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Wednesday 28 August 2019

Harley-Davidson Model Year 2020

Model Year 2020 - Harley-Davidson New Models and Technology

The headline news from Harley's much anticipated MY 2020 announcement (August 20, 2019) is the long awaited debut of the much hyped LiveWire and what will be a welcome comeback for the "legendary" Low Rider S.
"New models, new technologies and more customer choices are featured in the expansive line-up of Harley-Davidson motorcycles for 2020," the company says. "The new Harley-Davidson Low Rider S model brings aggressive style and all-out performance to a 2020 Harley-Davidson model line-up that also includes the all-electric LiveWire model and the new CVO Tri Glide - the ultimate three-wheel motorcycle. 

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"Also new for 2020 is the H-D Connect service, a subscription-based cellular connectivity service for select Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and the Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS), a new collection of rider-control technologies for select models that includes traction control and an advanced Antilock Braking System (ABS).
"The new models and advanced technologies are components of the 'More Roads to Harley-Davidson' plan to accelerate building the next generation of riders through new products in additional motorcycle segments, broader access and a commitment to strengthen dealers globally."
Harley-Davidson Chief Marketing Officer Heather Malenshek was quoted as saying that "Harley-Davidson offers riders a host of new models, gear and accessories for 2020 as we leverage our unmatched ability to blend style, performance and technology in products designed to elevate the motorcycling experience. This year Harley-Davidson offers more choices for more riders than ever before."

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Though it may no longer feel all that new to those who have witnessed its five-year gestation period, the LiveWire model is an "all-new, all-electric motorcycle, an exhilarating and evocative new model designed to offer the rider a high-performance motorcycling experience infused with a new level of technology, and the premium look and feel of a Harley-Davidson product.
"Propelled by the immediate torque of the H-D Revelation all-electric powertrain, the LiveWire motorcycle is capable of rapid acceleration with just a twist of the throttle - no clutching or gear shifting required. With up to 146 miles of range" (city) or 95 miles (combined), based on the SAE J2982 Riding Range Test Procedure and expected performance of a fully charged battery when operated under specified conditions.
With "performance optimized for the urban street rider, the LiveWire model is the first in a broad portfolio of electric two-wheelers designed to establish Harley-Davidson as the leader in the electrification of motorcycles.  

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The H-D Connect service introduces "subscription-based cellular connectivity to select Harley-Davidson motorcycles to keep riders connected to their motorcycle through their smart phone using the latest version of the Harley-Davidson App" (not available in all markets).
The H-D Connect service "allows owners to connect remotely to their motorcycle and view key vehicle health information. It also provides the owner with the reassurance of being able to remotely monitor their motorcycle's security, including tamper alerts on the Harley-Davidson App and stolen-vehicle assistance. 

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The Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) is a new collection of technology designed to "match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration and braking, utilizing the latest chassis control, electronic brake control and powertrain technology. The RDRS features are standard on the 2020 LiveWire, Trike and CVO models, and optional on all 2020 Touring models in the U.S." (except Electra Glide Standard models).
The Reflex Brembo electronic, linked Antilock Braking System (ABS), that was previously optional on some Touring models, is now standard on all 2020 Touring motorcycles. ABS is designed to prevent the wheels from locking under braking and helps the rider maintain control when braking in a straight line.

LiveWire motorcycle

LiveWire - Harley's quiet future?

The LiveWire motorcycle will be available in 2019 through select authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships in the United States, Canada and most European countries where Harley-Davidson conducts business, with expanding global availability planned for 2020 through 2021. And the price? As previously stated by Harley, they are pitching in at a baseline starting MSRP of $29,799.00.

Performance: 0 to 60 mph (0 to 100 kph) in 3.0 seconds and 60 to 80 mph (100 to 129 kph) in 1.9 seconds. Because maximum torque is always on tap, roll-on acceleration for passing from any speed is outstanding." 

Twist-And-Go: Electric power requires no clutch and no gear shifting, greatly simplifying operation for new riders. All riders will also appreciate the braking effect of the power regeneration mode as it adds charge to the battery, especially in urban traffic that often requires a lot of slow-rolling and stop-and-go riding.

Minimal NVH: The H-D Revelation electric powertrain produces minimal vibration, very little heat and minimal noise, all of which enhance rider comfort. When the rider activates the LiveWire motorcycle powertrain, the electric motor will produce a subtle pulsing of torque, a heartbeat sensation designed to let the rider know the bike has come to life and is ready to ride. The pulsing ceases when the motorcycle begins to move and resumes when the motorcycle comes to a stop. 

Ease of Maintenance: The LiveWire motorcycle is convenient to own because many of the routine maintenance items required of a motorcycle powered by an internal combustion engine are eliminated- there’s no engine oil to change, and no spark plugs, air filter or primary drive to service.

Battery: The high-voltage battery has a five-year, unlimited-mileage warranty. It provides 146 miles (235 km) of city range or 95 miles (152 km) of combined stop-and-go and highway range as measured using the MIC City and MIC Combined tests (riding range estimates provided following SAE J2982 Riding Range Test Procedure and are based on expected performance of a fully-charged battery when operated under specified conditions). Actual range will vary depending on riding habits, ambient weather and equipment conditions, but is 98 miles (158 km) using World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC - per EEC 134/2014 Annex VII Appendix 3.3). DC Fast Charge (DCFC) technology provides a 0-80 percent of battery charge in 40 minutes or 0-100 percent charge in 60 minutes.

