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Tuesday 25 November 2014

Daimler/MV Agusta

Daimler/MV Agusta deal confirmed

THE German sportscar and performance brand Mercedes-AMG, part of the Daimler Group, and motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta have signed a long-term sales and marketing cooperation agreement.

At the same time, Mercedes-AMG GmbH will acquire a 25% interest in MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. - no details have been disclosed about the price to be paid for the stake in MV Agusta Motor.
At a time when Harley-Davidson itself continues to be the subject of takeover rumors, Daimler's investment in the former Harley subsidiary will benefit from the hundreds of millions of dollars that Milwaukee spent on buying MV Agusta and then funding new production and new model investment before selling it on for a fraction of its spend in 2010.
Harley bought MV Agusta in July 2011 for a reported $109 million in a deal that included $70 million in assumed debt. 

Harley announced its intention to sell MV Agusta at the same time that it decided to close its Buell subsidiary, in October 2009, with the recession taking its toll on investor sentiment Harley-Davidson ended up selling MV Agusta back to the Italian owners it had bought it from for a notional €3/$4 deal - and in fact paid the prior owners to take it off their hands by putting $26 million on escrow to provide the Italian company with access to operating capital for 12 months.
Although the creativity of the Motor Company's accounting practices are adept at camouflaging negative financial impact whilst still maximizing write-down benefits, making it difficult to be certain how much the total net cost of MV Agusta ownership has been for Harley, it is widely thought to have had an impact well north of $200 million, with some estimates putting it as high as $350 million.
Mercedes-AMG will appoint one member of MV Agusta’s Board of Directors; regulatory approval for the deal is expected to be granted in late November.
Giovanni Castiglioni, President and CEO of MV Agusta Motor S.p.A., commented: “MV Agusta and Mercedes-AMG are a perfect brand fit: two complementary companies that stand for design, high performance and excellence. Mercedes-AMG will help MV Agusta to further expand globally and to accelerate our growth. The uniqueness of MV Agusta will further enhance Mercedes-AMG’s leadership in the high-performance segment."
Wilko Stark, Vice President Daimler Strategy & Mercedes-Benz Cars Product Strategy and Planning said: “The positioning of Mercedes-AMG as the performance brand in the Mercedes-Benz product portfolio will be further strengthened through the strategic partnership with MV Agusta. Through sales and marketing cooperation and demographic synergies, we will be able to attract new target groups for both companies all over the world."

Polaris' Slingshot

Polaris puts Slingshot into full production

FOLLOWING its introduction of the Slingshot trike earlier in the year, Polaris has now confirmed that the new machine is in full production at its Spirit Lake, Iowa manufacturing facility.

“We continue to introduce new, innovative products and technologies that create opportunities for growth here and around the world. Today we are excited to bring the revolutionary three-wheel Polaris Slingshot into full production here in Spirit Lake,” said Bennett Morgan, President and COO of Polaris.

“Polaris is committed to both understanding the desired riding experience of our customers and then working to exceed those expectations,” said Brian Hines, Director of Operations at the Spirit Lake plant. “We could not be happier to produce such a high quality vehicle at our Spirit Lake manufacturing facility.”
With the production of the Slingshot and increased production of other vehicles, Polaris announced in August it will add 300 jobs to its Iowa manufacturing facility.

Marolo Test

TriGlide ModuLift by Marolo Test

HARLEY-Davidson have added French manufacturer Marolo Test to their roster of "approved" workshop equipment vendors for their authorized dealers.

Specifically, Marolo's popular patented and homologated 'ModuLift' concept has been found to be the only workshop lift package that can take the factory's TriGlide trike.
Built with automotive derived rather than motorcycle wheels, the weight, dimensions and geometry of the TriGlide proved to be either too wide or too heavy in weight distribution terms for all the lifts that Harley tested - except for the ModuLift 1100 MOH seen here.
Like all good ideas, the ModuLift is a simple concept. Featuring 6 removable and adjustable plates, the system can be tuned for use with 2, 3 and 4 wheel PowerSports vehicles, allowing one workshop footprint to deal with everything that the dealership's customers can throw at it.

