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Monday 28 September 2015

Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo 2015

24th annual Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo

This year's annual Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo in the Netherlands will take place from November 6th to 8th at its usual Autotron, Rosmalen facility near Den Bosch.

With exhibitors reporting excellent aisle traffic and booth interest last year, and with genuine buying interest and intent and the Custom Bike Show attracting a high quality international field, the show is back to its best as one of Europe's leading specialty v-twin industry event.

This will be the 24th show, and since the show started, more than 2,000 of Europe's finest custom bikes have competed in front of a total net crowd that must exceed 300,000 visitors.

The show rode the difficulties of the downturn years well and has done much to respond to the changing demographic of the custom market and the new generations of riders looking for custom parts, accessories and bikes in the Netherlands. The organizers (who also publish the monthly Bigtwin Magazine in the Netherlands) say they are confident of at least 18,000 attendees again this year.

Twin Power

Primary Chains

Biker's Choice is offering premium quality 'endless' primary chains under its Twin Power performance v-twin parts, components and service items program. 

Precision ground side plates are said to ensure smoother operation and the specifications and performance, durability and reliability achieved are said to exceed motorcycle manufacturer original equipment specifications.


Covingtons Customs

Replacement hard bag hinges

COVINGTONS has designed new bag hinges to enhance the look of Bagger hard bags. They are CNC machined from billet aluminum with a streamlined, finned style. 

They replace factory hinges while retaining all stock functions and fit 2014 and later Bagger and Touring models equipped with hard bags.
Sold in pairs, they are CNC machined from billet aluminum and available in a choice of finned or dimpled design, and chrome or black finish.


Jekill & Hyde

Jekill & Hyde performance for Night Rod

European electronically adjustable exhaust specialist Jekill & Hyde has released a new 'Thunderbolt' complete exhaust system for the Night Rod.

Available in deep black, with heat shields, the  Jekill & Hyde say the system is designed to complement the styling of the bike and custom mode; specific brackets mean it can be installed onto all stock swingarms and applications of up to 280 series rear tires.
The electronically adjustable system is said to be 100% street legal in automatic mode and can also be used completely closed. For the drag strip or test rides a "race only" mode is available in which the performance can be further increased.

Ken's Factory

Custom options for stock replacement headlight

Seen on many of the award-winning custom bikes they build, Ken's Factory's Neo Fusion 5 3/4" headlight is an aluminum bodied bolt-on stock replacement.

DOT approved with a clear-cut H4 headlight lens included, options include black or brass plated ring and 6 different color/material combinations.
The 3/8" UNC mount block is included, and all Ken's Factory products ship with a warranty on parts and manufacturing.


Rick's Motorcycles

Dyna forward controls

RICK’S Motorcycles in Germany is now offering a set of forward controls for the latest Dyna models that move the footpegs forward by 2.5in. For use on the Street Bob, Fat Bob and Wide Glide, they work with the stock exhaust pipes and allow plenty of ground clearance. 

"We have taken great care in the optimization of the riding ergonomics for bigger riders, who now have a comfortable seating position while still enjoying the full potential of riding a Dyna," says owner Patrick Knörzer.
CNC machined and running on precision bearings, they are offered in polished or black anodized finishes. 


Rivera Primo

Rivera Primo Pro Clutch

RIVERA Primo’s Pro Clutch has been designed for use with big inch, high torque engines that cause the stock clutch to slip. The package has been created as a scalable product, which means that riders can start with a basic Pro Clutch and then, as the engine is tuned, change out the diaphragm spring to one of Rivera Primo’s higher performance springs. Further tuning would then provide the option to install a TPP Variable Pressure Clutch Assist from the company.
The TPP Variable Pressure Clutch Assist from Rivera Primo is a mini lock-up specifically manufactured for use with the Pro Clutch, and the company states it has been tested to hold in excess of 250hp.
A further upgrade option from Rivera Primo is a replacement clutch basket. Manufactured from aircraft quality aluminum forgings, the baskets are suited to severe duty performance and feature a hard anodized finish. The company has either belt drive or chain drive baskets with a Pro Clutch for all Big Twin applications from ’37-onward.


