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Thursday 24 April 2014

Harley First Quarter results

Harley shipments up 5.8 % worldwide in first quarter, up nearly 11 % internationally

HARLEY dealers worldwide sold 57,415 new Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the first quarter of 2014, compared to 54,254 motorcycles in the year-ago quarter (up 5.8 percent); in the U.S. dealers sold 35,730 units, up 3.0 percent compared to sales of 34,706 motorcycles in the year-ago period.
In international markets, dealers sold 21,685 new Harley-Davidson motorcycles during the first quarter, up 10.9% (19,548 motorcycles in the first three months of 2013), with sales said to be up 20.5% in the Asia Pacific region, 8.2% in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and 8.9% in Latin American markets. Canada was down by -2.4%.
Keith Wandell, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Harley-Davidson, Inc. said: "Our dealers had a solid quarter of retail motorcycle sales. Sales in the Asia Pacific region were up strongly, and we are encouraged by the continued growth of new Harley-Davidson motorcycle sales in Europe. Domestically we achieved first-quarter retail growth of 3.0% in the midst of a long, cold winter."
According to Wandell "there's also great news for Harley-Davidson in the annual reporting of our demographic market share data."
According to Polk/IHS data 2013 saw Harley post a sixth consecutive year as the number-one seller of new on-road motorcycles in the U.S. (both in terms of their 'in-class' 601cc-plus displacement market and across all engine size bands) to young adults age 18-34, women, African-Americans and Hispanics (Harley's "outreach" customers) and Caucasian men age 35-plus (which Harley describes as "core" customers). The Company says that compared to 2012 it grew its U.S. market share and also increased its share gap to the nearest competitor in each of these segments.
"Together with our dealers, we continued to expand the appeal of our products and the Harley-Davidson experience," said Wandell. "Harley-Davidson dealers sold more than four times as many new, on-road motorcycles, 601cc and up, to U.S. young adults last year, and among riders age 35-plus, more than nine times as many to women, more than six times as many to African Americans and more than seven times as many to Hispanics, as the nearest competitor."
According to Harley-Davidson's internal data, retail sales of its motorcycles to U.S. "outreach" customers grew at more than twice the rate of sales growth to core customers in 2013 compared to 2012.

First-quarter 2014 diluted earnings per share were $1.21 (up 22.2%) on "higher motorcycle shipments and continued improvement in operating efficiencies." First-quarter net income was $265.9 million ($224.1 m in Q1 2013) on consolidated revenue of $1.73 billion ($1.57 billion in Q1 2013).
"Harley-Davidson delivered gains on many fronts in the first quarter, with shipments up 7.3%, strong margin improvement and solid growth in dealer new motorcycle sales," said Wandell.
"Our Project RUSHMORE motorcycles were in high demand in the quarter and we began shipping the Harley-Davidson Street 750 and 500 into select markets."
First-quarter operating income from motorcycles and related products grew 25.6% to $347.7 million ($276.8 m in Q1 2013); operating income in the quarter "benefited from higher motorcycle shipments and higher gross margin compared to the prior-year period", according to the Company.
Revenue from motorcycles grew 13.1% to $1.31 billion ($1.15 billion in Q1 2013) - the Company says it shipped 80,682 motorcycles to dealers and distributors worldwide during the quarter, which it says was "in line with guidance and a 7.3% increase compared to shipments of 75,222 motorcycles in the year-ago period."
Revenue from motorcycle parts and accessories was $198.1 million during the quarter, up 7.7%, and revenue from general merchandise, which includes MotorClothes apparel and accessories, was $64.1 million, down 11.1%, compared to the year-ago period.
Gross margin was 37.7% in the first quarter of 2014, compared to 36.7% in the first quarter of 2013. First-quarter operating margin from motorcycles and related products was 22.1%, compared to operating margin of 19.6% in last year's first quarter.
Operating income from financial services was $63.2 million in the first quarter of 2014, an 11.7% decrease compared to operating income of $71.5 million in last year's first quarter - Harley says that "first-quarter financial services results reflect a higher provision for credit losses."
Harley-Davidson continues to expect to ship 279,000 to 284,000 motorcycles to dealers and distributors worldwide in 2014, an approximate 7% to 9% increase from 2013. In the second quarter of 2014, the Company expects to ship 92,000 to 97,000 motorcycles, up from shipments of 84,606 motorcycles in the year-ago period. The Company continues to expect full-year 2014 operating margin of 17.5% to 18.5% in the Motorcycles segment.  The Company also continues to expect capital expenditures of $215 million to $235 million in 2014.

