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Monday 21 December 2020

S&S Cycle

131 Cubic Inch Stroker Kit for M-8

S&S Cycle has been building big bore kits since the 1960s and has "Proven Performance" down to an absolute science. 

Its latest efforts are aimed at the Milwaukee-Eight platform (2017 and newer big twins) and "opens up a whole new level of performance for these engines" - combining a new design forged piston with its 4.25" cylinders to net a tire-melting 131 cubic inches when paired with its 4.625" stroker crank. 

"We build our big bore kits and cranks to much tighter tolerances and with higher quality materials than the factory parts," states Product Manager Grant Hillegass. "It's hard to argue that and we believe this new piston/cylinder kit will be a solid platform for massive power - we can't wait to see the beasts that will get built around it!"