S&S Cycle

TC3 oil pumps for Big Twins

S&S Cycle now has two new oil pumps in production that have been designed for use in ’99-onward H-D Twin Cam 88ci, 96ci, 103ci, 110ci, and 120R motors. The new TC3 oil pumps, one for ‘99-‘06 and the other for ‘07-later models, are said to be much more resistant to damage from oil born debris and from excessive pinion shaft run-out both of which are common cause of pump failure. 

Product Line Manager, Kevin Boarts, says of them: “This engine platform has been out there for 15 years, and some of them are getting pretty tired. Our customers are looking for premium quality service parts to put them back in top shape. These new S&S TC3 oil pumps from S&S are really going to help.” 


Truett & Osborn

Improved stroker pistons for Harley 45’s 

WICHITA, Kansas based performance specialist Truett & Osborn say that their new cast stroker pistons for Harley 25 inchers are "the perfect choice to go along with our stroker flywheels for the 45 cubic inch flatheads."

Made with correct cam grind and material to eliminate problems with piston seizing and loose fit, they come complete with rings, pins and clips and are available in Std, +.010, +.020, +.040 and +.060. 
These pistons are said to arrive at the same height in the cylinder as a stock piston, when used with 4 7/16” stroke.  They are also available for 4 ½” and 4 5/8” strokes.  The piston will arrive approximately .030” higher in cylinders with 4 ½”, and the piston will “pop-up” above head gasket surface when used with 4 5/8” stroke. 
Founded in 1970 by Paul Osborn, Truett & Osborn owe their v-twin performance engineering credentials to the legendary drag racing exploits of Sturgis Hall of Fame inductee Bonnie Truett.
Truett started racing in the 1960s, and was constantly working to get more out of his drag bikes. He started by changing the flywheels in his own Sportster, but eventually he and Paul Osborn started to create and manufacture their own flywheels, frames, cams, cylinders and rods.
In the 45 years since Truett & Osborn set out on their quest for cubic inches, over 15,000 sets of their stroker flywheels have been installed "without a single failure, even in the blistering conditions of top fuel."
This year again sees Truett & Osborn sponsoring their 44th annual Motorcycle Drag Races on August 15-16 at the Kansas International Dragway.


Monday 21 September 2015


Harley share price flat as Share Buy Back and MY2016 fail to ignite investor interest

In the context of the new tranche of Share Buy Back that Harley-Davidson is embarked upon, and especially in the context of the $750 million of medium and long-term debt the company has incurred to fund the scheme, the "steady-as-you-are" September 1st third quarter dividend announcement (maintaining the 2015 $0.31 per share of common stock) is significant.

In the context of the moribund share price travails Harley is enduring and the lukewarm to non-existent reaction to their August MY2016 announcement, the murmurings of investment community concern could well start to grow this winter, and the dangers of hostile mergers and acquisitions activity, especially from equity raiders, could well start to become public soon.

The current rolling 12-month high for Harley's share price came on December 5th 2014 at $70.15, putting it back within touching distance (in percentage terms) of its historic pre and post recession highs of $74.93 on November 24th 2006 and $72.68 on May 2nd 2014.
However, its 12-month low of $53.21 on August 25th 2015 and current, at time-of-press (September 15th) level of $54.99, sees a return to levels not seen since June 2013 (June 21st 2013 saw it drop to as low as $50.54) - prior to the MY 2014 project Rushmore announcements in August 2013.

‘25 percent market-cap loss in nine months’

 With annual/quarterly fiscals and (now) two model-year announcements having come and gone in that time, and the seemingly well-timed retirement of Keith (Rescue King) Wandell earlier this year, the charitable in the market are deducing that Harley must be headed towards some dramatic model range or strategic news soon.
If they are, they are certainly coming at it off of a "long run", and the less charitable are concerned that even if that cupboard isn't exactly bare as such, the time is being spent better by Polaris, now emerging as their most serious rival, than by Milwaukee.
The effective loss of some 25 percent of market capitalization in just nine months (for that is what the numbers show) can't just be put down to stock market jitters (China induced or otherwise) or correction of overvalue.

