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Tuesday 27 September 2022

Zodiac International

Zodiac International Additions

Arlen Ness - 'Big Stopper' Brake Calipers
These CNC-machined billet aluminum 6-piston differential bore brake calipers feature "form and function engineered caliper bodies." The 3D sculptured design with cooling fins machined into the inner caliper halves helps facilitate cooling. 

Compatible with ABS and non-ABS applications, they are available in black and bright red; sold singly, they include DP sintered brake pads, bleeder screw, banjo bolt, sealing washers, mounting hardware and shim kit. They fit 2000 to present Touring, Softail, Sportster and 2000-2017 Dyna in conjunction with Arlen Ness 14" brake rotors.

P16 Powerplant Brake Pedal for FXR


A self-confessed worshipper at the altar of FXR, Yaniv Evan of 'P16' Powerplant fame in Los Angeles has come up with this cast aluminum replacement for the obsolete (OEM 42523-82) mid-control FXR rear brake pedal. Threaded to take any 5/16-24 UNF threaded shifter peg, they are available in black, polished or raw.

S&S Cycle - Biggest Ever Bolt-In Big Bore Kits for M-8
These 129 and 131 cubic inch (2,133 cc/2,147 cc) M-8 Big Bore kits have been some 18 months in the making and, finally, after extensive R&D and testing, S&S Cycle has released its much anticipated genuine bolt-in M-8 monsters onto an expectant world. As no machining of the crankcase is required, these American made 4.32" (109.73 mm) Big Bore cylinder and piston kits can be installed without removing the engine from the frame of 2017 and later Touring and 2018 and later Softail models.

The 129 ci kits are for use in 107 ci M-8s with the stock 4.375" stroke; the 131 ci kits are for 114 ci and 117 ci M-8s with the stock 4.500" stroke. The kits include forged pistons, piston rings, wrist pins, clips, cylinders, head and base gaskets and a cam cover badge.
Cylinder head bolts are available separately (eight are required). Zodiac also offers a choice of S&S re-useable head bolt kits which include eight 12-point black oxide coated head bolts or an 8-bolt Feuling/ARP re-useable head bolt kit.

Zodiac Starter Ring Gears
Starter ring gears often wear out in "hard to start" high performance engines and replacement ring gears are not available as a replacement part from "The Factory." "As a supplier of high-performance engines, we had these replacement starter ring gears manufactured especially for our dealers and their customers. They save having to replace the entire clutch basket and ring gear assembly when there is wear or damage such as a starter ring chipped tooth. 

"Made from the same top-grade materials that have made Zodiac brand performance parts our dealer favorites, we have offered ring gears for all Evolution Big Twins and 5-speed Twin Cams for many years, but have now added 6-speed Twin Cam and M-8 applications too."
Zodiac offers rivet-on and bolt-on style 66 and 102 tooth replacements for Big Twin models as appropriate. Retro-fit applications require the separate purchase of a retro-fit starter motor pinion gear.