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Monday 21 December 2020

Custom Chrome Europe

Custom Chrome Europe Adds Ultima Shovelhead and Evo Replacement Engines and Gearboxes

Custom Chrome Europe (CCE) is to sell complete engines and transmissions offered in the United States by Ultima Products of Pevely, Missouri, initially stocking six new engines and six gearboxes, including Shovelhead and Evolution style engines.
Representing a "modern state-of-the-art replacement option for aging Evolution and Shovelhead style motors, with many old Shovelhead and Evolution motors reaching their mileage limits - and with some installed aftermarket replacements also showing their age - the latest in manufacturing and materials technology and competitive pricing makes the addition of Ultima powertrains to our product range a major business opportunity for our dealers," says CCE's Axel Scherer.

96 cubic inch Shovelhead replacement engine in Blackout finish

"The Ultima engine and parts program is extensive, so we have selected the engine and gearbox options best suited for the European market - those most suited to European riding, custom and performance conditions and preferences.

"a better choice than the sometimes uncertain adventure of a complete rebuild"

"The two engine lines we have chosen for their reliability and look are the 96 cubic inch 'Shovelhead' style and the 100 cubic inch 'Competition Series' Evo replacement motor.
"Both are thoroughly developed and proven V-twins utilizing the latest technology, hidden under the classic look of the two traditional V-twin designs. Both engine lines are classic replacement motors for the stock originals and are competitively priced - making them a better choice than the sometimes uncertain adventure of the costs for parts and worktime of a complete engine rebuild. 

Natural finish 

100 cubic inch "Competition Series" replacement engine for Evo

Natural black finish

"The Shovelhead 96" motor offers the nostalgic look of the 1966-1984 original, still boasting more displacement, horsepower and torque. Plus, a considerable boost in reliability thanks to new materials and the CNC-manufacturing technologies.
"The upgraded design features of the Ultima Shovel include dual plug heads, compression release valves and a solid 3-bolt exhaust manifold."
For any 1985-1999 Evolution V-Twin replacement, the Ultima 'Competition Series' Evolution 100" motors are a "state of the art modern motor design that redefines the performance of the Evolution motor into the 21st century. Ultima Evolution 100" motors have been developed for reliability and longevity - these engines can give any classic Evo-ride a newly extended lifetime, while still offering more horsepower and torque than the original stock Evolution motor."

Six speed transmission in polished alumninum

Lowered compression and milder cams "add to rideability and endurance" with less stress for the battery and starter. Both engine lines also feature decompression valves for easier starting and bigger cooling fins on the cylinders and heads. Surface options are aluminum raw, aluminum raw black (featuring wrinkle black crank housing, cylinders and heads) and the "stylish Blackout" all-black motor versions for radical looking bikes - thus adding up to six new engine options. All CCE distributed Ultima motors come with a 2-year warranty.

"reliability and durability are well above anything that was possible back in 1970-1990"

 To complement the engines and create a complete driveline option, CCE has added six new gearboxes, with the Ultima 6-speed transmissions replacing the stock versions and matching the style and finish options of the engines.

Six speed transmission with kickstarter in raw aluminium

"Originally developed to take the 'beating' of much stronger Ultima motors, these gearboxes are literally 'bulletproof' for the task concerned ahead. Again, contemporary materials and manufacturing procedures - including gears and shafts made from hardened 8620 steel and transmission cases machined from A356-T6 aluminum  - mean a level of increased reliability and durability well above anything that was possible back in 1970-1990."
Options include versions without and with kickstarter for a wide variety of exchange possibilities. For the 6-speeders, surface options are aluminum raw, aluminum raw black and aluminum polished. All Ultima gearboxes come with a 32-tooth pulley included.