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Monday 4 October 2021


'Bellavista' Sidecar for Indians

The 2022 Indian Chief only started arriving at dealerships in Europe a little while ago, but already Iwan-Bikes of Southern Germany, a long-standing European sidecar specialist, has shown what it says is a world premiere - the first sidecar rig designed specifically for the Chief.
Iwan-Bikes (also known as Indian Holledau) has been a motorcycle dealer and sidecar builder for 30 years, and owner Bernie Peintner says the custom version of the new rig - called 'Bellavista' - has been designed to honor 120 years of Indian Motorcycle.

Among the first dealers in Europe (if not the first) to take delivery of the Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse and using a newly developed four-point mounting kit, Bernie says they are now able to offer 'Bellavista' sidecars for all Indian models, with TÜV.


"The mounting kit means we will be able to build sidecars for all Indian models," says Bernie. "The airbrush motifs on the 120th anniversary edition of 'Bellavista' show various Indian motorcycles and achievements from the history of Indian. They were applied by hand for us by DelNilo of Munich []. Our reference resource were the many great Indian motorcycles in the Top Mountain Museum at the alpine pass on the Timmelsjoch."
The new mounting kit is just one of several upgrades to conventional sidecar kits - 'Bellavista' also has a disc brake, mini hidden LED lights (Highsider), folding seat and wire spoke wheel with central hub nut and a 175/55R15 car tire.

Options include heating for the seat, lockable trunk, windshield and luggage rack. 'Bellavista' is built on a newly designed, reinforced universal sidecar frame which can take spoke or billet car wheels or a motorcycle wheel.
"Our objectives have been safety and comfort for the rider and for the passenger. Strength in critical areas is essential, so the reinforcements on the frame and seamless round tubes, hand-welded by us here in Bavaria, are important features to ensure quality and durability."