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Monday 11 October 2021


Paughco to Distribute for Wannabe-Choppers in USA

In recent years noted, multi-award-winning German custom bike builder Enrico de Haas - of Wannabe-Choppers fame - has turned his hand to developing a signature parts program that draws on the Old School/Retro meets high-tech, high quality materials with authentic design values that have always informed his custom design ideas.
We here at AMD Magazine first met Ricky not long after he started his business after a long engineering apprenticeship and training qualification process in Germany. This was around 15 years ago as a competitor in an AMD European Championship. 

Since then, he has competed at several of the most important custom shows in Europe, including the AMD World Championship itself in 2013, 2014 and, most recently in 2018 - about which there is quite a story!
Let us just say that Ricky has proven himself to be as determined in his pursuit of excellence as he is unafraid to challenge conventions and orthodoxy and, instead, to embrace radical new directions.
In Europe, the Wannabe-Choppers program has been available for many years through Motorcycle Storehouse - a partnership that he describes as "really successful right across Europe" and as having given him a platform from which to build.


'Ricky' de Haas entered the 2018 AMD World Championship with what had proven to be a controversial innovation among the often rather conservative champions of orthodoxy in the German custom motorcycle market. It’s a nice Shovelhead, right? Nah! Wrong! This is 'ALSi9Mg' - Ricky's uniquely styled electric custom cruiser. At 'another show' elsewhere in Europe, it was a project that "divided opinion," but we here at AMD still think it was one of the most important customs of the past decade. Fortunately, enough of his fellow competitors agreed and he scored a Top Twenty finish - the highest ever finish for an electric motorcycle at the 'AMD' for a project that, once normal service is resumed, has motivated us to introduce a cross-class special accolade for the Custom Electric Motive Power category.

Ricky told AMD that he has been looking for a suitable, 'sympatico' distribution partner in the United States and that this year he has made what looks to us like a marriage of fellow travellers.
"From this summer we are launching in USA with well-known and respected industry benchmark Paughco. They are distributing Wannabe-Choppers parts in North America."
Here we present a selection of Ricky's established best sellers and most recent designs, but keep a close eye on news from his Wannabe-Choppers operation and from Motorcycle Storehouse in Europe and from Paughco in the United States (Carson City, Nevada), because Ricky is not a man to stand still!