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Monday 4 October 2021

Maxima Racing Oils

Keeping it Simple with ProFilter Spin-On Oil Filters

ProFilter premium spin-on oil filters feature M-Pleat technology, which is said to provide a larger filtration area and greater capacity to hold contaminants, extending filter life by 20-30%.
A silicone anti-drain back valve reduces the time it takes for oil to reach critical areas at start-up. This filter comes with a 17 mm hex wrench removal nut for easy removal, and pre-lubricated gasket to ensure optimum seal to the engine. 

All ProFilters are 100% leak-tested, and brand owner Maxima Racing Oils claims that they never need to be washed. Fittings are available for most H-D models, including M-8, XL, Twin Cam and Evolution dating back to 1986.

To simplify the oil change process for its dealers, and as a retail item for its customers, Maxima includes ProFilter spin-on oil filters as a key ingredient in its V-Twin (and SxS) quick change and full change oil kits.
Each kit includes model/platform-specific products to complete a full oil change, including Maxima engine, primary and transmission oils, drain plug O-rings and the ProFilter wrench removal premium oil filter with wrench.