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Tuesday 27 September 2022

Tucker Powersports

McAllister to Restructure Tucker Powersports' Sales and Marketing Function with 'Powered Adventure' Focus

In mid-September, Tucker Powersports' President and CEO Marc McAllister told company employees that he was "planning to update the sales and marketing functions to create a more focused organization" and laid out the company's long-term strategy of becoming an "outfitter for powered outdoor adventure."
Stating that "now is a natural time to review the structure of our sales and marketing functions. We need to start with strategy, and I believe that we should move to being a more focused sales and marketing organization, operating under a strong leader."
Tucker's former VP of Sales Brad Turner left the company for a new position earlier this month, and with the senior marketing executive position also open, McAllister has targeted now to be the right time to make what he clearly believes will be a positive and developmental structural refocus.

Ex-Harley man Marc McAllister - President and CEO at Tucker Powersports

He also described to employees his vision for greater focus in terms of exactly what it is that Tucker Powersports sells.
"The common denominator and the differentiator that uniquely drives our offer is as an outfitter for powered outdoor adventure," he said.
"We ARE a company that is built on adventure. Powered adventure. Usually that power comes from internal combustion, sometimes it's from electricity, and sometimes it's human power. We have products that support the owners of motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, watercraft and snowmobiles, and it's our products that make our customers' adventures even better.
"But customer demands are evolving, and we need to evolve to meet those changing customer needs. To be successful, we are taking steps to ensure we have the right products and the right partners with us going forward.
"We will be parting ways with some brands that are familiar and taking on new brands that are focused on innovation and enhancing our customers' experience. We will work closely with our dealer partners, and, with them, we'll create a stronger online and brick-and-mortar presence, helping us meet customers where THEY are at."
• Tucker Powersports is to co-host its Dealer Appreciation Event with AIMExpo in 2023 for a second consecutive year, at Las Vegas from February 15-17, 2023.

Fred Warr

Fred Warr 1929-2022

AMD pays tribute to a legendary figure in the Harley-Davidson family, someone whose family created and still operated the oldest Harley-Davidson dealership outside the United States. This obituary was written about his father by John Warr …
Frederick Howard Warr (Fred) was born in Fulham, London, United Kingdom, on the 3rd of January 1929, the youngest of three children born to army Captain Frederick James Warr and his wife Margaret. Husband and wife ran a motorcycle dealership and general vehicle repair shop on London's Kings Road.
Fred left school aged 14. His first job was as a messenger boy at Harrod's - the international, famous London retailer. In 1947, he joined the Royal Air Force. By then he was also an avid motorcyclist and had already developed what would become a lifelong passion for Harley-Davidson. His father had been an official Harley dealer since the 1920s, and Fred had clearly inherited his enthusiasm for the American built V-Twins.

By the late 1940s, Fred was working with his father at their Kings Road, London store - repairing and selling ex-military WL750 Harleys, which at the time were being sold off at Government auctions.
Fred would buy in bulk and then 'civilianize' the bikes with colorful paint jobs to attract a buying public who were looking for anything other than wartime khaki. Due to post war trade restrictions new Harley-Davidsons were not available.
In 1949, Fred became a founding member of the Harley-Davidson Riders Club of Great Britain. As well as cultivating an active riding and social scene for members, the club also ran many Rallies and Gymkhanas. Several overseas trips took place too, and a popular excursion was to travel to the continent by air, with your motorcycle by air on a 'roll on, roll off' basis from Lydd in southern England to the then famous Le Touquet airport outside Paris on an ex-wartime transporter.
By the early 1950s, Fred had decided to specialize exclusively in the Harley brand. He knew that if the family business was to flourish, he would need to be able to sell both new and used Harleys.
In rationed post war Britain, government restrictions meant new motorcycle imports were not allowed. Nevertheless, Fred saved the boat fare and traveled to Milwaukee, where he met with the founder's son William H. Davidson.
The relationship between manufacturer and dealer was reaffirmed and after much lobbying of HM Government, and the US Senate, Fred was finally granted a restricted import license. In 1956, the first new civilian Harley-Davidsons into the UK since before the war arrived at the Warr's Kings Road dealership.
Fred married Margaret Ann Humphries 'Rita' in 1955 at the Church of our Lady, Lisson Grove, Marylebone, and their first child Patricia was born in 1957.
By 1960, Fred had become the official UK Concessionaire for all things Harley-Davidson. 1960s London was in full swing and his Harley dealership on the now fashionable Kings Road was the place to be.
The American brand has always attracted a diverse clientele, and any Saturday afternoon at Warr's would often see rockers, rock stars and wannabees chilling and talking bikes. Keen for some Americana in their productions, film makers would often hire Fred to populate their latest movie with Harleys. Fred stood in for many film riding roles, and in the cult classic 'Girl on a Motorcycle' numerous riding shots showing Mick Jagger's then girlfriend Marianne Faithfull racing along on her Harley are actually Fred in tight white leathers and a long blonde wig!
Fred was also a very accomplished rider and racer. He trialed and raced various Harleys throughout the 50s and 60s. In 1974, he won the prestigious RAC National Rally and later that decade twice took part in the infamous Circuit des Pyrenees in France. His chosen mount one year being a very non-race bike Police issue Harley Electra Glide, nicknamed by the astonished local French press 'Le Dinosaur'.
Fred rode the wheels off the bike, running out of brakes on the mad mountainous descents as the early disc brakes would overheat and fail to stop the beast. Nevertheless, using engine braking and his considerable riding skill, he brought the bike into a very credible top ten finish.
As well as being a promoter of all things Harley-Davidson, Fred was known for his mechanical expertise and astonishing knowledge of the inner workings of the cult V-Twin motors used by the brand. 

