers Triumph operation at Meriden, Coventry. The new BSA facility will be about 20 miles from BSA’s historic home at Small Heath, Birmingham.
Mahindra is already owner of Peugeot Motorcycles (formerly Peugeot Scooters) in France and through its Classic Legends subsidiary has sold some 50,000 new Jawa models in India since it additionally acquired that former Czech brand at around the same time that it bought BSA. The new BSA iteration will be a Classic Legends brand - the Mahindra Group has a 60% ownership stake in Classic Legends - with the balance owned by former investment banker, Royal Enfield man, motorcycle enthusiast and Jawa comeback catalyst Anupam Thareja's London based Phi Capital and Boman Irani, former founder of Ideal Jawa (Jawa and Yezdi in India).

Mahindra CEO Anand Mahindra views it as "very important" to have the bikes assembled in the UK "for the authenticity of the brand."

The Banbury R&D center is being part funded by a $6m grant from the UK government and the Coventry assembly plant is due to start production by the middle of 2021 with a 10,000 unit capacity - around 80% of which will be made for export. Around 50 jobs will be created at the tech center, with some 250 more eventually hired at the production facility. The new models are expected to sell for between $7,000 and $13,000.
The first of the planned new models will be gas powered retro motorcycles, with the first of the planned electric models due to be launched by the end of 2021. Anand Mahindra has stated that the components for both models will initially come from India, but that subject to the small print surrounding the UK's exit from the European Union, core parts may subsequently be made in Britain.
Speaking to the Financial Times, he said that "the UK was the leader in bikes right from the start. That provenance is something that we really want to retain," saying that he viewed it as being "very important" to have the bikes assembled in the UK "for the authenticity of the brand."


New Electric Motorcycle World Land Speed Record

Founded by Jacques Gardette in 1995, French manufacturer Voxan achieved an international profile with its 1997 production prototype 72-degree 996 cc Roadster. A limited edition run of 50 production examples in 1999 were followed by a Café Racer and a Scrambler before a change in ownership in 2002.

The Voxan team making the number four for the 408 km/h (254 mph) maximum speed reached.

The following years saw production restart in 2003 with further iterations such as the Street Scrambler and Black Magic, but although the bikes were popular and 'on point' for the era (indeed Voxan had 23 dealers in Europe by 2005), a 2007 IPO on the Euronext exchange failed to give the business a solid financial foundation, and by the end of the decade it was facing compulsory liquidation.

Designed by Sacha Lakic and unveiled as a pre-production concept in 2013, with 50 Kw, 203 bhp and 200 Nm torque up to 10,500 rpm, at the time the Voxan Wattman would have been the most powerful production electric motorcycle ever built.

In 2010 the Voxan brand was bought by Monaco based Venturi Automotive, a top-end auto maker who had been aiming at the GT market. In 2010 Venturi decided instead to start to build a position in the EV market - subsequent projects have included a Formula E team and an extreme condition Antarctica-capable electric vehicle.
In 2013 Venturi showed a pre-production protype design of The Wattman, a 50kw/203 bhp electric motorcycle that, at the time, was believed to be destined to become the most powerful all-electric motorcycle yet built.

Gildo Pastor, President of the Venturi Group: “It is twenty years since I bought the Venturi Group, and ten years since I bought the Voxan brand. Thanks to the hard work and positive mental attitudes shown by Max and my teams, we proved ourselves up to the challenge. The Venturi Group can now claim to have created the fastest ever electric vehicles on two and four wheels (Venturi VBB-3, FIA record: 549 km/h - 341 mph), but also in the four-wheel fuel cell category (Venturi VBB-2, FIA record: 487 km/h - 303 mph). On each project, we have worked openly with major companies to share with them our expertise in the field of ground-breaking technologies, and in doing so contributed to improving ecomobility."

