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Tuesday 31 January 2023


H-D Announces Plans for a Community Park to Benefit its Employees and the Milwaukee Community

Partnering with the Harley-Davidson Foundation, acclaimed British designer Thomas Heatherwick and his studio (of London 2012 Olympic Cauldron fame) have been hired to reimagine land on Harley-Davidson's Juneau Avenue campus headquarters to benefit employees, the people of Milwaukee and visitors to the city. It is hoped that the project will also attract people to Milwaukee's Near West Side. 

Overseeing the overall creative delivery of the project, internationally acclaimed designers Heatherwick Studio [who number Harley Chairman, CEO and President Jochen Zeitz among their client list], have been commissioned to conceive an original design that will transform the concrete site into a civic and soulful green gathering space that can be used by everyone, including employees and the local community.

"Milwaukee is the place we have proudly called home for 120 years," said Zeitz. "We want Harley-Davidson's presence in Milwaukee to be more relevant than ever before, for our community, employees and our customers.

"It's important to us to protect and enhance this part of our heritage in a way that is aligned to our strategy, ensuring that it will be relevant to generations to come. Kicking the project off in our 120th year underscores both the importance of the project and the commitment that we are making to Milwaukee. We are very proud by the work of the Harley-Davidson Foundation in spearheading this project, which builds on the $30m donated by the Motor Company to the Foundation since 2020."

The initial development will be overseen and funded by The Harley-Davidson Foundation, with longer-term sponsorship and donor opportunities to further enhance the project being made available in the near future. 

Over the past 18 months, the Foundation brought together a broad set of stakeholders - including members of the community - to expand a shared, long-term vision for the Near West Side and set tangible priorities to accelerate progress for its neighborhood. Among the key community needs identified was greenspace. To deliver this reality, Harley-Davidson has gifted the land identified for the project directly to the Foundation. In developing the project, inputs from multiple stakeholders served as the basis for Heatherwick Studio's unique community park design. 

Celebrated for internationally acclaimed projects including Little Island, a greenspace that sits above New York's Hudson River, Heatherwick's approach leads from human experience, with its projects specifically working to enrich the lives of the people who use them.

At the heart of the park is "The Hub", a sunken multi-use events space, 83 meters (approximately 272 feet) wide with tiered seating, set among lush plants and trees. The design promotes the idea of togetherness for the community, riders and employees alike.

Its circular layout is defined by a combination of motorcycle driveways and turning circles, parking bays, sidewalks, plants and seats, and 360-degree viewpoints. The Hub will be built with ten types of locally sourced brick, natural wany-edge timber, and weathered steel with a beautifully warm patina.

In one direction, the Hub will provide views of the handsome brick buildings of the original home of Harley-Davidson. In the other, visitors will see a park sown with 120 native plant species, including 20 species of trees and 100 species of perennials, some of which are sacred to the Forest County Potawatomi. There are also plans for a market street, contemplative garden and nature playground.

"Our goal is to turn this historic factory land into a new public park for the people of Milwaukee. We want to make an exciting community space where people can come together with friends and family and experience the wildness of nature alongside spaces for food, performance and play. The ambition is to highlight and celebrate renewed life in the Near West Side of this very special city," said Thomas Heatherwick.

Throughout the project, Heatherwick will act as Design Guardian, collaborating with local firms, HGA, a Milwaukee architectural firm, and Greenfire Management Services, a Near West Side business and diverse supplier, to ensure the project realizes its potential to become an important part of the Milwaukee landscape that reflects both Harley-Davidson's values and its transformative aspirations for the community.

"This gift to the Foundation is the most recent demonstration of the company's commitment to its enduring, active community presence and Inclusive Stakeholder Management approach to business that strives to positively impact people, planet and profit," said Julie Anding, Vice President, Inclusive Stakeholder Management, Harley-Davidson, and President, Harley-Davidson Foundation. 

"The Harley-Davidson Foundation is doubling down on its focus and investments to support the neighborhood to make it a place all can be proud to live in, work and visit. It is our hope that this park will become the heart of the community and catalyst for further revitalization efforts."

The community park development is set to break ground in spring of 2023, with the park available for use by summer 2024. Established in 1993, The Harley-Davidson Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Harley-Davidson, Inc. 