Polaris first quarter results

Record first quarter for Polaris

POLARIS Industries has reported record first quarter net income of $80.9 million for the quarter ended March 31, 2014, up from $75.5 m in 2013. Net sales for the first quarter 2014 totaled $888.3 million, up 19 percent (from $745.9 m).
“I am extremely pleased to report record sales and earnings for our 2014 first quarter", said Scott Wine, Polaris’ Chairman and CEO. "This represents the 18th consecutive quarter of record earnings performance, with first quarter sales up 19 percent - led by continued excellent performance from our Off-Road Vehicles business and rapid growth within our motorcycle, small vehicle and PG&A businesses in both North America and internationally.”

“We remain true to the long-term corporate strategy to become an $8 billion global enterprise, and we further expanded the breadth and reach of our PG&A business with this month’s acquisition of Kolpin Outdoors.”
Motorcycle division sales increased 52 percent in the 2014 first quarter to $78.9 million due to the shipments of the new model year 2014 Indian motorcycles. Consumer retail demand for Polaris motorcycles, driven by strong Indian Motorcycle retail sales, was up about 50 percent during the 2014 first quarter, while first quarter North American industry heavyweight cruiser and touring motorcycle retail sales were up low-single digits percent from 2013.
Sales of Polaris motorcycles outside of North America increased 140 percent in the first quarter of 2014 as compared to a year ago, driven by strong shipments of Indian motorcycles.
International sales to customers outside of North America totaled $165.1 million for the 2014 first quarter, up 44 percent over the same period in 2013. The increase in first quarter sales resulted from strong sales growth in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region with sales up about 50 percent; over two-thirds coming from the April 2013 acquisition of Aixam, and a 28 percent combined increase in sales to customers in the Asia/Pacific and Latin America regions. Both ORV and motorcycles gained market share outside of North America during the 2014 first quarter.
Gross profit increased 19 percent to $258.4 million or 29.1 percent of sales for the first quarter of 2014, compared to $216.6 million or 29.0 percent of sales in the first quarter of 2013.

Custom Chrome

Louis Casarez Promoted to President & CEO of Custom Chrome

CUSTOM Chrome has announced the promotion of Louis Casarez to President & Chief Executive Officer of Custom Chrome International at Morgan Hill, California.
Louis has been with Custom Chrome and parent company DIC in Korea for 15 years. He returned to Custom Chrome as Director of Operations after a 12 year deployment in Korea a year ago.

Whilst in Korea Louis was a Design Engineer for the owner's motorcycle division, where, among other achievements, he was heavily involved in the RevTech engine and 6-speed transmission development programs.
Also while at DIC, Louis was involved with projects for GM, Clark forklifts and Dana. During the past year as Director of Operations Louis has been concentrating on streamlining the business in-line with its "focus and goals."
Louis is a motorcycle enthusiast and MMI graduate who has worked in many facets of the industry - first at a local motorcycle shop on the Monterey Peninsula, California, and he then spent 4 years as a designer at Corbin Saddles, and joined Custom Chrome in 1999 as a member of the Research and Development department. 

Lauge Jensen

S&S 111" Euro 4 compliant powered 'Viking' concept cruiser unveiled by Lauge Jensen

DANISH bespoke custom bike builder Lauge Jensen has unveiled a new cruiser, the 'Viking', designed for them by noted LA based designer Henrik Fisker.
The unveiling was at the prestigious 'Top Marques' luxury brands show at Monaco, and marks Fisker's first foray into two-wheel design, the Dane having made his reputation in the automotive industry, through work for BMW and Aston Martin, and as the designer behind the Fiskar 'Karma' - an electric 'series' hybrid luxury Sedan.

