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Tuesday 1 December 2020


FTR 1200 Adjustable Cartridges

Ideal for track and road FTR 1200 riding and fully adjustable for optimal driving in all conditions, the LCRR front suspension by Italian specialist Mupo "has been designed to transform the original forks into high performance road eating bend huggers," according to Sales Manager Leonardo Borghi.

The name derives from the expression "left compression, right rebound", used to describe modern forks with separate and independent hydraulic adjustments.
The 25/30 mm cartridges have 25/30 mm pistons manufactured in zinc aluminum alloy (Ergal) and have progressive system calibration with a 12 mm rod in Ergal, floating rod guide bushing, chrome-silicon steel springs with Ergal spring guide and fork caps with spring preload on bearings and breather screws.
Adjustments are 40 clicks of compression and extension and 30 clicks of spring preload (15 mm).
By simply replacing the entire original cartridge group with the LCRR, equipped with oversized pistons with progressive system, greater driving precision and better performance are guaranteed in terms of stability, handling and ability to read, ride and respond to the irregularities of the asphalt surface.
The spring preload adjustment in both legs makes it easy to find the ideal setting for additional loads or riding two-up while still maintaining comfort and driving dynamics. The wide range of Mupo springs available means it is possible to customize the front forks for weight and riding style when ordering.
Mupo suspension products come with a two-year warranty as standard - this can be extended to six years by following the review and maintenance schedule per the product service book.