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Monday 21 December 2020


Kellermann Daycan - "uber bright" DLR with ECE and Integral Indicator Option

Aachen, Germany based LED lights specialist Kellermann has added a major diversification to its internationally popular product offer with these new Daycan combination daylight running lights (DLR) with combination indicator option.
The company describes these lights, which are available for all makes and models of motorcycle, as "sensationally bright" - and they are not joking. By any standards they are "uber bright" and are the first LED aftermarket DLRs to receive ECE approval.

"The sensational illumination power makes every motorcycle more visible in traffic during the day," says Guido Kellermann. "I have always wanted our brand to represent quality and safety. Quality in design, manufacturing, reliability and performance, with rider safety our top priority."
"Engineering these new lights to meet our standards and to meet ECE requirements has not been easy - there is a reason that our Daycan lights are a world first, they have required a massive R&D investment as they break genuinely new ground. Only an established manufacturer with deep experience could have designed these lights."

Daycan I is not only the first daytime running light with an indicator, but the complete illumination surface of the Daycan I switches from white to yellow light during flashing - this illumination power and signal effect creates a major step forward in daytime visibility and is legally only available from Kellermann.
"We designed Daycan and Daycan I with great attention to detail," says Guido. "It has a look and feel of power and strength. Visually, the Daycan fits into the design of all motorcycles perfectly. We have tested them on everything and in all circumstances and conditions - from adventure bikes and cruisers to café racers, naked style street bikes, touring models and sport bikes."

Kellermann has given this ultra-modern daytime running light a rich yet distinctive look, functional and smart - often a very difficult combination to achieve in any product range, but especially lights. Most riders take their lights for granted, but nobody will be able to overlook a motorcycle equipped with these Daycan lights.
A specifically developed smart control system guarantees seamless communication between all components and a constant and, importantly, consistent illumination power on both lights, in all weather and temperature conditions. Both Daycan versions (with and without integral indicator function) can be installed on almost all motorcycles, with and without existing original daytime running light.