In the early 1970s, Fred worked alongside the Harley-Davidson factory race team on preparation of the winning Trans-Atlantic match race bikes for H-D factory rider Cal Rayborn, often referred to at the time as the world's greatest road racer. In 1976, Fred was also involved in machine preparation for the famous stunt jump by Harley riding Evel Knievel over 13 London buses at Wembley Stadium.
In 1986, not long after his wife Rita passed away, Fred semi-retired from the bike business. Fred's love of biking continued its hold, however, and he later went on to ride the length of Britain for charity on a vintage 1916 Harley, and later also took part in the Mille Miglia endurance rally through Italy on a wartime WL750, painted khaki.
By his mid-70s, Fred had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), but his determined attitude saw him travel to China for radical treatments, which he insisted had curtailed the spread of the disease and allowed him many more years than the usual cruelly short prognosis.
Though his leathers had long been hung up, he spent the latter years of his life rekindling his earlier passion for building, restoring and supplying parts for vintage Harleys and imparting much knowledge to their owners.
Fred is survived by daughters Patricia and Theresa and two sons John and Robert. Fred's youngest son William was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in 2003. Fred passed away peacefully at home on the 11th August, 2022.

News Briefs


Following its decision to open an R&D Center in Southern France and announce a range of Can-Am branded electric motorcycles, BRP has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Great Wall Motor Austria GmbH, an EV R&D Center based at Kottingbrunn, near Vienna in Austria. Previously owned and operated by Great Wall Motor based in Baoding, China, it specializes in e-drive systems and transmissions and currently employs over 50 "very qualified and experienced engineers, technicians and professionals."

Performance Brokerage Services has announced the sale of Pocono Mountain H-D in Tannersville, Pennsylvania, from Jim and Linda Schlier to former senior Harley executives Steve and Anne Deli's American Road Group. The Schliers bought the store, then located in Snydersville, Pa., in 2013. The dealership will retain the name Pocono Mountain H-D and remain at the state-of-the-art current location it moved to in 2020.

The name American Bantam is to make a powersports industry comeback. The Pennsylvania business was the designer and builder of the original U.S. Army Jeep in 1940. The new American Bantam Car Corp. will introduce what it is describing as a new class of vehicle - "Street-Legal Off Road" - designed for ATV/SxS buyers. CEO and founder Charlie Paglee describes American Bantam as "a heritage mobility brand bringing cutting edge plug-in hybrid-electric powertrain technology to propel the off-road industry into the 21st century."

Capital World Investors (CWI) has filed a 13G schedule with the SEC disclosing ownership of more than 5% of Polaris Industries Inc (PII). In fact, CWI has increased its ownership stake from 6.22% of the company to be currently holding 5,980,373 shares, representing 10.1% ownership of the company. This puts them ahead of the 9.72% owned by Vanguard Group, BlackRock Inc. (8.07%) and State Street Corp (6.95%) as the only investors with greater than a 5% stake. There are 899 funds or institutions reporting positions in PII - a decrease of 90 owners and 9.10% in the last three months. reports that Siemens Energy, Porsche and a line-up of international companies are implementing a pilot project in Chile that is expected to yield the world's first integrated commercial, industrial-scale plant for making synthetic climate-neutral fuels (e-fuels). In the pilot phase, around 130,000 liters of e-fuels will be produced as early as this year. In two further phases, capacity is then to be increased to about 55 million liters of e-fuels a year by 2024, and around 550 million liters by 2026. Porsche will be the primary customer for the green fuel and will use it in beacon projects. Those include using the e-fuel in vehicles for Porsche motorsports, at the Porsche Experience Centers and possibly also in serial production sports cars. The project takes advantage of the availability of wind energy in southern Chile and the fuel will allow vehicles with combustion engines, including motorcycles, to be operated almost climate-neutrally. Porsche has recently increased its stake in e-fuels group HIF Global, which is planning a potential A$1bn production plant in Australia to make e-fuels, modeled on the plant in southern Chile. Ducati is said to be eying e-fuels too - both Porsche and Ducati are subsidiaries of the Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG).

Triumph Motorcycle has announced the acquisition of British electric motorcycle manufacturer OSET Bikes - "a leader in the world of children’s electric off-road motorcycles." Founded in 2004 by Ian Smith, OSET has sold more than 40,000 bikes globally that feature its inhouse developed electric powertrains. Triumph says that the OSET deal "sits within our 2020 announced strategy of entering the off-road segment." OSET Bikes offers products that are suitable for any rider, starting from three years old and upwards.

