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Wednesday 27 October 2021


Polaris - Q3 North American Retail Sales Down by -24% Driven by the Lack of Product Availability, Supply Chain Constraints

If the stock market is any real guide to market sentiment about a corporation's results, then Polaris has had a stinker!
Polaris Industries' third quarter results were greeted by an immediate 7% drop in its share price (PII), though there was some modest recovery in late trading.
While third quarter reported and adjusted sales increased slightly to $1,960m (up by $5m), and market shares for ORV and Snowmobiles improved over the year-ago quarter with 15 new vehicles introduced, the headline news was of a soft quarter with sales constrained by the now familiar refrain of supply chain issues impacting product availability and logistics and materials price increases hitting margins.

Reported and adjusted gross profit margin for the third quarter was 23.8% and 23.9%, down 359 and 362 basis points over the prior year respectively. The decrease was primarily due to increased input costs including logistics, labor and commodity prices, as well as supply chain constraints, partially offset by increased pricing and lower promotional costs.
In strategic terms, Polaris is moving to unload (by year end) the GEM electric vehicle business (Global Electric Motorcars) it acquired from Chrysler Group in 2011, and the Taylor-Dunn industrial vehicle manufacturer it added in 2016. Time will tell if this is a limited, tactical reversal of just two of the less promising of the Scott Wine era acquisitions or a broader unwind of prior ambitions.
Motorcycles segment sales, including PG&A, totaled $194m, up +16% compared to the third quarter of 2020, driven by increased sales of Slingshot, Indian Motorcycles and related PG&A. Gross segment profit for the third quarter of 2021 was $18m, or 9.2% of sales, compared to $16m, or 9.3% of sales, in the third quarter of 2020. The slight decrease in gross profit margin was driven by increased input costs from supply chain constraints partially offset by favorable product mix, increased pricing and lower promotions costs.
North American consumer retail sales for Indian Motorcycles decreased 12% during the third quarter of 2021 in a mid to heavyweight two-wheel motorcycle industry that was down mid-single digits percent. North American consumer retail sales for Polaris' motorcycles segment, including both Indian Motorcycle and Slingshot, decreased mid-teens percent during the third quarter of 2021.
North American consumer retail sales for the motorcycle industry, including both two-wheel and three-wheel, decreased mid-single digits percent during the third quarter of 2021. Indian and Slingshot market share losses were driven by a lack of product availability during the quarter, driven by supply chain challenges.
CEO Mike Speetzen was quoted as saying: "Retail sales were impacted by the substantial deterioration of the supply chain permeating the global economy, but continued interest and demand from existing riders and new customers advanced our market position, further illustrating Polaris' role as the global leader in powersports.
"Despite total company sales being flat for the quarter due to component shortages, we gained ORV share for the 4th straight quarter against the backdrop of a very difficult supply chain environment. We expect the supply chain will remain volatile into 2022."
Off-Road Vehicles ("ORV") and Snowmobiles segment sales, including PG&A, totaled $1,208m for the third quarter of 2021, down 6% compared to $1,289m for the third quarter of 2020; gross profit decreased 31% to $260m in the third quarter of 2021, compared to $378m in the third quarter of 2020.
ORV wholegood sales for the third quarter of 2021 decreased 6%. Polaris North American ORV retail sales decreased mid-twenties percent for the quarter, with side-by-side vehicles down mid-twenties percent and ATV vehicles down about 20%. The North American ORV industry was down high-twenties percent compared to the third quarter last year.
Snowmobile wholegood sales in the third quarter of 2021 were $28m compared to $70m in the third quarter last year. Snowmobile sales were impacted by the timing of shipments for the company's pre-season snowmobile orders year-over-year and supply chain disruptions.
Global Adjacent Markets segment sales, including PG&A, increased 37% to $147m in the 2021 third quarter compared to $107m in the 2020 third quarter, driven by increases in demand in North America and EMEA.
Aftermarket segment sales of $227m in the 2021 third quarter decreased 4% compared to $237m in the 2020 third quarter. Transamerican Auto Parts (TAP) sales of $182m in the third quarter of 2021 decreased 6% compared to $194m in the third quarter of 2020.
The company's other aftermarket brands' sales were up 4% compared to the third quarter of 2020. Gross profit decreased 6% to $60m, or 26.5% of sales in the third quarter of 2021, compared to $64m, or 26.9% of sales in the third quarter of 2020. 
Polaris CEO Mike Speetzen: "Retail sales were impacted by the substantial deterioration of the supply chain permeating the global economy, but continued interest and demand from existing riders and new customers advanced our market position."

