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Tuesday 6 September 2022

Twin Club MC of Norrtälje, Custom Bike Show

Custom Bike Show - June 2022
Twin Club MC - Norrtälje, Sweden

The oldest AMD World Championship Affiliate event, and arguably the oldest custom bike show of them all, Twin Club MC of Norrtälje in Sweden was able to bring back its Custom Bike Show in June - for the first time since 2019.

It is a one-day show, staged in the Societetsparken (City Park) in the heart of Norrtälje - a former port city on the Baltic coast around two hours northeast of the capital Stockholm. The show attracts competitors and visitors from all over the Nordic countries and northern Europe.
Down the years it has produced some famous and influential champions and builds and remains the 'Keeper of the Flame' where the traditional 'Swedish Style' is concerned - especially the classic long fork chopper. Always staged on the first Saturday of June (Sweden's National Day), it is the starting gun for the northern European and Nordic riding season.

With the AMD World Championship still in search of the next stage in its journey as a design and engineering showcase, Twin Club awarded a prestigious 'Jury Prize' rather than expenses for the three best bikes to compete at the 'AMD' - one of seven classes, plus a Public Choice.

Results - Custom Bike Show 2022, Sweden

Twin Club Jury Award
1. Anders Göth, Linghem, Sverige
2. Aad Heernskerk & Mark van der Kwaak, Holland
3. Ari Koski-Harja, Finland

H-D Choppers
1. Håkan "Moon" Johansson, Bykyrkby, Sverige
2. Calle Wimon, Borås, Sverige
3. Olli Erkillä, Vantaa, Finland

1. Kent Johansson, Bro, Sverige
2. Lasse Sundberg, Upplands Väsby, Sverige
3. Kalle Nilsson, Hägersten, Sverige

1. Aad Heernskerk & Mark van der Kwaak, Holland
2. Velto Kannosto, Finland
3. Peter Forsberg, Gävle, Sverige

1. Johan Helenius, Alunda, Sverige
2. Espen Flaatten, Larvik Norge
3. Axel Hedman, Täby, Sverige

1. Mats Olofsson, Enskededalen, Sverige
2. Svante Carlsson, Sigtuna, Sverige
3. Sven-Bertil Quist, Sinners, Sverige

Modified Standard
1. Kakku, Bro, Sverige
2. Michael Berg, Uddevalla, Sverige
3. Christer Sundgren, Handen, Sverige

Best Paint Job - Anders Göth, Linghem, Sverige

People's Choice - Ari Koski-Harja, Finland