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Tuesday 10 January 2023

Feuling Parts

"And Breathe" - Feuling BA Air Cleaner Kits

Oceanside, California based performance specialist Feuling Parts' new BA air cleaner is the result of "years of experience designing improved cylinder heads, combustion chambers and intake manifolds," says CEO Luke Leatherman.

"Developed and designed on the flow bench, dyno tested and track proven, this new bolt-on air cleaner design for H-D models lengthens the intake runners and increases air velocity, delivering added volume for a balanced, dynamic flow.

"We are seeing and hearing of impressive horsepower and torque gains on any engine, and exceptional gains are being seen on engines running modified and/or ported cylinder heads along with intakes and larger throttle bodies.

"Optional anodized velocity stacks are available in red, black and gold, and they work really well and look great, too. However, with performance in mind, we created a convertible backing plate, offering optional cylinder head venting. 

"Out of the box, the Feuling air cleaner is set up with OEM style cylinder head breathing, routing into the intake with optimized vent hole locations to meet emissions standards."

External venting to the atmosphere is available with a separate purchase of a Feuling kit (#5417 - for race only use), which includes fittings, vent line and breather element. The backing plate is engraved with both 'Made in USA' and the Feuling logo.

Additionally available and originally designed for its 130" Bagger GP race engine, its Race Series (RS) BA air cleaner comes in at just under an inch taller and "boasts an impressive 33% increase in filter size over our standard fit BA air cleaner." Luke says that installers should note that the RS requires mid foot controls for leg clearance.

The Feuling BA air cleaner is available for '17-'22 Milwaukee-Eight engines and is designed to be compatible with various OEM as well as aftermarket throttle body fitments, including 55 mm OEM H-D, 64 mm Screamin' Eagle and the 58 and 62 mm throttle bodies from Horsepower Inc. 

A 70 mm throttle body fitment is available in all finishes, featuring a velocity stack with a larger internal diameter for matched fitment to the larger throttle body bore - when ordering simply add "70" to any Feuling BA air cleaner part number. Air cleaner filter oil and cleaner kits are also available.