"The Foundation cultivates social impact through employee volunteerism, collaboration with other non-profit organizations and investments in youth programs that foster STEAM innovation and programming. Foundation priorities include a commitment to Harley's home, the Near West Side of Milwaukee, and the communities where we live and work across the globe." 

Heatherwick Studio is a design team of 200 "problem solvers" dedicated to making the physical world around us better for everyone. Their recent work includes Google's new campus in Bay View, California, the multi-award-winning Little Island in New York, Coal Drops Yard in King's Cross, London, and the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa in Cape Town. Azabudai Hills, the studio's first major Japanese project, is scheduled to open in 2023.


SBS - 'Better Brakes' 

Law-Compliant Compounds

As briefly reported in our review of the 2022 EICMA 'Milan Show' in November (AMD January 2023), leading Denmark based performance brake pad manufacturer SBS Friction is introducing a 'Better Brakes' program.

The product launch will entail upgraded formulations, environmental regulation and best practice code compliance and performance for more than 95% of all the brake pad products manufactured under the SBS brand name.

H.HS sinter replacement compound for bikes with sintered pads, designed for modern high-performance, sport and big touring bikes

All its product ranges will be transitioned "in full scope," meaning that all products in a product range are included in the transition phase. It will not be possible to purchase old formula based SBS products once the transition is complete in 2025.

Transition will happen following an impact-principle, meaning that high volume fast-moving products are first in line as this is where highest impact can be obtained soonest. It is only racing products that are not being transitioned in the present scope. This is due to the complexity of race related compounds.

The Better Brakes Law and Standard is designed to be a U.S. national model that can be carried by all states, and to act as a catalyst and inspiration for other national and regional legislative areas outside the U.S. 

In implementing the Better Brakes Law, the working group that had been established worked closely with brake manufacturers, retailers, distributors and environmental groups - including SBS Friction A/S.

SBS Marketing and Product Manager Thomas Midtgaard-Jørgensen explains that "one of the principal (but by no means only) aims of the new protocol is the massive reduction and, where possible, complete elimination of the use of rare earth minerals and other potentially toxic substances - metals and chemicals - with special initial focus on the elimination of the use of copper and nickel in sintered brake pads and antimony from ceramic pads.

"During the 1990s, research reports were issuing warnings about the heavy metal contamination in the San Francisco Bay. This resulted in new legislation in 2010 that has presently been adopted by both California and Washington states for cars - initially motorcycle brakes were exempted from the legislation and therefore SBS Friction and other motorcycle brake pad manufacturers have not been covered by the legislation. 

"The copper content in brake pads should have been reduced to less than 5% (weight) after January 1st, 2021, decreasing down to 0.5% during the coming years, with full implementation of the legislation in 2025. Furthermore, three additional nickel and zinc-based substances are under observation for potential future inclusion in the ban.

"In January 2015, the manufacturers signed a memorandum of agreement with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Environmental Council of the States to adopt standards based on Washington's and California's brake laws. This means that every new brake pad sold in the United States will meet Washington's standards for copper and other toxic chemicals.

"By working together on the Better Brakes program, ecological advocates and brake manufacturers were able to agree on an approach that protects the public and the environment. Since manufacturers sell their products globally and have relatively long product design cycles, these changes will have far reaching beneficial effects."

From SBS' point of view, the first products to transition into 'SBS Better Brakes' specifications are HF, HS and MS. 

"Due to the performance characteristics in the new Better Brakes SP-series (similar to those of the Better Brakes HS), it has been decided to merge the two types into one. The SP compound can, as of 2023, be referred to with the equivalent HS product code. The merger of the two product-series is expected to be complete by Q3 2023. 

HF ceramic replacement compound for bikes with non-sintered pads

MS high-performance upgraded sintered compound for maxi-scooters from 250 ccm and up

"Next in line in the transition plan, by mid-2023, is the transition of RQ and CT products, followed by the transition of LS products and in 2024, SI products."

At EICMA Thomas told AMD that the SBS R&D team had been working on the new formula since 2015 - in close collaboration with both research partners and validation institutions. The development phase has included more than 480 compound variations being developed and tested to where only the best formula has been selected. In testing, more than 1,000 dyno tests and 50,000 km (over 31,000 mph) of road testing has been performed.

"With the removal of copper and nickel in sinter products, and antimony in ceramic compounds, another friction material has been required to enable an improved brake performance. SBS Better Brakes is based on a +60% iron-based compound formula. The rest consists of various different types of binders and fibers.

