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Tuesday 27 September 2022

Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited NVP Dealer Expo Part 3

Progressive Suspension: Founded in 1982 by Don Rickard and Jay Tullis, Progressive Suspension is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Progressive was always and still is respected for extensive R&D investments and innovative features such as the IAS (Inertia Active System) - a forerunner of the FST system that enabled shocks to automatically differentiate between low speed chassis movements and high speed wheel movement. Designed to enhance the overall ride of the M-8 Softail chassis, Product Manager Ryan Evans says that the company's new 429 Series shock "provides value combined with premium features. Utilizing a steel monotube construction with a high-pressure nitrogen charge and an Internal Floating Piston (IFP), this shock provides the user with more consistent damping characteristics and an overall improvement in ride quality;"

Legend Suspensions:
Founded in 1998 by Jesse Jurrens, the Sturgis based company will be celebrating its 25th anniversary next year. Recent new products have included the addition of an M-8 Softail mono coil shock to its award-winning Revo-A program - finished in black Type III hard coat anodize. Featuring seven external knob adjustment clicks - delivering fine-tuning of the rebound - needle valve technology allows dealers to tune the Revo-A to meet the customer's riding style and preferences. Available in standard and heavy-duty spring rate options, Deflective Disc-Valved damping self-adjusts to frequency and ensures controlled performance;

Kibblewhite: Recent innovations from the Pacifica, California valve chain specialist have included valvetrain systems for Indian Scout models. There is a choice of Beehive or Racing spring kits, manganese bronze 'Engine Builder' valve guides, Black Diamond stainless valves, shim-on-bottom tappets, DLC coated tappets and a choice either 5.5 mm stem x 0.435" OEM replacement Red Viton guide seals or 5.5 mm stem by 0.360" Red Viton "Racer's Choice" guide seals;


TecMate: CEO/CTO Martin Human told AMD that its extensive battery charger range is classified into six categories. The TecMate BRONZE standard are its easy-to-use chargers - general "connect and forget" charging and maintenance devices. The SILVER range are the SMARTER options that are still automatic, but can also save neglected 'dead-flat' batteries. The TecMate GOLD standard are its ADVANCED chargers with selectable modes - these are the chargers that automatically save, charge, test and maintain, with the charge rate automatically adjusted according to temperature and/or battery size. Then there is LITHIUM - EXPERT, specifically for LFP lithium (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) batteries - the type of lithium used in powersports batteries. OptiMate lithium chargers save, test, charge, but can maintain and also reset deep discharge protection within advanced lithium batteries. For those who need to charge when OFF-GRID, there are the TecMate ECO-SMART products, including SOLAR and DC to DC. This includes the OptiMate Solar DUO range, which works on both lead-acid and LFP lithium batteries. For powersports vehicle dealers, there is the TecMate PRO line. These professional chargers are robust, durable and made specifically for the demands of the dealership environment, with selectable features that are designed to save time. The new OptiMate PRO-1 DUO can save, charge and test both lead-acid and lithium LFP batteries and it has a power supply mode for diagnostic battery support;,

Performance Machine: Two years ago, PM was an early adopter where marketing parts and accessories for Performance Baggers was concerned with a line of race-driven products that include billet mid-controls, lightweight wheels and full floating brake rotors. With over 50 years experience as an industry-leading manufacturer of premium aftermarket motorcycle products, the next chapter in the PM story will see it taking award-winning design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to the off-road market - announcements expected soon;

Cobra Engineering: Camron Bussard told AMD that Cobra's new Gen2 "Neighbor Haters" are 4-inch and 4.5-inch slip-ons "that pack a punch where sound is concerned, but are still 50-state legal and officially declared as manufacturer replacement parts. Designed and manufactured at our Yorba Linda, California headquarters, they feature a chrome or black 4" body with choice of black or chrome inner tip combo. The 4-inch versions use 2.5-inch and 2.25-inch louvered cores for M-8 and Twin Cams respectively and they are also available as 4.5-inchers in choice of 'Upper Cut' or 'Round' styles - all still 50-state legal with the characteristically 'robust' and characterful Cobra sound quality;"

Rick's Motorsport Electrics:
Founded in the late 1970s, New Hampshire, USA based Rick's Motorsport Electrics is a global leader in the supply of high-quality motorcycle electrical system replacement parts, with two generations of the family currently operating the business. Manufactured with the latest techniques as a reliable quality and cost-effective alternative for the (often hard to source) OEM part, unless stated otherwise, all Rick's replacement parts are bolt-on and compatible with OEM components. Some are available as a custom upgrade over the OEM part. Parts include starter motor rebuild kits and brush sets, brush plate repair kits, starter solenoid switches, complete starter motors with long-life bearings, charging rotors, charging stators, complete alternator assemblies, regulator-rectifiers for stock or lithium batteries, and even complete stock or upgraded charging kits;