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Monday 18 October 2021

Penz Custombikes

Penz Frame Options

Internationally respected Austrian custom bike builder Peter Penzenstadler of Penz Custombikes fame is a multi-award-winning bike builder and customizer who has been a design leader in the European custom scene for some 30 years.
He and his wife Anita have built one of Europe's best known custom frame and parts and accessory businesses, selling through several of Europe's distribution majors such as Motorcycle Storehouse, Custom Chrome Europe and W&W Cycles.

Flash-style - The frame that started it all in 2000 - Peter's Flash-style frame with the 'Marlin' swingarm "offered the perfect basis for high-quality custom bikes, and was awarded the 'Custom Part of the Year' and 'Best-in-Show-Winners' worldwide. The frame was a synonym for exclusive design, outstanding quality and timeless elegance." However, times change, styles change and the Flash-style is no longer in series production as Penz focusses instead on more specialized, individual production for custom bike builders such as Bobber Garage in Lichtenstein.

Penz Custombikes has a wide range, including triple trees, pulleys, a lowering kit, complete front ends and Dyna Glide shock absorbers and raw steel custom oil tanks for Softail or rigid frames (with or without battery box and/or electrical compartment for OEM or aftermarket frames), uniquely manufactured custom fuel tanks and tank extensions (handcrafted in raw steel in any size or shape for carburetor and injection models) as well as custom fenders and big wheel kits.
The company is able to manufacture any configuration of custom frame to order, meeting the required ergonomics and requirements of each rider individually - whether chopper, bobber, old school, drag style, Pro Street or pure show bikes - "we manufacture frames and chassis systems made to measure."

Rigid 'PURE' - "This frame forms the perfect basis for all high-quality choppers, bobbers and old or new school rigid bodies and rigid frame variations. We manufacture individual rigid frames according to customer requirements, and seen here is just a small selection of the most popular configurations. This frame delivers that much sought after balanced stability and does not need a central frame support tube (but can be manufactured on request)."

Down the years though it has also developed a selection of standard designs that meet most needs - Drag-style and award-winning Flash-style Softails, plus rigids (without the support tube if preferred) - these are its most popular, most requested configurations and each can be customized to meet specific requests. 

Softail-style - "Every motorcycle draws its personality and character from the lines of the frame. Our Softail PURE frame has a classic, versatile design. The frame has a balanced stability and does not need a central frame support tube (but can be manufactured on request). Whether as a bobber, chopper or any kind of 'old and new school variation', we have seen the Softail Pure develop down the years into the perfect start-point for classy customs that can eat the miles as well as win shows."

Drag-style - "An elaborately crafted, sophisticated chassis in drag style optics with single-sided swingarm in various versions. Available as a frame kit Drag-style frame with single-sided swingarm or as a complete chassis kit with split fuel tank, including tank cap, spoiler with included oil tank, electronics box with paneling and rear fender with integrated seat recess."

Penz uses TIG and MAG hand-weld ST52 precision tubes with a main frame tube/backbone diameter of 45 to 50 mm; the diameters of the frame beams/downtubes are 30 to 38 mm (45 mm for single downtubes).
Steering head inclinations (rake) are from 28 degrees to 50 degrees, frame heights are from 4" to 9", and lengths (backbone stretch) can be from stock to +6" over for left or right-hand drive (gearbox) Knuckleheads, Panheads, 4 or 5-speed box Shovelheads, Evo, Twin Cam A or B with their various transmission configurations, Sportsters and Buells, and even the Feuling W3 and selected BMW models.
Rear wheel dimensions catered for run from 3" to 12.5" rim widths (130 mm to 330 mm tires) and up to 23" rim height with a choice of rear axles (3/4"/19 mm; 25 mm; 1"/25.4 mm). Its most common frames and swingarms are TÜV-tested.