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Tuesday 25 June 2024

Comment by Editor-in-chief, Robin Bradley

Technology Has Never Been Our Enemy

At various stages down the years, we have thrown out literally tons and tons of printed paper and other material. 

The changes in technology in the past 30 years have been dramatic - affecting all industries and endeavors. In some cases, drawing a line under entire segments of business activity, but always creating new opportunities and fueling rather than reducing growth as a result of the increased productivity that tech and IT stimulate.

In our case, the moments at which we have had to free up space have been associated with office moves, changes in the profile of our business activities and changes arising from new ways of doing even more of what we were previously less productive at doing.

From catalogs going back to the late 1980s, through to brochures, magazines, flyers, press releases with 35 mm slides or printed paper pictures (remember them?), to SyQuest Drives and discs, Optical Drives and discs, Floppy Discs (we had thousands of them - even some five inchers) to CDs, decals, baseball caps, promotional bags and items of all kinds.

As for all the old phones (desk and cell), copiers, fax machines, computers, printers, cables, modems, scanners and screens - jeez!

The print magazine 'game' used to require so much physical reference and resource material to feed the content of the editions that we'd routinely end up having to check-in up to three of four very heavy extra bags of material on our way back from the U.S. and European trade shows that still, to an extent, set an annual rhythm to our lives.

critical dynamic ingredient

It's all gone now, of course. The last stage of the transition to what we naively think of as "modernity" at this time, will be to jettison the still quite considerable physical archive of printed back editions that occupies an entire room of our offices here in the UK. That will be tough! 

As someone who has had 'ink under his fingernails' since I was a teenager, that will hurt - but in these days of a comprehensive digital online archive ( and, it's not as if all that endeavor and words will be lost - not all of it anyway. 

The early editions of AMD from the 1990s (European Dealer News as it was to begin with) weren't able to be digitally archived in a satisfactory manner, because we didn't have access to the necessary tech back then - it simply didn't exist. For the first two or three years, we were still using film and relatively conventionally etched plates. Once digital started to creep into the publishing business, as it did in so many others, we had an 'interim' decade or so when we would store it all on various short-lived iterations of the then latest, newest and bestest discs, drives and devices. However, the need to repeat-store and re-archive to updated devices and software every couple of years, as tech evolved, was a really dispiriting (and expensive) cycle.

Tell that to the kids nowadays and they don't believe it, you know! So, what's all this got to do with the price of cheese? 

Productivity, that's what. It’s a word that everyone has heard of, and there are some people who do actually understand it. But most don't. Including most of the talking heads and so-called opinion formers for whom the long-term is defined by the next quarterlies.

The importance of improved productivity and its umbilical cord to economic growth is nothing like as well understood as it needs to be. Change is our friend. We cannot improve in any aspects of our lives without it. To resist change is to resist life. Our species depends on us seeking out and embracing change.

When business analysts, advisors, consultants and economists preach the gospel of improved productivity, it has always struck me that most do not actually know what that looks like, how to achieve it and what its results are. That's because nobody can, nobody really does.

The old 1950s and 1960s science fiction visions of a citizenry enjoying lives of unlimited wealth and leisure as the robots whirr silently and uncomplainingly about their business in factories, warehouses, shops, homes and everywhere else, doing their Masters and Mistresses bidding, were clearly fueled by a complete lack of understanding of capitalism.

In a reverse variation of Parkinson's Law - that's the one that says that work will always expand to fill the time allocated to it - thus robbing management of effective control of workflow, productivity does the opposite. It is positively Darwinian in the evolutionary pressures it brings to bear on productivity. Improvements in productivity require said 'citizenry' to do ever more work in the time allocated to it, not less, and thus and only thus, contribute to growth and profit.

These days, our humble little business is characterized by 2.5 people producing 18 magazine editions in around 44 weeks net. That's 1,152 pages in 220 days (weekends excluded - I wish!) at an average rate of 5.5 pages a day. Approximately half are advertising pages and half are editorial content pages, for which we produce around 2,000 content items of one kind or another in those 44 weeks. The startling reality of this home-spun tale of tech-driven increased productivity is that, even though it might feel like it sometimes, we are not, actually, having to work any harder than always was the case, but the tech we have is doing more, so we can do more - not less. 

AI isn't about less work for fewer people, au contraire. Its time has come because it is a productivity tool that will allow society to provide more wealth-generating work for more people.

Equally, the so-called and maybe, maybe not, impending green revolution isn't about stopping us from riding our motorcycles, driving our cars or traveling for work or leisure more frequently, it is about tooling mankind to be able to do even more of all that, and to do it more efficiently, more productively and more profitably.

Only with improved business productivity, new tech and the new business opportunities that come with it will we be able to keep the cycle of growth rolling, so we can educate more children, feed and house more families and pay people more money to consume more products. It's called capitalism - read the memo! 