H-D has appointed former 14-year PWC executive Tralisa Maraj as Chief Financial Officer at LiveWire - she will take over the financial heavy lifting from Harley CFO Gina Goetter, who had been double jobbing as an interim LiveWire CFO. Maraj formerly served as both CFO and Corporate Secretary for CGX Energy Inc. and as Corporate Controller at Remora Energy Management.

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Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited NVP Dealer Expo Part 3

Progressive Suspension: Founded in 1982 by Don Rickard and Jay Tullis, Progressive Suspension is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Progressive was always and still is respected for extensive R&D investments and innovative features such as the IAS (Inertia Active System) - a forerunner of the FST system that enabled shocks to automatically differentiate between low speed chassis movements and high speed wheel movement. Designed to enhance the overall ride of the M-8 Softail chassis, Product Manager Ryan Evans says that the company's new 429 Series shock "provides value combined with premium features. Utilizing a steel monotube construction with a high-pressure nitrogen charge and an Internal Floating Piston (IFP), this shock provides the user with more consistent damping characteristics and an overall improvement in ride quality;"

Legend Suspensions:
Founded in 1998 by Jesse Jurrens, the Sturgis based company will be celebrating its 25th anniversary next year. Recent new products have included the addition of an M-8 Softail mono coil shock to its award-winning Revo-A program - finished in black Type III hard coat anodize. Featuring seven external knob adjustment clicks - delivering fine-tuning of the rebound - needle valve technology allows dealers to tune the Revo-A to meet the customer's riding style and preferences. Available in standard and heavy-duty spring rate options, Deflective Disc-Valved damping self-adjusts to frequency and ensures controlled performance;

Kibblewhite: Recent innovations from the Pacifica, California valve chain specialist have included valvetrain systems for Indian Scout models. There is a choice of Beehive or Racing spring kits, manganese bronze 'Engine Builder' valve guides, Black Diamond stainless valves, shim-on-bottom tappets, DLC coated tappets and a choice either 5.5 mm stem x 0.435" OEM replacement Red Viton guide seals or 5.5 mm stem by 0.360" Red Viton "Racer's Choice" guide seals;


TecMate: CEO/CTO Martin Human told AMD that its extensive battery charger range is classified into six categories. The TecMate BRONZE standard are its easy-to-use chargers - general "connect and forget" charging and maintenance devices. The SILVER range are the SMARTER options that are still automatic, but can also save neglected 'dead-flat' batteries. The TecMate GOLD standard are its ADVANCED chargers with selectable modes - these are the chargers that automatically save, charge, test and maintain, with the charge rate automatically adjusted according to temperature and/or battery size. Then there is LITHIUM - EXPERT, specifically for LFP lithium (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) batteries - the type of lithium used in powersports batteries. OptiMate lithium chargers save, test, charge, but can maintain and also reset deep discharge protection within advanced lithium batteries. For those who need to charge when OFF-GRID, there are the TecMate ECO-SMART products, including SOLAR and DC to DC. This includes the OptiMate Solar DUO range, which works on both lead-acid and LFP lithium batteries. For powersports vehicle dealers, there is the TecMate PRO line. These professional chargers are robust, durable and made specifically for the demands of the dealership environment, with selectable features that are designed to save time. The new OptiMate PRO-1 DUO can save, charge and test both lead-acid and lithium LFP batteries and it has a power supply mode for diagnostic battery support;,

Performance Machine: Two years ago, PM was an early adopter where marketing parts and accessories for Performance Baggers was concerned with a line of race-driven products that include billet mid-controls, lightweight wheels and full floating brake rotors. With over 50 years experience as an industry-leading manufacturer of premium aftermarket motorcycle products, the next chapter in the PM story will see it taking award-winning design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to the off-road market - announcements expected soon;

Cobra Engineering: Camron Bussard told AMD that Cobra's new Gen2 "Neighbor Haters" are 4-inch and 4.5-inch slip-ons "that pack a punch where sound is concerned, but are still 50-state legal and officially declared as manufacturer replacement parts. Designed and manufactured at our Yorba Linda, California headquarters, they feature a chrome or black 4" body with choice of black or chrome inner tip combo. The 4-inch versions use 2.5-inch and 2.25-inch louvered cores for M-8 and Twin Cams respectively and they are also available as 4.5-inchers in choice of 'Upper Cut' or 'Round' styles - all still 50-state legal with the characteristically 'robust' and characterful Cobra sound quality;"

Rick's Motorsport Electrics:
Founded in the late 1970s, New Hampshire, USA based Rick's Motorsport Electrics is a global leader in the supply of high-quality motorcycle electrical system replacement parts, with two generations of the family currently operating the business. Manufactured with the latest techniques as a reliable quality and cost-effective alternative for the (often hard to source) OEM part, unless stated otherwise, all Rick's replacement parts are bolt-on and compatible with OEM components. Some are available as a custom upgrade over the OEM part. Parts include starter motor rebuild kits and brush sets, brush plate repair kits, starter solenoid switches, complete starter motors with long-life bearings, charging rotors, charging stators, complete alternator assemblies, regulator-rectifiers for stock or lithium batteries, and even complete stock or upgraded charging kits;

Zodiac International

Zodiac International Additions

Arlen Ness - 'Big Stopper' Brake Calipers
These CNC-machined billet aluminum 6-piston differential bore brake calipers feature "form and function engineered caliper bodies." The 3D sculptured design with cooling fins machined into the inner caliper halves helps facilitate cooling. 

