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Thursday 19 January 2023

Magnum Shielding

Handlebar Installation Kit Options

Magnum Shielding's handlebar installation kits have everything customers need for cable and brake line replacement on H-D models going back to 1996 and Indians back to 2015. "What really sets our kits apart is our vast selection of sizes, colors and kit configurations," according to Magnum's Reese Hurwitz.

Magnum kits fit a wide range of bar heights, from 10" to 20", and exist in six different color finishes, including Sterling Chromite, Black Pearl and KARBONFIBR in the braided Signature Series, and braided stainless steel, black vinyl with black chrome-plated or highly polished chrome fittings in the economical XR series.

Each kit includes everything for a handlebar replacement - FMVSS-106 compliant DOT brake lines, a clutch cable or hydraulic clutch line, copper crush washers and hardware, any necessary adapters, throttle/idle cables or plug and play throttle-by-wire and wiring extensions.

"While excellent quality and great fitment is universal across all of Magnum's product offerings," says Reese, "the question is which kit best fits someone's needs and budget. Some customers want a complete matching kit with braided lower brake lines and a fully braided lower clutch and chrome adjuster. Then there are those who want to spare the expense of replacing the lower brake line, which typically isn't strictly necessary to change bars, by selecting a kit that reuses the existing lower.

"Owners of 2018+ Softail or 2021+ Touring models have the additional option of a Quick Connect kit. Our patent-pending Quick Connect upper clutch cables replace the OE upper cable section with a new stock or alternative length cable, providing an easy-to-install quick connection to the existing lower cable. 

"This avoids the time-consuming hassle of draining the transmission, removing its cover and possibly the exhaust system, just to replace the clutch cable. Replacement costs are further reduced by utilizing the existing plastic adjuster cover and connector body components of the OE cable. 

"These cables are designed to make life easy for the installer, as well as through improvements to the adjuster assembly that incorporates a sturdy and easy to adjust threaded metal cable adjuster to replace the OE plastic clip that's prone to breaking. Quick Connect kits are available with or without a lower brake line - providing the bare minimum necessary to change the handlebars."