Boats segment sales increased 18% to $184m in the 2021 third quarter compared to $155m in the 2020 third quarter, driven by sales growth in the Bennington and Godfrey brands.
Parts, Garments and Accessories ("PG&A") sales increased 8% for the 2021 third quarter, with all categories and business segments growing sales during the quarter.
International sales to customers outside of North America, including PG&A, totaled $246m for the third quarter of 2021, up 21% from the same period in 2020. All regions and categories realized strong sales increases year over year.
Overall gross profit decreased 13% to $466m for the third quarter of 2021 from $535m in the third quarter of 2020. Reported gross profit margin was 23.8% of sales for the third quarter of 2021, down 359 basis points compared to 27.3% of sales for the third quarter of 2020.
Operating expenses increased 3% for the third quarter of 2021 to $322m from $313m in the same period in 2020. Operating expenses increased slightly primarily due to an increase in research and development.
Polaris lowered its full year 2021 adjusted earnings and sales guidance given the supply chain constraints and now expects to earn approximately $9.00 per diluted share, with adjusted sales now expected to be up approximately 16% over the prior year.
Given the impact of supply chain constraints on production and shipments through the first nine months of the year, and the expectations that those disruptions will not subside by year end, the company is lowering its expected full year 2021 earnings guidance.


Harley "Delivers Solid Q3 Financial Results"

Commenting on its Q3 results, Harley chairman, CEO and president Jochen Zeitz is quoted as stating that "Harley-Davidson delivered a solid third quarter and we have seen many of our Hardwire strategic initiatives perform well.

"Our teams continue to work to mitigate the impact of the ongoing supply chain challenges that our sector faces, however, our performance underlines that we are on course to deliver our long-term Hardwire strategy."

Total HDI revenue grew 17% behind increased shipments and favorable motorcycle unit mix, with Motorcycles and Related Products segment operating margin at 8.4% (3.6 percentage points better than Q3 2020) driven by unit mix, pricing and reduced restructuring expense offsetting the cost increases across the supply chain and the impact of EU tariffs.
Harley's Q3 North America retail performance was up over last year, offset by declines across international markets.
Total net income growth of 36% was driven by growth across both the Motorcycles and the Financial Services segments.
In the quarter that saw the launch of the Sportster S, the all-new Sportster motorcycle built on the Revolution Max platform, revenue from the Motorcycles segment was up significantly during the third quarter of 2021 - primarily driven by a 12% increase in wholesale shipments, favorable motorcycle unit mix and pricing. 

Parts & Accessories third quarter revenue was down slightly, while General Merchandise was flat to Q3 2020 as both businesses faced strong prior year Q3 comparisons as dealers reopened after pandemic-related closures.


Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president and CEO - "Our teams continue to work to mitigate the impact of the ongoing supply chain challenges. Our performance underlines that we are on course to deliver our long-term Hardwire strategy."

Third quarter gross margin was down 3 percentage points to Q3 prior year as a margin benefit attributed from stronger volume, profitable mix and pricing was more than offset by the negative cost headwinds across the supply chain and higher EU tariffs (2.5 percentage point impact). Q3 operating margin finished up versus prior year as the company's comparison period included heavier Rewire restructuring charges.
Global retail motorcycle sales in the third quarter (down 6% to prior year) were impacted by the strategic decisions made as part of the Rewire strategy, including the exit of unprofitable product segments and markets, as well as macro supply chain challenges, including slower shipping times to the international markets. The Financial Services segment saw operating income growth of $15m over Q3 2020, driven by lower interest expense.
Harley-Davidson generated $926m of cash from operating activities year-to-date in 2021. Cash and cash equivalents were $2.1bn at the end of the third quarter, down $1.5bn to the end of Q3 2020 as the company has brought down cash balances. The company paid cash dividends of $0.15 per share in Q3 2021.
For the full-year 2021, the company says that its Motorcycles segment guidance remains unchanged relative to prior guidance. The company continues to expect Motorcycles segment revenue growth to be 30 to 35%. Cash allocation priorities remain to first fund growth through The Hardwire initiatives, then to pay dividends, and the company may also choose to execute discretionary share repurchases.

Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC)

MIC 'Ride With Us' Social Content Playbook for Dealers

The Irvine, California based Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) has added to is range of 'Ride With Us' new rider resources with a social media content package to allow dealers to leverage their social media channels to promote and engage with current and potential new customers.
"A core principle of 'Ride With Us' is connecting directly with riders and potential riders, and social media is a great tool to do just that," said Cinnamon Kernes, vice president of market expansion at the MIC. "It's also an easy way to welcome new riders to our world of two- and three-wheeling, and it can help them feel a sense of community, which will keep them riding."

This playbook is geared toward dealers who are managing social media on their own and/or need content ideas and tips to effectively manage social channels, especially on Instagram and Facebook. MIC members can find the playbook on the MIC website under the Resources tab, or by clicking here and logging in: Social Content Playbook (
"This playbook is another component of 'Ride With Us', the powersports industry's market expansion program. This multi-faceted initiative works to inspire people to try riding; helps them explore different types of vehicles and training and riding opportunities; engages them with dealers and other riders; and helps them integrate riding into their lives."
This summer, the MIC announced a new 45-minute experience for people who have never ridden a motorcycle before - the 'Ride With Us' Moto Intro. All the gear and bikes are provided, and Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoaches guide new riders through basic motorcycle controls, helping them experience their first ride in a closed, controlled environment.
The MIC brought the free 'Ride With Us' Moto Intro experience to five locations this summer, including Comoto's Get On! Moto Fest at the Texas Motor Speedway, several of the Progressive IMS Outdoors shows and to Overland Expo East and West.
The rider journey then continues online at with information and resources on the next steps and rider education and training, including where to find an MSF Basic RiderCourse.

