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Monday 11 October 2021

Belt Drives Limited

GMA Handlebar Wiring Harness

GMA, a member of the Belt Drives Limited (BDL) family of companies, is now offering a complete handlebar wiring harness designed exclusively for the popular GMA hand controls.
Available with or without the company's custom replacement switch housings, kits include 48” long OEM color- coded wires that are pre-soldered to the micro barrel switch buttons. Wires are encased in a protective, glue-impregnated shrink tube at the buttons to ensure secure connections while pulling wires through your bars. 

GMA-HBWH harness without switch housings

Additional lengths of shrink tube are included along with pin connectors. Deutsch 6 pin connector housings and a small 'brain box' ensure positive flawless operation.  Each kit comes with an easy-to-follow simplified wiring schematic.