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Monday 11 October 2021

Custom Dynamics

LED Headlamps and Passing Lamps

Youngsville, North Carolina based Custom Dynamics' new LED headlamps and passing lamps "offer the best of both ProBEAM and TruBEAM product lines.
"The 7-inch LED headlamps and passing lamps feature a smooth white halo with advanced projection technology. The headlamp has projection style high and low beam with advanced optical D lenses for a smooth, bright white beam pattern and superior field of vision. 

"The headlamp automatically keeps low beam LEDs illuminated when high beam is activated, no additional harnesses are required. Our industry-leading technology is utilized for BCM compliance to prevent interference and codes, backed by the Custom Dynamics lifetime LED warranty." A halo-free 5.75" LED headlamp and 4.5" passing lamps with white halo are also available.


Also seen here, Custom Dynamics' ProBEAST dual tone motorcycle air horns are available in chrome or black as a direct replacement for the stock H-D "cow bell" horn.
"This compact dual tone air horn with an attention grabbing 104.9 db rating (at 2 meters) makes it even louder than our original MiniBeast. Built with a heavy-duty metal bracket and ABS cover for long lasting durability, the internals are 100% self-contained with included plug and play wire harness." The horns are BCM compliant and come with a 3-year warranty.