That the US stock exchanges are massively overvaluing stocks is not in doubt, that correction-risk lurks around every corner is a real fear at this time.
However, in the context of growing motorcycle sales and a theoretically strong and continuing return of consumer confidence, Harley's current share price performance is clearly measuring something else as well, or instead.
There is clearly some investor community sentiment at play here, and the board clearly know that. The decision to incur debt to fund more share buy backs (while previous initiatives had not yet been fully utilized) and the failure to capitalize on Project Rushmore while Indian Motorcycle starts to emerge as a real competitor clearly must have Harley and its investors worried?
The stock market reaction to the MY2016 announcement and share buy back scheme hasn't been negative as such, yet, but neither has it been an overwhelming vote of confidence.

S&S Cycle

In praise of the Evo

HARD to believe, but it will soon be some 20 years since Harley-Davidson started to replace the Evo engine with the Twin Cam. Indeed it is already 31 years since the 1984 debut of the powertrain that is widely regarded as turning Harley around after the 1981 management buy-out from AMF and subsequent near-death experience.

Though not a revolution in technology terms as such, the Evo did feature much new thinking relative to its predecessors. Initiatives such as the improved cooling and elimination of temperature differentials by using all aluminum rather than aluminum mated to cast iron construction; then there were the revolutionary customer-friendly initiatives such as being oil-tight, reliable and durable.
My, how the purists howled - for as long as it took to get an order placed at their nearest dealership!
Initially the company was only making some 30,000 or so of the Big Twin Evo configuration; indeed the company's entire output was only around 36,000 bikes in 1986, but by the time Harley closed down production of the Evo, estimates suggest that some 1.4m 1,340cc/82 cu in Evos had been made, plus the 883/1200cc unit construction Sportster variants.
Indeed, in addition to saving Harley-Davidson, the Evo is also credited with taking customizing in an altogether new direction, fuelling the ground-up build boom of the 1990’s, with the wait-list inspired closure of the factory crate motor program in the mid-1990’s handing the momentum that Harley had built to the aftermarket on a plate.
Not surprisingly it was right around that time that S&S Cycle themselves went in the opposite direction, bringing together packaged component offers into a single part number complete engine order opportunity for the first time. The rest, as they say, is history.
The abiding characteristic of the Evo, the one big factor that was truly revolutionary in Harley engine terms, was its durability. Evo engines could do tens of thousands of miles, hundreds of thousands of miles even, in a way that prior Harley power plants simply couldn't.
In the wake of all those miles there emerged a stock replacement and performance upgrade component aftermarket the like of which had also never been seen before - with S&S Cycle leading that market. Fast forward to 2015, and there are still thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of Evo engines still doing the miles, no doubt repeatedly 'breathed on' since they came out of the factory gates, and no doubt many of them 'breathed on' by S&S dealers and their customers.
Having paid homage to what the Evo did for us, time perhaps to remind ourselves what we can do for the Evo. Here we present a round-up of some of the components and performance upgrade packages that S&S Cycle still has as active SKUs, 31 years after that fateful launch.

"Boost performance without having to split the crankcases" say S&S about these kits. For 1984 - 1999 carbureted engines, installation is "as easy as a stock top-end rebuild" with no flywheel rebalancing required. The kit delivers 80 cu in at 10.2:1 compression ratio. The kit includes cylinder heads, a Super Stock cylinder head kit with valves and springs installed, manifold with o-rings and flanges, all the required hardware, top end gaskets, a 561 S&S cam, adjustable chromoly pushrods, an HL2T spacer kit to limit the range of travel of the hydraulic tappet plunger, a Super E carb kit - just add the required oversize pistons, or order with mated and fitted pistons; available natural or Wrinkle Black powder coat finish