Compatible with ABS and non-ABS applications, they are available in black and bright red; sold singly, they include DP sintered brake pads, bleeder screw, banjo bolt, sealing washers, mounting hardware and shim kit. They fit 2000 to present Touring, Softail, Sportster and 2000-2017 Dyna in conjunction with Arlen Ness 14" brake rotors.

P16 Powerplant Brake Pedal for FXR


A self-confessed worshipper at the altar of FXR, Yaniv Evan of 'P16' Powerplant fame in Los Angeles has come up with this cast aluminum replacement for the obsolete (OEM 42523-82) mid-control FXR rear brake pedal. Threaded to take any 5/16-24 UNF threaded shifter peg, they are available in black, polished or raw.

S&S Cycle - Biggest Ever Bolt-In Big Bore Kits for M-8
These 129 and 131 cubic inch (2,133 cc/2,147 cc) M-8 Big Bore kits have been some 18 months in the making and, finally, after extensive R&D and testing, S&S Cycle has released its much anticipated genuine bolt-in M-8 monsters onto an expectant world. As no machining of the crankcase is required, these American made 4.32" (109.73 mm) Big Bore cylinder and piston kits can be installed without removing the engine from the frame of 2017 and later Touring and 2018 and later Softail models.

The 129 ci kits are for use in 107 ci M-8s with the stock 4.375" stroke; the 131 ci kits are for 114 ci and 117 ci M-8s with the stock 4.500" stroke. The kits include forged pistons, piston rings, wrist pins, clips, cylinders, head and base gaskets and a cam cover badge.
Cylinder head bolts are available separately (eight are required). Zodiac also offers a choice of S&S re-useable head bolt kits which include eight 12-point black oxide coated head bolts or an 8-bolt Feuling/ARP re-useable head bolt kit.

Zodiac Starter Ring Gears
Starter ring gears often wear out in "hard to start" high performance engines and replacement ring gears are not available as a replacement part from "The Factory." "As a supplier of high-performance engines, we had these replacement starter ring gears manufactured especially for our dealers and their customers. They save having to replace the entire clutch basket and ring gear assembly when there is wear or damage such as a starter ring chipped tooth. 

"Made from the same top-grade materials that have made Zodiac brand performance parts our dealer favorites, we have offered ring gears for all Evolution Big Twins and 5-speed Twin Cams for many years, but have now added 6-speed Twin Cam and M-8 applications too."
Zodiac offers rivet-on and bolt-on style 66 and 102 tooth replacements for Big Twin models as appropriate. Retro-fit applications require the separate purchase of a retro-fit starter motor pinion gear.



The Power to Tune with Fixed Voltage Battery Support

Troubleshooting an electrical fault, uploading a new ignition map or setting up the electronic suspension, ride modes and personal rider settings all require power from the battery as the ignition key has to be in ON position - which means all the vehicle systems are powered up.
During service or repair, if the vehicle is 'plugged into' an electronic diagnostic tool, the battery must remain above a set voltage (typically 12.5V), otherwise a 'low battery error' will interrupt the tool's operation. 

TecMate has introduced fixed voltage battery support in its advanced battery chargers that delivers a stable 13.6V supply to the battery and the vehicle's electrical system - preventing drain from the connected diagnostic tool and/or the vehicle's electrical system whilst the rider or dealer troubleshoots, updates or customizes settings. 


OptiMate 6 Select and OptiMate 7 Select come with a power supply (PS) mode that can be selected at any time prior or during the charge process, whereas the OptiMate Lithium 4s6A and 4s10A come with a TUNE mode adapted for lithium batteries that need special care when discharged. TUNE mode for lithium is only selectable if the LFP (LiFePO4) battery under charge is at 75% or higher - namely the battery needs to have been safely recharged before battery support can commence.   

The OptiMate PRO-1 DUO, able to save, charge and test all Pb (lead-acid) or LFP (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) powersport batteries, has a smart Supply mode adapted for shop use, with safety features to protect the vehicle's battery and electronics.
Martin Human, CEO of TecMate, told AMD: "In our fast evolving industry, one that now includes full electric vehicles (yet still with a 12V auxiliary battery to power all low voltage systems), a problem common to both is the inability of the 12V battery to deliver stable power during troubleshooting, updating or mode customizing.
"Our latest OptiMate battery chargers have the solution - you can literally go TUNE as long as you like and then switch back over to battery charge and maintain mode once you're done."