Progressive American Flat Track

Robinson Defeats Daniels in Bridgeport Thriller

Brandon Robinson (No. 44 Mission Roof Systems Indian FTR750) served up a timely reminder that he remains a genuine contender for this season’s Grand National Championship with an inspired performance in the June 22, 2024, Arai Bridgeport, NJ, Half-Mile presented by Drag Specialties, Round 8 of the 2024 Progressive American Flat Track season, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing.

Mission AFT SuperTwins

His victory at Bridgeport Speedway in Swedesboro, New Jersey, couldn’t have come under much more demanding circumstances, with Mission AFT SuperTwins title leader Dallas Daniels (No. 32 Estenson Racing Yamaha MT-07 DT) breathing down his neck and desperate to fight through after charging his way forward from the bottom of the top ten.

Earlier duels saw Briar Bauman (No. 3 Rick Ware Racing/KTM/Parts Plus KTM 790 Duke), Jarod Vanderkooi (No. 20 JMC Motorsports/Fairway Ford Ohio Indian FTR750) and Jared Mees (No. 1 Rogers Racing/SDI Racing/Indian Motorcycle FTR750) all scrapping it out at one stage or another. 

Ultimately though, Robinson prevailed and became the first premier-class rider to claim a third win just as the season reached its halfway point. Daniels brought it home in second, ahead of Mees third, Briar Bauman in fourth and Davis Fisher (No. 67 Rackley Racing/Bob Lanphere’s BMC Racing Indian FTR750) in fifth.

The Indian FTR750 stood at the top of the podium again, for the first time in a few weeks, one of five in the Top 10; there were two Yamaha MT-07 riders in the Top 10, with two KTM 790 Dukes, and Dalton Gauthier tenth on the Moto Anatomy Royal Enfield 650.

Parts Unlimited AFT Singles presented by KICKER

There was hardly a moment to catch a breath while witnessing the latest masterpiece of double defending Parts Unlimited AFT Singles presented by KICKER champion Kody Kopp (No. 1 Rick Ware Racing/Parts Plus KTM 450 SX-F) take shape under the lights of Bridgeport Speedway.

That said, Kopp looked more like an interested observer than a potential winner for a large part of the race, spending much of his race swapping position with Trent Lowe (No. 48 American Honda/Mission Foods CRF450R) and James Ott (No. 19 1st Impressions Race Team Husqvarna FC450) over third, last year’s winner, Tom Drane (No. 59 Estenson Racing Yamaha YZ450F), traded haymakers and handlebars with Chase Saathoff (No. 88 JPG Motorsports Honda CRF450R) as they waged war for first.

But with two minutes remaining, Kopp turned up the heat and closed in on that fight. He then made his move to steal away the lead with less than a minute remaining and carried that momentum forward to a 0.703-second margin of victory over runner-up Drane.

The win was Kopp’s third consecutive and the 20th of his Progressive AFT career - handing him sole possession of the all-time victory mark in the category.

Saathoff finished third, less than a second off the win, while Ott and Lowe settled into fourth and fifth respectively after factoring into the podium mix until the final laps.

Kopp's was one of three KTM 450 SX-Fs in the Top 10 (plus the Husqvarna FC 450 badged KTM), and three each of the Yamaha YZF450F and Honda CRT 450R.

Next Up will be the June 29 Lima Half-Mile (Lima, OH), then on to Illinois for the Memphis Shades sponsored July 6 DuQuoin Mile and the July 28 Peoria TT. The series will then head west again - for a unique Double Header at the 85th Sturgis Rally.

First up will be the Black Hills Half-Mile at the Black Hills Speedway, Rapid City, SD, on August 6 and then the all-new, innovative Sturgis TT on a Half-Mile course in downtown Sturgis on August 11 - the final day of the Rally. Starting and finishing at the Harley-Point between Lazelle and Main Street, the race will see the debut of a new concept - a Tracker Class for production based ADV bikes.

After Sturgis it is back to Illinois for a Springfield Mile Double Header on August 31 and September 01, with the final race now confirmed as a September 14 series debut Short Track at the Lake Ozark Speedway at Eldon, Missouri, during the Lake of the Ozarks Bike Week.

BMW Motorrad

BMW R20 Concept - 'Rad' Roadster?

Primarily a May auto-fest and held in the elegant surroundings of the Villa d'Este on the shores of Lake Como (northern Italy), the annual Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este nonetheless does showcase some exceptional motorcycles from concourse condition classics and authentic restorations to contemporary and often avant-garde customs through to advanced concepts and prototypes.

A highlight of the spring season for 'petrol heads' and poseurs alike, BMW is a lead sponsor and a major player in exhibit terms, and generally has something to show for its winter workshop endeavors.

BMW Motorrad's two-liter big Boxer R20 'Roadster' concept.

This year saw a debut for an R20 concept as a follow-on from the R18. Described by BMW as a Roadster, it is a 'runner' and with a "punched out" 2,000 cc 'Boxer' engine, it would be the second largest displacement motorcycle in the world if it does make it to volume production - second only to Triumph's 2,458 cc Rocket 3 Triple.