The 'Viking' concept cruiser, designed by Henrik Fisker

Described as a "design study" the company says "this premium motorcycle blends the talents of two of Denmark’s most creative talents: Anders Kirk Johansen, an industrialist whose family invented LEGO, and renowned vehicle designer Henrik Fisker", and that it "points to a possible volume-production direction" for Lauge Jensen - a business that Johansen bought in 2012. 

The company says it intends "to build a bike based on the 'Viking' Concept at higher volumes and with a lower price tag than the 'Great Dane'."

The 'Viking' Concept is powered by an S&S Cycle 45-degree V-twin producing 100hp, which is said to make it capable of more than 130mph, and is believed to be "the first motorcycle of its type" to comply with the new, stringent Euro IV emissions regulations that come into effect in 2016.
Lauge Jensen says that the engine has been "carefully developed and tuned to achieve this without losing the character of the sound that is so loved by riders. Johansen and Lauge Jensen are proud to have achieved the new emissions targets without compromising the engine’s performance, safeguarding the production and character of future products."
Lauge Jensen currently produces the limited edition 'Great Dane' custom cruiser, which starts from €42,800 (around $59,000). The company says it intends "to build a bike based on the 'Viking' Concept at higher volumes and with a lower price tag than the 'Great Dane'."
Commenting on the design collaboration, Anders Kirk Johansen said: "We have been developing the 'Viking' Concept for some time. Potentially, it’s the next step for our company, beyond our limited production 'Great Dane' custom bike.

The Lauge Jensen 'Great Dane' starts at around $59,000

"It’s great to have Henrik, one of the world’s leading vehicle designers and a fellow Dane, working in partnership with us to help create a really special, emotional design. Revealing a concept bike is all about gauging demand, but, if it’s there, I look forward to producing the 'Viking' Concept for the mainstream market.
"It’s been a dream of mine to design and create a motorcycle for many years, and this is the first time I have the freedom to go and do it. I hope people like what we have created and that we can make more of them – for sure there’s plenty more to come from this collaboration between myself and Anders."


The first bespoke custom motorcycle company to achieve Euro 4 compliance

The engine featured in the new 'Viking' Concept was unveiled late last year and is the first air-cooled V-twin to meet the new Euro 4 emissions requirements.
A lot more stringent than the Euro 3 norms they replace (effective January 1st 2016), and subject a six stage testing procedure that is 50 percent longer than the protocol it replaces, Lauge Jensen say the engine is "mean, lean and green" and the only custom motorcycle manufacturer in the world to have global type approval.
Established in 2008 by Uffe Lauge Jensen at Horsens, Denmark, and bought last year by Anders Kirk Johansen, the company specializes in bespoke custom motorcycles, but sees this new engine and the 'Viking' Concept as a possible platform for volume production.
Uffe Lauge Jensen, who is still central to the project as Director of Development, says that his team "designed its own catalytic converter exhaust system which we calibrated specifically to the cat/chassis set-up.
The Lauge Jensen/S&S 11 inch fuel injected engine meets the upcoming
Euro 4 emissions controls

“Being first with EURO 4 may not be a primary concern for some of our customers, but it will give them the reassurance that they own a fantastic and personal motorcycle, which is future-proofed, and ahead of the rest in its low emission output.”
The fuel injected S&S 45 degree 111 inch V-twin was co-developed by Lauge Jensen and S&S Cycle in terms of emissions testing and tuning, both at S&S’ own facility at Viola, Wisconsin, and at TÜV Automotive in Pfungstadt, Germany.
To pass the Euro 4 test the motorcycle used must have been running for at least 1,000km to give a fair reading (the efficiency of catalytic converters declines with use), and the bikes are placed on a rolling road to simulate various riding situations and engine behavior.
The EURO 4 test lasts for 1,800 seconds and is completed six times, compared to EURO 3, which tests the vehicle for 1,200 seconds three times. Because of the importance of the exhaust system and the catalytic converters, S&S says they were "uniquely positioned to support our customer and help develop a package that is not only efficient and clean, but retains the character and sound that riders want from an air-cooled v-twin."