Handling and Control: The center of gravity has been optimized to enhance traction, braking and cornering performance. A lightweight cast aluminum frame is extremely rigid and contributes to the precise, responsive handling that makes the LiveWire model exciting to ride in any situation. Premium high-performance SHOWA BFRC (Balanced Free Rear Cushion-lite) mono-shock rear suspension is fully adjustable and designed to deliver a comfortable ride and precise handling.
Premium SHOWA SFF-BP (Separate Function front Fork-Big Piston) front suspension matches the performance and adjustability of the rear shock and delivers exceptional low-speed damping control - ideal for composed control in typical urban riding conditions.
Brembo Monoblock front brake calipers grip dual 300 mm diameter rotors and deliver outstanding power with a crisp feel for confident braking performance. Premium co-branded H-D/Michelin Scorcher Sport tires (180 mm rear and 120 mm front widths) are designed specifically to enhance the handling performance of the LiveWire model.

Technology: The LiveWire motorcycle is equipped with a full suite of electronic rider aids and interfaces for a completely connected experience. The Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) utilize Cornering Enhanced Anti-Lock Braking System (C-ABS), Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS) and Drag-Torque Slip Control System (DSCS) to give the rider more confidence and control in less-than-ideal situations.
A 4.3-inch color TFT touchscreen (thin-film-transistor, a type of liquid-crystal display noted for high image quality and contrast) located above the handlebar offers the rider a wide range of information on a display that’s bright and easy to read. Seven selectable ride modes electronically control the performance characteristics of the motorcycle and the level of RDRS intervention.
H-D Connect service technology provides cellular connectivity that can link a LiveWire owner with their motorcycle through their smart phone using the latest version of the Harley-Davidson app.

Styling/Design: The LiveWire model creates a design foundation for coming H-D electric vehicles that projects authentic H-D styling. The LiveWire follows a key Harley-Davidson styling dictum - the focus is on the motor. Just as the engine is the most eye-catching element, of every previous Harley-Davidson motorcycle, the H-D Revelation electric motor is the first-look focus of the LiveWire motorcycle. Its bright case and mechanical, muscular shape is meant to convey the power it contains.
The cast aluminum case for the high-voltage battery has been deliberately highly styled with functional cooling fins that suggest the attractive, repetitive horizontal cooling fins on an air-cooled engine. The rear fender hugs and moves with the wheel so that it almost disappears from sight. This permits the high, wasp-like contour of the tail section below the seat.

Harley-Davidson Connect service

New Harley-Davidson Technologies Enhance Select Models

H-D Connect Service: The H-D Connect service introduces subscription-based cellular connectivity to equipped Harley-Davidson motorcycles to keep riders connected to their motorcycle through their smartphone using the latest version of the Harley-Davidson App. The H-D Connect service allows owners to connect remotely to their motorcycle to view key vehicle health information. It also provides the owner with the reassurance of being able to remotely monitor their motorcycle's security, including tamper alerts and stolen vehicle assistance, on the Harley-Davidson App.

H-D Connect service is a standard feature for 2020 Touring (except Road King/S and Electra Glide Standard models), Tri Glide Ultra and CVO models, and the LiveWire motorcycle (in regions where available). Harley-Davidson motorcycles equipped with H-D Connect service include a cellular telematics control unit (TCU) that functions as a (LTE) enabled modem connecting equipped motorcycles to the cloud.
The H-D Connect service is not available in all markets. Market availability will vary. The H-D Connect service will be offered for a one-year free trial period after the purchase of a new, untitled 2020 model year Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the U.S. that is equipped with the H-D Connect service. H-D Connect will be available with a subscription charge following the initial period. 

Motorcycle Status: With H-D Connect service and the H-D App, the motorcycle owner will be able to check key vehicle health information on the H-D App at any time, from any location where sufficient cellular signal is available. Information available through the H-D Connect service includes high-voltage battery charge status or fuel level, available range, tire pressure (on TPMS-equipped models), ride mode (on equipped models), odometer, infotainment software updates where applicable, and riding statistics. LiveWire model owners can use the H-D App to search for, and navigate to, compatible charge station locations, and while charging, view time to completion and receive charging alerts without having to physically be near the motorcycle.

Tamper alerts and stolen vehicle tracking service: To ensure that an owner's bike is safe and secure, the H-D connect service indicates the location of the parked motorcycle on a map in the Harley-Davidson App at any time and in any location where sufficient cellular signal is available. H-D Connect service will send an alert to the owner's phone if the security system is activated when the motorcycle has been bumped or is being tampered with. Another alert will be sent to the owner's phone if the motorcycle is moved out of the geo-fenced area, and GPS-enabled stolen-vehicle tracking provides peace of mind should the owner need to locate their motorcycle.  

Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS): A new collection of technology designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration and braking. The systems are designed to aid the rider in controlling the vehicle while accelerating and braking in a straight line or while in a turn. A rider may find the systems most helpful when riding in adverse road conditions and in urgent situations. The systems are electronic and utilize the latest chassis control, electronic brake control and powertrain technology.
Available traction is determined by the road/tire interface. The systems bundled into the RDRS are only able to adjust brake pressure or powertrain torque in an attempt to keep the forces at the tire from exceeding available grip. These technologies do not have the ability to increase grip, or to intervene when the rider has not made a brake or throttle application (e.g. coasting through a corner with the clutch disengaged). RDRS is not a system to directly influence vehicle direction. This is a key difference between motorcycle RDRS and Automotive Stability Control. The rider is ultimately responsible for speed, steering and path corrections.