S&S has been making stock bore stroker kits since the early 1960s. The excellent power gains for the money and ease of installation mean they are still popular. Stock bore strokers reuse the stock cylinders, heads and crankcase, which helps make them economical, and since they don't require crankcase modifications, they are easy and economical to install. For maximum performance S&S recommends their 89" Stroker Hot Set Up kit which includes an S&S camshaft, carb, pushrods and S&S cyclinder heads. They fit 1984 - 1999 carbureted and 1995 - 1998 EFI engines, can be configured to order (CTO), and S&S report "significant" increases in horsepower and torque
Available from 88" out to 103" displacements, S&S 3-5/8" big bore/stroker kits are available for 1984 - 1999 carbureted and 1995 - 1998 EFI engines. S&S say they offer a significant increase in horsepower and torque and include cams, tappets, valve springs, rocker arms, rocker covers, manifolds, carburetors, EFI throttle bodies and EFI modules. The kits can be configured to order (CTO) and are available natural or Wrinkle Black powder coat finish
Built around their most popular 3-5/8" bore Sidewinder, these kits include a 585 camshaft, carb, pushrods, and all required hardware and gaskets in addition to the standard 4-5/8" flywheel assembly, 3-5/8" cylinder and piston kit, .640" valve springs, adjustable chromoly pushrods, an HL2T spacer kit and a Super E carb. Described as an economical route to a large displacement engine, performance can be further enhanced by the addition of Super Stock cylinder heads, but the kits can also be configured without heads if S&S performance replacement or stock heads are to be used
For those who want to "go the whole hog", S&S V124s for stock Evo carbureted, fuel injected or custom Evo style frames feature their recently introduced press together 1.671" diameter crankpin/.927" wristpin 3-piece flywheel assemblies with the long piston stroke and high performance gear driven cam resulting in large horsepower increases over the stock engine. Available in natural or Wrinkle Black powder coat finish, the Super G carb has a signature S&S teardrop slotted "Slasher" air cleaner cover, 640 camshaft, S&S forged pistons (and piston cooling jets), 10.8:1 compression ratio, 4-1/8" bore by 4-5/8" stroke, large fin pack on the heads and cylinders, high-volume/high-pressure oil pump and electric compression release for easy starting under any circumstances. Options include Intelligent Spark Technology (IST) or Super Stock ignition system on carbureted engines. For fuel injection engines, single bore EFI throttle body with S&S Classic Teardrop air cleaner, Magneti Marelli style S&S Variable Fuel Injection (VFI) module with built-in three stage engine overheat protection, closed loop fuel system, dual oxygen sensors provide air-fuel ratio feedback for correct fuel delivery under any condition and S&S ProTune II software provides base fuel maps for most aftermarket exhaust systems
 Available for '84 - ’99 carbureted chassis and custom Evo-style frames, the shorter than stock height makes for easy installation. Short stroke is said to produce less vibration and longer engine life, with piston cooling jets, large cooling fins, High Volume High Pressure oil pump, S&S 585 cam and lightweight single coil valve springs to minimize valve train noise, S&S forged rocker arms, chrome plated rocker covers, tappet guides, and gear cover and Super E carb. The V111 features the recently introduced press together 1.671" diameter crank pin and .927" wrist pin 3-piece flywheel assembly. Options include natural, Wrinkle Black powder coat or polished finish and Super Stock ignition

Antigravity Batteries

Compact design, massive power

LOS Angeles, California based battery specialist Antigravity Batteries say their top-of-the-range American made ultra lightweight YTX12 24-cell lithium ion motorcycle battery is the "highest power lithium nano-phosphate motorsport battery ever made."