The bike didn't enter production, and since then the Voxan brand has been dormant, but hit the headlines in 2020 with an audacious electric motorcycle world land speed record attempt in the capable hands of former MotoGP racer and two-time World SuperBike Champion Max Biaggi (Italy).
Instead of being able to claim the honor of being the most powerful production electric motorcycle in the world, the latest version to carry the Voxan Wattman branding is an electric semi-streamliner that smashed the prior 329.085 km/h world speed record for electric motorcycles set by Ryuji Tsuruta on a Mobitec EV-02A (in the category "one-wheel drive, partially streamlined electric motorcycles weighing less than 300 kg").
Biaggi's time was 366.94 km/h (228.05 mph) - the requisite average of two opposite direction standing start runs set within the FIM mandated two hours, the record speed being the average of the two speeds recorded over the two runs.
Powered by a 270 kW (367 CH) motor, the on-board systems showed that the Wattman peaked at a top speed of 372 km/h (231 mph). 


Given the relatively short track (3.5 km/2.17 miles), reaching such an impressive top speed has encouraged Voxan to set its sights even higher. When it makes its next attempts on a longer course, the team now has serious designs on an average speed in the region of 400 km/h (249 mph).
Voxan told AMD Magazine: "Today, focus is primarily on setting new speed records, so there are currently no plans to sell a production Voxan Wattman in the near future, but the subject is always under consideration. Maybe we'll make a limited series production model at a later date."


OptiMate 7 SELECT - The 'Do it All' Battery Charger

"Gone are the days when an experienced technician could listen to the motor run, figure out what's wrong, adjust a few things and presto - the engine is running smoother," laments TecMate CEO Martin Human.
"These days, troubleshooting and tuning is done via a diagnostic link between computer and motorcycle, and usually without the engine running - which works great until the motorcycle's battery runs out of power!

"That's where the OptiMate 7 SELECT can make a difference. Its PS (power supply) support mode provides a steady 13.6V with up to 8 amps available, quite sufficient to keep that battery charged whilst the computer diagnostics deliver their magic, either uploading a new ignition map or troubleshooting an electrical issue.
"It can also charge fast. Motorcycles in for service often have a battery that is in bad shape one way or another, or there is that motorcycle in the showroom being drooled over by a prospective buyer, but it has a dead problem," says Martin.
"OptiMate 7 SELECT has up to 10 amps on tap, smartly controlled by the AmpMatic program that adjusts charge current according to the battery's size and condition - smaller batteries get less, bigger batteries get more."
OptiMate 7 SELECT's two charge modes, 14.4V for most batteries and 14.7V for premium AGM batteries, "guarantee that any 12V battery will be correctly charged. The rest is easy and typical OptiMate - hook it up and no further supervision is required."
The OptiMate 7 SELECT will deliver the right charge to any 12V battery even if it is 'dead-flat', and it will save it from as low as 0.5 volt. Leave it overnight or longer and the 24-7 smart maintenance program will keep on improving the battery's condition.  
"Irrespective of that battery being in a vehicle or stored in a hot warehouse, or in a bike out there in the cold, OptiMate 7 SELECT automatically adjusts the charge voltage according to ambient temperature, guaranteeing the battery will never be over or undercharged. And don't worry about using it outside in rain or snow, it's fully sealed.
"We designed the OptiMate 7 SELECT to be the smartest, most versatile and fastest charger we have - if a charger could be a right-hand man, then this would be it."


S&S Cycle

131 Cubic Inch Stroker Kit for M-8

S&S Cycle has been building big bore kits since the 1960s and has "Proven Performance" down to an absolute science. 

Its latest efforts are aimed at the Milwaukee-Eight platform (2017 and newer big twins) and "opens up a whole new level of performance for these engines" - combining a new design forged piston with its 4.25" cylinders to net a tire-melting 131 cubic inches when paired with its 4.625" stroker crank. 

