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Monday 21 December 2020


OptiMate 7 SELECT - The 'Do it All' Battery Charger

"Gone are the days when an experienced technician could listen to the motor run, figure out what's wrong, adjust a few things and presto - the engine is running smoother," laments TecMate CEO Martin Human.
"These days, troubleshooting and tuning is done via a diagnostic link between computer and motorcycle, and usually without the engine running - which works great until the motorcycle's battery runs out of power!

"That's where the OptiMate 7 SELECT can make a difference. Its PS (power supply) support mode provides a steady 13.6V with up to 8 amps available, quite sufficient to keep that battery charged whilst the computer diagnostics deliver their magic, either uploading a new ignition map or troubleshooting an electrical issue.
"It can also charge fast. Motorcycles in for service often have a battery that is in bad shape one way or another, or there is that motorcycle in the showroom being drooled over by a prospective buyer, but it has a dead problem," says Martin.
"OptiMate 7 SELECT has up to 10 amps on tap, smartly controlled by the AmpMatic program that adjusts charge current according to the battery's size and condition - smaller batteries get less, bigger batteries get more."
OptiMate 7 SELECT's two charge modes, 14.4V for most batteries and 14.7V for premium AGM batteries, "guarantee that any 12V battery will be correctly charged. The rest is easy and typical OptiMate - hook it up and no further supervision is required."
The OptiMate 7 SELECT will deliver the right charge to any 12V battery even if it is 'dead-flat', and it will save it from as low as 0.5 volt. Leave it overnight or longer and the 24-7 smart maintenance program will keep on improving the battery's condition.  
"Irrespective of that battery being in a vehicle or stored in a hot warehouse, or in a bike out there in the cold, OptiMate 7 SELECT automatically adjusts the charge voltage according to ambient temperature, guaranteeing the battery will never be over or undercharged. And don't worry about using it outside in rain or snow, it's fully sealed.
"We designed the OptiMate 7 SELECT to be the smartest, most versatile and fastest charger we have - if a charger could be a right-hand man, then this would be it."