HF ceramic designed for commuters, general-purpose street and cruiser bikes

HS sinter designed for modern high-performance, sport, big touring and adventure bikes

"Macro-economic trend forecasts by the World Bank in Washington D.C. show that, as a resource, the price of iron is far more stable - being the most abundant element, by mass, in the Earth. The cost of raw materials are a major part of the production and end-user price inflation that the brakes industry has been suffering in the past two or more years.

"So, it is clear that transitioning to iron, as our friction material of choice, will not only produce Better Brakes in environmental and performance terms, but also result in more stable end-user pricing in the long run.

"SBS Better Brakes have been shown to deliver improved stopping power and better maneuverability in emergency situations. The metallics in the compounds enable an improved coefficient of friction that results in a more efficient brake grip throughout the braking cycle. The effect is an improved stopping power equivalent to between 9 and 12% in brake length terms.

"Riders can expect a similar wear profile and an overall improved sense of grip and performance stability throughout the temperature spectrum. This means that riders can expect a 1:1 responsiveness between lever grip and speed reduction."

The new compound has been designed to maintain performance, even in intense brake situations. The average commuter most often brakes in a disc heat spectrum of between 100 - 300 degrees - the average rider can expect a consistent braking experience throughout the ride and throughout the heat range. They can also expect an improved performance in the beginning and throughout the ride, despite the brake system getting heated. Riders will also get an improved grip feeling and an improved initial bite when braking.

Referencing the new law and the improvements that its research and development has produced, the SBS 'Better Brakes' brand name will also see a new generation of packaging introduced to differentiate the new product from the old, with the addition of a symbolic "Better Brakes" icon to its packaging. For buyer and vendor convenience, the product references (e.g. 706HS or 146MS) will remain as they were.

"The SBS Better Brakes icon consists of three elements: water symbolized by the waves, the nature symbolized by the green leaf and the text. The waves symbolize the improved environmental footprint the new compound has in water use and reservoir terms. The leaf symbolizes the raw nature that benefits from the cleaner riding being produced and, towards the implementation of the European Commission's Green Deal (designed to prevent packaging waste), SBS is evaluating advised material analysis, and before January 1st, 2025 a new packaging type will be announced."

The Brake Manufacturers Council has adopted the LeafMark to inform customers whether a brake pad meets the Better Brakes standards. The darker the leaf, the more levels of compliance the brake pad meets:

  • Level A: limits levels of asbestos, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury.
  • Level B: includes all the requirements of Level A, with copper levels reduced to less than 5% by weight.
  • Level N: includes all requirements.

SBS Better Brakes have received a Level N certification in a Brake Friction Material Environmental Certification performed by LINK under approval of AMECA. The analysis was carried out in Q2 2022.


Burly Brand

Burly Brand Teams Up with Western Power Sports

Cerritos, CA based Burly Brand has announced distribution of its handlebars, cable kits, suspension, and accessories products through Western Power Sports' HardDrive division 7-warehouse network, effective January 2023.

"We are very excited to partner with Western Power Sports," said Chris Lindstrom, President and CEO of Burly Brand. "Our extensive line of handlebars, cable kits and suspension combined with Western Power Sports' distribution network will be a huge win for dealers and customers.

"Since 1996, Burly Brand has established itself as a leader in the industry with a vast offering of premium aftermarket motorcycle modifications for V-Twin and Metric consumers. With products such as our wide range of handlebars, like our famous Gorilla Apes, cable kits that ensure an OEM type fit, and Slammer Shocks and Fork Lowering Kits, sissy bars to fairings, and everything in between, Burly Brand has what you need to build the custom bike of your dreams.

"The WPS company motto is 'work hard, play hard.' We can relate. At Burly Brand, we have a love and a passion for two wheels that has kept us moving forward for nearly 30 years. Our new facility in Cerritos, California has drastically improved our ability to meet the demand for products across the industry and we look forward to serving customers with WPS in 2023 and beyond." 

Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo

29th Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo 

November 4-6, 2022

Houten/Utrecht, The Netherlands

Words & Pictures by Onno Wieringa, Madness Photography

Close to the center of the Netherlands, the Bigtwin Show continued its post-Covid comeback with a strong visitor attendance, great vendor support, including Zodiac International, and "over 120 of the best and coolest custom bikes in the show," said bike show manager Onno Wieringa of Madness Photography and AMD World Championship fame.

