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Tuesday 31 January 2023


JBH +2" Extended 49 mm Fork Cartridges

Manufacturers of "world champions' suspension since 1963," Italian specialist Bitubo's new JBH +2" extended 49 mm fork cartridges for H-D models are "a true high-performance, high-pressure fork cartridge kit with plug and play fitments," according to Sean Delshadi.

"These cartridges provide the ultimate support while braking - killing front end dive, improving cornering, traction and stability. Riders can adjust to sport bike firmness or luxury touring comfort with 100% ride control at their fingertips."

The ride control can be easily set up with 20 clicks/20 mm of compression on the left cap and 20 clicks/20 mm of rebound on the right. Ride comfort can be optimized with fine-tune preload adjustment featuring 10 turns/10 mm on both top caps. 

Included in each box are two cartridge systems, two fork cap extensions, install sheet and preload adjustment tool, allowing the stock internals to be removed and replaced in standard fork legs for a completely reversible, modification-free upgrade.

Like all Bitubo products, the JBH can be completely rebuilt, serviced, and is covered by a long-life warranty.