Having turned 100 last year, BMW Motorrad continues to mine its heritage - the R20 designation hails from 1937/1938 when the first R20 was developed from then best-selling 8 bhp R2. The 192 cc R20 of that era only saw 5,000 examples being sold - the overhead-valve engine was housed in a frame made from bolted-up steel tubes and equipped with an undamped telescopic front fork. 

This 21st century iteration looks as stylish and 'rad' as the original must have done back in its day. The minimalistic avant-garde StreetFighter vibes of this R20 aren't 'Roadster' in the purest sense and the high ground clearance makes look 'flickable' - like it could carve canyons - not something normally associated with the weight and geometry of BMW's air-oil cooled flat twin.

From concept to more of a pre-production prototype - this was the 'runner' that BMW Motorrad unveiled at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este in May.

The chassis has been completely redeveloped from the one developed for the R18, with a black double-loop main frame made of chrome-moly steel tubes forming the backbone, and BMW tradition meets modernity with a two-arm version of the proven paralever swingarm. 

The exposed driveshaft, conceptually adopted from the R18, has been shortened for integration into the roadster architecture and if features fully adjustable Öhlins Blackline suspension components at the front and rear. The basic vehicle geometry has a 62.5-degree steering head angle and a 1,550 mm wheelbase, with radially mounted brake calipers from ISR - six piston front, four piston rear and 2-in-2 exhaust.

The first iteration of the BMW R20 designation - a 192 cc/8 bhp single in 1937.

"The BMW R20 concept takes the Big Boxer culture to a new level," says BMW Motorrad's newly installed head of design Alexander Buckan. “The R20 concept is a bold interpretation of the BMW Motorrad DNA. It combines modern technical elements with a classic roadster design. Its oversized proportions and minimalistic aesthetic give it an unmistakable character.”

New concepts shown by BMW Motorrad at the Concorso d'Eleganza do have a habit of eventually making it into production, one way or another, at one stage or another. So, based on its established 'modus operandi', watch out for a slew of pre-production custom protypes as a telling next stage. That said, with R18 sales not having met expectations since its launch in 2020, it's equally possible that 'Munich' may be gun-shy this time.


Nimbus Brand Making a Comeback After More Than 60 Years By Ben Purvis

The Nimbus name isn't likely to be familiar to most motorcyclists, but in Denmark there's a strong following for the brand - the only motorcycle manufacturer to have emerged from the country.

Between 1919 and 1960, Nimbus sold high-quality bikes powered by inline four-cylinder engines, mounted longitudinally in their frames rather like an Excelsior Henderson or Indian four. The company was part of Fisker and Nielson, a vacuum cleaner maker that lives on today under the Nilfisk name, and which has now licensed the Nimbus brand to Claus Clausen to be used on a new electric motorcycle.

The last Nimbus bike was the Type C, manufactured from 1934 to 1959, and the new machine takes its inspiration from that machine. Called the Type E, it uses a faux hardtail frame - there's actually a swingarm hidden between the rear frame hoops and a monoshock tucked underneath the single rider's seat - and fills the center of the chassis with a large battery pack and electronics unit where the engine would normally sit. An electric motor sits concentrically with the swingarm pivot, ensuring that the tension on the belt final drive is consistent throughout the suspension's travel.

"Danish name returning on electric cruiser"

The company launched a share offering in July 2023 to raise funds for the Type E project as well as an electrically-assisted bicycle that is simultaneously under development. The aim is to raise between 8 and 10 million Danish Krone (€ 1.07m to € 1.34m), believed to be enough to get the bicycle into production and to finance building and testing a prototype of the Type E motorcycle during the summer of 2024. If all goes to schedule, the bike will then be officially unveiled in late 2024, with production targeted for 2025.

At the moment, Nimbus hasn't revealed any technical details of the motorcycle project, so it's impossible to guess at its performance or pricing, but the appearance of the machine suggests it's aimed at the higher end of the electric motorcycle market.

S&S Cycle

S&S MK136 Black Edition Engine

S&S Cycle is introducing what it describes as "the next generation of 'Proven Performance' for 2017 and newer H-D Touring models" - the 49-state MK136 engine.

This is the newest version of the complete crate engines S&S has been known for since it introduced its first ever, game-changing, scratch-built 98"/1,600 cc 'Sidewinder' in 1993.

Building on the popularity of the 1,200 cc (73") 'Shovelhead' style engine it had launched in 1990, the 'Sidewinder' exploited the market opportunity that Harley themselves created a couple of years later when it withdrew from the crate motor segment. The rest, as they say, is history.

This 'ready-to-install' Black Edition 136 incher (2,220 cc) slips into the stock 2017-2023 oil-cooled M-8 frame. S&S took its MK-Series crankcases, married them to the 136” cylinders and flywheels, and then fitted high-flow cylinder heads with +1 mm valves and .605" springs. 