The 29th edition of the Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo - one of Europe's oldest and most respected custom engineering showcases - featured two stages with presentations, live music, tattoo artists at work and, yes, still as popular as ever, the famous Bigtwin striptease shows.

Best In Show

Completely handbuilt 'M00' grass track racer, built by Jordan Hicks (Solidworks) and Larry Houghton (Lamb Engineering in the UK). Prizes included a TomTom Rider 550SE Special Edition, extra large handmade trophy by Phoenix, and a € 1,000 Zodiac voucher.

Café Racer Winner - Triton, Theo van der Ven

Filling the halls right down to the last available square inch, vendor booths included big names on the Dutch market such as Zodiac, VG Classic Frames & Parts, Jekill and Hyde, BMW, Triumph and Indian.

Custom bike builders showed their craftsmanship in the Chopper Zone, a Café Racer zone, and, shining like diamonds, the custom bikes were on display in both halls, boosting booth traffic and keeping the flame burning brightly - competing for prizes, honor and glory! 

Classics Winner - H-D WL, Robby Prinsen

Out of the more than 120 motorcycles the jury chose the best three in each class, based on a range of criteria such as detailing, finish, engineering and fabrication, innovations, the overall design line and concept, the paint and chrome work, wiring and, above all, the craftsmanship, self-made parts designs and innovation - as the event's conceptual sponsor Bigtwin Magazine is itself mainly focused on self-built custom motorcycles. 

The Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo has industry-wide recognition as an aficionado's nexus where respect and admiration for all the participating builders runs deep - both for the domestic Dutch custom bike building community and the many international builders, who have a regular spot in their calendars for a show that is a genuine international shop window. 

The 29th edition in November 2022 saw further evidence that the pandemic is (mostly) in the rear-view mirror, at least in terms of its apparent severity, and the effect it has had on the international custom market, with strong Europe-wide international participation, including entries from Sweden, Norway, England, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, France and Italy. 

There were six classes in 2022 - Classics, Café Racers/Trackers, Choppers/Bobbers, Custom Modified, Clubstyle and Freestyle. As in prior years, the main sponsor was Zodiac International with € 10,000 worth of vouchers.

Chopper/Bobber Winners - Mark van der Kwaak and Aad Heemskerk

Freestyle Winner - H-D Panhead, Stephane Grand (CH)

The 2nd and 3rd place prize winners came on the stage without their bikes to collect their prizes. In order to prove that they were genuine "runners," the class-winning bikes had to brave the notorious "Chicken Run" from the Winner's Circle to the podium. If the engine didn't start, the infamous Chicken came to help push the bike up - to the 'Chicken Song'! 

The 'cluck of shame' befell Theo van der Ven, whose gorgeous Triton Café Racer wouldn't start until it had been pushed onto the stage, and Che, winner of the Clubstyle Class, was so overwhelmed with the emotion of winning a prize that he forgot to bring his keys!

Save the date - now back in full force, the 30th anniversary Bigtwin Bikeshow is slated for the same Houten Expo facility on November 2-5, 2023.

Clubstyle Winner - H-D FXR, Che

Custom Modified Winner - Dolbagg H-D Sportster Bagger from Marc Torrent (CH)

News Briefs

SEMA and PRI have said that despite strong Congressional backing and extraordinary support from the racing community, the 2021-2022 Congressional session ended without passage of the RPM Act. "Key negotiators in Congress could not reach an agreement on bill language that balanced the need for federal law to protect racers and motorsports parts businesses from EPA enforcement with reasonable measures to ensure that race parts are not used on vehicles driven on roads and public highways." 

Indian Motorcycle is recalling 4,653 MY2022 Chief, Chief Bobber, Chief Bobber Darkhorse, Chief Darkhorse, Super Chief and Super Chief Limited motorcycles. The fault involves a kickstand that may not retract properly. Ouch. NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V957000. 

Working in partnership with MotoGP rights holder Dorna (Madrid), Triumph is testing sustainable fuels "for a greener and cleaner future." This project has been set up to deliver a move to E40 fuel in the Moto2 World Championship by 2024, with a focus on a transition to E100 by 2027. Triumph is provider and manufacturer of the 'Spec' engine for all teams in the Moto2 series - "sustainable fuel testing to date has encompassed all dimensions of race engine performance development." 