With automatic safety features and a maximum lifting height of 43 inches (1,100mm), the ModuLift 1100 MOH is rated to 1,323 lbs (600kg) and features a range of options, including the third wheel kit and front wheel clamp.
When closed the ModuLift is 35 inches wide (900mm) but opens to 59 inches (1,500mm) and is available in pneumatic and hydraulic versions.

The company offers a full range of additional workshop essentials for dealers wanting to service the TriGlide, including specially adapted tire changers, and also two, three and four wheel dynamometers developed in association with noted specialist Daniel Fuchs, plus their acclaimed MaroloBio environmentally friendly waste-free parts cleaning program.
The company will be exhibiting their ModuLift and associated TriGlide products at the Harley-Davidson dealer convention in Las Vegas in the summer of 2015.

Sales & Marketing Director Raphael Girard: “Our patented ModuLift program gives motorcycle dealers access to a high quality system that maximizes return on their workshop space investment. Our work with Harley on homologation of the ModuLift for the TriGlide has also resulted in a range of tire changers and other products for the specific needs of Harley-Davidson authorized dealers. We will be exhibiting the range at the Harley dealer convention in Las Vegas in the summer of 2015.


LePera Stubs seats

LEPERA has released two new seats as part of its ‘Stubs’ line – the Stubs Spoiler and the Stubs Café.

The Stubs Spoiler was introduced last year by LePera for use on XL models, and now this latest version is designed for ’06 and later Dyna applications. A key feature of this particular saddle are the speed stripes and color contrasted pleats, available in a selection of colors, at the kicked-up tail section.
Versions of the Stubs Spoiler are now available to fit ’06-’15 Dyna, ’04-’06 and ’10-’15 XL models and ’10-’15 48 and 72 model Sportsters. 

A second new Stubs option now available for ’06 onward Dyna models is the LePera Stubs Café. This latest Stubs saddle features a tapered tail section, Old School style accent piping, and a deep angled back support. LePera is making the Stubs Cafe seat for the same model selection as its Stubs Spoiler. 

North Hollywood, California, USA
Tel: 818 767 5110

Drag Specialties

New parts from Drag Specialties

DRAG Specialties’ Wide Blade lever sets resemble the late-style, flat design to give handlebars a classic look. Lightweight forged aluminum is used in the construction of the levers, which are available in chrome or matt black finishes and fit ‘14-‘15 FLHT and FLHX models with the OEM hydraulic clutch. 

Should the clutch line need replacing when the levers are swapped out, Drag Specialties can help with stainless steel hydraulic clutch lines with a choice of clear or black vinyl coating. The lines are supplied with chromed steel fittings and offered in both stock and oversize lengths to fit ‘13-‘14 CVO and ‘14-‘15 FLHT models with OEM hydraulic clutch. The lines are made in the U.S.A and meet DOT specifications.

Made under its Python label, the Rayzer 2-into-1 exhaust system from Drag Specialties features 1-3/4in headpipes that feed into a short 4in megaphone fitted with a machined billet end cap. 

The Rayzer system can be used with standard or extended saddlebags and, internally, it features flat plan 12mm/18mm oxygen sensor ports that allow for wideband tuning capabilities, and a 2in fiberglass-wrapped perforated baffle, while externally there are full-coverage 2-1/8in header heat shields. The Python Rayzer is available in chrome or matt black for ‘07-‘15 FLHT, FLHR, FLHX and FLTR models. 

Janesville, Wisconsin, USA
Tel: 608 758 1111

Wasserliesch, GERMANY
Tel: +49 (0)6501 9695 0


Küryakyn launches all-new XKürsion luggage line

KÜRYAKYN's new XKürsion luggage line is said to "seamlessly blend the functionality and accessibility required by travel luggage" with the style demanded by contemporary riders.
The thermoformed construction is promised to ensure durability and shape retention while packed or unpacked, and the "uniquely shaped designs fit the contours of any bike, with a host of other rider-friendly features such as anti-scratch D-rings, glove-friendly zippers and multiple mounting points for each bag".

XW1.5 Roller bag - expanded to full height

XW1.5 Roller Bag mounts to a sissybar, the passenger seat or luggage racks
X53.0 Seat/Rock bag - 4,088 cubic inches

Manufactured in premium grade UV and weather resistant 1200 Denier Maxtura material, features include weatherproof zippers and rain cover, ergonomically styled carrying handle,  "Reflect-a-Light"  strategically placed reflective patches for added visibility and a unique rivet attachment to provide ample mounting points.
The range includes four sizes of seat/rack bag, two roll bags and three styles and sizes of roller bag.