Klock Werks

iOmounts Under New Ownership

Mitchell, South Dakota based Klock Werks has had such success selling the iOmounts universal magnetic mounting system that Brian Klock has bought the product line.

Available for smartphones, tablets and other devices, Brian is quoted as saying: "We have now acquired this company and are going to be pushing it harder than ever, because it works. It's universal, it’s sleek and it’s innovative. This product range is great for powersports, but the patented iOmounts system can be used on cars, trucks, boats, pretty much any vehicle, as well as in the home and office. We are so, so excited about this new business adventure."
The adapter snaps to a magnetic "core," which rotates in practically any direction. No clips, no cables, no hassle, just a simple magnet, infinite rotational adjustment and a sleek, modern design. "Crafted in solid steel, iOmounts is universally compatible with almost any device."

Custom Chrome Europe

Andrews M-8 Camshafts from CCE

Custom Chrome Europe is offering a choice of Andrews camshaft options for 107 and 114 cubic inch M-8 models that "unlock the great potential for power gains of the high efficiency four-valve heads.
"Keep in mind that cam timing specs for four-valve heads look very different from camshafts designed for two-valve applications. Engines with four-valve heads have much greater flow efficiency, so cam timing durations are a lot shorter."

Custom Chrome has five Andrews cam grinds in inventory, for 2018 - 2021 Softail and 2017 - 2021 Touring models.
For 107 and 114 ci engines with stock valve springs, 900600 is a bolt-in cam with more torque on 107" engines and a rapid torque rise from 1,000 to 5,800 rpm.
For 107 inchers with stock valve springs, the 900601 is an option that delivers more power from stock engines in the 1,000 to 5,800 rpm range with max. torque of 112 ft/lbs at 3,440 and peak power of 96 hp at 5,360 rpm.
The 900602 is a third option for stock valve springs (107 and 114") for big power - giving 127 ft/lbs and 109 hp from 1,200 to 5,500 rpm.
For 114 inchers and all-round riding with engines with high lift valve springs, the 900602 delivers more power between 1,600 and 5,700 rpm, while for more power between 1,600 and 5,500 rpm in modified engines larger than 114" with high lift cams, 900603 is the Andrews "go-to."
Finally, 919916 (107/114", stock valve springs) is the cam for 117, 124 and 143 engines with increased power and torque throughout the entire rpm range.


Corbin Saddles

Pan America 'Rally' Saddle and 'Brave' Seat for Indians

Corbin Saddles was one of the first out of the blocks with a new product release for Harley's Pan America - one of the first anywhere with any kind of product. Within weeks it has come up with another application for Harley's ADV - replacing the stock two-piece seat unit with a single piece base pan to provide a platform with a leaner, flatter profile. 

The 'Rally' saddle is specifically made for those who also use their Pan America off-pavement and want more ability for body movement and aggressive riding. Notice how the company has eliminated the step to allow the rider to easily position their body further back when they need to lighten the front end.
"We include a wide range of material, color and texture options for the saddle at no extra charge. It is seen here with Black Grabber seating, classic leather trim, matte black sides and black stitching. Grabber provides a rugged off-road look and grippy surface texture. This saddle is designed to work with the optional H-D saddlebags and trunk box - it mounts easily and integrates with the factory key lock."

Also seen here for the 2020 Indian Chief, Chief Bobber and Super Chief, the classically styled 'Brave' saddle "provides the Chief with a fast, sporty look while providing excellent rider comfort. The smooth profile of the saddle matches that of the bike, blending with the overall scheme of the machine and embellishing the Indian design.

"Our high-density Comfort Cell foam allows a sleek, low profile while providing a firm supportive ride that lasts. Ergonomic shaping in the seating provides good ground reach, excellent back support and better weight dispersion for more time in the saddle. This also helps to eliminate the centralized pressure felt from the stock seat. In the nose area, we sculpt the saddle narrow to allow for good ground reach. Passenger area is designed primarily for looks, but is padded and upholstered so it can take passengers for short trips."
Both saddles, the 'Rally' and the 'Brave', fit close to the tank, chassis and fender. This kind of fit is only possible thanks to Corbin's unique Fibertech base pan. "Our rigid base material not only fits perfectly to the bike but provides a firm foundation to support the carefully designed foam shape. Our ergonomic shaping gives a complementary custom look."


Le Pera

'TailWhip' for Sportsters

Californian custom seat designer Le Pera's 'TailWhip' is now available for 2004-2006 and 2010 and up Sportsters and is designed to "take the KickFlip one step further."