Writing in one of the few remaining motorcycle market (any market!) print magazines (of any kind) that can still boast growing readership and revenue, I am asking everyone to put your hands together and pray with me for the flickering flame of knowledge. AP reported that U.S. newspapers (locals mostly) continued to die in 2022 at the rate of two each week. Citing research, AP reported that "areas of the country that find themselves without a reliable source of local news [and genuinely independent journalism] tend to be poorer, older and less educated than those covered well." Not wishing to get into the whole Chicken and Egg thing on that, I will simply report that AP additionally said that the United States had 6,377 newspapers at the end of the first six months of 2022, down from 8,891 in 2005. At that point some 360 newspapers had shut down since the end of 2019, all but 24 of them weeklies serving small communities. An estimated 75,000 journalists worked on newspapers in USA in 2006 - down to 31,000 in 2022 - with annual newspaper revenues having declined from some $50bn to $21bn in the same time frame. Sad face!

Ducati claims a best year ever in 2022 with 61,562 motorcycles delivered worldwide - surpassing the 60,000-bike mark for the first time in its history, despite the global logistics and supply crisis. Sales grew by 3.6% over 2021. Italian deliveries grew by 10% - Italy becomes the main market for the company (9,578 units). The Multistrada V4 is the most loved bike by 'Ducatisti' with more than 10,716 units delivered worldwide during 2022. The Ducati sales network continues its expansion reaching a record 821 dealerships worldwide. The United States is in second place with 8,441 units delivered, a decrease of -6% compared to 2021 due to logistical difficulties and delays in overseas shipments. Another strategic country for Ducati is Germany, which grew by 9% over 2021 and with 6,678 delivered motorcycles is positioning itself as the third largest market. The Monster family saw sales of 7,971 units, followed by the Scrambler Ducati 800 family with 6,880 bikes delivered. 

Sources: AMD, IDN, FT, Reuters, PSB, MPN, BDN, MCN, AP, Bloomberg, MSNW, Electrek,,,, Cycle World,


HardDrive/WPS Adds Shinko 'Long Haul' Cruiser Tires

Manufactured to WPS/HardDrive specifications, the SR999 Long Haul "targets the motorcycle rider craving a high-mileage tire with advanced handling and a sturdier ride for cross country trips."

Richard Kelsey, Director of Sales, Tire and Wheel

WPS/HardDrive is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Shinko tires, and this new addition to the cruiser segment of WPS' portfolio of Shinko sport bike, cruiser, scooter, off-road, and dual sport tires is offered in 19 sizes, front and rear.

"Designed for the cruiser rider looking for exceptional tread life and performance, features include an all-new rubber compound formulated for high mileage and inspiring grip. Functional tread grooves are said to deliver superior traction in wet and dry conditions, with a reinforced carcass for a stable and planted feel with Aramid belting providing ample load capacity while also providing stability."

"We have helped to grow and develop the Shinko brand in the U.S. and have a great relationship with the company," said Richard Kelsey, Director of Sales, tire and wheel, at the Boise, Idaho headquartered distributor.

"Most of their cruiser tires are sold in America, so when we wanted to develop a long-haul tire for U.S. terrain and conditions, they were right there with us. Shinko has owned the performance cruiser segment, and consumers know and trust the SR777 line. The SR999 Long Haul tire is a great alternative for the rider looking for higher mileage on cross country rides," Kelsey said.

WPS will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its exclusive U.S. distribution partnership with Shinko in 2023. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the Shinko Group purchased the motorcycle tire technology and molds from Yokohama Rubber Co. and began production of the Yokohama motorcycle tire line under the Shinko name in 1998.

"With manufacturing based in South Korea and design based in Japan, the company has seamlessly combined Japanese engineering and design principles with South Korean production and quality control standards. Today Shinko Tires produces approximately 200,000 motorcycle tires per month. The company continues to build on the foundation of Yokohama's technology, conducting R&D in Japan. The Yokohama Rubber Company, Limited was founded in 1917 and began manufacturing tires under a joint venture between Yokohama Cable Manufacturing and B.F. Goodrich."

Drag Specialties

Drag Specialties Additions

Chrome Rear Axle Kits

Drag Specialties chrome rear axle kits deliver the rear wheel support needed and include the axle, spacers, nuts and washers. The axle is made of chrome-moly steel with a bright chrome finish. They are available for '09-'13 FLHT/FLHR/FLHX/FLTR.