Cornering Enhanced Electronic Linked Braking (C-ELB) applies braking effort to both wheels when the rider uses either the hand lever (front) or foot pedal (rear) brake control, which can help many riders achieve better braking performance. The Electronically Linked Braking (ELB) system provides more responsiveness and allows for more balanced front and rear braking under a wide variety of brake applications. The system provides more linking when the rider is applying heavier braking and reduces or eliminates linking for light braking and low speeds. When linked, applying the front brake lever alone will cause the system to also dynamically apply an amount of braking to the rear.
Applying the rear brake pedal alone will cause the system to also apply an amount of braking to the left front caliper. C-ELB takes into account the motorcycle lean angle or Trike lateral acceleration. C-ELB will alter the proportioning of brake pressure between the front and rear brakes when braking while cornering in an attempt to improve the ability of the bike to maintain the rider's intended path.

Cornering Enhanced Antilock Braking System (C-ABS) is designed to prevent the wheels from locking under braking and helps the rider maintain control when braking in a straight line, urgent situation. ABS operates independently on front and rear brakes to keep the wheels rolling and prevent uncontrolled wheel lock. C-ABS is a variant of ABS that takes into consideration the lean angle of a two-wheel motorcycle, or the lateral acceleration of a Trike model. The brake pressure required to limit wheel slip when cornering is typically lower than the pressure required under straight line operation.

Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS) is designed to prevent the rear wheel from excessive spinning under acceleration when going straight or cornering. C-TCS can improve rider confidence when available traction is compromised by wet weather, a sudden unanticipated change in the surface, or when riding on an unpaved road. The rider may select one of two traction control modes: Standard Mode is optimized for dry surfaces; Rain Mode is optimized for wet surfaces. The system can also be turned off. The action of C-TCS is also tailored when cornering based on lean angle.
This C-TCS feature is standard on all 2020 LiveWire, CVO and Police models and optional on all 2020 Touring models in the U.S. (except Electra Glide Standard models).

Drag-Torque Slip Control System (DSCS) and Cornering DSCS is designed to reduce excessive rear-wheel slip under deceleration, which typically occurs when the rider makes an abrupt down-shift gear change or decelerates on wet or slippery road surfaces. When DSCS detects excessive rear-wheel slip under deceleration it will adjust engine torque delivery to better match rear-wheel speed to road speed. On models equipped with C-DSCS the action of DSCS may be tailored when cornering, based on detected lean angle (two-wheel motorcycles) or lateral acceleration (Trike models).

Vehicle Hold Control (VHC) applies and holds brake pressure when activated and prevents the motorcycle from rolling after the rider has released the brake controls. The primary function of VHC is to prevent the motorcycle from rolling when it is stopped - for example at a stop sign on a hill, in stop-and-go traffic on a slope, or on a steep decline out of a parking structure. VHC is designed to make it easier to ride away with confidence by minimizing the number of controls needed to pull away smoothly. The system applies brake pressure until the rider actuates the throttle and clutch to pull away. VHC may also be engaged when the motorcycle is stopped on a flat surface if the rider wants to maintain position without applying pressure to a brake control.
The rider activates VHC by momentarily applying extra pressure to either the front-brake hand lever or the rear-brake foot control after the motorcycle has come to a complete stop. If the rider brakes very hard to a stop, and holds the brake pressure after stopping, VHC may also set without any added squeeze. A VHC indicator light will illuminate to confirm that the rider has activated VHC, and the ABS system will hold brake pressure after the rider releases the brake control. VHC is disengaged automatically as the rider begins to pull away from a stop, or if the rider applies and releases either brake control.
VHC is not to be used as a parking brake, and will disengage if the rider lowers the side stand (on models with a side stand sensor, not a feature in all markets) or shifts into neutral on models without a side stand sensor, or if the engine is turned off. In most situations after five minutes the indicator light will flash and the VHC will release if there is no rider action.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts the rider to low tire air pressure. Maintaining proper tire air pressure is important both for vehicle performance and tire life. The TPMS displays current front and rear tire pressure on the Boom! Box GTS screen (or on the odometer on Road King models) and displays an indicator to alert the rider when tire pressure is low, and the pressure should be checked.
TPMS is a feature of RDRS and is also available as a stand-alone accessory through Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories for 2020 Touring models (except Japan) equipped with original equipment or accessory wheels that accept a TPMS sensor.

Harley-Davidson Low Rider S model

New Softail: Low Rider S "Defiant Attitude"

Hard Edge Coastal Style: Raised hand controls are a defining element of the coastal custom influence. The Low Rider S model mounts a one-inch diameter motocross-style handlebar on four-inch high straight risers to put the rider in an aggressive and active position. A color-matched mini-fairing frames the headlamp and blocks the wind. A high back solo seat is shaped to hold the rider in place under hard acceleration.

All bright finishes are replaced with black for an aggressive look. The powertrain, primary cover and tank console are finished in Wrinkle Black; the derby cover, intake and lower rocker covers are Gloss Black. Mufflers and exhaust shields are Jet Black. Forks, triple-clamp, riser and handlebar and rear fender supports are Matt Black. The LED layback tail lamp has a smoked lens. The five-gallon Softail fuel tank features an iconic Harley-Davidson graphic. Radiate cast-aluminum wheels (19-inch front and 16-inch rear diameter) are finished in Matt Dark Bronze for an intriguing contrast to the motorcycle’s dark components. 

