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Wednesday 7 August 2019

Müller Motorcycle AG

Müller 'Hydro Clutch'

The Müller 'Hydro Clutch' (Müller Motorcycle AG, Germany) is a newly developed clutch relief specially adapted for the hydraulic couplings on Harley-Davidson Twin Cams, M-8 Tourers and Softails.

'Hydro Clutch' - the Müller easy clutch  device for hydraulic clutches

The lever-pull improvements quoted by founder's son and CEO Fabian Müller are quite startling, with 35% less lever effort required on Twin Cams and 45% less on M-8 models.
Mounted quickly and invisibly, the 'Hydro Clutch' is said to be maintenance-free, and as well as reducing lever effort, it improves the precision with which riders can operate and control the clutch, which can improve the durability and service life of the clutch and the gears in the transmission.

Fabian Müller introduced the 'Hydro Clutch' prototype at the 2018 CUSTOMBIKE show

Based near Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany, Fabian Müller's father Werner Müller "has game" where clutch products and other innovative parts designs are concerned - the Müller 'Power Clutch' was a major step forward at the time of its launch in the 1990s,  but the 'Hydro Clutch' advances the story to another level, tuned for the bigger inches and heavier clutches of late model Harleys.

The Müller 'Power Clutch' for Bowden cable clutches

Replacing the OEM part on 2016 FLSS, FLSTBS and 2014 and up Touring models, including the M-8s, the increased "sensitivity and feel" improves the controllability of clutch operation and also therefore contributes to better handling and safety - especially in heavy traffic and urban/suburban riding conditions.