"Delivering comfort for the driver, with 6" of back support, a little extra comfort for the passenger, and a platform for more adventurous customers," the 'TailWhip' is available in Basket Weave Double Diamond and Pleated. The driver seating area is a generous 10.5" wide with 6.5" for the passenger.
Still handcrafting all its seats at its North Hollywood, California headquarters after more than 45 years as the market's design leader, all Le Pera seats feature a highly detailed powder-coated steel carpeted base plate, a specially poured high density "Marathon" molded foam foundation and double-stitched, handcrafted 'BikerTec' custom cover with bonded polyester thread for durability.


Motorcycle Storehouse

Motorcycle Storehouse Additions

Arlen Ness - Method 'No Flex' Fork Legs for '14-'20 Touring


Designed for 2014-2020 Touring models, these 'No Flex' fork legs are stronger and give improved stability when used to replace the stock Harley legs. These 'Method' style lower fork sliders are machined from billet aluminum and come complete with an integrated non-slip fork brace. They are compatible with OEM or components for OEM style forks and allow the installation of stock and Arlen Ness fat fenders for 18" wheels. They are available for use with OEM calipers or for custom radial mount calipers.

Sissy Bar Uprights
Motorcycle Storehouse recently upgraded its sissy bar line-up. They are now available in a square or custom round tubing design, in various heights and widths, with a custom 'pointed' or more 'regular' top. The necessary model-specific side plates are available in a 'rigid' or 'detachable' style with clearly arranged docking hardware and turn signal relocation kits. 


Universal docking point bushings are available to replace old and worn existing bushings. Additional sissy bars and components are available from MCS from suppliers such as Westland Customs, Kuryakyn, Burly and Cycle Visions.

TÜV Approved 48 Fat Spoke Radial Wheels


These competitively priced and ready to run wheels are built with a chrome-plated or black powder- coated steel rim and an aluminum hub. Laced with 48 chrome-plated 8 mm diameter steel spokes and nipples, they are pre-sealed and suitable for tubeless tires, with 1" ID roller bearings pre-installed. The brake rotor/pulley flanges come in the H-D style mount pattern with a 56 mm center. Rear wheels are available in 16" and 18" from 3.50 to 8.50" wide, and front wheels in 16, 18, 19, 21 and 23" and 2.15 or 3.50" wide. All wheels are TÜV approved.

Rear Wheel Isolator Rubber 


All 2008 Touring models received compensator isolator rubbers in the rear wheel, however there were issues with them, and for 2009 the isolator rubber became a redesigned one-piece design that is still used by Harley up to this day. It still remains a maintenance item and must be replaced when play is no longer within factory specifications. This stock replacement will restore and even improve new-condition vibration reduction on all 2009-2021 H-D Touring models.

Rough Crafts - Sportster Gas Tank
Fabricated in raw steel, this design is the famed original Sportster Iron Guerilla fuel tank that won Winston his first bike building accolade at the AMD World Championship. A slim design that resembles a classic Sportster tank - but one with so much more that proves Winston's internationally recognized originality and creativity. 

This tank will complement a bone stock Sportster, but will also shine as the centerpiece on a wild custom; compatible with all OEM and OEM style fuel pump components and screw-in gas caps. There are options available for '04-'06 carbureted models and '07-'21 fuel injected models, both have a nine litre (2.4 gallon) capacity.

Rough Crafts - Parts selection
Almost every day is different at Rough Crafts, with ideas and new creations fighting for machine time! Among the designs seen here are a 1.3" finned riser set for M-8 Softail FXBB Street Bob and FXBRS Breakout models. 


They are fully compatible with the digital gauge and will bring a finned Rough Crafts air cleaner cover look to Arlen Ness Big Sucker stage I air cleaners. The finned derby cover fits '99-'17 Dyna; '99-'18 Softail (excl. 2018 FLSB) and '99-'15 Touring and Trike models (excl. 2015 FLHTCUL, FLHTKL). The points cover is for all M-8 models and the fiberglass, long Ducktail rear fender kit, with a similar to stock curvature, and fits narrow frame M-8 Softails (not Fat Boy, Breakout or FXDR).

Wannabe Choppers - 'Wannasucker' Air Cleaners


These 'Wannasucker' air cleaners are hand-built in-house from hand-cast aluminum with an unpolished 'stone washed' finish. They are available in aluminum or brass in a 'CFLH' (Chopper-Faith-Love-Hope) or 'Wave' design for 1993-2006 Big Twins with CV carburetor or injection; 1991-2021 CV or fuel injected Sportsters; 1993-2021 Big Twins with S&S Super E/G and Super B/D carbs, and with a back plate for pre-1988 Keihin, Bendix and Tillotson butterfly carbs.