Softail Model Foundation: The Harley-Davidson Softail motorcycle frame is a foundation for performance. The frame design is optimized to reduce weight without sacrificing stiffness while maintaining the classic look of a hard tail with a thoroughly modern ride. The rigid-mounted Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin engine contributes to a platform that delivers strong acceleration and responsive handling and braking performance.
Handling: A single coil-over shock features emulsion technology and an optimized angle between the frame and swingarm for enhanced travel and response. Under-seat hydraulic pre-load adjustment allows the rider to maintain optimal suspension performance for the prevailing load and road conditions.
A 43 mm inverted fork stiffens the front end for improved response to steering input. Single-cartridge internal technology responds quickly to inputs and keeps the front wheel planted for improved braking and handling performance. Fork rake is reduced to 28 degrees from the 30-degree rake of the standard Low Rider model, resulting in more responsive handling. Dual front brakes with 300 mm discs deliver stronger braking performance with less lever effort than the single front disc brake on the standard Low Rider model. Standard ABS (Antilock Braking System) provides confident braking performance when conditions are less than ideal. The Low Rider S model rolls on high-performance Michelin Scorcher 31 tires.

M-8 114 Muscle: The Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine (114 CID; 1,868 cc), the only engine choice for the Low Rider S model, delivers the most displacement offered in the Softail chassis from the factory, cranking out 119 ft. lb. of torque at 3,000 rpm. A dual internally counter-balanced system reduces engine vibration while maintaining the familiar Harley-Davidson feel, while deep-breathing, four-valve cylinder heads and dual spark plugs squeeze the most power possible from every ounce of fuel. The engine is equipped with a Gloss Black Ventilator air intake with an exposed filter element to improve air flow into the engine, and 2-into-2 offset shotgun mufflers for an aggressive, performance look. Base price is $17,999.00.

H-D CVO TriGlide

CVO TriGlide

"The most-requested model in the history of Custom Vehicle Operations is here and overflowing with features to lose yourself in. Dive into the 117-cubic-inch Milwaukee-Eight power. See it all with the new Daymaker Adaptive LED headlamp. Take hold of the Kahuna collection grips, levers, pegs and floorboards. Stay connected with top-of-the-line BOOM! Box GTS infotainment, a premium sound system and the BOOM! Audio 30K Bluetooth® headset to communicate with your infotainment system, your passenger and other riders. Keep your bike safe and sound and always ready to go with the smartphone-linked H-D Connect. And keep it all balanced on new 19-inch front and 18-inch Tomahawk contrast cut wheels and the choice of two premium custom paint finishes. This bike doesn’t just have everything – it makes you feel everything."

H-D Road Glide Limited

Road Glide Limited

A fully loaded Grand Touring machine with 114 cubic inches of power and new premium finishes. A frame-mounted shark-nose fairing, a 13.5-inch windscreen and dual Daymaker Reflector LED headlamps. There’s all-new painted pinstriping, a gloss-finish inner fairing, heated hand grips and Slicer II Contrast Bright wheels. The twin-cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin engine "puts loads of power at your command. The H-D Connect Service will give you peace of mind no matter how far you are from it. The responsive frame and suspension, the electronic Reflex Linked Brembo brakes with ABS, the roomy Tour-Pak carrier, the BOOM! Box GTS infotainment and all the rest let you enjoy the ride to the fullest."

H-D CVO Street Glide

CVO Street Glide

"The pinnacle of the custom touring look taken to the edge and loaded with power. No corners were cut, no shortcuts were taken. We sweat every detail and then polished it like a jewel. Get the power of the Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin engine, red rocker covers, premium custom paint, premium Talon wheels and custom controls, all-new BOOM! Box GTS infotainment with three separate amplifiers, 75 watts per channel and 900 watts of clear audio performance on the CVO Street Glide. There’s a wireless headset interface that lets you use your Bluetooth headset to communicate with infotainment system, passenger and other riders. Keep your bike safe and sound and always ready to go with the smartphone-linked H-D Connect."

H-D CVO Limited

CVO Limited

"The ultimate in Grand American Touring. Best-in-class power, show-stopping paint and premium comfort for you and your passenger. Is this too much motorcycle for everyone? No. That’s the whole point. Get the Milwaukee-Eight 117 power. Red rocker covers. Satin chrome exhaust. Premium BOOM! Box GTS infotainment system with wireless interface and premium sound system. Paint that will put high-end, one-off custom jobs to shame. Keep your bike safe and sound and always ready to go with the smartphone-linked H-D Connect."

Tuesday 20 August 2019

S&S Cycle

S&S Cycle Has Been Busy Again!

I mentioned late last year that 2018 had been a busy year for the 'Proven Performance' Meisters and hinted that 2019 would likely be just as strong where new products would be concerned. Regular readers will know that they haven't disappointed, with most editions of AMD Magazine featuring a slew of new items. However, the blitz continues - in addition to the highly significant Royal Enfield parts news featured elsewhere in this edition, check out these further V-twin additions, presented here in the words of VP Marketing, David Zemla …
Grand National Slip-On and High Pipe for FTR1200

"Inspired by the race-winning Indian Flat Track machines, the new FTR1200 takes many design cues from its competition based brethren, except for one critical part. You guessed it right, this bike wants a legit S&S Grand National exhaust.
"Raw brushed stainless and tucked tight against the bike, the Grand National is a work of art in both the slip-on and high pipes. Each is hand built in the same facility and by the same team that creates exhaust systems for the American Flat Track machines themselves. 

"Nestled within the multi-layered shields of the high pipe, the Grand National sports a set of S&S Cycle’s high flow cats that not only allow it to be emissions legal, but are an integral part of the baffle and help create the signature exhaust note a bike of this caliber deserves. 
"Adding to the sound options are removable dB reducers for the slip-on that allow a rider to tune the sound and performance of the exhaust to suit their style on the track or the street."

