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Tuesday 6 September 2022


Kibblewhite - Indian Challengers

Following news last month about Kibblewhite's valvetrain system for the Indian Scout, this month it has released details of a spring kit, guide and White Diamond valves for the 2020-2022 Indian Challenger.

The Racing spring kit with 0.520" lift capacity is "specifically designed for all Indian Challenger applications and offered with dual springs and lightweight H.T. steel retainers for an increased spring rate and higher lift compatibility over the stock components.
"Our 'Engine Builder' manganese bronze valve guides have been designed with the price-conscious builder in mind. Expect the same exacting KPMI tolerances, but with a reduced toughness/wearability when compared to premium C630 nickel aluminum bronze valve guides.
"Available in standard/stock and oversized, the softer manganese guides are easily reamed, and then can be delicately finished with our high-quality ball hones. Now, with any battery-operated or electric drill, you can ream and hone manganese valve guides in less time and in the absence of expensive honing equipment required to properly size tough nickel bronze guides.

"Our White Diamond valves, available in standard and 1.0 mm o/s head diameters, are fully CNC-machined from a one-piece forging of either EV8 stainless steel or Inconel-751. These materials have proven heat and corrosion resistance properties. Each valve is designed using Finite Element Analysis software, and profiles are tested on our computerized flow bench. Strict attention is paid to the surface preparation of the valves, and the purity of the chrome is closely monitored.
"A 360-degree anode is used to produce the highest possible grade of hard chrome finish. White Diamond valves are light, strong, one-piece forgings with profiles that provide excellent flow characteristics."