Vance & Hines

V&H Enters ADV Segment with Pan America Exhaust   

Santa Fe Springs, California based Vance & Hines has entered the ADV/Dual-Sport exhausts market for the first time with the launch of a new slip-on for Harley's Pan America.
One of the fastest growing sectors of the motorcycle market worldwide, V&H has supplemented the Pan America offering with exhausts for the BMW R 1250 GS and GS Adventure models and announced plans to open its own Off-Road Proving Grounds in the Mojave Desert (see separate report in the NewsDesk section of this edition of AMD).

Vance & Hines launched the Adventure Hi-Output 450 exhaust for the new Harley-Davidson Pan America motorcycle this week. This is Vance & Hines' first adventure motorcycle product, leading the company's entry into the off-road category.

The Vance & Hines Adventure Hi-Output 450 is said to deliver a performance increase of five foot-pounds of torque and over five horsepower compared to Harley's stock exhaust for the Pan America and reduce the overall weight of the Revolution Max-powered Harley by nearly six pounds.
The product is designed with V&H's distinctive look - a massive 4.5" stepped, high-output canister constructed of 304 grade stainless steel with a brushed finish and a ceramic-coated, CNC-machined billet aluminum end cap. The riveted badge showcases a new laser-engraved logo graphic, which will be used on all Vance & Hines ADV and off-road products.

The Vance & Hines Adventure Hi-Output 450 exhaust features a new badge designed specifically for the company's off-road products.

For rider comfort, the mid-pipe has been designed to improve riders' boot clearance while standing on the pegs. V&H says the new system delivers its "signature exhaust note" while meeting the SAE Standard J2825 sound levels and maintaining the bike's 50-state emissions compliance.
"This is an important launch for Vance & Hines," said company President Mike Kennedy. "In addition to being a great exhaust for an outstanding motorcycle, the new Adventure Hi-Output 450 product moves us into a whole new category. 

Vance & Hines President Mike Kennedy tests the new Adventure Hi-Output 450 exhaust on a Harley-Davidson Pan America motorcycle. The launch of the new exhaust signals Vance & Hines' entry into the off-road market.

"ADV bikes are a hot market, and we are bringing Vance & Hines performance, style and sound to the category. In the coming months we'll be delivering greater exhilaration to riders of all the most popular ADV bikes in the market.
"We are making a significant investment in the off-road segment. Our R&D capabilities are already expanding in preparation for our growth in this category."  
The new V&H exhaust is compatible with Harley's factory saddlebags for the Pan America. A US Forestry spark arrestor will be available as an add-on for riders traveling off road.


Lowbrow Customs

12-Gauge 'Rogue' Bolt-On Fender

Available from Brunswick, Ohio based Lowbrow Customs, the 'Rogue' fender is a simple bolt-on for stock Panhead and Shovel frames 1958 - 1984; no cutting or modification of the stock frame is needed.

The bolt-on 'Rogue' fender for Panhead and Shovel frames 1958 - 1984 - seen here on a Panhead built by The Gasbox (Cleveland, Ohio) that also features Lowbrow's WX gas tank.

Manufactured in super heavy-duty 12-gauge steel, with chrome-plated steel fender struts; hardware included.


Monday 18 October 2021


Lithium Batteries - Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Lithium (LiFePO4/LFP) batteries deliver great starting power and are a fraction of the weight of lead-acid batteries. Best of all, they do not need continuous battery maintenance like lead-acid batteries … but wait … that needs a little more explanation.
Martin Human, CTO/CEO of TecMate, says: "Once a lithium battery has been fully charged after delivery, and then stored in a shop or warehouse, it won't need recharging possibly for a year or more. However, when in the motorcycle, a lithium battery will discharge faster than the lead-acid battery it replaced - simply because it has less Amp-hour (Ah) capacity to support the parasitic draw of always-on circuitry. 

"Furthermore, if it is allowed to deep discharge, then that lithium battery also has a higher possibility of suffering permanent damage. The best solution? Maintain it like a lead-acid, or at minimum recharge, frequently.
"When to charge is the question, but one that is easily answered on the vehicle with the OptiMate O-127 smart battery lead that comes with a built-in battery monitor. The three state of charge LEDs will warn when it is time to recharge - a blinking red means 'now'!
"The SAE charge port accepts charge from any OptiMate battery charger appropriate for lithium batteries. It also has an overcharge warning light to alert the rider that the charging system may be delivering a voltage that's too high for lithium. Overcharging above 14.6V is the kryptonite of lithium batteries. 

"And for the rider out on their adventure, it's always better to charge than jumpstart, especially if that battery's voltage is so low that the ignition/dash lights barely turn on. Lithium batteries don't like high current when they are vulnerable, but it won't take long to get the smaller battery (typical true Ah rating ranges from 3 to 6Ah) up to start level as another advantage of lithium is that it can deliver almost its max cranking amps from as low as 10% charge.
"OptiMate DC to DC (TM500) is the perfect 2 amp 'jump charger' that draws power from another vehicle's 12V battery. It will wake up the BMS if necessary or deliver the right charge to that flat lithium battery. 