"We build our big bore kits and cranks to much tighter tolerances and with higher quality materials than the factory parts," states Product Manager Grant Hillegass. "It's hard to argue that and we believe this new piston/cylinder kit will be a solid platform for massive power - we can't wait to see the beasts that will get built around it!"


Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts

M-8 Primary Gasket Kit

 Available from Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts, this PowerHouse brand complete primary gasket kit for 2017 and up M-8 applications includes the primary gasket itself plus primary housing gasket, three O-rings plus a derby cover O-ring, eight primary retaining rings and the inner primary mainshaft seal. Manufactured for PowerHouse in the United States. Mid-USA,

Custom Chrome Europe

Custom Chrome Europe Adds Ultima Shovelhead and Evo Replacement Engines and Gearboxes

Custom Chrome Europe (CCE) is to sell complete engines and transmissions offered in the United States by Ultima Products of Pevely, Missouri, initially stocking six new engines and six gearboxes, including Shovelhead and Evolution style engines.
Representing a "modern state-of-the-art replacement option for aging Evolution and Shovelhead style motors, with many old Shovelhead and Evolution motors reaching their mileage limits - and with some installed aftermarket replacements also showing their age - the latest in manufacturing and materials technology and competitive pricing makes the addition of Ultima powertrains to our product range a major business opportunity for our dealers," says CCE's Axel Scherer.

96 cubic inch Shovelhead replacement engine in Blackout finish

"The Ultima engine and parts program is extensive, so we have selected the engine and gearbox options best suited for the European market - those most suited to European riding, custom and performance conditions and preferences.

"a better choice than the sometimes uncertain adventure of a complete rebuild"

"The two engine lines we have chosen for their reliability and look are the 96 cubic inch 'Shovelhead' style and the 100 cubic inch 'Competition Series' Evo replacement motor.
"Both are thoroughly developed and proven V-twins utilizing the latest technology, hidden under the classic look of the two traditional V-twin designs. Both engine lines are classic replacement motors for the stock originals and are competitively priced - making them a better choice than the sometimes uncertain adventure of the costs for parts and worktime of a complete engine rebuild. 

Natural finish 

100 cubic inch "Competition Series" replacement engine for Evo

Natural black finish

"The Shovelhead 96" motor offers the nostalgic look of the 1966-1984 original, still boasting more displacement, horsepower and torque. Plus, a considerable boost in reliability thanks to new materials and the CNC-manufacturing technologies.
"The upgraded design features of the Ultima Shovel include dual plug heads, compression release valves and a solid 3-bolt exhaust manifold."
For any 1985-1999 Evolution V-Twin replacement, the Ultima 'Competition Series' Evolution 100" motors are a "state of the art modern motor design that redefines the performance of the Evolution motor into the 21st century. Ultima Evolution 100" motors have been developed for reliability and longevity - these engines can give any classic Evo-ride a newly extended lifetime, while still offering more horsepower and torque than the original stock Evolution motor."

Six speed transmission in polished alumninum

Lowered compression and milder cams "add to rideability and endurance" with less stress for the battery and starter. Both engine lines also feature decompression valves for easier starting and bigger cooling fins on the cylinders and heads. Surface options are aluminum raw, aluminum raw black (featuring wrinkle black crank housing, cylinders and heads) and the "stylish Blackout" all-black motor versions for radical looking bikes - thus adding up to six new engine options. All CCE distributed Ultima motors come with a 2-year warranty.

"reliability and durability are well above anything that was possible back in 1970-1990"

 To complement the engines and create a complete driveline option, CCE has added six new gearboxes, with the Ultima 6-speed transmissions replacing the stock versions and matching the style and finish options of the engines.