Grand National and Slash-Cut Slip-Ons for M-8 Softails

"Now CARB approved and warranty friendly, our popular Grand National muffler line recently grew to include the latest generation of Softail models, and we are now adding a lower dollar slash-cut version as well.
"We like that almost as much as we like the legitimate V-twin exhaust note and healthy bump in hp and torque (91 hp and 113 lb/ft)."
 Available in show chrome or ceramic coated black for '18-'19 Street Bob, Low Rider, Softail Slim.

SuperStreet Two-into-One Exhaust System - Now 50 State Legal 

"Until recently, performance exhausts and 50 state legal have been mutually exclusive concepts, forcing a rider to choose between making power and making sure factory warranties were not impacted.
"Welcome to the new world order - one of high performance that marries a real deal V-twin exhaust note with legit horsepower gains, all wrapped up in a CARB legal package.
"S&S doesn’t build anything unless it makes power, and the SuperStreet does exactly that with 86 hp (+15%) and 110 lb./ft. torque (+10%) out of the new generation of M-8 Softail engines. Add to that, the perfect length and angle, clearing bags, passenger pegs and forwards."
Available with S&S designed high flow cat (50 state legal) or as a race-only version in ceramic black or chrome.


Custom Chrome Europe

17th Custom Chrome Europe Bike Show

The Custom Chrome Europe (CCE) team is headed again to European Bike Week (September 3 -8) on the shores of Lake Faak, near Villach in Carpathia, southern Austria.
CCE will be set up as usual at the Arneitz Village, where they will host the 17th annual CCE Bike Show on Saturday September 7th.

Dealers interested in entering a bike can find info on the CCE website and either contact their CCE country representative or email

AFT Twins presented by Vance & Hines

Briar Bauman Wins Battle of Brothers at 73rd Peoria TT

Briar Bauman (No. 14 Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) took another big step toward claiming the 2019 AFT Twins presented by Vance & Hines championship by winning the Peoria TT on August 17. 

Photo: Scott Hunter/American Flat Track

The victory was Bauman’s fourth triumph of the ‘19 American Flat Track season and the first time anyone other than Henry Wiles had won at Peoria since 2003; he took the win from his brother Bronson Bauman (No. 37 Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) by 2.967 seconds.
JD Beach (No. 95 Estenson Racing Yamaha MT-07 DT) was third, ahead of Robert Pearson (No. 27 R/J Performance/Hite Trucking Indian FTR750) fourth and defending champion Jared Mees (No. 1 Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) fifth.
In the singles, 16 year old phenomenon Dallas Daniels (No. 163 Estenson Racing Yamaha YZ450F) earned his maiden AFT victory in the same season he also claimed his first-career MotoAmerica victory, with reigning class champion Dan Bromley (No. 1 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 450 SX-F) second; and three-times Peoria TT winner Jesse Janisch (No. 132 Roof Systems Dallas TX/Öhlins Yamaha YZ450F) third.
James Rispoli (No. 71 Vance & Hines/My Digital Honda CRF450R) was fourth and Jacob Lehmann (No. 14 Vince and Denise Holt/Ridemotorsports Honda CRF450R) fifth. Bromley and sixth-place finisher Dalton Gauthier (No. 122 D&D Cycles/Gobert Smash Husqvarna FC450) sit equal at top of the standings with four races to go.
The series now stays in Illinois for the rearranged Springfield Mile I on August 31 and the as originally scheduled Springfield Mile II the next day, September 1.
The 2019 series then wraps up in September with the Williams Grove Half-Mile (Mechanicsburg, PA., September 7), the Minnesota Mile (Minneapolis, September 21) and the final round, the Meadowlands Mile, East Rutherford, NJ, September 28.

News Briefs

In July, Black Girls Ride Founder Porsche Taylor led a group of 225 all-female riders through the streets of downtown New Orleans on a bright pink Polaris Slingshot - "the ultimate show of girl power" culminated with an outdoor party and included a Polaris Slingshot giveaway to one lucky female rider from Illinois. The women had covered more than 200,000 miles collectively, and Taylor said: "The trip to New Orleans put the spotlight on the growing family of African-American and female motorcyclists in the U.S."

Ducati owner Volkswagen (VAG) has signed an as yet unspecified cooperation agreement with Chinese made electric scooter maker Niu. Founded in 2015 with what quickly became China's most successful crowdfunding campaign, and one of the 10 most successful at the time, Niu is NASDAQ listed and with importer KSR Group has more than 400 dealers (with workshops) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone.


In what truly does mark the end of an era, industry legend Joe Teresi is finally out of the motorcycle publishing business and in retirement. Easyriders magazine and the rest of Teresi's Paisano Publishing operations have been acquired by ER71 USA, Inc. who immediately announced that they would be "transitioning to a total rebranding of Easyriders. As such, the last issue of Easyriders in its current format and package will be the September issue (#554), on sale August 6th."


Turin, Italy based Tacita Motorcycles is the latest E-bike manufacturer to cast covetous eyes on the domestic US market, having established Tacita USA Corp. in Miami, Florida - headed up by CEO Axel Heilenkotter. Tacita says it has been building electric motorcycles since 2011 and plans to offer two model ranges - the T-Race off-road and Enduro E-bikes, and three power/price point cruiser style models (T-Cruise) that are clearly aimed at Harley's LiveWire. Whereas most electric motorcycles have a 'Twist & Go" throttle, the T-Cruise will apparently have a more conventional gear shift transmission.