"For the service technician or technically minded rider an easy service option is the OptiMate TEST cranking power and alternator that checks the battery's performance on the vehicle. This easy-to-use hand tester records the lowest cranking voltage (ideally 8V or higher) when starting up, and then the charging voltage when the engine is running. The safe charging voltage range is 14V to 14.5V, higher than that spells real trouble for lithium LFP."
OptiMate has different smart charging options for lithium LFP batteries, from the easy-to-use OptiMate 1 DUO battery maintainer, to the more powerful OptiMate 2 DUO and the advanced OptiMate lithium range of chargers that are recommended by multiple motorcycle OEMs.
DUO means charge and maintenance of both 12V lead-acid (STD or AGM) or 12.8V LFP lithium batteries. The DUO program adjusts according to battery type, but all the rider has to do is connect it to the battery. The OptiMate 1 DUO is ideal for long-term storage maintenance, with the OptiMate 2 DUO the more powerful option, delivering 2A of charge current. 

There are also multi-station options available, the OptiMate 2 DUO x 2 and the OptiMate 2 DUO x 4, great for battery preparation in-store and for riders with multiple vehicles.
"When it comes to advanced care that includes saving a battery from 0.5V, or resetting the battery management system (BMS), and then performing a diagnostic health test on the battery to make sure it has been recovered safely, an OptiMate Lithium 4s battery charger is the best choice. The rider's charger is the OptiMate Lithium 4s 0.8A, with the 'pro' choice the OptiMate 4s 5A, or the ultimate choice is the OptiMate 4s 10A with TUNE mode - a stable battery support for diagnostic troubleshooting or service.
"We have the knowledge and the tools that will guarantee a lithium LFP battery will perform as expected, but more importantly, to not have that battery's life cut short prematurely due to poor or long-term storage or vehicle usage practices."


News Briefs


North American unit sales for H1 were 34,000 (+21.43% over 2020 and +6.25% over 2019). Unit sales of motorcycles in emerging markets exceeded 2020 in all regions, resulting in higher sales and profits. Higher sales of premium segment models helped improve the model mix with sales and profits surpassing its 2019 H1 results. Motorcycle and related business segment net sales were 595.9bn yen (an increase of 166.9bn yen or +38.9%).

Young people all over Germany can now get their class AM moped driving license at the age of 15 following a national driving license regulation by the Federal Government in Germany. Many states had already adopted the protocol (only Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen had been hold-outs). The better theoretical and practical training of young riders in this age group has proven to benefit road safety according to Dekra. For eastern German states, the nationwide regulation now means a return to the legal situation that existed before reunification.

In the USA, Wiseco is celebrating its 80th year manufacturing performance pistons by giving away a brand-new, off-road built YZ250 two-stroke in partnership with Road 2 Recovery. All entries to win the bike are available through donations and exclusive Wiseco 80th apparel purchases made at, with all proceeds directly benefitting the Road 2 Recovery foundation and its efforts helping injured riders - entries will close December 10th, 2021.

Royal Enfield (RE) has opened a CKD (Complete Knock Down kit) assembly plant in Colombia - the third-biggest motorcycle market in Latin America - in partnership with its local distributor, Colombiana de Comercio (Corbeta Group). The facility in Envigado, Antioquia, marks RE's second outside of India. RE set up retail operations in Colombia in July 2014, with a first store in Bogotá. It now has 15 exclusive stores in Colombia and 57 exclusive stores with 40 other retail touchpoints in Latin America overall. Initially the plant will assemble the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Suspension manufacturer Fox Factory Holding Corp. announced record Q2 sales of $328.2m and EPS of $1.05 after posting 79.2% increased sales to $328.2m. Gross margin was 33.9%, compared to 32.8% in the same period last fiscal year. Adjusted EBITDA was $69.7m, or 21.2% of sales, compared to $33.7m, or 18.4% of sales in the same period last fiscal year.

Former Harley CFO John Olin has joined Pittsburgh-based Wabtec as Executive VP and CFO.  Wabtec is an $8bn a year equipment, systems, digital solutions and value-added services provider for the global freight and transit rail industries and mining, marine and industrial markets.

In July, California became the most recent and largest state so far to adopt the AMA-supported Anti-Motorcyclist Profiling Resolution. The resolution urges law enforcement agencies to engage in efforts to end motorcyclist profiling and to promote increased public awareness on the issue of motorcyclist profiling. It urges law enforcement officials to include statements condemning motorcyclist profiling in written policies and training materials and to distribute those across law enforcement agencies. The states of Washington, Maryland, Louisiana and Idaho have also passed legislation specifically forbidding the profiling of motorcyclists.