"stock 2017-2023 oil-cooled M-8 frame"

The seats, guides, valves, seals and +1 mm oversized intake and exhaust valves are all premium grade. The valves are .030” longer than stock for improved valvetrain geometry (.605” max. lift valve springs) and the high-strength alloy used in casting the cylinder heads gives the improved strength at high temperatures that is needed.

There is an enlarged cooling passage around the exhaust seats, and the MK136 uses S&S exclusive breather boxes, forged pistons, an S&S performance oil pump and cam support plate, with premium tappets and tappet cuffs.

Sprocket shaft spacer is included, with Champion spark plugs. The MK 136 retains the stock engine height. 

"valves are .030" longer than stock"

The crankcase has patented dual-spray piston cooling jets, a precision-machined oil scraper, enlarged oil sump and a contoured floor to allow oil to easily drain back to the sump. 

There are 49-state and race only versions available. 


Zodiac International

Zodiac International Additions

S&S M-8 Head Breathers

S&S Cycle billet head breathers are crafted from premium 6061 aluminum and anodized in the iconic S&S Blue. They feature a dual O-ring design, ensuring a superior seal in the head, minimizing leaks and maximizing performance. 

The unique Labyrinth design significantly reduces oil pass-through, keeping the engine running cleaner and smoother with reduced emissions as it burns less oil.

Star Racing M-8 Billet Lifter Guides

These billet lifter guides are a must for .500" or higher lift cams. They are a direct replacement for the stock plastic guides. CNC-machined deeper than stock for the highest lift cams. Set includes two guides, gaskets and bolts.

Ciro Tour-Pak Lightstrike Streak Lights Kits

Control these Tour-Pak lights with Ciro's free Lightstrike app - allows you to control over a hundred different lighting combinations with Ciro Lightstrike accessories. "These 3D contoured trunk lights have a perfect fit and feature red automotive LED run, turn and brake signals with a plug-n-play installation."

Replica Obsolete Decals By Rust Is Gold Co.

The enthusiasts at the Belgian Rust Is Gold Co. have spared neither time, effort or expense to make these accurate-as-possible reproductions of long since obsolete original tank emblems. The material may be contemporary, but the colors and designs are original - "these outstanding quality decals are not the cheap, pixelated low-grade fakes you can buy online. They are designed for restoration purposes and supplied in sets for both left and right."


Rob's Dyno Service

EONE Suspension Kit for Energica's Performance Bikes Range

In addition to being one of New England's premier performance centers and engine tuners, Gardner, Massachusetts based Rob's Dyno Service is also a major player in the suspension market.

Last year, AMD featured new performance shock absorbers and front fork kits for Indian models. Developed by Rob's Dyno Service in collaboration with Mooresville, NC based Jeff Ryan, they make for a technically advanced, durable, dyno-tested and reliably responsive front and rear suspension system for Indian Big Twins.

The development of suspension set-ups on a performance and handling system basis is the Rob Swartz hallmark, and he takes the same approach to another enterprise he is building - Energica of New England.

Noted for their advanced technology, the Italian made Energica brand was the original 'spec' bike for the FIM Electric Motorcycle World Cup - the competition that has now graduated to FIM World Championship status. Just as Energica was an early adopter and seeing the potential for road-going electric performance and race bikes, so too Rob Swartz has been an 'early adopter' signing up as an Energica dealer and has been in the vanguard of opening up the street performance and aftermarket potential of high-performance electric street bikes.

His commitment to enhancing the performance of electric motorcycles has seen him build and offer an advanced suspension range tailored to meet the needs of both street and track riders. Collaborating with industry leaders, Energica has "redefined motorcycle suspension systems, providing unparalleled adjustability and improved handling."

Rob's product range of choice is based around Andreani Monotube front fork internals upgrades mated to Öhlins rear shocks.

The Andreani Monotube upgrade is designed specifically for the Marzocchi front forks of the kind that Energica uses as OEM fitment and is aid to "substantially transform the stock setup, offering sophisticated improvements aimed at both street and track applications," says Rob.

Enhanced adjustability allows riders to fine-tune their fork setup with precision, improving handling with each click of adjustment, "yielding a noticeable difference in the motorcycle's handling. The tailored riding experience they deliver offers 40 mm more travel compared to the standard bike, enhancing the motorcycle's versatility and performance."

Customized to Energica's specifications for Energica of New England, the Öhlins rear shock "takes the riding experience to the next level by offering a degree of customized shock absorber adjustability specification that was previously unavailable to Energica riders.

"Our versatile solution includes a one-inch lowering kit option for riders seeking a different stance and center of gravity without compromising on cornering clearance or handling.

"On our test bike, our own Energica EsseEsse9+, it showcases the profound transformation achievable with these suspension upgrades. Despite not being a typical track motorcycle, the improved handling was unanimously praised. The expertise of the Energica team that we have been able to leverage is the same team that has made a name for Energica here in the United States, known for working on high-profile podium placing projects like Stefano Mesa’s EVA Ribelle RS Super Hooligan bike.

The EONE suspension kit "is set to revolutionize the experience for Energica motorcycles following its May 1, 2024, public release - with hugely positive early rection."

