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Wednesday 27 May 2015

Twin Club MC Custom Bike Show

Twin Club MC Custom Bike Show, 6 June 2015

THE 41st annual Custom Bike Show, held by Twin Club MC at Norrtelje on the Swedish coast, will be staged on Saturday June 6th this year (always the first Saturday of June, coinciding with Sweden's National Holiday weekend). The one-day/seven-hour show has seven classes and is a genuine 'ride-in'. It has a big reputation for some of the best

"authentic" real-world, well-ridden custom bikes and best examples of 'Swedish Style' choppers ever seen at any show, with visitors from all over Scandinavia and beyond – hence its status as the Scandinavian Championship of Custom Bike Building.
Veikko Sikiö's 2014 winning bike "WSA" was entirely hand-built including the engine

The show is now in its 11th year as an affiliate to the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. The three winning bikes chosen by a jury of industry professionals gain automatic entry into the World Championship at INTERMOT, Cologne, Germany, (October 2016) and a 2,000 Euro prize to be used against the expense of competing.
The Custom Bike Show is operated by the members of Twin Club MC on a volunteer basis, and gets generous support from aftermarket vendors such as Motorcycle Storehouse, Custom Chrome Europe, W&W Cycles and others who put up several thousands of Euro of parts and accessory prizes.
Last year’s event featured 240 bikes from across Scandinavia and Europe, and even featured an entry from Japan and two from Australia. The winning bike, “WSA” by Veikko Sikiö, went on to claim second place at the 2014 World Championship in Cologne, Germany.

Love Jugs

Love Jugs’ Cool-Master in black

LOVE Jugs’ Cool-Master, the H-D cooling system from Hammerhead Engineering, is now available in two new finishes; gloss black and matt black. The new finishes have been introduced in direct response to customer requests. 

The Cool-Masters utilize a unique patented dual fan cooling system that is claimed to deliver more cooling air that any other product on the market, and it uses new compact fan motors to deliver the cooling air. The heat treated black powder coating on this latest version is applied on top of highly polished stainless steel components. 

Delray Beach, Florida, USA
Tel: 561 499 0974

Free Spirits

Free Spirits’ headlight mask

FREE Spirits latest part for Harley-Davidsons is a competition style headlight mask for use on Sportsters. The mask includes solid supports, approved projector style lights, and a plexyglass alloy 'number plate' board. The whole package is supplied ready wired to connect to the factory loom. 

Free Spirits’ headlight mask will fit all H-D Sportsters with the exception of the 1200 Custom ‘11 onward and Forty-Eight models.

Carrè (VI), ITALY
Tel: +39 0445 390437

Belt Drives Ltd

Shovel specific belt drive

BELT Drives Limited has a new primary belt drive option specifically for use on Shovelhead applications. The BDL SHS-600 is a complete electric start drive kit for ‘70-‘78 machines with ratchet top transmissions only.

The conversion requires the use of a ‘89-‘06 style starter motor, which eliminates the old technology starter solenoid. Once in place the kit is said to remove the need for the solenoid battery cable, which means no more slow starter cranking or weak starter kick-backs.

Included in the kit is a billet rear plate that covers the trans drive while providing support for the clutch basket assembly. The rear plate/support is made up of the plate, BDL’s mini starter housing, pinion gear and starter ring gear guard. Front and rear pulleys are supplied as is BDL’s Kevlar clutch and a 2in, 140-tooth belt.

Anaheim, California, USA
Tel: 714 693 1313

Sinister Wheel

Sinister Wheel 2015 collection

SINISTER Wheel, a Northern California based company that will be celebrating its 20th anniversary of making CNC Machined Wheels, rotors, pulleys, air cleaners and a variety of Motorcycle parts next year, has released its wheel line-up for 2015. The new range is made up of the MC Supra, Runner, Labyrinth, and Chopper. 

MC Supra


All of Sinister’s wheels are machined in-house, and are available in 32in, 30in, 26in, 23in, 21in, 18in and 16in diameters with the option of any color combination and edge cut finish.
In addition to the wheels designs, Sinister offers matching rotors in 11.5in, 11.8in, 13in and 18in sizes and there are also proprietary floating caliper sets available. The product range is completed by a line of pulleys and air cleaners. 