Brembo reported H1 2021 revenues at € 1,360.8m, up 43.1% compared to 2020 and up 2.8% compared to the first six months of 2019. EBITDA was € 270.2m (margin: 19.9%), EBIT was € 165.8m (margin: 12.2%). Net investments in a quarter in which Brembo marked its 60th anniversary and announced the acquisition of Spanish brakes manufacturer J.Juan (having bought Danish brakes component manufacturer SBS in Q1) amounted to € 99.9m. Net financial debt of € 496.9m was down € 100.6m compared to the period to 30 June 2020.

Sources: AMD, IDN, FT, Reuters, PSB, MPN, BDN, MCN, AP, Bloomberg, MSNW, Electrek,,,, Cycle World,

Penz Custombikes

Penz Frame Options

Internationally respected Austrian custom bike builder Peter Penzenstadler of Penz Custombikes fame is a multi-award-winning bike builder and customizer who has been a design leader in the European custom scene for some 30 years.
He and his wife Anita have built one of Europe's best known custom frame and parts and accessory businesses, selling through several of Europe's distribution majors such as Motorcycle Storehouse, Custom Chrome Europe and W&W Cycles.

Flash-style - The frame that started it all in 2000 - Peter's Flash-style frame with the 'Marlin' swingarm "offered the perfect basis for high-quality custom bikes, and was awarded the 'Custom Part of the Year' and 'Best-in-Show-Winners' worldwide. The frame was a synonym for exclusive design, outstanding quality and timeless elegance." However, times change, styles change and the Flash-style is no longer in series production as Penz focusses instead on more specialized, individual production for custom bike builders such as Bobber Garage in Lichtenstein.

Penz Custombikes has a wide range, including triple trees, pulleys, a lowering kit, complete front ends and Dyna Glide shock absorbers and raw steel custom oil tanks for Softail or rigid frames (with or without battery box and/or electrical compartment for OEM or aftermarket frames), uniquely manufactured custom fuel tanks and tank extensions (handcrafted in raw steel in any size or shape for carburetor and injection models) as well as custom fenders and big wheel kits.
The company is able to manufacture any configuration of custom frame to order, meeting the required ergonomics and requirements of each rider individually - whether chopper, bobber, old school, drag style, Pro Street or pure show bikes - "we manufacture frames and chassis systems made to measure."

Rigid 'PURE' - "This frame forms the perfect basis for all high-quality choppers, bobbers and old or new school rigid bodies and rigid frame variations. We manufacture individual rigid frames according to customer requirements, and seen here is just a small selection of the most popular configurations. This frame delivers that much sought after balanced stability and does not need a central frame support tube (but can be manufactured on request)."

Down the years though it has also developed a selection of standard designs that meet most needs - Drag-style and award-winning Flash-style Softails, plus rigids (without the support tube if preferred) - these are its most popular, most requested configurations and each can be customized to meet specific requests. 

Softail-style - "Every motorcycle draws its personality and character from the lines of the frame. Our Softail PURE frame has a classic, versatile design. The frame has a balanced stability and does not need a central frame support tube (but can be manufactured on request). Whether as a bobber, chopper or any kind of 'old and new school variation', we have seen the Softail Pure develop down the years into the perfect start-point for classy customs that can eat the miles as well as win shows."

Drag-style - "An elaborately crafted, sophisticated chassis in drag style optics with single-sided swingarm in various versions. Available as a frame kit Drag-style frame with single-sided swingarm or as a complete chassis kit with split fuel tank, including tank cap, spoiler with included oil tank, electronics box with paneling and rear fender with integrated seat recess."

Penz uses TIG and MAG hand-weld ST52 precision tubes with a main frame tube/backbone diameter of 45 to 50 mm; the diameters of the frame beams/downtubes are 30 to 38 mm (45 mm for single downtubes).
Steering head inclinations (rake) are from 28 degrees to 50 degrees, frame heights are from 4" to 9", and lengths (backbone stretch) can be from stock to +6" over for left or right-hand drive (gearbox) Knuckleheads, Panheads, 4 or 5-speed box Shovelheads, Evo, Twin Cam A or B with their various transmission configurations, Sportsters and Buells, and even the Feuling W3 and selected BMW models.
Rear wheel dimensions catered for run from 3" to 12.5" rim widths (130 mm to 330 mm tires) and up to 23" rim height with a choice of rear axles (3/4"/19 mm; 25 mm; 1"/25.4 mm). Its most common frames and swingarms are TÜV-tested.



RX3 TFT Multifunction Meter

The KOSO RX3 multifunction meter is "compact, lightweight, easy to use and ideally suited for use on motorcycles, trikes or scooters".

Functions include speedometer, rev counter, odometer, gear indicator, target distance or target speed and many more, all integrated in the multifunction meter.

The RX3 features a brightly colored 3.5" TFT LCD display in a modern design and with a brand new user-friendly interface. The background can be personalized by choosing from five different colors, and the brightness setting guarantees the readability of the display - day and night.



Landport Battery Options

New European regulations on sulphuric acid that were effective from February 1st (EU 2019/1148) prohibit the sale of sulphuric acid to end users - posing challenges for dealers selling conventional lead-acid vehicle batteries. 