Custom Bike Show

Custom Bike Show, Sweden, June 7th

THE world famous Custom Bike Show, held each year by Twin Club MC at Norrtelje on the Swedish coast, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this summer.
Although Twin Club took a break from operating the show in the 1980s, it is the oldest custom show in the world (by a matter of months!), and this year also sees another anniversary - this will be the 10th year that the show has been an AMD World Championship Affiliate.

Being staged on Saturday June 7th this year (always the first Saturday of June, coinciding with Sweden's National Holiday weekend), the one-day/seven-hour show has seven classes and is a genuine 'ride-in'. It has a big reputation for some of the best "authentic" real-world, well-ridden custom bikes and best examples of 'Swedish Style' choppers ever seen at any show, with visitors from all over Scandinavia and beyond - hence its status as the Scandinavian Championship of Custom Bike Building.


Witchdoctor's - Victory parts specialist

THERE aren’t many aftermarket parts and accessory businesses that have been created specifically to serve the burgeoning Victory Motorcycle market, but Warren, Ohio based Witchdoctor’s in one such company.

Founded in 2010 by Jon Petrich, and starting with a handful of products, fast forward just four years and the company already boasts over 1,000 parts and accessories for “just about every Victory model.”
The line includes everything from nuts and bolts (chrome and anodized colors) through to custom wheels and high performance items. The range is a combination of third party items distributed by Witchdoctor’s and own design and in-house manufactured Witchdoctor’s brand products.
Petrich says that “like all the best ideas, our business goal was simple – to offer the customer everything they might be looking for to express their own personality. We can help choose their accessories and show them that they can do the job themselves if they want to, and I believe that puts us miles ahead of the competition.
“We realized in the beginning that we are selling more than just parts. We are selling cool, individuality, pride and satisfaction. Whether the rider is looking for ‘Bling’ or functional parts, our aim is to offer riders and dealers access to the most comprehensive line-up of aftermarket accessories for Victory models in the marketplace.
“However, the product line is only part of the story. In a time when customer service appears to have gone by the wayside, from the very beginning we have worked hard to ensure that great service is the company’s greatest asset – and I strongly believe that ours is the best in the Victory market.”

The company has an easy-to-navigate website, which is updated regularly and includes “how-to” videos and customization showcases.
The company sells through a large dealer network and ships domestically and internationally daily with a 98 percent fill rate. “Our main warehouse is based here at Warren, Ohio, but uniquely for a business for our size and age we also have a warehouse in Germany to better serve European customers.
“I think our dealer program is excellent with a buy-in as low as $500 and margins of around 30 percent or more on our top 25 SKUs.
“Dealers who want to get into selling Victory custom and aftermarket parts now have one place to order from, allowing them to be more profitable in an area that they may have struggled with before.” Witchdoctor’s offers a free drop shipping service for dealers who need that option.

Warren, Ohio, USA
Tel: 330 856 6924

Rick's Motorcycles

2014 model parts by Rick’s

HARLEY-Davidson’s 2014 year models can now be kitted out with parts form German custom specialist and authorized H-D dealer Rick’s Motorcycles. Among the new parts for the 2014 range are Rick’s aluminum footpegs. There are four new designs in polished and black anodized finishes. The new footpegs are available for all Harley-Davidson model lines, including Sportster models, and come complete with a shift pedal too.

Designed exclusively for the 2014 Touring models, the TÜV-approved seven-degree triple trees from Rick’s are used for 21in, 23in and 26in front wheel conversions.
Once installed the triple trees angle the stock forks forwards to retain the stock height.
In the 21in, 23in and 26in version, the stock fork in original length can be retained.
CNC-machined in Rick‘s House of Custom, the touring seven-degree triple trees are a bolt-on fitment, with no frame modifications necessary, and the stock fork can be retained. However, progressive springs are recommended.
The triple tree kit is available for Harley-Davidson Touring models like the Road King and all variations of the Electra Glide and Street Glide and comes complete with mounting hardware and instructions.