Six speed transmission with kickstarter in raw aluminium

"Originally developed to take the 'beating' of much stronger Ultima motors, these gearboxes are literally 'bulletproof' for the task concerned ahead. Again, contemporary materials and manufacturing procedures - including gears and shafts made from hardened 8620 steel and transmission cases machined from A356-T6 aluminum  - mean a level of increased reliability and durability well above anything that was possible back in 1970-1990."
Options include versions without and with kickstarter for a wide variety of exchange possibilities. For the 6-speeders, surface options are aluminum raw, aluminum raw black and aluminum polished. All Ultima gearboxes come with a 32-tooth pulley included.


Drag Specialties

Drag Specialties Additions

Premium Heavy Duty Inner Tubes

Drag Specialties' inner tubes feature a full 2 mm thickness compared to the standard 1.2 mm tube for improved durability and puncture resistance. Made in butyl and rubber, they are available for popular 16", 19" and 21" tire sizes with center metal valve stem (CMV) or side metal valve style (SMV) types.

Front Solo Seats for Scout Bobber

This rigid-mount solo seat is "cleverly designed to look like a vintage spring-mounted solo seat." Features include highly durable automotive-grade vinyl seat cover material, ABS thermoformed seat base with carpeted bottom and rubber bumpers. The seat installs using the OEM hardware and measures 15" long overall and is 11" long x 11 1/4" wide.  It is available with a smooth or black diamond-stitch pattern for the '18-'20 Indian Scout Bobber.

Passenger Floorboard Covers

This simple-to-install gloss black steel cover is designed to add "smooth, clean styling to passenger floorboards" on '86-'20 FLT/FLHT H-D FL Trike models and '86-'17 FLST models with OEM D-shaped passenger floorboards." It installs using supplied self-tapping chrome screws. 

LED Turn Signal Inserts

For "added visibility and style," these LED inserts for OEM flat or bullet-style turn signals are a plug-and-play design that give a wide viewing angle when activated. Installation may require the use of a load equalizer. 1156-style inserts are available in amber or red; 1157-style inserts are available in red.

Dual Gauge Bracket

This sturdy steel dual gauge bracket has a wrinkle black plated finish and accepts the OEM speedometer, tachometer and indicator lights. It fits '99-'05 FXDX, '99-'04 and '95-'11 XL1200 models; the gauge will also fit '95-'04 XL883 and '95-'04 FXD models with the factory dual gauge kit upgrade.


Wednesday 16 December 2020


H-D Announces MY2021 Single Global Digital Launch Event for January 19th

Harley-Davidson is to announce its MY2021 model range via a "global virtual launch experience" in January 2021 as a much trailed alternate to its traditional August Dealer Meeting and subsequent press releases and test rides.
"Throughout Harley-Davidson's 118-year history, the brand has never before brought the entire world together to experience the debut of all-new Harley-Davidson motorcycles. On January 19th, 2021, that all changes with a single virtual event. 

Momoa riding the upcoming Pan America

"During H-D 21, the company's first virtual launch experience, Harley-Davidson will announce new 2021 motorcycles, parts and accessories, riding gear and apparel.
"Those who participate will hear from Harley-Davidson leadership, product experts and passionate enthusiasts who are leading and shaping the industry on all that's coming to Harley-Davidson dealerships in 2021."
The company says that the global virtual launch is part of its "streamlined and overhauled approach to bringing products to market for customers. Earlier this year, Harley-Davidson announced significant shifts including streamlining its planned product portfolio by 30 percent, shifting its new model year debut to align with the start of the riding season and amped-up marketing efforts to drive desirability and maximize impact in the market."
VP Marketing Theo Keetell is quoted as saying: "We're thrilled to bring the world together virtually to showcase the inspiration and passion behind our 2021 motorcycles, including a glimpse of our first adventure touring motorcycle, the Pan America."
2021 FXLRS