Performance Machine

PM Radial Hydraulic Clutch and Brake Master Cylinders

These race-developed radial hydraulic clutch and brake master cylinders feature built-in reservoirs "which deliver stunning performance and style for any bike. With fully adjustable levers, machined fluid reservoirs and clearance for stock switch housings, this versatile system will drastically improve both the look and feel of the controls." 

Cable clutch perch and lever are available. Brake light and starter interrupt safety switch housing assemblies, as well as CAN bus brake and starter interrupt safety switch linkage kits, provide compatibility with older stock wiring and newer CAN bus systems (sold separately). They are available in Black Ops and Gold Ops finishes.

A twist adjustment knob easily modifies lever reach distance; there is over 0.5" of lever adjustment and the lever is designed for a comfortable and smooth feel. CNC-machined from billet aluminum with 1" clamping diameter, they have 9/16" bore for single disc and 11/16" bore for dual disc applications. Mirror mounts, brake light and clutch safety switch kits sold separately.


Le Pera

Sportster 'Aviator' Solo

Internationally recognized 'boutique' motorcycle seats designer Le Pera's comfortable 'Aviator' solo seat for '04-'06 and '10-'22 Sportsters has a "tapered low profile with a heavily contoured bucket and styled seating area.

"A design that will not overpower your customer's Sporty, it is available in 'Smooth' and 'Upfront' with a 12.5" wide rider seating area."
Celebrating its 50th anniversary as the market's design leader this year, Le Para still handcrafts all its seats at its North Hollywood, California headquarters. All its seats feature an optimized rider seating area, a highly detailed powder-coated steel, carpeted base plate, specially poured high density 'Marathon' molded foam foundation and double-stitched, handcrafted 'BikerTec' custom cover with bonded polyester thread for durability.


Hawg Halters Inc. (HHI)

Hawg Halters 'Dominator' Bagger Mid-Control Conversion Kit

The new Hawg Halters (HHI) 'Dominator' mid-control conversion kit for Baggers is described as "compact and lightweight with bulletproof controls that deliver outstanding performance and additional ground clearance for aggressive riding."

Manufactured of 6061-T6 billet aluminum, it fits all 6-speed H-D Touring models and is available in Machine, Black and Inca Gold finishes.
The shifter side features an HHI ball bearing design with stainless steel shaft and multiple point alignment "for quick, reliable shifting. The brake side features an integrated brake master cylinder with a custom transmission side cover, providing a compact, efficient installation.
"This new patent-pending HHI design eliminates the stock or remote mount master cylinder and is a unique ground-up custom-designed solution. It works with both cable or hydraulic touring bike clutch applications and includes new aggressive HHI custom knurled pegs."


Bagger Nation

Swoop Rear Fenders for Tri-Glides and Freewheelers

Bagger Nation’s Swoop rear trike fenders will transform a stock, ordinary-looking Harley trike into a fat fendered hot rod. "Our direct bolt-on stretched rear fenders remind us of a mid-century custom street rod cruising the boulevard," says Bagger Nation's Phil Locke.
"With the H-D Trike platforms rapidly gaining in popularity, there are more trikes than ever out on the road, so our Swoop rear fenders will help put a classy stamp of individuality on your customer's trike.

"We offer fitment options for both the Harley-Davidson Tri-Glides as well as the newer Freewheeler.  These big swooping fenders look good with the stock wheel size, but are large enough to accept a 20" x 8" wheel without any problems.
"Big wheel Freewheeler fenders are 3-D molded from the highest quality materials and hand-laid by skilled Arizona craftsmen to assure a perfect fit and finish every time.  These direct bolt-on replacement fenders include all the needed install hardware." 

If you have the US sized 4" x 7" license plate frame, Bagger Nation says it can french it into your fender.  Just select the side you want it in and order it with choice of black or chrome plate frame. "We will build them in right from the factory. Each fender includes a limited lifetime warranty."


Tuesday 20 September 2022

Progressive American Flat Track

AFT Season to Conclude with Doubleheader Double-Dose

In mid-September, Progressive American Flat Track announced the expansion of the final two-race weekends of the season to conclude the 2022 campaign "in epic double-doubleheader fashion."
"The inaugural Drag Specialties Cedar Lake Short Track will feature a unique twist on the doubleheader format, fitting two full points-and-purse-paying Mission SuperTwins presented by S&S Cycle Main Events into a single evening on Saturday, September 24, at Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

Following the conclusion of Opening Ceremonies, Mission SuperTwins will kick off the Main Event program with Round 15 of the premier-class championship. Later that same evening, the Mission SuperTwins competitors will return to the track, joined by the participating Mission Production Twins Challenge entrants, to cap off the day’s activities with Round 16.
The Mission Volusia Half-Mile Finale presented by Daytona Dodge at Volusia Speedway Park in Barberville, Florida, will then conclude the 2022 season with a conventional two-day doubleheader, featuring Round 17 on Friday, October 14, and Round 18 on Saturday, October 15.
The weekend will also represent the final two-thirds of the Progressive Triple Crown, which will pay the Mission SuperTwins rider who collects the most combined points across the Progressive Laconia Short Track and twin finale a $25,000 prize.
The additions to the year-end slate further raise the stakes for what was already destined to be a thrilling conclusion to a historic season. With four Mission SuperTwins title fighters representing two different manufacturers separated by just 29 points - and 100 points still up for grabs - this year’s championship battle remains far too close to predict.