At just 5 lbs it is said to deliver a weight saving of up to 14 lbs in motorcycles, and despite its compact 5.82" x 3.4" x 5.12" design, it can produce "a massive 720 cranking amps. The high power, light weight and deceptively small dimensions mean there is no powersports battery model on the market quite like it."
The company says it can hold a charge for up to a year provided there are no "plastic drains" (accessories such as alarms etc that draw power when the bike is off), that it features all-brass terminals, comes with a 3-year warranty and is "excellent for every day use in bikes up to 2400cc. It is great for stock bikes and for extra large high performance v-twin engines, touring bikes of all kinds, and adventure bikes - in fact any motorcycle application where reliability is key and where extreme power and larger Amp hour capacity are needed."


Avon Tyres

Avon 15,000-mile warranty for Cobra

AVON Tyres has announced a new 15,000-mile (24,000-kilometer) limited treadwear warranty program covering the popular Cobra touring and Storm 3D X-M sport touring tires. 

“We develop industry-leading products and stand behind them with great warranties like the new treadwear warranty program for the Cobra and Storm 3D X-M,” said Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing for Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America.
If the tread wears to the treadwear indicators within the first 15,000 miles of normal use, the company will award a credit adjustment in the form of a prepaid card for the unused mileage. Available on tires purchased in the U.S. and Canada, the warranty covers the tire for a maximum of two years from the date of purchase.
The treadwear warranty applies to the original purchaser only when installed by a retail motorcycle dealership, and registered within 10 days of the original purchase. Incorrect inflation, off-road use, racing, sidecar application, dyno testing and deliberate or malicious damage will invalidate the warranty.

Midwest Motorcycle Supply

Ultima Kool Kat wheels

UNDER its Ultima brand, Midwest Motorcycle Supply has launched a new wheel design – the Kool Kat. 

The Kool Kat wheels are CNC machined and then polished and offered in sizes 16in, 18in and 21in for both front and rear applications. Matching polished stainless steel Kool Kat rotors and Kool Kat polished pulleys are also being made available.


Motorcycle Storehouse

MCS adds Evolution Industries, launches own-brand oils

MOTORCYCLE Storehouse, the Netherlands-based V-twin parts and accessories distributor, has launched its own line of lubricants. Created for American V-twins, base oils are blended with additives for specific applications. The company states that the new oils are designed to "ensure a consistent, efficient cooling and lubrication of all vital components, even in extreme conditions." 

Available in SAE 50 mineral and SAE 20W50 in mineral or full synthetic, lubricants for transmission, primary, XL primary and transmissions and a DOT 4 and DOT 5 silicone brake fluid are also offered.

Motorcycle Storehouse is also now selling the full range of Evolution Industries’ products, which includes components throughout the primary drive and starter line such as transmission pulleys, ‘solid’ motor sprockets, stock or custom length primary chains, starter jackshaft assemblies, starter pinion gears, starter ring gears and other clutch/starter components as single items or in stock replacement or custom application kits.
Kit options include a complete high-performance clutch basket and motor sprocket to increase or decrease rpm, and for a performance primary belt drive kit for '04-'15 Sportsters. 

Created for use on ‘11-‘13 Softail, ‘12-‘13 Dyna models, the NAMZ CAN-bus controller allows the use of traditional style handlebar controls on these models that use CAN-bus switch technology.

A new addition to the Roland Sands Design product range available through Motorcycle Storehouse is the line of differential bore brake piston calipers. The callipers, which will work on ’00-’15 Big Twins (excluding ‘08-‘15 Touring, all Dyna with wire wheels, all Springers), ‘00-‘15 XL (excluding wire wheels), and ‘02-‘05 VRSC models, feature 1.125in and 1.375in bores to compensate for leading and trailing edge brake pad wear. They can be used on the front as a direct fit, or at the rear with the appropriate Performance Machine caliper bracket. Finish options are chrome, 'Black Ops' or Contrast Cut. 


The Leatherworks

Indian retro style saddlebags

WHEN it comes to top quality, genuinely hand-crafted motorcycle luggage, it doesn't come much better than the products offered by Aimee Thacher and the team at her Stockton, California workshops. 

