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Monday 18 October 2021

Design Engineering Inc (DEI)

Boom Mat Tape

Avon Lake, Ohio based sound and heat management specialist Design Engineering Inc (DEI) says that motorcycle dealers and customizers can "add a finishing touch to any noise-blocking or sound-damping project with versatile Boom Mat tape."

Described as offering the same qualities as its Boom Mat damping material, multipurpose Boom Mat tape helps reduce vehicle road noise, sound system vibrations, rattles, dashboard plastic-to-plastic chafing and more. Use it to cover seams, fix leaks and to secure and protect cables, wires and lines.
"Boom Mat tape is ideal for those hard-to-reach areas, as well as for covering wire and cable harnesses running on or along the sides of floorboards," says Mike Buca of DEI. Made from 2.5 mm thick butyl rubber with aluminum facing, Boom Mat tape is offered in 2" wide by 20 foot black rolls as well as 1.5" wide by 20 foot in silver.