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Tuesday 20 August 2019


Touring Header 2-1 Conversion

Distributed by HardDrive in the United States, Firebrand has announced a new 2-1 conversion kit for M-8 equipped Harley-Davidson Touring models. 

Designed to fit with either the stock Harley header, or Firebrand's own 'Smoothbore' header, the 2-1 conversion kits block the crossover at the collector to create a full 2-1 headpipe. "This not only allows for the elimination of the left hand muffler, but gives the bike the added performance and awesome sound of a complete 2 into 1 system. 
"By not requiring the purchase of a full header, the 2-1 conversion kits retail for hundreds of dollars less than any full 2-1 system." Firebrand's conversion kits are available as either a stand-alone plug kit, or in combination with a 'Loose Cannon' or 'Grand Prix' slip-on. 
Shown here with the 'Loose Cannon' chrome kit, it is also available in black ceramic and with 'Grand Prix' mufflers.