Somerset, Wisconsin, USA
Tel: 715 247 5008

Vance & Hines

Vance & Hines OverSized 450 slip-ons

OVERSIZED 450 slip-ons for Touring models are the latest exhausts from Vance & Hines.
The newest slip-on from Vance & Hines features a 4.5in diameter muffler body, which is finished with CNC machined billet end caps styled with a slight taper and race-inspired flutes. Internally the OverSized 450 slip-ons have fiberglass wrapped 2.5-inch perforated core baffles, and there is also the option of quiet baffles.

The slip-ons, which will fit with extended saddlebag skirts, are available in chrome, black or chrome with black end caps and fit ‘95-‘14 Harley-Davidson Touring models, with the exception of the Tri-Glide models. 

Santa Fe Springs, California, USA
Tel: 562 921 7461

Rivera Primo

Rivera Primo H4 LED replacement module


RIVERA Primo is continuing to expand its line of aftermarket lighting options for Harley-Davidson applications with the introduction of a new light for Road Glides.

The company has developed an inexpensive LED module that replaces the stock H4 Halogen bulb, and is claimed to be twice as bright as the bulb it replaces while only drawing about a third of the amperage. To achieve this, the new Rivera Primo HedLED H4 LED replacement module produces 2400 Lumens, making it as bright as a 70w bulb, but drawing the same amount of energy as a 20w bulb.
Available in a twin pack or individually, the HedLED H4 LED replacement module fits most applications where a H4 Halogen bulb is used, with the exception of headlights with a Tri-Bar. 

Whittier, California, USA
Tel: 562 907 2600

Tuesday 18 November 2014

AMD185 Dec

American Motorcycle Dealer 185 December Edition out now...
The December edition of AMD Magazine is now available for platform optimized reading online, or as a PDF download for your own personal archive at

The primary highlight this month has to be S&S Cycles' launch of its T143 engine, representing big inches for stock 2008 and up tourers - a true torque-monster and as VP of Product Development Scott Sjovall says, "there is no doubt that there is now demand for a larger displacement engine".
This month's Industry Extra throws the spotlight on Winston Yeh's popular Rough Crafts program, with a ShowZone special focused on the v-twin market's increasing engagement at Europe's biennial INTERMOT expo at Cologne, Germany.
Some 28 pages of 'ProGuide' features company and product news from all around the world, including another of our looks at the growing range of aftermarket parts and accessories available for Victory and Indian models.

For a touch of controversy, check-out Robin Bradley's views about the recently announced deal between Mercedes and MV Agusta and Harley-Davidson's 2009 survival vs. opportunity dilemma (see news on page 64 and comment on page 4).

S&S Cycle

S&S goes big - T143 Long Block bolt-in for 2008 and up Tourers

S&S Cycle is set to trump its top selling T124 engine with a 143" (2,343cc) Long Block as a direct bolt-in fit for stock 2008 and later Harley Tourer frames.

Technically speaking, this isn't quite the largest ever displacement offered by S&S, but it is the largest engine they have offered as a direct modification-free fit in a stock chassis.
Back in 2003, to celebrate 45 years in business and as a tribute to founders George and Marjorie Smith, S&S marked Harley's 100th anniversary with a limited production of 145" engines. However, that engine was 1 1/4" higher than the stock engines of the time, so would not fit Harley frames without modification.

The new T143 recognizes the changes that have taken place in the market, and in Harley-Davidson's production model mix, since the then-revolutionary T124 made its debut at around the same time and became the new standard for large capacity engine swaps.
There's no question that the T143 is a serious contribution to the market, producing a claimed 162hp and 151 of torque! Key features of the new engine include new B3 heads, designed specifically for the T143, that "optimally locate the intake and exhaust ports to fit in the chassis, while providing adequate flow for this large displacement engine.
"The contour of the rocker boxes has been addressed to help clear the frame, and a proprietary 70mm 'Throttle Hog' and 'Stealth' air cleaner have been designed to deliver the air flow."
The B3 heads are CNC machined with two-bolt exhaust flanges. The engine features Super Stock T2 crankcases with reed breather valve, 3 piece flywheels, high flow oil pump and cam cover, 635 Easy Start gear drive cams and S&S 1.75:1 rocker arms for .674in total lift with premium S&S lifters.