For further information, potential buyers can visit Rob's Dyno Service is said to be the only Energica establishment on the East Coast of the United States that is equipped with a genuine suspension dyno - "which allows us to ensure that each setup is optimized for maximum performance.

"The detailed comparison charts that we readily make available demonstrate the significant benefits over stock suspension setups, validating the promise of a significantly enhanced riding experience."


Klock Werks

Flare for 2023-2024 Road Glides

Mitchell, South Dakota based Klock Werks has added a model-specific Flare Windshield for the all-new 2023-2024 Road Glides.

"Designed with new mounting blocks, it expands the protective envelope to offer wider, clean airflow for enhanced comfort. It creates a larger protective pocket of air for increased comfort and improved audio for rider and passenger. 

"The sporty, aggressive profile enhances the bike's aesthetic while incorporating Klock Werks' air management expertise to improve design, ride quality and stability with the patented 'hips' and 'flip' design, reducing turbulence and increasing downforce."

The Flare windshield provides improved air management and is made from a hard-coated polycarbonate material for added durability that comes in Tint and Dark Smoke color options. This windshield is available as the Sport Flare for an aggressive look, measuring 12", and the Pro-Touring Flare for maximum rider and passenger wind protection, measuring 13.5".

Brian and Vanessa Klock

"We continue to be dedicated to enhancing the riding experience with our trusted design and high-quality craftsmanship," said Brian Klock, founder of Klock Werks. "I am proud of our engineering team of air management experts. The Flare Windshield for the 2023-2024 Road Glide is a testament to our commitment to performance and style."


Drag Specialties

Drag Specialties Additions

Softail Kickstands

These Drag Specialties kickstands are 1" longer than stock length as measured from the center portion between the foot and the centerline of the upper pivot. Manufactured from high-strength steel, and available in a brilliant chrome finish or gloss black powder-coat, "these kickstands are built to last." The 1" extended kickstands fit '18-'23 FXFB/FXFBS and '20-'21 FXLRS. 

Pan America Center Stand

This stand lifts the bike upright and takes up less space when parking the bike. Adjustable feet allow the rear tire to be lifted off the ground - works with both OE and profile rear suspensions. With a bolt-on design, there is no loss of lean angle. Available in black (repl. OEM #92900066) for '21-'23 RA1250/1250S models. 

Performance Predator 2-Up Seats with EZ Glide II Backrest Option

This Drag Specialties Seats Performance Predator 2-up seat with EZ Glide II backrest option features the EZ Glide II backrest mounting system - to accept driver backrest pad assemblies (sold separately). Also featuring a 5 3/4" driver support with unique styling that is narrower up front for better leg clearance, the seating area is contoured for maximum comfort with the rear portion measuring 9" wide for easy riding. The 3/16" thermoformed ABS seat base gives the perfect fit, while the carpeted bottom and rubber bumpers protect the bike's paint. It is available in high-quality automotive-grade smooth vinyl or smooth solar-reflective leather, a patented process to reduce the surface temperature by as much as 25° F, with automotive-grade vinyl on the sides. All seats include mounting hardware and are designed to fit most '08-'23 Touring models.

Compensator Spring Pack

This high-quality compensator spring pack meets or exceeds OEM quality. A direct replacement for the OEM spring pack, it also works with the Drag Specialties high-performance compensator sprocket kit (Part #1120-0404, sold separately) and replaces OEM #83936-09A for '11-'23 Touring models, '12-'23 Softails, '09-'23 H-D Trike models and '12-'17 FXD/FXDWG/FLD models. 

LED Fuel Gauges

These LED fuel gauges are bright and easy to read at a glance and are a great upgrade from an older stock gauge or as a replacement for a defective gauge. Sold individually, they are available in black or chrome for '08-'23 FLHR, '15-'23 FLRT, '08-'17 Softails, '09-'17 FXDB/FXDC/FXDL/FXDF and '10-'17 FXDWG. 



Denali "Destroyer" DOT/ECE Approved Headlight to Launch at Sturgis

Described as the brightest street legal, 'plug and play' headlight available, this new "Destroyer" headlight kit from Vision X owned Denali is a genuine modification-free install on Road Glide and Street Glide models.

"No spacer kit or grinding of the headlight body is required," says Denali's Director of Sales Ron Santos. " Our kit is 100% complete, and in fact not only does it clear, it has room to spare."

All headlight adjustments can be done from the front externally, without the need to remove anything. "Our headlight kit doesn’t stick out in front of the fairing like the other aftermarket designs - we specifically designed to stay tucked in and clean just like the OE."

Features include an on-the-fly "X" lens, which simply snaps on or off without tolls or taking anything apart. It is available in yellow or amber. 

DOT in all U.S. states and ECE in Europe as well, the one kit is both DOT and ECE approved - the installer has two leads, one marked DOT, the other marked ECE, and they simply snap into the harness.

All Denali lights are IP69K against water and dirt ingress and are CISPR 25 rated. This means the Destroyer lights will not conduct or radiate any noises, with no interference with radio or push-button controllers.