Turlock, California, USA
Tel: 209 664 0207

Greg’s Custom Cycle Works

Wicked Bagger bars

GREG’S Custom Cycle Works has released a new handlebar design under its Deepsickness custom accessories line. The new Wicked Bagger bars are manufactured using either 1-1/2in stainless steel or DOM American steel tubing with .120 wall thickness, depending on the customer’s request. The stainless option is supplied mirror polished, while the steel version is offered in raw or black powder- coat. 

This version of the Wicked bars has been designed for use ’14 and onward Electra Glide and Street Glide models, and is based on the original Wicked bar, which makes them 16in tall and 42in wide. However, Greg’s is also offering this version in a 20in high option. Both sizes are offered pre-drilled for external wiring or ready for internal wiring, and are throttle-by-wire compatible.

Clearwater, Florida, USA
Tel: 727 461 4840

Ridewright Wheels

Ridewright for Victory

RIDEWRIGHT has expanded its range of custom wheel options to now include fitments for both Victory and Indian motorcycles including the new Scout model. The entire range of Ridewright traditional cross laced and Fat Daddy spoked wheels and billet designs chrome and contrast are available in the new configurations. 

Anaheim, California, USA
Tel: 714 632 8297


Crusher Maverick 2-into-2 systems

KÜRYAKYN has released a new acoustically tuned performance 2-into-2 exhaust system through its Crusher performance division. The Crusher Maverick system is being made available to fit Dyna, Softail and Sportster applications.

The company states that the new exhaust system provides increases in both horsepower and torque, along with a unique, throaty exhaust note at wide-open throttle with lower decibel levels at cruising speeds. A high-flow louvered core baffle is used in the muffler section, and optional sound reduction inserts are available for quieter running.
The tips of the exhausts are finished with machined billet aluminum tips that sit behind embossed brushed stainless steel bands that carry the Crusher name. 

Available in chrome or black ceramic finishes, the Crusher Maverick 2-into-2 systems are available for ‘06-‘15 Dyna (except ‘12-‘15 FLD and ‘14-‘15 FXDL), ‘86-‘15 Softail (except FXCW/C, FXSB and FXSBSE), and ‘04-‘15 Sportster XL models.

Somerset, Wisconsin, USA
Tel: 715 247 5008

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Championship of the Americas

Championship of the Americas


I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to join us for The AIMExpo Championship of the Americas, a showcase of design, engineering and creativity by custom bike builders from as far north as Greenland and all the way south to the tip of South America. For the first time in motorcycling history there will be a world class bike show focused on the builders from all of the Americas. We have had World Champions from both Canada and the United States of America and in the past few years we have seen world class entries from Mexico, Columbia and Argentina. Custom bike builders from all over the Americas will meet in Orlando Florida from October 15th through the 18th, 2015 to compete for an entry and expenses to represent the Americas in  the 2016 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building held in Cologne Germany during the INTERMOT International Motorcycle Fair (October 5th through the 9th, 2016).

The show will feature four classes based on different platform combinations of engine and chassis configurations. The competition will be open to all brands of motorcycles making it a truly International competition. The first and foremost platform, which builders will be vying for the opportunity to move on to the World Championship, will of course be Free Style which pose absolutely no restrictions on the builder. The next platform will be the Retro Custom which restricts the builder to pre-1984 drive trains. One of the most popular platforms, Street Custom, limits the builders’ to major OEM drivetrain and chassis configurations. The final platform, Performance Custom, does not have to be street legal and allows all out competition motorcycles to compete.

For those of you that will be competing in the Free Style class at the Harley Museum Pro Invitational Show during  the Milwaukee Labor Day Rally, we have an additional surprise, the Harley Museum will be paying out $2,000 towards expenses to compete in the Championship of the Americas. We sincerely hope you will join us during AIMExpo 2015. Registration is now open, go to and click on any top button then go to AIMExpo Championship of the Americas and follow along. 
As always if you need any help or have any questions feel free to call me, Bob Kay, 817-312-0380 or e-mail me at

Comment by Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley

Can the Bar & Shield withstand the sound of silence?

WITH the Harley-Davidson share price still stalled and a second consecutive quarter of reduced domestic unit sales recorded, now is the time to start worrying about whether Harley's own perceived explanations for their 'dip' are valid.
Now that international unit sales are also down, do Harley's two consecutive quarters of "negative growth" constitute a recession for Harley-Davidson just as it would for a country?
Regardless of how you try to dress it up, Harley-Davidson and incoming CEO Matt Levatich have "issues". While they keep pimping the dividend they can contain the contagion, but most fund and investment managers really don't care about long-term strategies, brand values or pretty shiny metal. They only care about their own next bonus.