American actor, producer and motorcycle enthusiast Jason Momoa will play a key role in the event. "Momoa will share his thoughts on how Harley-Davidson's upcoming Pan America motorcycle has expanded his passion for Harley-Davidson and created new opportunities to explore endless horizons beyond paved roads."
Momoa is quoted as saying: "Harley-Davidson has unlocked opportunities for me to find adventure with amazing people, awe-inspiring places, and expand my inspiration seen in the 'United We Will Ride' content series.
"I was excited to collaborate with Harley-Davidson for a first look and chance to ride the Pan America 1250 motorcycle. It's the perfect vehicle that combines my love of the outdoors, the unknown and Harley-Davidson. People are going to be completely stoked about this bike that Harley-Davidson has created."
Harley says that the "all-new Pan America 1250 adventure touring motorcycle will be previewed in the January 19th H-D 21 virtual launch experience, but will be bringing the world back together on February 22, 2021 to reveal the motorcycle's full details in a separate digital event with the spotlight on the new Pan America motorcycle specifically."
To take part in the H-D 21 virtual launch experience, register at

Tucker Powersports

Tucker Powersports to Hit the Road - Virtual Kick-Off December 28

Having decided to change things up from hosting its own annual Dealer Expo at Fort Worth, Texas, in favor of co-locating its dealer event at AIMExpo in Columbus, Ohio, as a host event, the cancelation of that show has led Tucker Powersports to make a huge investment in a bold and creative alternate solution - the 2021 Tucker Road Show.
The series of four regional events will start on February 22nd at Las Vegas, Nevada, then head back to Texas to the Texas Motor Speedway near Fort Worth (March 22), followed by the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina (April 26), wrapping up its (initial) 2021 program at Sparta, Kentucky, on May 17.

However, before anybody gasses up, Tucker has declared December 28 as a Tucker University 'Learn and Earn' season starter for brand and product line education and "industry leading discounts" that will allow dealers to "prime their pump" before the peak of the consumer spend cycle gets underway - "beat the competition and order early," says company president Marc McAllister.
"Vendor categories will include everything from apparel, ATV/UTV, Street and Off-Road, to V-twin, consumables, tires and wheels and house brands [including Twin Power, Tucker V-Twin, Bike Master and Biker's Choice]. Completing 80% of the questions in each category will unlock crazy discounts and allow Tucker dealers to earn points towards our epic Road Shows.
"Tucker University Dealer Education modules allow dealerships and their personnel to improve the customer experience they are able to provide, see a wide range of short vendor, brand, product and tech videos and load upon downloadable PDFs so our dealers can blow their customers away with product knowledge."
Three tiers of training types unlock higher levels of training performance and benefits. All training and discounts run from December 28th through February 1st.


Sacramento Mile Announces AFT Doubleheader Events for 2021

While the full schedule for the 2021 AFT season is still awaited, some promoters are already confirming their place in the calendar - especially those who are going to again host doubleheaders.

The Memphis Shades backed Springfield Miles were confirmed recently, and SDI Racing has now confirmed a doubleheader for the return of the legendary Sacramento Mile - Friday, May 7 and Saturday, May 8, 2021 at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds.
"All three Progressive AFT classes will compete on one of the most beloved Mile racetracks on the circuit, delivering a weekend of high-speed race action the NorCal crowd will not want to miss.

AIMExpo Connect

AIMExpo Connect - January 21 and 22

Following postponement from October 2020 to January 2021 and the cancelation of the expo as a face-to-face industry gathering until 2022 at the soonest, AIMExpo is now being 'staged' as AIMExpo Connect - a two-day online Digital Powersports Event on January 21 and 22.

Attendee registration will open this week and organizers MIC Events say that "many features that the industry has grown to love will be available in a digital environment. The event will kick-off with a moderated industry Town Hall meeting and will feature four dealer education sessions led by industry experts, including Gene Lydick of MIC Bankcard and Jim Jabaay of SpinCar.
"Vendors are invited to showcase their latest products, news and content to registered dealers. Dealers will be able to view products, access show specials and connect with 'exhibitors' through our matchmaking system.
"The digital product launch platform and showcase will connect the best brands in the industry with dealers and retailers."
Three tiers of Virtual Booth Pricing are being offered - Silver from $550.00, Gold from $750.00 and Platinum from $950.00; additional packages are available such as homepage logo and video from $250.00 and "featured partner" post-event follow-up emails to show visitors from $150.00.