The Leatherworks are offering leather saddlebags for 2014 and up Indian Motorcycle models, made in the exact same leather used by Indian themselves.
Shown here is Leatherworks’ 119 extra large retro classic with flap lid. Said to be ideal for larger motorcycles, they are customizable and can be made zipper detachable with the yoke under the seat or easy install bolt-on with easy brackets or direct bolt-on kits. They can also be made as a zipper detachable throw-over set.
Matching seats, tool bags and accessories are also available along with a range of "Easy Bracket" bolt-on saddlebag support systems that allow quick release of saddlebags on Indian Scouts and Spirits.
The kits include left and right side brackets, with four stainless steel docking points to mount to the motorcycle fender rail and all necessary hardware to mount the brackets to the saddlebags with only basic tools. 



H-D cylinder studs

KIBBLEWHITE Precision Machining uses 180,000psi yield strength, fine grain, heat treated, premium grade 8740 material in the manufacture of its high performance cylinder studs. 

They feature threads that are rolled after heat treating to insure maximum compressive stresses are retained for strength, and the longest fatigue life possible. In addition, the case end threads are designed to have a slight interference fit to maintain good thread contact at high temperature and the studs are centerless ground to insure concentricity.
Finished with a black oxide treatment, Kibblewhite is making its cylinder studs to fit Sportster 883cc and 1200cc, Ironhead XL 1100cc, Evolution, and Twin Cam applications.


Le Pera

Daytona Sport Daddy Long Legs

BOB Le Pera Jr., the son of company founder Bob Le Pera, has designed a new version of the Daytona seat. This latest seating option from the business, which was founded in 1972, is the Daytona Sport Daddy Long Legs and is being made available for all Dyna models ‘06-onward. The newest incarnation of the successful Daytona line, the Sport Daddy Long Legs has a café racer style that is designed for the tall riders or riders that need more leg room.


Tuesday 15 September 2015

American International Motorcycle Expo

Motorcycle Industry Association in United States buys Orlando, Florida based American International Motorcycle Expo

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) in the United States has announced that it has acquired the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo - Orlando, Florida, October 15th - 18th) from founder Marketplace Events (MPE).

Larry Little, former President of MPE's Motorcycle Group and a prior Chairman of the MIC Board of Directors, said that: "Your industry’s trade association and the industry’s most important trade show have joined forces to help advance our business environment and allow the motorcycle industry to sustainably expand the riding community across generations."

As a part of MIC, AIMExpo becomes an extension of the MIC’s "mission of preserving, protecting and promoting the motorcycle and powersports industry that we are a part of.  We’ll be developing incentives for MIC member companies for the 2016 show, which will be announced in early 2016.
"For AIMExpo dealer attendees, we’ll have a greater opportunity to showcase the value of dealer membership including MIC’s continual presence on Capitol Hill where the mission to protect our industry is ongoing.
"To answer the questions that will arise about the immediate impact of this move on this year’s show, the simple answer is - there will be no impact.  It is business as usual, with the same AIMExpo team producing the same show with the same high level of customer service that we've already become known for."
The show now becomes part of a new department titled ‘MIC Events’.  The physical move to MIC offices in Irvine, California, will occur following this year’s show. All AIMExpo personnel, including V-Twin Director Bob Kay, remain in-post. Next year’s show - AIMExpo 2016 - is still scheduled for October and will remain in Orlando.

Front Row, left to right - Tom Baugh, CEO Marketplace Events; Tim Buche, President and CEO, MIC; Mark White, CFO Marketplace Events
Back Row, left to right - Larry Little, VP and GM, MIC Events, Erik Pritchard, General Counsel MIC; Jen Dreis, MIC; Mike Webster, SVP MIC Events