Therefore, regardless of the 'good-game' that Levatich and Harley may be able to talk, devise and play, if they continue to leave themselves vulnerable to the unwelcome attention of activist investors and leveraged buy-out equity funds, as they currently are, then as sure as night follows day what can go wrong will go wrong.

Harley still needs a new FXR

Not that the 'small-guy' investor or the 'big-guy' fund manager would loose from some kind of hostile takeover bid in the short-term. Profit is profit after all, so if someone wants to start hoovering up Harley shares at a premium, predicated on the assumption that an equally aggressive defence would be mounted, who cares, everyone with shares wins, right? Wrong.

Sure, if you get out at the right time (anywhere at around plus/minus10 percent or better of peak price) and you've got to be happy - and no longer have a reason to care what happens next.
But if Matt Levatich and his cohort want to get a share of the action that Keith Wandell benefitted from, or that Scott Wine is benefitting from in the 'hot-seat' at Polaris, then someone somewhere in Milwaukee needs to be looking very closely at how they are going to combat those competitive pressures; that means re-visiting the offer, re-shining the metal.
Historically it has always been a case of hoping that Harley could be competitive elsewhere in the motorcycle or wider powersports industry, and add strength to its balance sheet from groups of riders it didn't yet speak to.

There will always be as many who deride a brand like Harley for seeking new revenue streams as there are those who will welcome it, especially in the United States. Diversification for a brand such as Harley-Davidson isn't without its controversies. The righteous fraternity of purists hate it, and like any band of optimists they view the realism of those who think Harley should spread the burden as cynics, as pessimists, as traitors to the cause.

However, whether it is through the 'minorities' that Harley has already successfully courted, or through noisy new platforms, or silent e-bike new technology, ownership of new brands, selling through new dealer networks, whatever, Harley needs to add to its core customer footprint, and quickly - their dealers need to see them do so, investors for sure will increasingly demand that they do so.

There has always been a schism between those who do and don't think Harley can diversify and still speak to traditional heritage-value customers. Some think that the legacy brand will simply evaporate if stretched in new directions, and others think that that is not necessarily inevitable if handled right, nor even necessarily a bad thing.

Brand values can morph - it just needs to be done sensitively. The values currently ascribed to the Harley brand have suited recent and current generations, but it cannot be assumed that they would therefore automatically suit future generations, and they certainly aren't the same values as those that built the brand in the first place anyway.

A few weeks ago I said that Harley needs a new FXR or some other new initiative to give dealers the wherewithal with which to keep store traffic high and see off the new threat that Indian (especially) and other brands represent.

Well, here's another opportunity - recapturing original brand values that were built around racing and performance. Sure, some Harley-esque engines are still raced, and in the hands of the aftermarket they can be made to perform better than the compliance driven stock offer, but neither speed nor handling are the first motorcycle virtues that trip off the lips when non-loyalists are quizzed about Harley brand values. Yet they were in the 1920s and 1930s; or at least they made the list and were generally close to the top.

Whether it is one specific platform or a whole slew of different initiatives the fact is that Harley's dealers need regular injections of Rushmore-scale excitement to keep the doors swinging.

The biggest upside of recent platform tunings (do they really count as "initiatives" as such?) has been another flirt with liquid-cooling. That has been a "good thing", not because air-cooled v-twins can't survive in our brave new clean world, but simply because they are not every rider's preference.

The challenge facing Harley is to devise brand reach that exploits other riding styles, challenges and opportunities while preserving core values.

Zipper’s Performance Products

Zipper’s Muscle 107” kit

ZIPPER’S newest big bore kit is its Muscle 107” kit, which has been designed for Twin Cam engines from ’07 onward.

The company states that it has put together a package of parts offering optimized compression, porting, camshaft design and inlet flow, which has been tested by dyno and real world riding. This statement is backed by claims of a peak power of 120hp and over 100 ft/lbs of torque from below 3,000rpm to above 6,000rpm.

Each Muscle 107 kit includes CNC ported cylinder heads, forged 3.937in bore domed pistons, Red Shift cams and dual piston cam chain tensioners, Axtell oil bypass valve, Pro-Taper pushrods, gaskets, high flow injectors and MaxFlow air cleaner assembly with a pre-programmed ThunderMax EFI controller. 