H-D have entered into a strategic agreement with PSXDigital to certify integration of what is described as the market's "first and only fully integrated Customer Experience Management platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (CXMAi)" into its Dealer Digital Certified Program - the benefits are said to include the freedom of full platform asset owner-ship, smarter data-based sales and marketing decisions, more leads, faster lead response times and 97% two-way connection rate with consumers and SEO-incorporated mobile-first custom adaptive website design.

EagleRider and REVER have announced a mutual discounts and privileges partnership that integrates the world's "foremost ride discovery, planning, tracking and sharing app with the world's leader in motorcycle rentals, tours and motorcycle membership services."

Sources: AMD, IDN, FT, Reuters, PSB, MPN, B&B, BDN, MCN, AP, Bloomberg, MNW

Vance & Hines

Dyna Stainless Upsweep 2-into-1

Santa Fe Springs, California based manufacturer Vance & Hines says that since the Dyna is the definitive factory hot rod - the mission being the biggest motor in the lightest chassis for the best performance -  "it only makes sense to stick to that formula for your Dyna performance exhaust with the Vance & Hines stainless 2-into-1 upsweep. Constructed of lightweight, high grade stainless steel with a no-nonsense brushed "works" finish, we engineered it to maximize torque and horsepower out of the Twin Cam powerplant."

Manufactured from high grade 304 stainless steel (ASTM A269) with an oversized 2-into-1 merge collector and megaphone muffler, it features a race-inspired heat shield and fits forward and mid control models - 1991 to 2017 Dynas (except Switchbacks).
Also seen here, Vance & Hines Hi-Output slip-ons are familiar to V-twin dealers and customizers, but they are also available for a wide range of other customizable platforms, including BMW's hugely popular R nineT series, as seen here.
"A symbol of Teutonic design - pure, uncluttered and well-engineered - the R nineT is proving to be a great canvas for customization, and the best place to start is with the Vance & Hines Hi-Output slip-on. 

"Constructed of high grade stainless steel with a brushed works finish, the Hi-Output slip-on has a no-nonsense look that's perfect for the R nineT and gives the burly boxer motor the grunt it deserves."
Features include a stepped muffler design, brushed stainless finish, CNC-machined billet end cap and laser engraved riveted logo badge. The Hi-Output slip-on fits most R nineT models, including '14-'19 R NineT, '17-'19 Urban G/S, Pure and Racer (but not the Scrambler).


Show 27625_3.png first - cropped to exhaust.
Show the R NineT in full.


Touring Header 2-1 Conversion

Distributed by HardDrive in the United States, Firebrand has announced a new 2-1 conversion kit for M-8 equipped Harley-Davidson Touring models. 

Designed to fit with either the stock Harley header, or Firebrand's own 'Smoothbore' header, the 2-1 conversion kits block the crossover at the collector to create a full 2-1 headpipe. "This not only allows for the elimination of the left hand muffler, but gives the bike the added performance and awesome sound of a complete 2 into 1 system. 
"By not requiring the purchase of a full header, the 2-1 conversion kits retail for hundreds of dollars less than any full 2-1 system." Firebrand's conversion kits are available as either a stand-alone plug kit, or in combination with a 'Loose Cannon' or 'Grand Prix' slip-on. 
Shown here with the 'Loose Cannon' chrome kit, it is also available in black ceramic and with 'Grand Prix' mufflers.



Zodiac Additions

Ciro Mini Floorboards

These 6 1/2" (16.5 cm) long and 4 1/4" (10.8 cm) wide mini floorboards feature a versatile rotating mounting that allows installation on stock 1/2" female clevis mounts in stock, 1" (2.5cm) forward and 1" (2.5cm) backward position. The thick rubber padding reduces vibration and increases grip. They are sold in sets of left and right, and are available two-rail or ASR design in chrome or black.

Finned Head Bolt Bridges

These head bolt bridges hide the cylinder head bolts and spark plugs and also fill out the cooling fins on the cylinder heads. The colors match perfectly with OEM engines and the are available in silver or black for carbureted or fuel injected Twin Cams, and Granite or black for M-8 applications.

Programmable Graphical Speedo

The 'My Speedo' is fully programmable and displayed on a graphical LCD screen. It contains an easy to connect to interface module that takes the input from the speedo and tacho signals, as well as the turn signals, high beam, neutral and oil pressure wires. All information is displayed on a 400 x 240 pixel touch screen display. All elements like speedo, revs and odo values, as well as the warning 'lights' and background can be fully customized with any font and graphic, and can be placed at any location on the screen with the free downloadable Nextion editor.

SpeedFreak Stainless Steel Risers

These Speedfreak risers are 1 3/4" (45 mm) high and machined from solid stainless steel with a polished or black finish. They come complete with stainless socket head screws to hold the upper to the lower clamp. Sold in pairs they are drilled and tapped for 1/2" UNC riser bolts and available in polished or black.

Mustang 'DayTripper' for Softails

Features include "advanced comfort technology"; detailed stitch work; durable black synthetic glove-leather cover; "low and lean" styling.


Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate OE Replacement Radio

Tempe, Arizona based Rockford Fosgate has a new OE replacement radio that delivers "updated features, a high visibility display, and integration with the factory handlebar controls" for 2006-2013 Street Glide, 1998-2013 Road Glide and 1998-2013 Electra Glide models.

"We set out to deliver a replacement radio with class leading features and factory fit and finish," said Jake Braaten, Rockford Vice President of New Product Development and Engineering.
"One that is weatherproof, easy to install and allowed the rider to keep all the functionality of their factory handlebar controls. With this new radio I believe we did all of that, and gave Harley owners the added benefits of an ultra-bright display that they can see even in direct sunlight as well as controls that are adjustable even when wearing gloves."
In addition to streaming audio from a smartphone, the PMX-HD9813 also features an AM/FM Tuner with programmable pre-sets, a 7-band graphic equalizer and delivers 50 watts x 4 of power to the speakers. It installs using the factory mounting points and factory connectors.



