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Tuesday 24 January 2023

Letric Lighting Co.

Bright Idea

Jeff Zielinski, founder and CEO of NAMZ Custom Cycle Products (NCCP) and Letric Lighting Co., says that "these little colorful lights are bright, as in really bright. Using COB LED technology with a conical lens for a brighter, wider array, they are a versatile and creative addition to any workshop inventory.

"Having some really small LED lights at your fingertips is a big thing. How many times have you been in a jam, needed a small LED for whatever your project was lacking and couldn't find what you were looking for? Yep, been there, but I think the engineers at Letric found the fix.

"Sold in six-packs, the Royal Flush LEDs are manufactured with a sealed aluminum body and come with a jam-nut for a universal mounting style - simply drill a hole, slide the light in place and tighten up the jam-nut. 

"These small but powerful little Letric Royal Flush G2 LEDs pack a lot of light, are easy to install, come in two sizes (9/16 or 1") and five color options - polished aluminum, black, blue, gold and red anodized finishes."

Letric Lighting Co. ("Where the brightest ideas come from!") offers white/amber "switchback" front LEDs, red, red/amber and red/red rear LEDs, all with color matching wire for a no-guessing installation. "These ultra-bright COB LEDs work perfectly with Badlands sequential modules."

They come as single or dual-function red, dual-function red/amber and dual-function white/amber switchbacks.

Letric Lighting Co. products are available through Western Power Sports/HardDrive, Tucker, J&P Cycles, Dennis Kirk, Rollies Speed Shop in Australia and Performance Cycle Wholesale Limited in New Zealand.