Throttle-by-wire models require the separate purchase of a H-D Screamin’ Eagle 58mm throttle body.

Elkridge, Maryland, USA
Tel: 410 579 2828

Legend Suspensions

Aero and Revo shocks

LEGEND Suspensions has expanded its Aero suspension line with the introduction of the Aero-ST, a shock designed for use on ’89 and later Softail models.
The Aero-ST shocks feature exclusive Aramid Fiber air spring technology that is said to provide spring rate adjustability and maximum ride quality.  

Alongside the new Revo option, Legend has also introduced new Revo coil shock options. The Revo and Revo-As ranges include standard or heavy duty applications for Harley-Davidson FXR, Sportster and Dyna models. The Revo models are offered in 14in, 13in and 12in lengths, and have unique spring rates to soften pre-load, reduce ride height and maintain a smooth ride.
Legend states that its Revo-A shocks offer the same benefits as the Regular Revo, with the addition of six external knob adjustments that allow fine-tuning of the rebound. 
All Legend Aero and Revo models are backed by a lifetime warranty and manufactured and engineered in the USA.

Sturgis, South Dakota, USA
Tel:  605 720 4202


Klock Werks

Klock Werks fairing vent screens

HARLEY-Davidson’s 2015 Road Glide is the latest model to benefit from the screen options offered by Klock Werks. The South Dakota company’s latest part accents the splitstream vent system on the Road Glide’s fairing. Available in a honeycomb pattern, the Klock Werks fairing vent screens can help to catch or stop larger bugs and other road debris from entering through the fairing vent.

“As soon as new model bikes are released, we do our best to get our hands on them and get to work. At Klock Werks we are mostly known for our patented Flare windshields, but we love designing cool little parts like the new Road Glide vent screens too. The vent screens serve a purpose and add a custom touch,” says Laura Klock of Klock Werks.

Mitchell, South Dakota, USA
Tel: 605 996 3700


New seats from Saddlemen

SADDLEMEN is one of the first aftermarket seat companies to have options available for the H-D Street 500 and 750 with the introduction of the Street Two Up. It features a wide, supportive bucket for the driver, which is combined with a slim contoured rear seat, and the specially designed base allows the seat to drop down into the bike to create a low riding position.

Street Two Up

Internally, the Street Two Up uses Saddlemen’s Gel Core technology, which combines the attributes of its proprietary SaddleGel with its advanced Progressive Density Foam (Pd-F) to create superior comfort. In this seat, it is used to create a refined gel channel to relieve seating pressure on the perineal area, increasing blood flow for greater comfort.
Externally, the seat is covered with SaddleHyde upholstery that offers a combination of a leathery feel with weather-resistance.
Saddlemen’s range of Harley-Davidson seats also includes the Profiler line, available to fit XL and FX models.


The two-up Profiler seats are designed to offer the lowest riding position possible, and to achieve this they have seat pans that follow the shape of the bike by incorporating Saddlemen’s Integrated Design Philosophy (IDP), which takes styling cues from each motorcycle and incorporates them into the contours and patterns of each seat.
Internally, the Profiler seats feature a combination of progressive density foam and SaddleGel in the driver's position, which is claimed to ease tailbone pressure and improve circulation.
Options on the seat include a contrasting grain basket-weave and SaddleHyde cover, where the basket-weave seating area is said to allow for more breathability and extra traction when needed. There is also the choice of a leather covering with a tuck ‘n’ roll finish with no-show seams.

Road Sofa LS

The company’s seat offerings continue with the Road Sofa LS, which is available for Touring models. The newly refined unique split cushion design, which separates the lumbar support from the seating platform, which is claimed to reduce hot spots and tailbone pressure. In addition, the contours of the seat have been sculpted to provide the lowest ride possible.

Ventilated soft upholstery seating leather is used on the Road Sofa LS to cover Saddlemen’s proprietary SaddleGel, which is used in conjunction with its advanced Progressive Density Foam (Pd-F). The thickness, shape and location of the SaddleGel is adjusted and combined with the Pd-F to produce a seat core best suited for each ride.
The Saddlemen Road Sofa LS accommodates the Harley-Davidson backrest option and a matching backrest / Tour-Pak pad cover is available to complete the custom look, and a further option is independent heating for driver and passenger.