Baden-Baden, GERMANY
Tel. +49 (0) 7221 39 39 0

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Polaris adds Wisconsin based Kolpin

Polaris adds Wisconsin based Kolpin to its off-road vehicle and accessory line-up

Kolpin's primary business is manufacturing ATV/UTV accessories, including private label work for other aftermarket brands, and contracts for other OE vehicle manufacturers - some analysts are saying that this business, said to be worth up to 25 percent of Kolpin's turnover, could now be at risk in the long-term under Polaris' ownership

POLARIS Industries continues on the acquisition trail, buying Kolpin Outdoors, Inc., a privately owned, Wisconsin-based company that is best known for its off-road vehicle (ORV) accessories, and branded and private label powersports accessories and outdoor lifestyle products.  This acquisition adds further to Polaris’ growing parts, garments and accessories (PG&A) business.

“Acquiring Kolpin Outdoors, Inc. creates a multitude of growth opportunities for our PG&A business, which is a key contributor to Polaris’ top-line growth and profitability,” said Steve Eastman, Polaris’ Vice President of PG&A. “Kolpin is a trusted brand among ORV riders, hunters, outdoorsmen and landowners who value the quality and reliability Kolpin builds into their powersports accessories.

"Their line-up of exceptional products and deep consumer and retail relationships will help Polaris expand their aftermarket accessories portfolio and enhance their traditional and online distribution channels.”

Founded in 1943, Kolpin products will continue to be sold under the Kolpin and Cycle Country brands, with customised private label products available through its Premier O.E.M. business.  Speaking for Kolpin, President and CEO Tom Lutes said that “it gives all of us at Kolpin great pride to become part of the Polaris family. Although different in size, we share many of the same values...small town roots, quality products, lifestyle brand focus and a rich heritage in product innovation.”

In 2013 Polaris posted sales of $3.8 billion. Polaris specialises in snowmobiles and off-road vehicles, and having established a presence in the heavyweight cruiser and touring motorcycle market with Victory, the company added the Indian Motorcycle brand two years ago and launched the first models in a new range at EICMA in November last year.

This isn't the company's first play on the ultility off-road vehicle sector, having bought the French Aixam Mega business four years ago, and having made a play for the on-road small electric/hybrid powered vehicle industry with the acquisition of American "neighbourhood electric vehicle" (NEV) manufacturer Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), and Bourran, France-based specialist Goupil Industrie SA, a manufacturer of on-road, commercial electric vehicles. Other strategic investments by Polaris in recent years have included acquisition of the Klim apparel brand.

Massimo Tamburini

Massimo Tamburini
LEADING motorcycle designer Massimo Tamburini has died at the age of 70. For over 13 years Tamburini was Head of the MV Agusta Design and Engineering Division at CRC (Centro Ricerche Castiglioni) in San Marino, designing Cagiva, Ducati and MV Agusta motorcycles with Claudio Castiglioni.

Massimo Tamburini, seen here right, with Claudio Castiglioni

Regarded as one of the greatest motorcycle chassis engineers of the 20th century, with the self-made frame of the MV Agusta 750 Sport launching him onto the international stage in the early 1970s, he was one of the founders of Bimota. In a career that made him the 'go-to-guy' of the Italian motorcycle industry his design credentials include the Ducati Paso 750, the hugely admired Ducati 916, the MV Agusta F4, and the current Brutale models.

Giovanni Castiglioni, President of MV Agusta, said that “Massimo was one of the legends of the motorcycle industry. He was a great designer, but above all he was truly passionate about motorcycles. He left our company a precious heritage and will always occupy a place of honour in the industry”.

Vectrix Electric scooters

Vectrix Electric scooters in Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing

It looks like the final chapter in the troubled Vectrix story may well be about to be written, with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in the United States - an action that usually results in the liquidation of any remaining assets of a business.

At EICMA in November 2013 Vectrix still actively marketing the brand and promoting new battery technology within weeks of Chinese parent company Gold Star Battery suspending operations

Based at New Bedford, Massachusetts with an assembly plant in Wrocław, Poland, Vectrix ceased all US operations as of December 31, 2013, although at that point it was planned to maintain the plant in Poland to fulfil obligations under a joint venture agreement with Daimler AG's Smart division.

