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Tuesday 8 December 2020

American Prime Manufacturing

Main Shaft for 4-Speeds and Alternator Shroud

Southern California based American Prime Manufacturing specializes in clutches for American V- twins (Comp Master), but its new 4-speed transmission main shaft support and alternator shroud prove that "4-speeds won't ever die," says company President Ben Kudon.

"On the contrary, they are very much alive and popular, and these high-quality components are made from the original tooling here in the United States."
The castings are poured with high-grade die cast aircraft quality aluminum alloy with a percentage of silicone, copper and zinc. "We use a spectrometer to analyze the material for alloy content. All 'bad metal' is removed prior to the pour to get a perfect die cast part every time.
"These two parts have a unique over 50-year history and provide reliable, trouble-free operation if installed correctly."