The T143 isn't a replacement for the T124 in the S&S Cycle range, but an additional or alternative option for Tourer riders who think "too much is just about right", as S&S Vice President of Product Development Scott Sjovall eloquently put it "at double the hp of a stock engine, the power of the T143 clearly isn't going to be to every rider's taste, but there is no question that there is now demand for a larger displacement option."
"As always, S&S Cycle is tracking the market and proud to be able to offer our dealers access to a performance package that opens the door to a new generation of power."
The T143 Long Block does not include a fuel system, but an intake kit is available that includes a special 70mm 'Throttle Hog' throttle body with the special ports that mate to the new S&S B3 cylinder heads. S&S recommends high flow injectors with a flow rate of 12.15 g/sec for optimal performance.


S&S is also suggesting the use of the Rocket B3 2:1 exhaust system, an upgraded clutch and the Dynojet Power Vision tuner for which T143 calibrations are already available.
The T143 is available in Wrinkle Black or Stone Gray powder coat finish.
Work on the engine has been underway at S&S Cycle's Viola, Wisconsin "skunk works" for some time, with the project internally being referred to as the "Big Shorty". The company is acutely aware that the T143 is a high performance offering, but provided the installer is experienced and that tuning is handled appropriately, the engine will exploit the improved capability of Harley's 2008 and later Tourer frames.
Being promoted as the "Biggest, Baddest Bolt-In", it is not thought likely that the T143 will be the first shot in a displacement arms race of the kind that was seen from the mid-1990s to around 2006, but instead as a recognition of the realities of contemporary heavyweight touring.

S&S say that the horsepower and torque claims are at the rear wheel measurements. The S&S facebook page shows a teaser video of an upcoming project bike dubbed "Project Dragon", featuring a H-D Road Glide equipped with the T143, and mentions project sponsors including Ohlins, Brock's Performance, T-Man Performance, Pingel and Rivera Primo. says that "this most certainly points to a tricked-out Road Glide dragster that may even be capable of a 9-second quarter mile."
Social media initial reaction to the T143 has been almost universally positive with petrol heads the world over, with many riders pointing to a displacement deficit in the market where Harley's Touring models are concerned.

Arch Motorcycle Company

Arch begins production of KRGT-1

ARCH Motorcycle Company, the production motorcycle business established by Gard Hollinger, the owner of LA County ChopRods, and actor Keanu Reeves, has started manufacturing its first model – the KRGT-1.

The formation of Arch Motorcycle Company was officially announced in October of 2012, when the first prototype model was shown. However, over the intervening years all that has been carried over from that first version is the front tire. The production version of the KRGT-1 showcases over 200 parts created at the Arch production facility, and each bike requires 300-plus machine-hours, using state-of-the-art CNC and water-jet machinery. One example of the work that is undertaken is the unique downdraft intake system. The proprietary design eliminates the bulky breather assembly found on nearly all American V-twins, said to increase rider comfort and a more ergonomic profile. Arch worked closely with S&S Cycle and K&N Engineering to create a package that could be hidden between the billet aluminum gas tanks while still keeping the T124 engine properly aspirated. The design includes matching air dams, machined and positioned to frame the billet aluminum headlight assembly.  

Hawthorne, California, USA
Tel: 310 675 2724

Hawg Wired

Hawg Wired expands into larger facility

HAWG Wired has announced expansion plans that see the company moving to larger premises. The new 14,000 sq ft office and manufacturing facility will allow greater manufacturing capabilities for the business, which focuses on the design and manufacture of performance audio equipment and electronics for the Harley-Davidson touring market.
The company states that the move will allow it to support higher demand for its products that cover a niche in the motorcycle touring market for digital amplifiers and high performance speakers. In addition there will now be increased new product development.

Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 656 2999

Sabertooth Motorcycles

Sabertooth prepares to launch WildCat e and m trikes

SABERTOOTH Motorcycles is preparing to launch its two new 2015 trike models,  the WildCat e and m. These two new designs will feature the newly patented WildCat SureTrac steering and DynaGrip suspension systems.