Tuesday 18 June 2024


Orange County Half-Mile - Daniels Dominates, Kopp Makes History

Orange County Fair Speedway, Middleton, NY

Progressive AFT Sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing, Round 7 - June 15, 2024

Dallas Daniels (No. 32 Estenson Racing Yamaha MT-07 DT) was precise to the point of perfection in his blowout win in the Mission SuperTwins while reigning Parts Unlimited AFT Singles presented by KICKER champion Kody Kopp (No. 1 Rick Ware Racing/Parts Plus KTM 450 SX-F) etched himself yet another prominent position in the history books …

Mission AFT SuperTwins 

While slippery conditions and continually altering lines kept the world’s elite motorcycle dirt track racers guessing all day long, championship leader Daniels was composed and in control throughout.

After sitting atop the leaderboard in practice and qualifying, and then winning his heat and the Mission #2Fast2Tasty Challenge, Daniels merely needed to get off the line clean and then do his thing in the Main. Once he did, Daniels’ second triumph of the season was a drama-free 5.293-second margin of victory.

By contrast, nine-time champion Jared Mees (No. 1 Rogers Racing/SDI Racing/Indian Motorcycle FTR750) had a frustratingly off day, finishing fifth. Briar Bauman (No. 3 Rick Ware Racing/KTM/Parts Plus KTM 790 Duke) scored second, with Dalton Gauthier (No. 79 Moto Anatomy X Powered by Royal Enfield 650) third and Billy Ross (No. 29 Mission Foods/Digitrace Kawasaki Ninja 650) fourth.

Mees fifth was the only FTR750 in the top five, and one of five in a top ten that included two Yamaha MT-07s and one top five each for the KTM 790 Duke, the Royal Enfield 650 and the Kawasaki Ninja 650. 

Parts Unlimited AFT Singles Presented by KICKER

 Already with a strong claim as most decorated rider the category has ever seen, Kody Kopp furthered his argument by equaling Shayna Texter-Bauman (No. 52 Rick Ware Racing/Parts Plus KTM 450 SX-F) for most career Parts Unlimited AFT Singles wins by scoring his 19th triumph in just his 58th attempt.

While Kopp has authored his fair share of runaway wins, #19 ranked among the most dominant. The Rick Ware Racing star shook free of an early four-rider melee and promptly checked out. Despite cruising to the checkered flag, the Washington native still hit the stripe with more than three-and-a-half seconds in his favor.

Second-ranked Chase Saathoff (No. 88 JPG Motorsports Honda CRF450R) and third-ranked Tom Drane (No. 59 Estenson Racing Yamaha YZ450F) finished in their championship standing order at the conclusion of a relatively processional affair, despite early fireworks.

Trent Lowe (No. 48 American Honda/Mission Foods CRF450R) extended that championship mirror to fourth after tracking down New Yorker Justin Jones (No. 91 J&H Racing Husqvarna FC 450), fifth.

There were five Honda CRF450R riders in the top 10, with two KTMs, plus the Husqvarna badged FC 450), and a pair of Yamaha YZ450F riders.

Next Up will be the June 22 Bridgeport Half-Mile (Swedesboro, NJ) and June 29 Lima Half-Mile (Lima, OH). After Illinois, for the Memphis Shades sponsored July 6 DuQuoin Mile and the July 28 Peoria TT, the series then heads west again - for a unique Double Header at the 85th Sturgis Rally.

First up will be the Black Hills Half-Mile at the Black Hills Speedway, Rapid City, SD, on August 6 and then the all-new, innovative Sturgis TT on a Half-Mile course in downtown Sturgis, on August 11 - the final day of the Rally. Starting and finishing at the Harley-Point between Lazelle and Main Street, the race will see the debut of a new concept - a Tracker Class for production based ADV bikes.

After Sturgis it is back to Illinois for a Springfield Mile Double Header on August 31 and September 01, with the final race now confirmed as a September 14 series debut Short Track at the Lake Ozark Speedway at Eldon, Missouri, during the Lake of The Ozarks Bike Week.

Race Winning Brands (RWB)

Race Winning Brands Hires David Zemla

Mentor, Ohio based Race Winning Brands (RWB) has "added horsepower to its V-twin sales management" by hiring David Zemla as its Powersports V-twin Technical Sales Manager.

The parent company of leading brands such as Wiseco, Rekluse JE Piston, Manley Performance and ProX, "this strategic move enhances RWB's veteran expertise and adds another passionate enthusiast to its growing team," stated Cary Redman, Vice President of Sales and Category Management.

"We believe his knowledge and experience will benefit our customers and help RWB unlock additional opportunities for improvement in the V-twin market."

Effective immediately, David joins the RWB family with significant experience, spearheading growth in the V-twin market segment, having spent many years managing sales and marketing efforts for a range of leading powersports brands such as Burly Brand, Performance Machine and Progressive Suspension. 