Brake/Mechanical Clutch Control Kits

Drag Specialties handlebar control kits include a single-disc master cylinder assembly along with a clutch lever assembly. The master cylinders accept OEM-style rebuild kits and have clearance to work with all 1 1/4" diameter handlebars. They are designed to work with stock and most custom switch housings that accept OEM switches and wires. The kits are available in chrome or matte black for '18-'22 Softail models with a single-disc front brake system.

King Tour Box Pads

This tour box pad from Drag Specialties Seats works with H-D King Tour-Paks and Drag Specialties tour box and all OEM and Drag Specialties seats. Made from molded polyurethane foam, they have automotive-grade vinyl coverings with double diamond stitching. The standard length armrests provide comfort as well as assisting with getting on and off the bike. They are available with black, silver or red double diamond stitching for '86-'13 H-D Touring models with King-style tour boxes. The pads come with rubber pads and all mounting hardware included. 

Ignition Switch Kits

These replacement kits contain high-quality OEM-style replacement and three-position switches and are available for '94-'11 XL models. The '07-'11 style kit (replacing OEM #48154-05A) includes an ignition switch as well as a fork lock; the '94-'11 style kit (replaces OEM #71441-94) includes an ignition switch only.

Oil Extractors

This Drag Specialties oil extractor is a great tool for any shop or garage - perfect for easy and clean removal of engine oil, transmission oil, coolant and brake fluid. The fluid extractors are manually pumped and operate by vacuum, and fluids are kept safe and sealed to avoid spills. It comes complete with a built-in carry handle and spout, main extraction tube, extension tubes, built-in shut- off valve to prevent overfill, built-in manual pressure relief valve and a foldaway foot hold bracket. The extractors are available in 4.0 and 6.5 liter sizes.


S&S Cycle

S&S Cycle Extends Winter Power Package Offer 

A popular, regular winter promotion, the S&S Winter Power Package "is the ideal combination of performance and savings, designed to transform an M-8 or Twin Cam H-D without breaking the bank."

Originally slated to run to the end of January, S&S has extended the offer until the end of February, 2023.

"That's a month extra for you take advantage of $400 savings on our 124" and 128" bolt in big bore kit with a 550 cam, cam plate and high flow oil pump as well as valve springs, lifters and pushrods for the M8 and a similar combination of performance parts with a 585 cam and a bump to 100 for the early and 110 cubic inches for the late TC models. 

"All kits are available with gear or chain drive cams and are designed to make big, reliable power with equally big savings. The ideal combo for a winter storage project."


JBH +2" Extended 49 mm Fork Cartridges

Manufacturers of "world champions' suspension since 1963," Italian specialist Bitubo's new JBH +2" extended 49 mm fork cartridges for H-D models are "a true high-performance, high-pressure fork cartridge kit with plug and play fitments," according to Sean Delshadi.

"These cartridges provide the ultimate support while braking - killing front end dive, improving cornering, traction and stability. Riders can adjust to sport bike firmness or luxury touring comfort with 100% ride control at their fingertips."

The ride control can be easily set up with 20 clicks/20 mm of compression on the left cap and 20 clicks/20 mm of rebound on the right. Ride comfort can be optimized with fine-tune preload adjustment featuring 10 turns/10 mm on both top caps. 

Included in each box are two cartridge systems, two fork cap extensions, install sheet and preload adjustment tool, allowing the stock internals to be removed and replaced in standard fork legs for a completely reversible, modification-free upgrade.

Like all Bitubo products, the JBH can be completely rebuilt, serviced, and is covered by a long-life warranty.


Vance & Hines

V&H 90-Degree Stainless Steel Air Intake

Vance & Hines has announced the VO2 Falcon Stainless, a limited production, hand-welded, 90-degree stainless steel air intake, "inspired by the handmade exhaust systems that are common on the top professional and street race bikes." 

The intake fits all M-8 powered Harley-Davidson motorcycles from 117 ci motors down to 107 ci, except those with fairing lowers.

The VO2 Falcon Stainless is manufactured by Vance & Hines welders in Santa Fe Springs using high grade, 304 stainless steel tube and is hand TIG welded from pie-cut segments. "The process yields a striking array of color and pairs perfectly with a stainless steel 2-1 exhaust system - such as the Vance & Hines Hi-Output RR." 