First introduced in 2006, the Vectrix was a maxi-size scooter, and was said to be the first commercially available high performance electric scooter. Plagued by battery and production issues, the company first entered into a sequence of bankruptcy actions designed to protect it from its creditors in 2009, with its assets ultimately being acquired by the Chinese Gold Peak battery group at the end of that year.

Though re-launched and trading with some new model introductions and show appearances in the years since, and despite Vectrix models being named European e-scooter of the year (for the third consecutive year) at the Zolder circuit CleanWeek 2020 event in Belgium as recently as May 2013, in October last year, Vectrix lost its French distributor Italmotori after allegations of failing to ship scooters, batteries, and spare parts required for warranty repairs. This is believed to have been its third failed distributor relationship in that country.

Despite several promising advances in technology, including their patented Planetary Gear Drive and energy recovery techniques, numerous manufacturing problems resulting in failed batteries and non-functioning scooters resulted in Gold Peak deciding to cut their losses and close down all Vectrix's US facilities at the end of last year.

In documents filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in April this year, the company listed its assets as being between $1 million and $10 million, but its estimated liabilities as being between $10 million to $50 million.

AMA National Convention

AMA National Convention, Hall of Fame event moving to AIMExpo for 2014

In another coup for the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo - October 16-19, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida) the AMA is to stage its National Convention at and during AIMExpo.

“AMA members come from all areas of motorcycling, and the 2014 AMA National Convention is designed with all of them in mind,” said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. “Like the AIMExpo, which itself offers something for everyone, so will our convention, whether you are a new rider exploring options in the demo ride area or an AMA Life Member attending the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame induction ceremony.”
Their National Convention includes their Hall of Fame induction event,  the annual AMA member meeting, the annual AMA business member meeting, motorcycling-related seminars designed specifically for AMA members and other AMA member-exclusive benefits.

“The AMA is the national organization dedicated to promoting the motorcycling lifestyle, and AIMExpo is the grand stage for motorcycling in North America, so it makes every sense to partner and grow awareness for the economic and emotional benefits of motorcycling,” said Larry Little, Vice President and General Manager of AIMExpo. “For the AMA to choose AIMExpo as the location for both the AMA National Convention and the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is an honor, and we’re excited to help showcase both of these premier events.”

The Naughty Gentleman

One of the smaller supporting classes at the World Championship of Custom Bike Building is the Production Manufacturer class. However, despite the small number of entries there is always a wide range of styles, and in 2013 the winning bike was the retro-style Naughty Gentleman from the UK’s Second City Customs

In the World Championship of Custom Bike Building the majority of class-winning bikes are chosen by the competitors themselves. However, there is one class where this is not the case. In the Production Manufacturer class, the winning bike – Second City Customs’ The Naughty Gentleman – was selected by Steve Iggens, President of S&S Cycle, who was considered a natural choice to judge the class given the popularity of his company’s product range among small volume production outfits.

The prize Ian Cushing of Second City took for the class win was a TÜV compliant S&S engine in recognition of Second City creating a motorcycle that was in Iggens’ view “innovative, visually arresting, and above all, rideable.” Commenting further on his choice Iggens said: “Building a great looking bike is one thing, but at S&S Cycle we make high performance parts, and they aren’t much use in a bike you can’t ride.”
Iggens’ choice of The Naughty Gentleman as the class winner was no doubt helped by the fact that the bike had been built around an S&S Cycle P-Series motor. Due to the bike being designed as a production model the engine was left stock with just a simple tear drop air cleaner and a set of fishtail exhausts dressing it up.
Backing the motor up is a BDL open primary and a five-speed transmission. However, this is one area where the bike has received extra detailing, with hand-engraving on the clutch pulley cover. There is further engraving work on the distributor, oil filler, fork nut cover and battery cover.
The design motif of the engraving echoes that of the gold leaf detailing on the paint work on the bike, which was applied by Re-born to be Wild.
With a drivetrain package in place Second City needed a frame to carry it, and in this case turned to Kraftech for one of its Softail style frames, which was then combined with a set of telescopic forks held in place by Rebuffini triple trees, modified to work with the 42mm fork legs, and carrying a set of Biltwell 12in apehanger bars on stainless steel slim line risers.

