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Monday 4 October 2021

Motion Pro

M-8 Softail Wheel Alignment Tool

Rear wheel alignment accuracy is difficult to achieve on the '18 and up H-D Softails, but it remains essential for safe handling and helps to reduce wear on drive belt and pulley.
With no graduated markings on the rear swingarm to indicate the axle distance on either side, the good news is that Motion Pro provides a simple and accurate way to check rear wheel alignment with this new wheel alignment tool specifically for M-8 Softails. 

An axle plug feature centers the tool body into the axle bore, the precision stainless steel indicator rod can be slid to the desired position and locked into place with the set screw. The supplied O-ring on the tool can then be used to indicate the distance. Simply flip the indicator rod position and check the opposite side to determine proper alignment. 

This innovative tool is built with premium materials and carries a lifetime limited warranty. It is convenient to use and does not require the removal of most exhaust systems.