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Tuesday 5 January 2021

Hawg Halters Inc.

Road Hawg Wide Tire Conversion Kits

Georgia based Hawg Halters' 'Road Hawg' program of wide tire conversion kits and components continues to prosper, with a steady stream of additions in the past 24 months.
The latest are complete wide tire kits for Indian Motorcycle Touring bike models in 18" and 21" x 5.5 sizes with a broad selection of HHI/Renegade wheels, bolt-on 6-piston side caliper kits and AirFX suspension.

'Marquise' 18"

For Harley models, the Road Hawg program now consists of a total of six packages in 18", 21" and 23" x 5.5 sizes in versions for 2013 and earlier and 2014 and later.
In all, Hawg Halters offers dealers eight complete, integrated packages from basic right up to complete 'Builder Kits'.
'Ranger' 23"

Hawg Halters always included selected Renegade Wheels designs in its programs, but since announcing its acquisition of the Renegade brand and designs, it has been able to increase its market with the addition of ten new Replica designs. These new styles come in chrome, black or phantom cut, with matching cog drive rotors.
The company offers 18", 21" and 23" x 5.5 widths in the Replica wheel program for its Road Hawg wide tire kits. Stock sizes are also available by special order.