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Thursday 21 January 2021

H-D Street Bob 114

2021 H-D Street Bob 114 "Adds Gritty Performance to Cruiser Line-Up"

Harley is describing its 2021 Softail range as motorcycles that "combine modern power and technology with authentic American styling to offer a pure riding experience."
The headline news in Softail terms centers as much on the models that are not now in the line-up as on those that are - at least in terms of anything new for dealers to be able to raise pulses with. It has been a necessary trimming, but one that maybe hasn't gone deep enough yet.

Street Bob 114

The two 'hero' initiatives are the Street Bob receiving a displacement upgrade with the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine ("in addition to its stripped-down styling and no-nonsense performance") and, entering its 31st year, "the 2021 Fat Boy 114 kicks sand in the face of its historically tamped down, mean streets, big and bad positioning with a "brilliant chrome" bling restyling.
"With its steamroller stance, the Fat Boy remains one of the most physically imposing motorcycles in the Harley-Davidson portfolio. Refreshed styling for 2021 brightens its look as brilliant chrome replaces the satin chrome finish on the powertrain and exhaust, the front end, the rear fender struts and the console.
"The Harley-Davidson Softail chassis offers the look of a classic hardtail frame but is underpinned by modern [monoshock] suspension for a smooth ride and outstanding handling." All the Softails feature the Showa dual bending valve front suspension.
"The chassis design is optimized to reduce weight without sacrificing stiffness. The rigid-mounted [twin counter-balancer] Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin engine further stiffens the entire chassis and contributes to a platform that delivers strong acceleration and responsive handling and braking performance."
Eight Softail models "range in style from classic to custom to gritty, and each is ready to roll the boulevard or chase backroad adventure."
There are four 114" Softails, one (the Heritage Classic) that is available with either the 107 or 114" M-8 and three with 107 inchers only - the Standard, the Slim and the euro-centric Sport Glide.

Fat Boy 114

Being heavily hyped by Harley as a new model (!), the "NEW" Street Bob 114 is described as a "tough looking bike that was intended to be ridden hard. The lightest-weight Softail model equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, the Street Bob 114 motorcycle is a quick and nimble ride with power to spare - 9 percent quicker 0-to-60 mph and 13 percent quicker 60-to-80 mph in fifth gear than the previous Street Bob."

The additional 2021 Softails:
Standard: "The essential Harley-Davidson cruiser experience: a lean Bobber profile steeped in attitude; classic Vivid Black paint highlighted with gleaming chrome and polished finishes; the most-attainable entry point to Harley-Davidson Big Twin ownership."
Low Rider S: "High bars and horsepower define this performance-first cruiser; premium suspension components are tuned for aggressive riding stoked by the power of the M-8 114 engine; styling cues inspired by the coastal build scene."
Slim: "A stripped-down, low-slung Bobber brings old school styling into the modern era; black steel laced wheels, tuck-and-roll seat cover, Hollywood handlebar, bobbed fenders."
Sport Glide: "Power, performance and versatility; an aggressive factory-custom cruiser outfitted with a detachable fairing and rigid clamshell saddlebags; ideally suited for light touring, cruising or commuting."
Fat Bob 114: "A burly street-eating muscle machine; inverted race-style forks, dual front disc brakes, 2-1-2 performance exhaust, M-8 114 power; a cruiser that thinks it’s a sport bike."
Heritage Classic: "All-American vintage style with modern performance; locking vinyl-covered saddlebags, detachable windscreen, chrome steel laced wheels and front hub covers; choice of M-8 107 engine with chrome styling or 114 with dark styling."
The Low Rider, Deluxe and FXDR 114 models will not be produced for 2021; the Breakout 114 will be available only in some international markets.