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Tuesday 24 January 2023


Trekker Outback EVO

The evolution of GIVI's top-range Outback EVO aluminum cases goes far beyond a restyling, with "16 dedicated moulds, changes to components, loads of technique and, for the first time, a side case with a contoured shape." The line will initially consist of a 58 liter top case, a 37 liter left side case and a 33 liter right side case (the 4 liter capacity difference is due to the contouring).

The bottom of the side case is split into two levels, GIVI's first case to offer this feature. "It's the perfect solution for Adventure motorcycles with a high exhaust on the right side like the BMW GS and Harley-Davidson Pan America."

Technical solutions of the Outback EVO cases include lower hooks on the side cases for a better mechanical seal over time, which can be repaired in the event of strong impacts, top and bottom corners featuring eyelets across the whole range to incorporate strap loops and make the attachment to the tubular handles stronger, also making it easier to carry the case even while wearing gloves, an advanced hook system to control the angle of the side cases from the frame, a lid rotation system on side and top cases, so it can be removed completely, and a cam-side coupling/release system with anti-vibration points, using cast aluminum and stainless steel levers.

The positioning of these contoured cases keeps loads closer to the central axis while complying with the applicable regulations regarding maximum motorcycle width. The trio of cases is expected to arrive on the market in spring 2023.