The system includes a precision CNC-machined, billet aluminum winged mounting plate and an integrated breather assembly. It features the same slant-nosed, high-volume oil-media air filter that is used across the VO2 Falcon Lineup.

"High performance baggers, inspired by King of the Baggers and BRL, are the hottest Harley customizing trend around the world," said Mike Kennedy, President of Vance & Hines. "This new limited-production product not only delivers great air flow, but is the finishing touch to a great looking, go-fast bagger."


Tuesday 24 January 2023


H-D1 Marketplace Now Accepting Private-Party Listings

When Harley first announced its H-D1 Marketplace for used motorcycle sales two and a half years ago, it was initially launched as a dealer-only used motorcycle sales platform.

As such it was a welcome but long overdue and blindingly obvious idea that should have been implemented years earlier - even before the 'More Roads' strategic fail first attempted to formerly address used models as the new 'entry-level' on a structured basis.

At the time, Harley did state that eventually it would be expanded to include 'private-party' pre-owned Harley model listings, and so the announcement that came out with the MY2023 news last week should come as no surprise. Harley has described the decision to now start hosting 'private- party' sale listings as an "exciting step to connect a wider range of riders to their next bikes.

"All motorcycles listed for sale may be viewed by the thousands of customers visiting the H-D1 Marketplace website. Customers who are interested in purchasing a bike from the H-D1 Marketplace can either contact the private party seller or the dealer directly through the site. Rider-to-Rider financing options are available to customers purchasing from a private party, in addition to in-dealership financing."

Now, the financing option is interesting. It is potentially a good idea from the buyer's point of view - not that H-DFS is what you would term a "value" financing option. Its rates have premium stamped all over them and its T&Cs are no less draconian or no more 'brand friendly' than those associated with conventional retail finance channels.

Where, of course, it is clever, from a Harley point of view, is that it gives an ongoing profit stream opportunity as late model sales age. If you can make money from the metal once, why not try to make money from the same metal as many times and in as many ways as possible, right?

"H-D1 Marketplace has redefined the online marketplace for pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles," said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, CEO and President, Harley-Davidson. "This new private-party feature will bring together even more buyers and sellers of Harley bikes. This is our next step in building the ultimate online home for the sale and purchase of pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles."

Yeah, right. According to what we here at AMD have been hearing in the past 12 months, even though over 500 US dealers are participating, and some 34,000 plus sales are claimed to have been made through the platform (in two and a half years), site traffic has been poorer than had been expected. Indeed, one of the primary reasons for doing this at this time has been the growing share of such sales that the plethora of rival online platforms and alternate channels (such as auctions) are taking from authorized dealers as well as "punters."

Harley says that private-party listings on H-D1 Marketplace will be limited to Harley-Davidson models located in the United States. Each listing will include photos and details about the motorcycle. All bikes will also be validated by VIN and go through a review-and-approval process before the listing is launched.

News Briefs

As at press time, the latest available registration statistics for Germany (covering the period for January to November 2022) showed that the German motorcycle market was -7.22% YTD at 107,992 units. With the exception of January and February 2022, all months in 2022 were negative, and it is widely assumed in Europe that the German motorcycle market is now in recession. In total PTW terms, the market was essentially flat YTD at +0.69% (201,443 units).  

Bud's Harley-Davidson (Evansville, Indiana) has been sold to Evan Schipper. Established by the Morand Family in 1965, Schipper has been a Harley store owner since 2006 with dealerships in Fort Wayne (Indiana), Louisville (Kentucky) and St. Louis (Missouri). 

KTM parent company PIERER Mobility AG has announced "another record year in 2022 and positive outlook for 2023." It expects revenues in the 2022 financial year to be between € 2,420m and € 2,435m, which corresponds to an increase of around 19% compared to the previous year. "With 375,612 motorcycles sold in the 2022 financial year (previous year: 332,881), PIERER Mobility achieved its 12th record year in a row with a sales increase of around +13%. In Europe, the sales volume was around 130,000 motorcycles and around two thirds of the motorcycles (approx. 245,000) were sold in the markets outside Europe - North America, India and Australia in particular." In addition, the Bicycle Division achieved sales growth of more than +15% and sold 118,427 e-bicycles and bicycles (previous year: 102,753). 

