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Tuesday 10 January 2023

Barnett Clutches & Cables

'Scorpion' Low-Profile Clutch - '90-'97 H-D Big Twins  

Ventura, California based Barnett Clutches & Cables' new 'Scorpion' lock-up clutch features a redesigned billet aluminum lock-up pressure plate that is made to fit under the stock primary cover. 

"No need to change or modify your cover," says Barnett's Chris Taylor. "As with all our 'Scorpion' clutches, the surface area is greatly increased and lever effort is kept to a minimum. Three different coil spring sets provide a wide variety of spring pressure options, allowing you to tune the clutch for stock to 200+ hp applications. A steel inner hub is also included to complete the unit."

Like all 'Scorpion' clutches, it is designed to fit into the stock type clutch basket. Chris says that the versatility of the 'Scorpion' makes it an excellent choice for stock to big inch motors and ideal for Baggers, two-up riding and pulling a heavy load. 

"In addition, the lock-up pressure plate is also available separately as a retro-fit to existing 'Scorpion' clutches. As with all Barnett products, this clutch is proudly made in the USA."