Brands That Shine

Gunnar Heinemeyer Gets to Shine

In order to meet the demand for its services, domestic US sales and marketing dealer representation agency Brands That Shine increased its employee force by 100 percent in August - hiring former Custom Chrome and WPS/HardDrive industry veteran Gunnar Heinemeyer.

Getting his start in dealerships in 1991, Heinemeyer went from Hondas to Harleys as a technician. Working mostly within the V-twin world, he moved on to sales and product management at Custom Chrome Europe and transferred to the CCI headquarters at Morgan Hill, California, as a Product Manager.
Ultimately moving on to the Department Director for HardDrive V-Twin Products, he has now partnered in ownership with Jessica Shine at Brands That Shine. 

Gunnar will bring with him his expertise in distributor/vendor relations, and don't be surprised to see him on the ground supporting ALL kinds of shops - not only Street/V-twin, but also ATV/UTV, Off-Road and even E-power.
In his spare time, Gunnar enjoys customizing motorcycles, any kind of races, fishing, time on the sailboat and working for world peace!

BS Battery

BS Battery - "The Power You Need" Now Available in USA

French battery specialist BS Battery has taken its relationship with LeMans Corporation to another level.
Having distributed through Parts Europe (Wasserliesch/Trier, Germany) for the past five years, the Paris based manufacturer has announced that it is now to be distributed by Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited in the United States. 

Founder and General Manager Benjamin Sebban told AMD: "We offer an exhaustive range of battery solutions with all the technologies available."

Present in both, OEM and aftermarket sales, founder and General Manager Benjamin Sebban told AMD: "We offer an exhaustive range of battery solutions with all the technologies available - lithium batteries, AGM sealed lead acid batteries, AGM maintenance-free batteries for all powersports applications - motorcycle, V-twin, SSV, ATV, UTV, snowmobile and watercraft."
The company has even designed a dedicated line for big engines such as Harley-Davidsons called "SLA MAX" with reinforced cases and grid framework to reduce vibrations and provide riding comfort, specific terminals to facilitate mounting without using spacer rings and an advanced construction design to increase the capacity and enhance starting power.

Focused on innovation, the manufacturer also offers lithium batteries with robust terminals, lighter weight (up to 70% lighter than lead acid batteries) and equipped with a voltage indicator to check the state of charge at any time.
"Thanks to our strong technical racing partnerships with leading racers and teams such as Fabio Quartararo (MotoGP World Champion), Yamaha GMT94 (World SuperBike), Kawasaki Bud Racing (MXGP), Sherco Racing (Enduro GP, Hard Trial) and others, BS Battery tests its products under extreme racing conditions to innovate more in lithium technology."

Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited NVP Dealer Expo Part 2


Mustang Seats: The Three Rivers, Massachusetts based seat manufacturer (founded in 1980 by Al Simmons) was finally sold by the Private Equity group that owned it as part of its MAG acquisition in 2014 and is now in the hands of LDR Growth Partners - a Veteran-founded and operated private investment firm "focused on acquiring and growing unique, cash flow generating businesses in the manufacturing, industrial products and transportation sectors. Mustang Seats presents a tremendous opportunity for us at LDR," said William Brame, partner at LDR;

Le Pera: Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the leading 'Boutique' seat manufacturer is still handcrafting all its seats in-house at its North Hollywood, California headquarters. Long regarded as the market's design 'Go To', all Le Pera seats feature a powder-coated steel base plate, a specially poured high density "Marathon" molded foam foundation and double-stitched, handcrafted cover with bonded polyester thread for durability;

Kodlin USA: Legendary German bike builder (and since 2021 Sturgis Museum Hall of Fame inductee) Fred Kodlin has always produced many of his own parts - for his own bikes and for a select dealer network in Europe and elsewhere. Now available through Kodlin USA (headed up by former Custom Chrome and Kuryakyn president Holger Mohr at Morgan Hill, California), recent new products include touring and universal custom license plates, 'Sleek' lights (LED/COB), lift and lowering kits (+/- 1") for the Sportster S and Pan America, black powder-coated Sportster S belt guard upgrades, the all new Trackboard Collection (floorboards, brake pedal pad, shifter peg and mini boards) for 1980-2022 Touring models and Elypse 2-into-1 LED turn signals for M-8 Softails. The latest news is of domestic US dealer representation and education by noted specialist V-twin parts and accessory Sales and Marketing agency Brands That Shine (Jessica Shine and Gunnar Heinemeyer);,

Lyndall Brakes: Recent new products include stock wheel replacement rotors - a bolt-on replacement for '14-'22 H-D Touring models with 'Prodigy' or 'Enforcer' wheels. Manufactured in high carbon stainless steel, they are an 11.8" spoke-mounted rotor with five bolt holes and 6.7" brake rotor pitch circle diameter (PCD). "They are a perfect match for our premium quality organic brake pads and will also fit H-D 'Aggressor' front wheels when used with 'Enforcer' style bolt hats;