Motorcyclists that took part in the Sturgis Buffalo Chip charity events for 2022 raised a generous $400,000 for Veterans, charities for children and the community. The figure pushes the grand total that Sturgis Buffalo Chip has raised for charity during the Sturgis Rally to over $2.1m. PSB. 

Japanese streetwear brand Neighborhood and Harley-Davidson are collaborating on a limited Moto Culture inspired apparel collection. Neighborhood, started in 1994 in Tokyo, Japan, was originally conceived as part of founder Shinsuke Takizawa's motorcycle enthusiast interests. "Neighborhood's mix of luxury construction standards and classic utilitarian and subculture aesthetics made the brand a cornerstone of modern streetwear. With shared interests in motorcycling and focus on craftsmanship, Neighborhood x Harley-Davidson is the new iconic duo." 

Marietta, GA, based Estenson Racing has announced its continued partnership with Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA (YMUS) and a talented four-rider line-up for the 2023 Progressive American Flat Track season. Multi-time road race champion JD Beach and two-time Parts Unlimited AFT Singles Champion Dallas Daniels return to fight for the title in the Mission SuperTwins Championship. Also returning with the team next year is Trevor Brunner, who will be joined by new signee Tom Drane for a two-pronged threat in the Parts Unlimited AFT Singles class. 

BMW Motorrad has posted its highest sales in the company's history with a total of 202,895 motorcycles and scooters delivered to customers - an increase of +4.4% year-on-year. "The Europe, Americas and Asia regions, in particular, all posted new sales highs and made a vital contribution to BMW Motorrad's record sales. The brand's compelling line-up, with successful products that shape its respective segments, and the market introduction of popular new models, like the fully-electric BMW CE 04, were strong factors in the successful result for 2022." 

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Custom Chrome Europe

RevTech Performance Exhausts 

Custom Chrome Europe is bringing the RevTech brand name back to market with a full line-up of high-grade, made in Europe performance exhaust systems. 

Complete RevTech Performance Sportster stainless steel exhaust system with matte black coating, laser-cut logo and aluminum end caps. 

Model coverage is from 2007 up, including selected Sportsters and M-8s. The new products will include ready to be installed full exhaust systems, as well as stock replacement slip-on style mufflers. 

Manufactured in high-grade stainless steel, these muffler systems are said to offer "superb performance" and are year-appropriate Euro 3, 4 and 5 homologated.  

Polished stainless steel RevTech Performance exhaust system, ready for easy installation.

Aluminum-machined end caps contrast with the polished stainless steel and are styled to look like a jet engine exhaust.

Already in production, and available in black coating or polished from the CCE warehouse at Grolsheim, are complete Euro 3 or 4 MY 2007-2017 Twin Cam 2-in-2 RevTech Performance systems for Softails (except Breakout); Dyna model years 2007-2017 (except Switchback and Low Rider S) and MY 2006-2013 Euro 3 air-cooled Sportsters (except XR1200/X) - plus Euro 3 and 4 MY 2014-2020 Sportsters in black finish. "All systems feature stylish, short aluminum end caps that contrast with the muffler body finish."  

The first production batch of RevTech Performance slip-on mufflers, also in top quality stainless steel, with black coated finish and short aluminum end cap, will cover the most popular Sportsters from 2006-2013 and 2014-2016 Sportsters (Euro 3), plus Euro 4 2017-2020 Sportster versions. 

Additionally available are RevTech Performance slip-ons for 2006-2016 Twin Cam Dyna and 2008-2016 Fat Bob and Wide Glide models with Euro 3. Twin Cam Softail owners can order slip-ons for 2007-2016 Softail high (Fat Boy, Deluxe) and 2007-2016 Softail low (Heritage, Custom, Night Train, Breakout) versions, all with Euro 3 compliance. 

Solid mounting flanges fix the RevTech Performance exhaust systems safely and tightly to the engine. Where necessary on some models, sensor positions are prepared to install existing sensors at the correct position. 

Muffler in black with distinctive aluminum end caps.  

The new Milwaukee-Eight powered Softails will be served with matching RevTech Performance slip-on mufflers in two different versions: the first ones will be for 2018-2020 MY Softail (Street Bob, Breakout, Slim, Fat Boy, Low Rider) with Euro 4, soon to be followed by the 2021-2022 Softail models (Street Bob, Breakout, Slim, Fat Boy, Low Rider). The Euro 5 homologation for 2021-up Softail models is currently in progress. All other Euro homologations have already been achieved.