Rancho Dominguez, California, USA
Tel: 310 638 1222

RC Components

RCX Power Max headers for ’10 – ’15 Touring models

RC Components’ new RCX Power Max headers have been designed specifically for use on ‘10-‘15 Harley-Davidson Touring models. These latest headers from the Bowling Green, Kentucky, business feature traditional styling of the company’s existing RCX True Dual headers with the addition of a tuned collector. The collector has a unique chambered design that is said to balance the exhaust between the cylinders, creating what the company describes as "an impressive amount" of low end torque and horsepower. 

In addition to improved performance, the Power Max headers feature smooth radius bends wrapped in a full coverage chrome or black heat shield. Customers have the option of two collector heat shield options, clean and smooth without visible screws, or a race inspired look with visible screws. 

The RC Components header system is supplied complete with all necessary mounting hardware and utilizes the factory mounting brackets. It is recommended that the headers are used with a set of RCX 4.0in slip-on mufflers and a RCX-Celerator fuel management system. 

Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA
Tel: 270 842 6000


Fishtails from Bassani

BASSANI has an extensive range of new exhaust options for Harley-Davidsons available, and among them is a Fishtail muffler for use on Bagger models.  Designed to mount to either stock or Bassani’s own header pipes, the Fishhtails are offered in 33in and 36in lengths and with or without baffles. The mufflers are offered for Baggers ’95-’15.


A second Fishtail option being offered by Bassani is for use on Softail models. Versions are currently available to fit '89 - '06 and '07 - '15 bikes, and both options are offered in two variants. There is a choice of 1-3/4in head pipes that step into a 1-7/8in muffler, or 1-3/4in head pipes that step into a 2-1/4in muffler. There is also the choice of with or without baffles and muffler lengths of 30in, 33in or 36in.

Anaheim, California, USA
Tel: 714 630 1821

Wiseco Piston

Wiseco 131ci pistons

WISECO has developed 131ci pistons, which will produce a 2,150cc displacement Twin Cam motor, in-house to create the maximum amount of power and torque, with claimed figures of over 116hp and 132ft lb.  

Wiseco uses dedicated forging to produce the strong and yet lightweight pistons, which are treated with ‘ArmorPlating’ coating to defend against detonation for more sustained power and a longer lasting build. The pistons also have ‘ArmorGlide’ skirt coating to minimize friction and maximize horsepower.  

The 131ci pistons, which are available with -8.6cc dome volume or -11.3cc dome volume, are compatible with Screamin’ Eagle 110+ and 120R cylinder heads, and the rings are compatible with either Nikasil plated or cast iron cylinders. 

Mentor, Ohio, USA
Tel: 440 951 6600

Wednesday 13 May 2015

S&S Cycle

New clutch options from S&S

S&S is providing clutch options for users of its own engines and where S&S or other tuning parts installs are leaving the stock Harley clutch in need of some help.

Variable pressure clutch

The S&S Cycle variable pressure clutch is said to provide up to 40 percent more additional pressure, for stronger clutch engagement, than the stock part. Designed to work like a lock-up clutch, the new S&S variable pressure clutch, for use on ’98-onward Big Twins with a six-stud clutch hub, increases the strength of engagement as the rpm increases.
It fits behind a stock derby cover and primary cover, but does not fit ‘13 and later CVO and Tri-Glide, ‘15 and later Ultra Limited Low and Electra Glide Classic Low models with new H-D Assist and Slipper clutch (three-stud clutch hub). Non-stock derby cover (including any special or ‘03 Anniversary cover) and three-hole derby covers may require a derby cover spacer.

Transmission mainshaft bearing race

The new transmission mainshaft bearing race by S&S is said to not ‘walk’ on the transmission mainshaft under high torque loads preventing damage to its seal, output gear and output gear bearing.
It features an extra step on the inside diameter that acts as a stop on the transmission mainshaft. When the race is pressed onto the shaft, the step will not allow the race to move inward toward the mainshaft seal. The S&S bearing race is can be used on ’06-’07 and 2010-onward Big Twins.

Heavy duty diaphragm spring

Completing the clutch upgrade options from S&S Cycle is a new heavy duty diaphragm spring for ’98-and up Big Twins. With 380lbs of pressure it is said to be 25 percent stronger than stock, offering the same pressure as a Screamin’ Eagle heavy duty clutch spring. The new diaphragm spring is compatible with both S&S and stock VP clutches.

Viola, Wisconsin, USA
Tel: 608 627 1497