News Briefs

 After its AFT debut, Royal Enfield has announced a second phase for its well-received Build, Train and Race program - it is to go road racing in 2021. Four female riders will convert and prepare Continental GT 650 motorcycles for road racing. The participants will have the opportunity to learn from world class professional racer Melissa Paris and be among the first people in the world to road- race the Continental GT 650 platform, "so the motorcycling world will be watching."

Royal Enfield is thought to be developing another new iteration of its popular Interceptor 650 cc parallel twin platform. The KX650 would be a cruiser-style street bike - similar to the KX concept that RE showed a while back. Features are said to include upside downies and dual shocks.


Polaris India Country Manager Lalit Sharma says the company has big plans for the sub-continent. Indian Motorcycle will be launching a B26 complete range there in December 2020 (Scout, Scout Bobber, Chieftain, Springfield and Roadmaster; Challenger in January 2021), and will be continuing to supply some ATVs and UTVs to the Indian military. There is speculation that the company "may be working on a smaller, less expensive, volume-selling model for the Indian market." At present there are no plans to expand beyond Indian's current eight dealerships across the country. Indian motorcycles sold in India continue to be imported as completely built units (CBUs). Polaris exited from a 50% JV in India with Royal Enfield parent Eicher Motors three years ago after its co-designed 'Multix' urban utility vehicle failed to sell.

Taiga Motors of Montreal is set to launch 'Orca' (and the 'Orca' Carbon) electric PWC in the U.S. in 2021. The machine will be based on the same Taiga RADIX powertrain platform that powers its TS3 electric snowmobiles.

British weekly MCN has named the H-D LiveWire as its 'Best Electric of 2020' in its annual awards.

Under the new ownership of Indian conglomerate TVS, Norton Motorcycles in the UK has filed Europe-wide trademark apps for five new model names - Ranger, Electra, Fastback, Navigator and Nomad.

The On/Off will they, won't they, never ending Audi/VAG selling Ducati rumors are back on again with the announcement of a November 2020 Volkswagen Management Board Meeting at which, among other strategic topics, "evaluation of Ducati, Lamborghini and Bugatti ownership" will be on the agenda. Maybe that's just routine management practice, maybe it isn't. Either way, memo to Jochen Zeitz - don't even think about it!

Ducati has unveiled a new 1,158 cc 2.6 lb lighter V4 Granturismo 90-degree engine - initially for a new version of the Multistrada. It is said to make 170 hp and 92 lb-ft of torque and is described as having the longest service intervals of any current production motorcycle at 37,300 miles between major maintenance. The engine features a new spring-loaded valve return system, special profiles of the camshafts and the valve lift speeds.

After some ten years in the wilderness, where hybrid motorcycle technology is concerned, Yamaha has filed patents in Japan that show the company exploring the technology again. A strong proponent of hybrid platforms in the past, the financial crisis' impact on R&D budgets is said to have dulled its interest. The new patent suggests a series rather than parallel hybrid engine design. The new patent shows a single-speed gearbox as a structural element.

The Quebec government is considering new ATV and snowmobile laws that would impose stricter restrictions on their use. As proposed, the new laws would require users to be no younger than 16 yo and to have completed a mandatory training course, with heavy fines for those who permit or facilitate violations. There were nearly 600 fatal accidents in Quebec involving such vehicles in the last ten years.

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Letric Lighting Co

Letric Deluxe Series Taillights

Oreland, Pennsylvania based Letric Lighting Co., ("Where the brightest ideas come from!") has announced four new taillamps for 1999 to current Harley models. 