Commenting on the impacts that the new regulations are having, Dutch battery specialist Landport says that "on the one hand, we see customers increasingly switching to closed SLA or GEL batteries. The advantage of these is that they are factory-activated (filled and charged). The batteries are immediately ready for use and the dealer no longer has any additional battery acid handling overhead.

"On the other hand, we see retailers keeping their range as it is. These customers find ways to fill up conventional and AGM batteries with acid on site. These customers service the end users and are still able to sell batteries with acid packs.
"Whichever option a dealer chooses, we here at Landport Batteries will continue to serve our customers as they are used to from us. We have a full range of powersports batteries, and due to our wide and deep inventory we can respond to everyone’s battery needs.

"Our powersports batteries range from the more conventional DRY and AGM batteries with acid packs to factory-activated SLA and GEL batteries, which are 100% maintenance-free, spill-proof, leak-proof and ready to use.
"We also offer HVT batteries for heavy V-twin motorcycles and ultra-light lithium batteries, which are ideal for racing purposes. We offer reliable starting power and maximum performance for motorcycles, scooters, all-terrain vehicles, jet skis and snowmobiles."


Design Engineering Inc (DEI)

Boom Mat Tape

Avon Lake, Ohio based sound and heat management specialist Design Engineering Inc (DEI) says that motorcycle dealers and customizers can "add a finishing touch to any noise-blocking or sound-damping project with versatile Boom Mat tape."

Described as offering the same qualities as its Boom Mat damping material, multipurpose Boom Mat tape helps reduce vehicle road noise, sound system vibrations, rattles, dashboard plastic-to-plastic chafing and more. Use it to cover seams, fix leaks and to secure and protect cables, wires and lines.
"Boom Mat tape is ideal for those hard-to-reach areas, as well as for covering wire and cable harnesses running on or along the sides of floorboards," says Mike Buca of DEI. Made from 2.5 mm thick butyl rubber with aluminum facing, Boom Mat tape is offered in 2" wide by 20 foot black rolls as well as 1.5" wide by 20 foot in silver.



KMLW Leather Bags

Italian gear and apparel brand Kappa has three new models of KMLW buffalo leather bags from its "Garage Attitude" family. 

KMLW (Kappamoto Leather Works) includes a pair of side bags, a fork bag and a leg bag, all in black. They all combine "a skilful combination of vintage aesthetics, minimal technical details that make them easy to use on a daily basis, made from buffalo leather with a matte treatment."
KMLW01 is a pair of 28-liter side bags, each big enough to hold a full-face helmet. It has a retro look and is practical, with the two bags joined together by an adjustable central band under the saddle. Closure is by two straps with an aluminum buckle, quick to open with two side buttons, and the size is 44 x 30 x 21.5 cm (L x W x H).
KMLW02 is designed as a tool carrier. This 3-liter capacity bag attaches to the motorbike fork with two leather straps fitted with a metal buckle. The closing flap is held in place by two further straps with aluminum buckles and its size is 23 x 14 x 8.5 cm.
KMLW03 is a leg bag for storing small items that need to be kept close at hand. With a capacity of 1 liter and dimensions of 13 x 20 x 4 cm, the bag is equipped with an adjustable waist and thigh strap and has an aluminum buckle closure.



German Made Pan America Parts and Accessories

German parts and accessory manufacturer MIZU (Hilzingen, near the Swiss border) has released information on a range of its products that can be used on the new Pan America ADV.
Products include jack-up and lowering kits, folding GP and the popular "classic" GP-1 brake and clutch levers, race and adjustable flex, custom and dirt driver and passenger footpegs.

Lowering kit made from galvanized steel - includes ABE (part certificate) and mounting instructions, is said to be an easy 30 minute install, and is covered by a two year warranty.

GP-1 brake lever - 7-way adjustable, made from high-strength, CNC machined, aluminium, offering the "best setting for every driving style and hand size".

MIZU also offers a range of Harley parts and accessories for Softails, Sportsters and selected touring models, under the RST brand name that owner Michael Zupritt acquired as an entry into the custom parts and accessories market in 2012, when Roland Stocker retired.

GP-1 clutch lever  
Custom aluminium anodzied footpeg are "maximally resilient and the rubber inserts provide an ideal grip as well as safety in every situation."



Brake Cleaner Removes Oil Residues

The Ognibene company (Italy) has been in the brake spare parts sector for years with its Trofeo brake pads. For 2021 it has added a specialty brake system maintenance product - a specific brakes cleaner.

"It’s an ideal, quick and practical product for the removal of oily, greasy residues of brake pad compounds - including the dust produced by the friction and the different types of road dirt that the brakes can be affected by and that can adhere to the oil and dirt that is produced in all weathers.
"It’s not only for the maintenance of the disc and the brake pads, but can also be used for the clutch, the gearbox, the bearings and for cleaning engine components - anywhere that removal of oily residues is needed. It leaves surfaces perfectly clean and dry."