The WildCat e specification list includes a 850cc Weber parallel twin, four-stroke OHC engine, WildCat cradle frame, and six-gallon fuel tank. For the WildCat m model power is provided by a Ford Racing 302ci V8, which features Gt-40 cylinder heads, and is housed in a WildCat cradle frame with removable spine that carries a 10-gallon fuel tank.
Features that will be found on both new trikes are the SureTrac and DynaGrip technologies. SureTrac is a rear wheel steering system said to provide added stability and ease of turning, while Sabertooth's new proprietary DynaGrip active suspension system is claimed to provide a better ride and better handling than trikes with either conventional independent rear suspension or a suspension with a solid rear axle.

“We can’t wait for these trikes to debut,” said Sabertooth Motorcycles founder Ben Daniels, "because we believe they will revolutionize the trike market. Up until now, all conventional trikes have been based on a motorcycle conversion. WildCat trikes are the first truly purpose-built conventional trikes on the market. Engine choices, weight distribution, geometry and center of gravity have all been optimized for a three-wheel vehicle. Additionally, WildCat trikes have suspension, stability and steering enhancements that improve both safety and performance for a truly exceptional riding experience.”

Pompano Beach, Florida, USA
Tel: 864 989 1957

Rough Crafts

Rough Crafts for Sportsters

ROUGH Crafts’ product line includes a selection of parts created specifically for the Harley-Davidson Sportster family. 

The company’s range of engine covers for use on XL applications includes a clutch cover for ’04 and later models and Bomber rocker box covers for the same applications. Rough Crafts also has its Fin/Split rocker covers for use on Twin Cam engines. Designed as a direct replacement for the stock valve covers, they have a ‘side skirt’ design, which means the look of the rocker box can be changed without the need to take out the valves. The covers fit all ’99-’03 Twin Cams and include stainless steel hardware. 

Rough Crafts’ engine options include the Guerilla styled exhaust pipe, which is a hand-made stainless steel piece finished in a black ceramic coating.
Taking inspiration from the Rough Crafts Iron Guerilla bike is the Guerilla fender kit. Made from fiberglass, the fender is pre-drilled with mounting holes, leaving the end user the option of deciding where to mount the taillight and seat fittings. The Guerilla fender kit is designed for use on ’04 and later Sportsters and requires cutting of the sub-frame.

A second rear fender option for Sportsters is Rough Crafts’ Bobbed fender kit, which uses a fiberglass fender based on the design of the one used on the company’s Royal Crow custom build. Once again the mounting holes are pre-drilled, but no taillight or seat mount is drilled, allowing for different custom applications, and it requires cutting the sub-frame to fit. 

For those that require a seat, Rough Crafts has a solo seat designed for ’04 and later Sportsters and also a matching pillion pad. 

Taipei City, TAIWAN
Tel: +886 (0)9 3686 3160

Confederate Motors

Confederate Hellcat X132

CONFEDERATE Motors has launched the 2015 edition of its Hellcat X132 Speedster.
As the bike’s name suggests it is powered by a 132ci V-twin motor. The 56-degree V-twin has a 4.4in stroke and 4.4in bore and is fuelled by a single-side draft intake with a 58mm throttle body to produce a claimed 121hp and 140ft lb of torque. This is matched to a five-speed transmission with the entire package carried in a frame hand welded from 3in steel tubing. 

A custom specification WP 48mm fork with adjustable rebound and compression is used at the front of the bike, while rear suspension is taken care of by a rebound and compression adjustable Race Tech coil over.
The wheel package on the latest Hellcat Confederate makes use of Blackstone Tek carbon fiber wheels with proprietary hubs. The 18 x 3.5in front and 18 x 8in rear wheels are shod with 120/70 ZR18 and 240/40 ZR18 Metzeler ME 880 Marathon tires. Braking comes courtesy of dual Beringer Aeronal floating rotors and four-piston monobloc Aerotec radial calipers at the front and a single four-piston monobloc Aerotec radial caliper at the rear, with a Brembo rotor. 

Bodywork on the Hellcat, which is limited to 65 production models, is made up of carbon fiber fenders and an aerospace composite carbon fiber fuel cell with finishing details including LED lighting, a digital speedo and a Motogadget analog tacho. 

Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Tel: 205 324 9888