Coastal Moto: Jason Spillers' latest product addition is his 'Marlin' 3D TPMS compatible (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) wheel design available in 21 x 3.5 and 18 x 5.5;

Motion Pro: Based near Sacramento, the California based cables, controls and tools specialist was founded in 1984 by 6-day ISDT Gold Medalist Chris Carter. A long-term Official Tools and Cables contingency partner of Progressive AFT, "from top tier racers to casual weekend riders, Motion Pro products are designed to help keep your customers riding and limit garage downtime." Always a prolific new product designer, recent product additions and news has included a Pro side case puller for H-D models, an M-8 Softail wheel alignment tool, 36 mm axle socket, lead-free wheel weights, steering stem bearing tool designs, premium cables for Indians, a belt tension gauge, heavy-duty pin spanner and Pro Fill air chuck, all available to dealers through online returns-optimizing Pro Stocking Planner;

Feuling: Three years on from the launch, the legendary Oceanside, California performance laboratory has expanded its popular vented dipstick design offer. In that time (among other claims to fame), it has quickly established itself as the oil tank venting option 'go-to', tackling the issue of cylinder blow-by, caused by spiked crankcase pressure - in both Twin Cam and Milwaukee-Eight models with a new design that fits early model Twin Cam Dynas ('99-'05), Twin Cam Baggers ('99-'06), and EVO Touring models ('93-'98);

Drag Seats: The Minnesota based manufacturer's latest generation of Predators - the Predator III replacements for worn-out stock seats on '84-'99 Softails - feature a 6.5" tall driver support with unique styling and automotive-grade vinyl covers. The molded polyurethane foam is said to provide maximum comfort with a narrow driver's cut for better leg clearance. Available in smooth or double-diamond stitch with black, silver or red thread. Additional colors and combinations available;

Galfer USA: The Spanish brake products manufacturer is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and its US subsidiary has been supporting the brand since the 1990s. In addition to new race-bred brake pads, major recent new product introductions include the Cubiq and revolutionary Floatech rotor designs. CUBIQ rotors feature a brake track design in hexagonal shapes to optimize pad contact to reduce wear, weight and dust. While the new Floatech concept was one of the new product highlights at EICMA in November 2021, Floatech is a high-tech system of improvements that looks closely at the interaction between the brake disc track and the carrier and answers several weaknesses that are built-in to most conventional floating disc designs - including improved thermal behavior, regulating the expansion of the brake rotor under friction and ensuring perfect self-alignment between the brake discs and pads at all times;,

Hawg Halters Inc.

M-8 Softail Rear Brake Caliper Kit

Hawg Halters Inc. (HHI) has introduced a new HHI rear brake caliper kit for 2018 and M-8 Softail models.

Featuring a classic 500 series HHI billet aluminum, four-piston differential bore caliper incorporating a one-piece billet mounting bracket, "this dual seal caliper with the latest hard coated 7075 aerospace alloy pistons delivers optimum performance."
Available in show chrome or anodized black, each kit comes complete with an ABS rear section braided brake line, Grade 8 mounting hardware and all the necessary banjo bolts and washers. Non-ABS applications will require a separately available complete replacement brake line.


Performance Machine

PM Apex Heated Grips

Performance Machine's Apex heated grips maintain comfort and precise control in harsh, cold riding conditions. These direct replacement grips feature an ergonomic design for comfort with Kraton rubber technology. 

Included with the set is a matching high-low-off heat switch controller that mounts seamlessly to the stock Harley controls. They fit 1" bars for dual cable throttle and electronic throttle models.
They have 6061 billet aluminum end caps and are available in chrome or Contrast Cut finishes.


Rick's Motorsport Electrics

Single-Phase Lithium Compatible H-D Regulator   

Manufactured in-house at its Hampstead, New Hampshire facility, this single-phase lithium compatible H-D rectifier/regulator is for early single-phase Harley customers that want to get rid of that large, heavy lead-acid battery and run a compact lithium-ion replacement.
Am important and so far missing piece of the lithium adoption jigsaw, it is designed as a universal piece in that it comes with 20 inches of wire to make it a versatile project wiring solution. 

Customers looking to upgrade this on a stock bike will simply need to solder the OE plug to the regulator harness. Installation instructions are included. This is the perfect part for custom bike builds that don't leave much room for the bulky old battery.
This Rick's part (# 14-511H) is a 50 amp unit made with cooling Mosfet technology and designed for single-phase systems with the correct voltage set point for lithium batteries. Part measurements are: center to center bolt holes min. 74 mm; max. 110 mm; body dimensions are: 110 mm x 80 mm x 33 mm thick.  Lead wires are 18" long. 

Founded in the late 1970s, Rick's started out as a small motorcycle salvage business and has grown to be an internationally recognized, highly reputed brand name in the motorsports world - offering a full parts line of motorsport charging and starting systems and electrical ignition components.
Like all of Rick's Motorsport Electrics rectifier regulators, this comes with a one-year replacement warranty.  It is available directly through Rick's and coming soon to its domestic U.S. and international distributors.


