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Tuesday 24 January 2023

Freedom Performance Exhaust

Indian Bagger 2-into-1 Shorty

Martin Arteaga, Corona, California based Freedom Performance Exhaust's CEO and founder, says that his company is again "first in the industry to produce a 2-into-1 Shorty aftermarket exhaust system application, this time for the Indian baggers" - Challenger, Pursuit, Roadmaster, Springfield, Chieftain and Vintage Classic.  

"The 2-into-1 Shorty, with two-step baffles and triple-step header, completes a five-step system that gives the ultimate in horsepower gains, resulting in a nice, deep, smooth and throaty sound."  

The triple-step header flows gas from 1 3/4" to 1 7/8" to 2", adding greater flow volume and velocity, creating increased anti-reversion to create more horsepower. All Freedom exhausts have been dyno tested, and the company says that they have been found to have a gain of +10 horsepower and +12 pounds of torque over stock systems.

"These Shorty and Turnout 2-into-1 systems eliminate the catalytic converter, resulting in heat reduction of -40% and come with a 220-degree removable, wrap-around, full coverage heat shield."

The header and the heat shield are made in steel - a massive performance boosting -50% reduction in weight is claimed, compared to Indian's stock system. "Our precision-machined, interchangeable aluminum end caps are available in a choice of styles - American Outlaw, Combat or Combat Fluted and Turnout Straight with the honeycomb grid - all of which come in a variety of finishes."