The company's new Deluxe Series taillights are offered with or without a built-in strobing module in either red or smoked lens. "This new Deluxe Series taillamp boasts 105 ultra-bright LEDs, is 100% plug-n-play and carries a lifetime warranty," says Letric/NAMZ President Jeff Zielinski.
"The added value of the built-in strobing module means the customer will save time by not having to chase down the rear harness and save money with our new Deluxe Series strobing taillamp since they will not have to purchase any additional components."

Celebrating 21 years in business, providing "world class" electrical components, LED lighting, Badlands lighting modules, wiring harnesses and installation supplies, NAMZ' Letric Lighting Co. products are available through Tucker, Rollies Speed Shop, J&P Cycles and Revzilla or directly from the company's website.


Twin Power

Twin Power Shocker Batteries

Twin Power's popular Shocker batteries are "endurance and laboratory tested for long and reliable performance with a heavy-duty OEM style case," says Brand Manager James Simonelli.
"They are made using Absorbed Glass Mat technology and come factory-activated and sealed with flush mount threaded posts with dual connection points.

"The beauty about our Shocker battery design is that there are no terminal adapters or spacers required and we used extra thick plates for extreme vibration resistance - these have been designed and tested by daily Harley riders for daily Harley riders who simply want to know that they have a durable and robust battery that they can rely on over and over."


Design Engineering Inc.

DEI Celebrates "25 Years of Innovation"

Avon Lake, Ohio based thermal barrier and sound control products specialist Design Engineering is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Founded in 1995 by performance industry veteran Dale Markley and his wife Nancy, Dale's son David has been at the helm since 2001 and has overseen the company earning an international reputation for its dynamic pioneering solutions to combat power-robbing heat issues.
"Over the years we have designed and created unique 'thermal tuning products' for the powersports, racing and performance aftermarket, as well as related industries such as aviation, marine and even locomotive," says John Gabriel, Powersports Manager.
"DEI is also well known for its 'build to spec' contract work for commercial, industrial and military-related businesses, along with a myriad of other industries.

"Our extensive product list includes a wide variety of heat shields and thermal containment products, exhaust and pipe wraps, line and hose sleeving, sound control barriers and absorbers, headliners and accessories, safety gear and CryO2, which is designed to harness the cryogenic properties of liquid CO2 to lower intake charge temperatures, resulting in more horsepower."
Seen here, DEI's bodywork protection kit is designed to keep excess heat from melting plastic and frying bodywork. It is great for use on fairings, air boxes, seat pans, rear fenders, etc.
"This kit is great to use when adding an aftermarket exhausts or replacement plastics that didn't include any heat shielding. The superior materials can also provide an upgrade over worn out OEM heat shielding. All materials have a self-adhesive backing and can be cut easily to shape."
The kit includes one 12" x 24" DEI Reflect-A-Cool heat reflective sheet, one 1-1/2" x 15 ft roll of Cool Tape, and two 10" x 10" sheets of Extreme Heat Barrier.

Vance & Hines

VO2 X Air Intakes

These Vance & Hines VO2 X air intakes "extract the maximum performance from any machine by utilizing the K&N Xstream high-flow air filter." Features include CNC-machined billet cover, high-capacity washable air filter element, backing plate, venturi and breather assemblies. They are available in chrome or black contrast finish.


W&W Cycles

W&W Cycles Additions

VG Big Twin Swingarm Frames

These Dutch made reproduction frames can be used as stock replacements or as a basis to build a bobber or chopper from scratch. Dimensions and details closely follow the factory originals. Most castings feature raised numbers and markings just like the factory used them. They are made in steel/nodular cast iron (ductile iron or spheroidal graphite iron) with 30-degree rake. Versions are available for 1958-'64 Panheads, '65 Panheads and '66-'84 Shovelheads.