Tucker Powersport's Twin Power

Twin Power - New One-Piece Floating Rotor

Tucker Powersport's Twin Power brand has introduced a line of one-piece floating brake rotors "which offer a traditional look, while delivering the performance benefits of a floating rotor brake setup.
"The new Twin Power units are a perfect replacement for Harley-Davidson models equipped with original equipment floating rotors," said Twin Power Brand Manager James Simonelli.
"A floating rotor has the ability to conform to the brake pads, giving maximum rotor to pad contact. Floating motorcycle brake rotors lead to more consistent and predictable braking. The new Twin Power rotors use special mounting hardware which allows the rotors to 'float' for improved braking performance. 

"These Twin Power rotors are known to be some of the highest quality products available and give builders, dealers and riders the look of a traditional brake rotor, with the performance of a race-bred, precision manufactured hi-tech set-up.  The proprietary stainless steel friction surface is precision, double-disc ground and heat-treated, while the edges are laser-cut, rather than stamped.
"All machining is done to a tolerance of +/- .004" with high-tech CNC equipment. The new rotors are developed for Twin Power by engineers who specialize in braking products and are manufactured in Spain."
Installation is hassle-free using new heavy-duty "floater" hardware that is included in the kit. It's a direct bolt-on using stock or aftermarket calipers and will fit most 2014 and later Harley-Davidson models with five-bolt mounts.
"Builders know that Twin Power delivers the highest quality rotors you can get. These one-piece units match great performance with classic looks on 2014 and later FLT models with five-bolt mounts."

Vance & Hines

PCX Technology - "More Torque, Less Heat"

Santa Fe Springs, California based Vance & Hines has introduced a new torque boosting generation of Power Chamber Exhaust (PCX) versions of its most popular exhaust systems - with included catalyst to ensure EPA emissions compliance. 

Director of Product Planning Tom Trobaugh (left) and Vance & Hines President Mike Kennedy

The company says that its new PCX technology delivers higher performance and rider comfort while retaining the popular styles of its exhaust systems. Available in chrome or matte black, the extensive launch impacts 16 different part numbers and includes top selling styles such as Power Duals, Big Radius, Shortshots Staggered and Big Shots Staggered. 


Shortshots Staggered

Power Duals

Its exclusive Power Chamber Exhaust technology uses a high-flow double-matrix catalyst that improves torque delivery through the mid-range rpm for a more responsive acceleration. The catalyst positioning is deeper into the exhaust system, moving catalyst heat further away from the rider and improving rider comfort compared to a stock system.
Big Shots Staggered

Big Radius

"The new technology produces an even deeper full-throated rumble while retaining the sculpted styling of each of the exhaust systems," according to Vance & Hines President and CEO Mike Kennedy.
"This is a huge moment for our company. Our technology delivers exactly what riders have asked for - more torque and less heat."


Stock Header
PCX Power Duals

Stop Press - Stop Press - Stop Press No sooner had the news spread about the new Vance & Hines PCX technology than the company announced that it was already to expand the line by adding two new 2-into-1 exhaust systems with the return of its ultra-popular Pro Pipe and a debut for an all-new EPA compliant Bagger Race Replica System - inspired by the one used on the company’s King Of The Baggers racers.

Pro Pipe with PCX
"Pro Pipe is a classic design that has twenty years of evolution and improvement built into its return," says Vance & Hines Director of Product Planning Tom Trobaugh. "It has all the ingredients for making power: stepped headers, an oversized collector and long megaphone muffler. The new generation Pro Pipe now additionally features our innovative PCX technology, which integrates a chambered high-flow catalyst in the megaphone for a bigger boost in torque and a more robust big V-twin rumble.

"Plus, the placement of the catalyst deeper into the muffler moves heat away from the rider and improves rider comfort."
Available in chrome or matte black, the Pro Pipe 2-into1 system fits late-model Twin Cam Touring models (2010-2016), 2017 and up Touring and 2018 and up Softail M-8 models.

Bagger Race Replica 2-into-1
The Vance & Hines Hi-Output RR exhaust system comes directly out of the development work done for the riders in the King Of The Baggers class of the MotoAmerica Road Racing Championship.
Constructed of high-grade, 304 stainless steel, the hand TIG-welded RR headers step from 1.75" to 1.875" to 2.0" and feed into the same oversized collector used on the race exhaust system. The collector is even rotated to add extra ground clearance to enable steeper lean angles through the turns. 

Equipped with the Vance & Hines mid-length 4" Hi-Output megaphone muffler (featuring the same laser-cut riveted badge as the race system), the street version of the system includes the new chambered, high-flow catalyst PCX technology used for increased torque - especially at mid-range rpms.
Also available in a brushed works finish or matte black, the Hi-Output RR system fits M-8 Touring models from 2017 and up. It fits with the standard (non-stretched) saddlebags; an optional accessory heat shield kit will also be available.