V-Factor Rocker Arms and Covers

V-Factor rocker arm cover assemblies are a two-piece design, CNC machined from die cast aluminum for high strength and lower cost.

Developed to provide a high tech look while reducing the high cost of a similar product machined from billet aluminum, they can be used on all years and models of the Evolution engine regardless of whether the engine vents through the crankcase or the cylinder heads. 
Chrome plated rocker cover set for all Evo models

The one way breather valve has been upgraded from the OE umbrella type to a much more efficient flapper type and is also located higher in the cover. Installation of covers on OE height and most comparably sized engines can be performed without removing the engine from the frame. 

Sold as an assembly for front and rear heads they have a six bolt top cover design "for an improved sealing quality," and one piece rocker arm supports for easy installation. Extended height vent towers help eliminate the oil mist carry over problem normally associated with the head type venting system; larger than OE vent valves are incorporated into the rocker cover seal. Silicon beaded lower gaskets and all necessary mounting hardware are included. They are available in chrome or polished for Evo Big Twins '84-'99 and '86 and later Sportsters.
Rocker arm covers for Panhead

Rocker arm covers for Shovelhead (all years)
Also seen here are stamped steel V-Factor covers for '48-'65 Panheads (a choice of screw kits, reinforcement kit and felt pad sound deadener are also available) and CNC machined replacement OE style rocker arm covers for all Shovelhead years.- Spacers included to adapt for '80 and later style heads.
These V-Factor complete rocker arm assemblies for Panheads include upper brass block, lower cast iron block, and matching rocker arm for rear exhaust/front intake and front exhaust/rear intake. They fit Panheads from '48-'65 to replace OE parts.

V-Factor OE replacement rear exhaust/front intake and front exhaust/rear intake rocker arm assemblies for Panheads from '48-'65 include brass block, lower cast iron block, and matching rocker arm for rear exhaust/front intake and front exhaust/rear intake.

OE replacement V-Factor rocker arms are also available for Shovelheads, Evo engines (including XL) and Twin Cams - they come with pre-installed bushings, sized and ready to run.



Pulley Blanks

South Gate, California based wheel blank specialist MSI has stepped up to ensure it always has pulley blanks on the shelf - "we are now the proud owners of our own pulley molds," says MSI's Lizette Hotinger.

"This allows us to order forgings anytime and maintain inventory on just the forgings. Our pulley forgings are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and forged in the U.S.A. They are forged into two different sized blanks to accommodate the small and large pulleys that are used today. They are then sent to our CNC manufacturer who shapes them into the final pulley.
"The teeth have the true gear-cut that exceed the RMA standards for a perfect fit. Unlike other pulley manufacturers, we only have one single ring on our pulleys, and they match the smooth lip design of our wheel blanks.
"We offer a variety pulley sizes - as small as the 61 tooth up the 72 tooth with widths as skinny as 3/4" to the wide 1 1/2". We also offer a few pulley blank sizes for Victory, Indian and Yamaha models along with custom sizes." MSI also says that pulley blanks for cush drive applications will be available soon.
MSI offers 28 wheel blank sizes in 2D, Hybrid and 3D formats, hubs, rotors, pulleys and sprockets, plus Vee Rubber and Shinko tires.


Tuesday 13 August 2019

S&S Cycle, AIMExpo

'Shop Builders Invitational' Custom Bike Contest

In partnership with S&S Cycle, AIMExpo Presented by Nationwide has announced the 2019 'Shop Builders' Invitational' - "a custom bike contest open to all bike builders, from the weekend warrior to the seasoned pro." 

Slated for the 'Shop Neighborhood Hangout' at AIMExpo, one of three sector focussed specialty exhibition zones  (September 26-29, 2019 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio), "builders of all levels and styles are welcome to apply for the contest, highlighting the world of custom motorcycles at North America's most important industry gathering.

"Custom builders are a big part of the current motorcycle market and truly represent a community built on passion. As we work to bring the industry together, it's important that we recognize the custom community and the artistry and craftsmanship they contribute to the Powersports Industry. We're proud to be able to work with some of the best builders in the country and provide a platform that allows them to showcase their work and connect them to the industry," said Andre Albert, Marketing Director, MIC Events.
S&S Cycle is putting up a T111 Black Edition Long Block motorcycle engine as the grand prize.

"The Shop, a new neighborhood hangout and feature on the show floor at AIMExpo presented by Nationwide, celebrates the lifestyle of the V-twin/Cruiser/custom community and the passion that fuels this culture. In addition to The Shop Builders Invitational, it will also feature 'Shop Talks' - an area for engaging discussions, new product showcases, great music and specialty concessions including local craft beers and artisan coffee."

AFT Twins presented by Vance & Hine

Mees Strikes Back to Win Sacramento Mile

Defending Sacramento Mile Champion Jared Mees (No. 1 Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) successfully rebounded the Black Hills Half-Mile crash by defeating title rival Briar Bauman (No. 14 Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) in a competitive Cal Expo Law Tigers Sacramento Mile presented by Cycle Gear powered by Estenson Racing on August 10.

The 25-lap AFT Twins presented by Vance & Hines Main Event saw Mees see off a determined challenge by his rival taking a 0.151-second margin victory that saw Mees up his career record to 44 premier-class wins. That moves him out of a tie with Jay Springsteen and into sole possession of third place on the all-time AFT Twins victory order.