In order to get the bike rolling, a set of 80-spoke wheels were sourced and then fitted with Avon Venom tires; a 21in front and a 16in at the rear. On the front wheel a Harrison Billet four-piston caliper and matching disc are used, and the same company also supplied the sprotor and caliper at the back. As a finishing touch on the calipers, Second City’s name has been engraved onto both of them.
Completing the build are the gas tank that was narrowed to suit the build, and had its sides dished, the oil tank that also carries the battery and the custom trimmed rear fender carried on stainless steel struts. While the bike is shown with a hand-tooled leather tool roll behind the seat, this can be swapped out and replaced with a pillion seat when needed. Finishing off the rider contact points are the forward controls from JayBrake, which match the pillion pegs, and the hand-tooled leather seat mounted on a Biltwell hinge kit.
At the World Championship S&S Cycle’s Steve Iggens was not the only person to be impressed by The Naughty Gentleman as the bike has now been sold, paving the way for Second City to produce more production versions, something that will be easier with the motor the shop won at the Championship.

Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1527 576996

Victory & Indian Pro-Guide

Lehman Trikes CrossBow for 2014 Victory Vision

LEHMAN Trikes has launched an updated version of its CrossBow trike conversion kit, allowing it to now be used with the 2014 Victory Vision. This latest version joins the conversions already available for the 2009- 2013 Vision models.

The CrossBow features a fiberglass body with lines that complement the motorcycle’s design, straight axle suspension, and standard parking brake as well as available upgrades including reverse, wheels, and hitch kit. Factory exact match paint is available too.



Pingel electric shifter for Victory

PINGEL has expanded its range of electric shifter kits to now include an application for use on ‘11-‘14 Victory Touring bagger models.
The Pingel electric shifter suspends the ignition system while simultaneously shifting the transmission to allow smooth gear shifts up or down at the push of a button, and clutch use is eliminated except for starting and stopping.

Pingel states that the unit works for normal riding or full-throttle shifting, and the ability to shift manually is retained too.
The complete bolt-on kit contains a slim dualbutton handlebar bracket with polished finish, miniature solid-state control modules, wiring harness, chrome shift cylinder, mounting bracket and complete instructions.


Ness for Victory

ARLEN and Cory Ness’ involvement with Victory motorcycles needs little introduction, having been both a dealer and a designer for the factory for many years.
However, Ness Enterprises were pretty much the first of the v-twin market’s ‘primary’ custom parts and accessories vendors to focus on a parts offer for Victory dealers and the now steadily growing preowned market.

The Ness offer is extensive from billet wheels, pulleys and brake rotors through to Ness ‘Fusion’ pegs and grips, ‘deep-cut’ and ‘retro’ style floorboards, handlebars (including Ness’ patentpending modular adjustable handlebars), mirrors, radius sidemount license plate kits and custom plate frames, lowering kits, covers, air filter kits, Ness Big- Shot2 adjustable fuel tuners, flip windshields, shifters, more mirrors and a veritable smorgasbord of lighting options.

Joker Machine

Joker Machine expands H-D parts range

JOKER Machine has further expanded its parts line for Harley-Davidson with the introduction of knurled gas caps, which feature, as the name suggests, knurling to make them easier to remove.

The low profile gas caps are CNC machined from billet aluminum, and available in hard black anodized, chrome or raw finishes. The cap base has vented right-hand threads and fits most ‘96-up Harley-Davidson models. The expanded H-D range includes the introduction of aftermarket brake and clutch levers for use on Sportsters. The levers, which are CNC machined from 6061- T6 solid bar, feature finger profiles for improved comfort, and install on ’06 and later bikes using the stock hardware. The levers can be purchased in a choice of black anodized or chromed finishes.

La Verne, California, USA
Tel: 909 596 9690