VT-Cycle ULR Cylinder Heads


Made in Finland, these ULR cylinder heads are made in cast aluminium. While they look quite original (cast finish), on the outside they feature an advanced combustion chamber design for improved combustion and breathing. The chamber volume is 100 cc, giving 6.1:1 compression on a 74" and 6.5:1 on an 80" motor. Substantially more material allows for custom milling and pop-up pistons. Another update are the 14 mm spark plug threads (3/4" long) for modern and more common plugs.
Dyno tests have shown 18% power and 13% torque increases over a stock 1946 UL with medium compression heads - "true rear wheel numbers - the power was up big time and the torque curve is impressive! Remember, torque is the most important figure with flatheads." For '36-'48 Harley 74" and 80" Flathead Big Twins.

Bates 'BattBoy' 65

Modern gel or Li-ion batteries offer a significant advantage - they are leak-proof. Those who have ever experienced spilled acid in the battery tray, on the frame or on the swingarm will highly appreciate this fact. On the other hand, owners of classic bikes do like the looks of the original battery and the corresponding cover and mounts. With a Bates 'BattBoy' battery box you can have the best of both worlds - what looks like a period 32 amp 12V on the outside can house a safe, modern battery within. Just hook it up with two eyelet wires to the terminals on the bottom of the lid; when using suitable Antigravity versions, you even have stash space left for a few small spare parts, safety vest, tools etc. Fits FL, FLH 1965-'84 and Sportster '67-'78 with electric start. It is made in black ABS, with outer measurements of 202 mm wide x 167 mm high x 129 mm deep.

PanAm Oil Pads

This oil pad soaks up two liters of fluid, for example oil or gas. A reinforced top and an anti-slip foil on the bottom side make the PanAm oil pad a useful helper in the workshop, garage or living room. Made in Germany in black polypropylene.


Tuesday 8 December 2020


Is Harley Dreaming of an Electric Strip?

Press released just a few days before Harley announced it was to end its hugely successful Factory Drag Racing relationship with Vance & Hines in favor of supporting dealership race efforts (coincidence?), a new 10-minute video released by Harley blows more smoke in the direction of the LiveWire and an electric future for drag racing.

"Science of Speed" allows enthusiasts to "see what it takes to win in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle championship and the future of drag racing with the 10-time champion Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle/Vance & Hines drag racing team. Team racers Eddie Krawiec, Andrew Hines and Angelle Sampey talk through the skills, strategies and experience of running a motorcycle through the quarter-mile dragstrip."
"Science of Speed" looks at how electric vehicle propulsion will change the sport of drag racing by comparing a 2020 Harley-Davidson FXDR motorcycle to a 2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire motorcycle. "With the LiveWire motorcycle's immediate torque and seamless twist-and-go acceleration, the racers are immediately aware of what the future of fast can bring: more time for preparation before launch, thrilling, instant acceleration and seamless speed to the finish line."

As reported in September 2020, Sampey, a three-time Pro Stock Motorcycle champion, set new records for elapsed time and top speed by an electric-powered production motorcycle with the LiveWire on a drag racing course. "She stepped off her Harley-Davidson FXDR™ Pro Stock competition motorcycle to pilot the LiveWire bike to capture world record-breaking runs on the quarter and eighth-mile, covering the eighth-mile distance in 7.017 seconds and the full quarter-mile course in just 11.156 seconds at 110.35 mph. The 2020 LiveWire motorcycle's top speed is limited to 110 mph."
Maybe the possibility (probability) of an all-electric future for drag racing, of all classes, indeed of entirely new class concepts, has got something to do with its race program rebuild, maybe it hasn't.
Maybe, in drag race terms, the dealer teams that the factory will look most kindly on for a share of their support dollar largesse in the future will be those who develop LiveWire based endeavors. Maybe, maybe not. What price a Harley pimped electric Drag Race class or series?
If new CEO Jochen Zeitz remains serious about the electric future and going back to Harley's legacy in order to build its future - an important part of which was building brand through track success - then why not? Just sayin'!