The MIC is quoted as saying that "owning our industry’s biggest and most popular trade show fits perfectly within MIC’s mission. Trade shows intrinsically represent exhibitors (i.e., MIC Member Companies), facilitate communications among exhibitors, and help promote the goods and services offered by exhibitors to {dealers and] the public - all [of which are] normal day-to-day operations for the MIC.
"MIC was able to purchase the Expo without affecting membership dues. MIC’s ownership of a platform such as AIMExpo can help advance our business environment and allow the motorcycle industry to sustainably expand the riding community across generations.
"For some time, the MIC Board of Directors has discussed owning powersports events, but did not proactively pursue the idea. However, when Marketplace Events approached MIC about selling its Motorcycle Group, the Board took action. After extensive discussion and due diligence, the board was unanimous in its decision to move forward with the purchase.
"Larry Little, one of the founders of AIMExpo while a Director on the MIC Board, recused himself from all acquisition discussions and activities. As an MIC employee, Larry is ineligible to serve on the board and has resigned his board position. The open board position will be filled in the upcoming annual board election.
"AIMExpo entered the motorcycle event scene in 2013 and made an immediate impact. Its early success and high level of industry adoption has been unparalleled. The MIC is proud to be associated with AIMExpo, and your industry association stands better equipped than ever to preserve, protect and promote motorcycling."
This news brings closure to a sequence of events that has not always worked to the benefit of the motorcycle industry, one that actually goes back some 30 years. When Advanstar acquired what eventually became the 'Dealer Expo' that was staged at Cincinnati, then Indianapolis, then finally and for one year only at Chicago in December last year, it had been mooted that the MIC was itself eying launch of its own industry expo.
To head-off competition from the industry's trade association, Advanstar struck a sweatheart deal with the MIC that saw members score discounts, and a percentage of show income going into the trade association's coffers.
When the V-Twin industry was under pressure from impending increases in the regulatory obstacles that motorcycle modification faced ten years ago, especially where aftermarket performance components and engines were concerned, this was an arrangement that backfired on both the MIC and the v-twin industry.
Endeavouring to create a forum for the sector through its then new V-Twin Committee, the MIC fell foul of restrictions that its deal with Advanstar placed on it in terms of being able to stage meetings for the sector at the rival V-Twin Expo at Cincinnati.
Now, however, all is changed. In addition to having severed its ties with 'Dealer Expo', the MIC changed its membership profile three or four years ago to start offering a dealer-membership program.
With it now itself taking ownership of the premier 'mainstream' motorcycle industry trade expo in America, maybe the way will be clear in the future for the MIC to be able to build bridges with the v-twin industry and finally start developing the kind of sector-specific initiatives the custom market found itself so in need of a decade ago.
AIMExpo has already been taking a number of steps to deepen its v-twin industry significance.
Those steps have so far included features such as its "Made-in-America" exhibitor showcase, AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building affiliation for its new Championship of the Americas custom bike contest (the winner will represent the show at the AMD World Championship at INTERMOT in 2016), its new "Garage Party" consumer promotion and its ride-out from the nearby and contemporaneous "Biketoberfest" Rally.
At the time of writing no information was available about whether or not MIC's acquisition of AIMExpo will have a bearing on the show's previously announced intentions of developing a series of regional consumer/industry events around the United States in what had been widely interpreted as an attempt to establish a network of shows to rival Advanstar's Progressive Insurance sponsored multi-city International Motorcycle Show series.

Rick's Motorcycles

Rick’s Harley Days

LEADING German custom parts manufacturer and authorized Harley-Davidson dealer Rick's Motorcycles is holding its annual "Harley Days" open-house from October 2-4, 2015.

Owner Patrick Knoerzer is celebrating 21 years since he started his own business making custom wheels. In that time his product line reflected the changes in the industry, taking in fat rear ends, single-sided swingarms, frames, wheels and a custom bike build program that eventually got Harley-Davidson's attention with an invitation to become his region's authorized dealer.
RICK'S Day is to become Rick's Harley Days, as the 11th edition of the annual open day at the German dealership changes its name. 

As Rick’s Motorcycles celebrates its 21st anniversary with the now three-day event from October 2nd – 4th, 2015, the shop will be offering among other things demo rides on the new 2016 H-D models, a stunt show by Buell riding Erdös Csabas, fashion shows and tours of the company’s custom parts manufacturing facility.