Most recently, he held the roles of Vice President of Marketing for S&S Cycle and Director of U.S. Operations for Italian suspension specialist Bitubo.

"I've had the absolute honor to work with some of the best brands in the V-twin aftermarket and I am excited to continue that legacy with the RWB team," commented David.

Custom Bike Show in Latvia

MC XIII Custom Bike Show

Cesis, Latvia, July 20, 2024

Custom Bike Show in Latvia was last staged in 2018. A whole sequence of events has meant that it hasn't happened again since, not least Covid scuppering the plans that the leading V-twin bike clubs in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia had for a three-year custom show rotation in the 'Baltic' markets.

However, we were pleased to hear that MC XIII is bringing it back for 2024, and AMD is pleased to welcome it back to, what is now, the AMD 'Approved' event program.

Being staged at Pils Park in Cesis, northeast of the capital Riga, the venue is overlooked by the impressive ruins of Cesis Castle, with the event taking place in conjunction with the annual town festival, which regularly draws 60,000 visitors over three days.

Competitors from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia entered 34 bikes last time it was held, with prizes including three Best Custom awards, plus Best Old Timer, Best Engineering, Best Paint and Best Public Choice award. Judging will be by a combination of knowledgeable jury and competitor vote.

Arlen Ness Enterprises

Stage 2 Performance Oval Filter Kit

Dublin, California based Arlen Ness Enterprises' new Stage 2 performance oval filter kit for the factory H-D oval air cleaners "both increases performance and adds style."

Featuring a performance filter with a pleated top - to take in air from the sides, top and front of the filter for maximum airflow - the filter cover, spacers and clamps are all precision CNC- machined from high strength, lightweight billet aluminum.

The performance air filter is made from high-flow black pre-oiled cotton media with increased filter height specially designed to increase airflow without reducing leg room.

Ness claims almost 50% more air filter surface area than the paper filters found in factory oval air cleaners, with dyna testing showing up to a 3 hp increase after installing the upgrade filter on factory displacement M-8 engines - and up to 5 hp gain for 124" big bore M-8 engines.

Kits include a performance filter, billet air cleaner cover, billet spacers and clamps. Available in black anodize finish, they fit oval Screamin' Eagle 'Ventilator' air cleaners and M-8 special/ST models equipped with H-D oval 'Ventilator' air cleaner backing plates. Multiple finishes, including red, gold, chrome and Contrast, will be available soon. 



Biltwell 'Cut-n-Sew' Apparel

Biltwell's new apparel collection "takes moto-specific casual apparel to the next level. Heavy-duty cotton/synthetic textiles make our El Dorado shirtjack and 4-Speed vest tough. Soft, heavyweight cotton makes every Hi-Test flannel comfortable. 

"Little details like thumb loops, closeable pockets, integrated key fob loops, and hidden collar snaps make a big difference when riding. Functional tailoring, generous pattern grading, and classic silhouettes are stylish without being fussy, and feel great on and off the bike."

4-Speed Vests

Biltwell's 4-Speed vest's super-tough 13 oz, 100% heavy-duty cotton canvas exterior features generous sizing and elasticated expansion panels so it can be layered over a shirt, hoodie or reinforced riding jacket. 

The heavy-duty two-way Vislon zipper with Hypalon pulls lets the rider fine-tune the collar and waist fit. It has a breathable, custom printed polyblend interior liner (57% poly/43% Repreve recycled material), two interior and four exterior pockets (including oversized hidden pocket on right chest with 8-inch vertical zipper); integrated key fob loop and reinforced pocket rivets. 

Additional features include 3" wide canvas accordion side panels with stretch nylon/Elastane construction, woven stretch polyester collar with shape-holding Spandex with polyester single, double-needle and overlock stitched seams throughout. Available in all black or gold.

El Dorado Shirtjack

El Dorado Shirt Jacket's tailored silhouette features a 7.5 oz. cotton/nylon blend twill canvas shell. This material provides great resistance to wind and mild weather without compromising fit or flexibility. 

Inside, a 100% fleece polyester liner insulates the rider's core for comfort. Sleeves are lined with silky smooth Repreve recycled polyester. It has five pockets provide options for carrying gloves, key fobs, glasses, cash, and other essentials.

Hi-Test Flannel 

Biltwell's Hi-Test Flannel lets the rider "move from job site to date night without breaking a sweat." It is crafted with 100% heavyweight cotton for durability and comfort. Roomy tailoring enhances mobility. 

It has single- and double-needle polyester stitching throughout. Moto-specific features include elastic thumb loops inside the cuffs, and hidden snaps in the collar tips to kill collar flap at high speeds.


Drag Specialties

Drag Specialties Additions

+6" Custom Springer Forks

An economical Old School alternative to a shock-dampened type Springer, these forks come fully assembled with an in-line top bracket without a built-in rake. They measure 37" from top bearing to axle and have a 1" outer diameter steering stem that has been designed for Timken type bearings. Both rear legs come threaded for right or left brakes. 