Photo: Scott Hunter/American Flat Track

Third place went to 2015 AFT Singles champ Davis Fisher (No. 67 Bob Lanphere Beaverton Motorcycles/Dick Wall 60 Indian FTR750), with Bronson Bauman (No. 37 Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) fourth and seven-time Sacramento Mile winner Bryan Smith (No. 4 Crosley Brands/Howerton Motorsports Kawasaki Ninja 650) fifth.
In the 15-lap Singles superstar Shayna Texter (No. 52 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing SX-F 450) gave Red Bull/KTM its first Mile win in Singles, with Mikey Rush (No. 15 RMR Honda/Red Riders Rewards Honda CRF450R) second and Tristan Avery (No. 16 Waters Autobody Racing/Staci Howell Honda CRF450R) third. Texter now boasts eight Mile wins among her class-leading 17 career victories.
In the AFT Production Twins class, Dalton Gauthier (No. 122 Black Hills Harley-Davidson XG750R Rev X) made history in Saturday night’s AFT Production Twins class, guiding Harley-Davidson’s production-based XG750R race bike to its maiden AFT Main Event victory.
J.R. Addison (No. 24 Smith/Addison Racing Kawasaki Ninja 650) was second; Kolby Carlile (No. 136 Estenson Racing Yamaha MT-07) third; title leader and top qualifier Cory Texter (No. 65 G&G Racing/Holeshot Powersports Yamaha MT-07) fourth; James Rispoli (No. 71 Black Hills Harley-Davidson XG750R Rev X) fifth.
Gauthier said: “The whole Vance & Hines crew, everybody at Harley and Black Hills Harley-Davidson put me on this awesome motorcycle…right from the first lap I knew it was going to be a good one."
The series now heads to Illinois for three races - the Peoria TT, August 17, the rearranged Springfield Mile I on August 31, and the as originally scheduled Springfield Mile II the next day, September 1.
The 2019 series then wraps up in September with the Williams Grove Half-Mile (Mechanicsburg, PA., September 7), the Minnesota Mile (Minneapolis, September 21) and the final round, the Meadowlands Mile, East Rutherford, NJ, September 28.

News Briefs

Triumph Motorcycles has announced a new collaboration with UK industry experts such as Williams F1 Advanced Engineering and Integral Powertrain Ltd's e-Drive Division, and Innovate UK, to develop specialist electric motorcycle technology, which will provide significant input into potential future electric motorcycle offers from Triumph. This two-year project (TRIUMPH TE-1) also includes partnership work with Warwick University's world famous WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group).


BMW Group has officially opened its new automotive plant in San Luis Potosi in Mexico. BMW has already been making cars in the USA for 25 years at Greer, South Carolina - the speculation has been that this is where they may start manufacturing motorcycles for the North American market if they finally do decide to go down that route. The company has invested more than one billion US dollars in the new production location, with a capacity there of up to 175,000 units per year.


PSB reports that 2018 saw annual SxS retail sales in the US higher than motorcycles for the first time. Cited MIC data puts US SxS sales at 458,000 new units in 2018, against 457,000 new motorcycles.

KTM "radically race-refined" its EXC range with a "new generation" of MY20 2 and 4-stroke Enduro machines, including its premium KTM Six Days line-up and a special edition KTM 300 EXC TPI Erzbergrodeo. Developed on the "toughest climbs, gnarliest terrain and in deepest mud", the MY20 line-up includes a new model - the Euro 4 homologated KTM 150 EXC TPI. Features throughout the range include "new and more efficient engines, a redeveloped chassis with improved WP XPLOR suspension, improved handling and new bodywork, air filter box, cooling system and exhausts. Accessories include Neken handlebars and clamps (France), Brembo brakes, No-Dirt footpegs and CNC-milled hubs with Giant rims as standard.

Boston based IDTechEx Research is forecasting that Electric Vehicles will be a $2.6 trillion market, with several new sectors prominent by 2030. Said to be based on analysis of some 100 different sectors, IDTechEx says it has studied and forecasted EVs for over 20 years. Although the primary focus to date has been on personal mobility, IDTechEx points to the growing importance of EV in sectors such as construction, agriculture and mining (CAM), logistics and road freight, final mile delivery, Micro EVs and commuting, shuttle and school buses, trains, military, aircraft and marine.

Data from CDK Global Recreation (Lightspeed) shows that Same Store Sales dollars at more than 1,600 U.S. dealerships were "flattish" in June 2019 compared to the year-ago period. The composite data comes from dealerships that use the Lightspeed DMS. New and pre-owned major unit sales dollars increased +0.2%. The South was the biggest winner with +3.5 % growth. Add in parts and service dollars for the month at the average Lightspeed dealership, and the USA overall dollars were down -0.5%. Parts sales dollars were down -5% for the month.

Brembo has concluded a € 100m investment in a new 67 production line, 40,000 sq m aluminum brake caliper production hub in Nanjing, near Shanghai, China. The facility will supply parts to European, Asian and American customers operating in China. The hub integrates a foundry with production lines in a facility that stands next to the plant that was inaugurated in 2012 for the production of brake discs. The combined facilities offer a production capacity of more than two million pieces per year.

Ducati has opened a second flagship store in Rome - a 460 sqm homage to all things "Red" with a showroom, workshop and 'Land of Joy' Ducati Scrambler themed enclave. The flagship stores are mostly directly managed by Ducati. Ducati Roma Gregory VII is adjacent to the Vatican City. Ducati has 780 dealers in 90 countries worldwide, with new openings in recent weeks as far afield as China, India, Brazil, Austria and USA.