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Tuesday 20 August 2019


Pulley Blanks

South Gate, California based wheel blank specialist MSI has stepped up to ensure it always has pulley blanks on the shelf - "we are now the proud owners of our own pulley molds," says MSI's Lizette Hotinger.

"This allows us to order forgings anytime and maintain inventory on just the forgings. Our pulley forgings are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and forged in the U.S.A. They are forged into two different sized blanks to accommodate the small and large pulleys that are used today. They are then sent to our CNC manufacturer who shapes them into the final pulley.
"The teeth have the true gear-cut that exceed the RMA standards for a perfect fit. Unlike other pulley manufacturers, we only have one single ring on our pulleys, and they match the smooth lip design of our wheel blanks.
"We offer a variety pulley sizes - as small as the 61 tooth up the 72 tooth with widths as skinny as 3/4" to the wide 1 1/2". We also offer a few pulley blank sizes for Victory, Indian and Yamaha models along with custom sizes." MSI also says that pulley blanks for cush drive applications will be available soon.
MSI offers 28 wheel blank sizes in 2D, Hybrid and 3D formats, hubs, rotors, pulleys and sprockets, plus Vee Rubber and Shinko tires.