The forks require a wheel compatible with a 3/4" outer diameter axle. The included 3/4" outer diameter axle kit contains a brake mount pivot with thrust washer and hub spacers (custom spacers might be required depending on the wheel used). The forks measure 9 1⁄4" between the rockers and the riser mounts are on 4 3/4" centers and threaded 1/2"-20. 

These forks do not accept spotlight bars and have no fender mounts. Available in chrome and black for '84-'17 Big Twin and '86-'03 XL models (except Dressers and Dyna Glides). 

Frame-Mounted Heat Deflectors

These Drag Specialties frame-mounted heat deflectors direct heat away from the rider. Easy to install with included hardware, they mount to the frame just under the front of the seat. They are made from a tough plastic for durability and come in a black finish. Available for '08-'17 Softail models (except FXCW/C, FXSB/SE and FXSE, repl. OEM #29200008A). Sold in pairs.

Center Stands

These Drag Specialties center stands lift the bike upright for easier cleaning and servicing and take up less space when parking the bike up. Adjustable feet allow the rear tire to be lifted off the ground and works with both OE and profile rear suspensions. With a bolt on design, there is no loss of lean angle. 

These stands are available in chrome and black (repl. OEM #91573-09A) for '09-'23 FLHT, FLHR, FLHX, FLTR models (except FLHTKSE, FLTRUSE and '07-'11 FLHTCUSE). Not for use on models with adjustable passenger floorboard mount kit (OEM #50768-07). 

'Freedom' Touring Seat

The 'Freedom' Touring seat from Drag Seats features a 5 ¾" tall driver support with unique styling and is covered in high-quality automotive-grade vinyl. Seating area is contoured for maximum comfort and is made narrow up front for better leg clearance.  This seat also works with the DS EZ Glide frame-mounted driver backrest receiver mechanism and will also work with H-D and OEM frame-mounted backrest mechanisms and backrest pads. 

The seat is available in smooth solar-reflective leather, smooth vinyl and Double Diamond stitch vinyl with black, silver or red thread for '97-'07 FLHT/ FLHTC/ FLHTCU/ FLHR/ FLHX/ FLTR models.  All mounting hardware is included and FLHT and FLTR applications will use the included lower dash panel extension.

Primary Chain Auto Adjuster Kits

Drag Specialties primary chain auto adjuster kits are used for updating an old adjuster system or when building a new bike from the ground up. These kits include an adjuster plate, bolts, shoe, brackets and hardware. Available for '01-'06 FLHT, FLHR, FLHX, FLTR, FXST, FLST; '01-'05 FXD, FXDWG; '84-'00 FLHT, FLHR, FLTR, FXST, FLST and '91-'00 FXD, FXDWG.


Hawg Halters

Hawg Halters Adds M-8 Mid-Control Conversion Kit 

The latest addition to HHI's 2023 CVO and 2024 M-8 Touring bike kits, this Dominator mid- control conversion kit is now available for 2007-2013 TC FL, 2014-2015 early model with wide primary, 2015L-2020 narrow primary TC/M-8 Touring, 2021-2023 M-8 Touring, and the new 2023 CVO-2024 M-8 kit for Touring bike models.

"The HHI Dominator mid-control conversion kit for V-twin Touring bikes is compact and lightweight with bulletproof controls that deliver outstanding performance and additional ground clearance for aggressive riding."

This is the same kit that is being used in the Bagger Racing League's new-for-2024 Barnett Clutches Super Street Class with Carl Schlacht and his Medina, Ohio based Speed Farm Racing Team. The HHI/Speed Farm #8 Harley-Davidson Street Glide features a full complement of HHI Performance Bagger parts.

This is the same kit that is being used in the Bagger Racing League's new-for-2024 Barnett Clutches Super Street Class with Carl Schlacht and his Medina, Ohio based Speed Farm Racing Team. 

The HHI /Speed Farm #8 Harley-Davidson Street Glide features a full complement of HHI Performance Bagger parts including its Dominator stock billet triple tree, Dominator billet lower leg set with radial brake adapters, dual Dominator six-piston radial calipers on the front, a matching Dominator six-piston radial caliper kit on the rear, and the latest HHI Dominator axle adjuster with integral shock relocator kit. 

Hawg Halters' new Dominator mid-control conversion kit for V-twin touring bikes

The #8 race bike is rolling on the latest HH/ Renegade Custom DMR7 forged billet wheels, with special lightweight competition hubs. Braking is upgraded with matching 13-inch HHI/Renegade true floating brake rotors.

In the team's first outing at the Hastings Motorsport Park, Nebraska (May 24-26), Carl finished 4th while continuing to sort and balance the bike out. The next race is on June 29th and 30th in South Haven, Michigan. The series then heads for its first ever international race weekend at Clarington, Ontario, Canada (August 9-11), before wrapping up for 2024 on November 16-17 at the world-renowned Willow Springs International Raceway, Rosamond, California.

HHI Dominator mid-control kits are stocked in machine and black finishes and can be special ordered in Inca Gold and chrome finishes as well.